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Fr Mbaka, Atiku/Obi; Just Before Fr Mbaka is Crucified

Some concerned Christians under the aegis of ‘Araba Zone’ the popular  arm that unites the millions of Adoration worshipers in the Diaspora have added their voices to the ongoing controversies over Fr Mbaka and Peter Obi saga at the 2018 Harvest and Bazaar of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria. Read More »

Fr Mbaka, Peter Obi; Why The Wailers Should Keep Their Mouths Shut

Our attention has been drawn to the disparaging remarks and reactions of certain wailers in the media over Fr Mbaka’s comments to some politicians who attended the 2018 annual Thanksgiving and Bazaar of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria. Read More »

The Healing Power of Love

It may sound funny to say that love heals or to talk about the healing power of love. But it is true that love has ability to heal. Many studies have proving that having closed; positive, intimate, loving connections with people have tremendous positive implications for ones’ health and longevity. Read More »

Expect your Miracles-Fr. Mbaka Unveils the formula for Divine Manifestation

ue to your ugly conditions, some people might have been making caricature of you, questioning the existence of God upon your life, and asking you to show them an evidence of your relationship with God. Yes! They are actually saying the truth. Read More »

Never Accept Defeat-Fr. Mbaka Releases the Recipe for Overcoming Life Challenges

Life is not a bed of roses and it will not hand over to you peace of mind, success or your dream  and aspiration on a platter of gold. Read More »

Rise Above Your Level

Many Christians are complacent about their present levels in life, probably because they think they have arrived. But they forget that the society is in a constant state of flux, and so the circumstances of life can bring one down to start from the scratch or rise above one’s level. Read More »

23rd Priestly Anniversary of Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka

Enugu and its environs stood still on Sunday the 29th July 2018 as  worshipers of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria from all over the world celebrated the 23rd priestly anniversary of the Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of the ministry. Read More »

The Secret Power of Forgiveness

Our natural response when we are hurt is the feeling of anger and resentment towards the person who has offended us. We may feel justified in wanting to ’get even’ with anyone who inflicts pains on us. Some of us hold grudges for a life time, and find all manners of reasons for postponing forgiveness. Read More »

U.S Award and Recognition to Fr Mbaka; As He Marks 23 Years Anniversary

The atmosphere is charged for celebration in Adoration Ministry Worldwide, as Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of the ministry marks 23years of his priestly ordination on the 29th of this month of July 2018. Read More »

War Against Disappointment- Fr Mbaka exposes the ugly activities of demons, with their divine solutions

Marriage is God’s perfect plan for man. But the devil is always out to oppose whatever God has instituted. In our society today, it can be deduced that many young men and women are experiencing a lot of disappointment in their efforts to get a life partner. Read More »

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