Sunday , 20 August 2017


Anybody who traveled through Ugwogo Opi Nsukka road on Saturday the 20th of August, 2016 would have asked some questions if the president of the nation, Mr. Mohammad  Buhari is in Enugu. This is because of the retinue of human and vehicular movement celebration of the increasing within and around the our Lady of Perpetual Help Marian Shrine Centre. obviously, it was the 2016 feast of the assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Catholic faithful from and around six deaneries that make up Enugu diocese flocked into honor our mother, the Virgin Mary. This particular event normally takes place at the Enugu pilgrimage centre once every year.

Young girls C.M.O, C.W.O, Catholic security outfits like M.OD, minister of hospitality and Boys Scout were all seen in their uniforms, with each performing its duties. At exactly 10 O’clock the Catholic Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Rt. Rev. Dr. C.V.C Onaga started the Mass to kick start the event of the day. He began by thanking all and sundry for making out time to come and identifying with our mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Bishop Onaga described the Virgin Mary as the best and most potent network through which every Catholic can reach God. He further urged all and sundry to shun vices and those things capable of disintegrating our country Nigeria like bigotry, nepotism, ethnic discrimination. He begged the Virgin Mary to help every devotee there in their various supplications to God almighty.


The Bishop shepherd of Enugu Diocese, began by emphatically stating that Mary is our life, our sweetness and our hope but asked every Catholic to always recite his or her chaplet describing it as our interconnectivity between man and God. The Catholic Bishop reiterated further that we Catholics do not worship Mary but honour her and admonished all at every point of our needs to table our problems through rosary and have faith that they will be answered. He cited areas where Mary has interceded for people like during the war, barrenness, sickness and lots more. The Bishop then warned the congregation not to attribute what belongs to God to Mary and eschew what he described as “Mariaminimalism” where Mary is relegated to the background or ‘Mary maximalism’ which excessively placed Mary in place of God Himself. He finally urged all to be Marian devotionist. High point of the event was the crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s statue which was greated with thunderous cheers from the faithful.

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