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In keeping with her vision for this year, AMEN Super News is happy to announce the birth of Adoration on-line Radio. In this exclusive interview, the Editor in Chief, Barr Ike Maximus Ugwuoke gives an insight into the Adoration Radio, how it works, why it was designed and the limitless opportunities it will bring to the users.


This idea of Radio Station is the next phase of our vision. We feel it was time to venture into this having stabilized a bit in our Newspaper publication. We are conscious of the fact that as  the media outfit of the Ministry we should leave no stone unturned in living out our mission of ‘Taking THE WORD to the ends of the earth’  and our vision of ‘providing the key to Global information network’.


After a careful study of the global nature of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria we felt that no radio frequency can connect its members globally. So the idea of running the usual radio station with limited coverage areas would not met the ends of the ministry. Online radio Station suits  the Ministry  the most.  The level of interaction we have been seeing on our website  and facebook fanpage coupled with the increased number of distant people in foreign lands that want to remain connected with Rev.Fr Mbaka and Adoration Ministry programmes all combined to make the online radio an imperative for us.

We took into cognizance the fact that we are in an era of Information Communication Technology and virtually everybody has mobile phones these days.  Anybody anywhere in the world can connect to online radio station once you have internet data plans on your Mobile phone or Computer.

I can say that our online Radio is a child of necessity. You may  be surprised to know that despite the several warnings by the Spiritual Director of the Ministry , Rev Fr Mbaka that He doesn’t have a facebook account and doesn’t have a motherless babies home, some persona non grata ,on the internet, still use his name in fake facebook accounts to defraud people. The war against such crime is such a global one than only our online presence can win. We are adopting two approaches to this, active effort targeted  at closing down those  fake websites and facebook accounts associated with the Ministry  and bringing the perpetrators to book and proactive measure of increasing our online presence and exposure of these acts so that the World would know the true position.

Lastly, hundreds of thousands of adoration worshipers who could not make it to adoration programmes like Fr Mbaka’s Sunday Mass, Friday All Night Adoration Vigils and Wednesday “E No dey Again Programme” either by reason of ill health or distance or other forms of indisposition can follow the programmes live and direct at their various locations


The Adoration Radio App for now is designed for Android phones; our ICT dept is currently developing the apps for other smart phones. All you need to do is to go to your Google Play store type and search for ‘Adoration Radio’ and download the Application on your phone. The download is free.

For users of other type of phones or computer once you can browse the net with the device then you can listen to the Radio., All you need to do is to visit any of our official website click on the Icon to listen to the Radio or follow this clicking here


We maintain 24 hours service in our broadcast. Our Broadcast range from Fr Mbaka’s Prophetic Messages, his musical album, Adoration Testimonies, Goodwill messages and so on .It is also a platform for all Worshipers to advertise their goods and services and interact. We welcome public announcements, news and sponsored Programmes.  We are not limited to that we run adverts for goods and services for Worshipers. We also advertise and promote all Christian musical albums  from any gospel artist or any other music that lacks immoral content. We cover events and programmes and package them for broadcast. We welcome all programs so long as they have moral content and advance welfare of Humanity.

We offer the following services in our Radio Studio; Jingles, Voice over,  Full Music Production (Beat making, Voicing, mixing, mastering, Video Coverage and editing).


The only challenge our listener is likely to face is that he needs to have an internet data to listen to our Radio. However, these days, internet bundle plans offered by GSM service providers are considerably cheap and we don’t really see that as a barrier.  Nevertheless, we are making arrangement with Service providers to set up a subscription plan such that once a listener subscribes he can listen to it free for the period of validity of his or her subscription.


Our Online radio station comes with some job vacancies. We will soon be recruiting radio Producers, Presenters, Engineers, traffic officers, Marketers and so on. We feel that those who possess the requisite qualifications for this would be very small and so we plan to organize a few days training for all interested persons in any of the above positions and recruit our staff from the trainees. We will soon announce the time and mode of the applications and the date of the training.  So interested persons should keep in touch with us.


We are on course and welcome every idea from any source that will advance the objectives of our establishment and Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria.

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