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The 2015 Adoration Thanksgiving Harvest and Bazaar, held on 8th November, 2015, and that of the Christ the King Parish held on 15th November 2015 may have come and gone but the memories would continue to linger in the minds of many who followed the happenings at the events closely. This season of the year is usually the moment of Harvests and thanksgiving for many parishes and indeed, many Christian communities in the country. There is the usual practice of every Christian community celebrating their bazaar to choose a suitable theme to mark the events. Such themes are usually chosen to reflect the underlying philosophy behind each year’s celebration.

The choice of “Bazaar of Victory and Testimony” as the theme of  this year’s Adoration  Bazaar follows this principles  just as that of Christ the King Parish was tagged ‘Bazaar of Harvest of Favours’.  Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu – Nigeria captured the essence of this season in his sermon entitled: ‘Power of Giving’ which he delivered to the multitude of worshippers at this year’s Bazaar.

Notable among those that attended the programme were the Executive Governor of Enugu State, His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, and his Deputy, Mrs.Cecilia Ezilo, some commissioners, the Speaker of State House of Assembly, Hon. Edward Ubosi and some members of the State House of Assembly. Others are members of the Adoration families from different chapters and zones  such as Adoration family, Enugu zone that organized the Bazaar, Adoration family, Onitsha zone, Nnewi zone, Nsukka zone, Nkalagu zone, Kogi zone, Asaba zone, Port Harcourt zone, among others.

Why Bazaar of Victory & Testimony?

In explaining the reason for the theme of the Bazaar, Fr. Mbaka said: “We want to use this forum to thank God for giving us a day like this in the history of this ministry. We embarked on a horrific battle from 31st December till the election was announced. It was until after the pronouncement of president Muhammadu Buhari as the winner of the Presidential election that this ministry got herself back. We were like the dead that came back to life . The whole nation came to be aware of whom Adoration Ministry is.  Mbaka became the talk of the town: ‘Kill him, sanction him, why should he say such a thing.’ People were asking: “Is  he not aware the incumbent president can never be won? He has the machinery, the INEC, the power, the money, the police, the army and every rigging facility.  Mbaka, we have believed in all you have been saying but we will not believe this one because it will not come true”.

“And the battle jumped beyond Fr. Mbaka and affected the whole Adoration Ministry. It became a ministry affair. The life of this Ministry was at the ebb of being extinguished. Our life was on a razor’s edge. The gap between the razor’s edge was that if this man-Buhari-didn’t  not win the election, not only that Mbaka would be sanctioned, the Adoration Ministry would be closed down and it would be  a thing of the past.

“So it was a battle. But the Holy Spirit kept on saying: “Speak all the more. Jonathan Goodluck will not be the  president   again.  And we thank God that all the battle came to our favour because the key people we prayed for all won. I told God that I am not going to ask you for many things. I am asking for one Senator, Governor and the President. Ekweremadu came here, we handed him over to God that he must win and go back. And he won. We asked that Gburugburu, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and his deputy-Ezilo-would become the winning team. And they won.  I am not political. I don’t know which party is which; all I know is that this person can perform. The next was Buhari and he won.

“When Buhari won the election and God gave us the victory, we have no other option than to give the testimony.  That is why this year’s Bazaar is titled: “The Bazaar of Victory and Testimony.”  God, having led us through such tigerous, satanic dungeon, lifted us up to the level of international and supernatural recognition.   Zechariah 4:6 says it is not by power, it is not by might but by my spirit. The victory was given to us by God; the testimony was given to God by us.  We cannot keep our mouths shut in what God has done for us. Because if God didn’t do it after the pronouncement of the result of the presidential election, there would have been no Adoration Ministry again. But God did it and made this Ministry Athanatus,  a never die.  It is the Lord’s doing.

“The first time our Governor is coming here since after the election is today. And we happily welcome him. He is a member of the ministry. If you look at our deputy governor, she is in our uniform.


In synergizing his sermon with the Bazaar theme, he said: “I am talking about the victory God gave to us and the testimony we are giving to God. So, the title of my brief message now is the power of giving. God gave us victory and we are giving him testimony. There is power in giving. When the Governor comes now, we will give him our innovative hospitality; we will give an awesome welcome. There is power in giving, both in the physical and in the spiritual.  You  can never benefit much unless you have given much. The quantum of your giving determines the quantum of your receiving. If you cannot give much, you cannot get much. The Bible says it all in John3:16, that God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son that whoever believeth in him shall not perish but shall have eternal life . So God was the first giver and is still the giver per excellence. Nobody can out-give God. We are here today to practice the power of giving. In Luke 6:38, the Bible says: ‘Give, and it shall be given to you, a measure packed, pressed and running over shall be placed on your laps ; for the measure you give shall be the measure you shall receive.’ Give, and you will receive.  Give, and Receive.  If you don’t give, you will not receive. If you can’t give, you can’t receive. If you won’t give, you won’t receive. If you shan’t give, you shan’t receive.  You shall give and you shall receive. There is power in giving.


“In Judges 13, something happened in the Biblical history.  The family of Manoah was a barren family. So, those looking for the fruit of the womb should hear this story very well. The woman was in the farm and the Angel of God whom she thought was a man, came around her and told her that she was going to conceive and deliver a baby boy.’You will not drink any alcohol, no razor will touch the hair of the boy.  He will be a Nazarene,’  he had told her. The woman went home and narrated this message to her husband and her husband told her: ‘If that man comes again, I want to see him. This shall be man to man talk’.

“So: the woman went to farm another day and the Angel came back again. The woman never knew he was an Angel.  So, she told him: ‘Sir, can I go and call my husband?’ The Angel told her to go. So, the woman ran and called her husband and her husband came with speed.  You could imagine this old couple running to meet the Angel for they were old and childless, though the Bible did not tell us how long  the family suffered barrenness.  So, as they ran and trotted to meet the Angel, they prayed he would not leave before they arrived. And so, they arrived and saw the Angel sitting down peacefully and comfortably.  Today, I pray that you shall sit down peacefully and comfortably because you are not rushing to anywhere. You shall be here to receive your own blessing.

“So, after the man, Manoah, had narrated what his wife told him to the Angel, he asked the Angel: ‘What should I do?’  In Judges 13:13ff, the Angel told him: ‘Whatever I told the woman to do, that you must do.’ This is where the giving starts. The Angel, who the family thought was a man, had given the message and Manoah now asked him:  ‘Sir, can I give you food to eat?’  In verse 16, the Angel responded: “I can’t eat your food but I need your burnt offering.”

“Today, God is demanding from you a burnt offering.  Power of giving! If you can give to God, every prophecy made upon you will be energized by the action of Giving. In Judges 13:18, the family asked the Angel his name and he told them that his name is Wonderful. So, the man went and brought a goat and killed it, set a fire and placed it upon it. When he wanted to put fire on it, the Angel told him:  “No, don’t worry yourself.” In Judges 13:19, the Angel proved himself Wonderful as  the Bible says that the Angel went upon the offering and it turned into a big fire and he carried it and disappeared by flames of fire.  Today, the offering you shall give to God, he will receive it and carry it to heaven.

“Few moments after that, the woman took in and eventually delivered Samson. It was that sacrifice that energized the prophetic utterance. It is like someone giving you a power-generating set but you don’t have fuel. When you put fuel into it, it will start generating power. If you can give, you can receive. If you will give, you will receive.  If you shall give, you shall receive and today, the power of the Word is challenging you to give because there is power in giving. It is in giving that we will receive what is given to us. Nye nye nye na ebuta nwe nwe nwe.

“I have come  to realize that the quantum of what you sow will never be in corresponding proportion to what you will harvest. If you plant one seed of maize, it will lead to your harvesting a lot of bunches of maize. And in 2nd Corinthians 9, my Bible says: “If you will sow sparingly, you will reap sparingly but if will sow abundantly, you will reap abundantly.”  In verse 6 ff, it says that God loves a cheerful giver. Today, you will give with cheers because in Isaiah 12:3, with joy, you will draw water from the well of salvation. Don’t give with sorrow else, your offering will be like that of Cain. But if you give to God joyfully, your offering will be like that of Abel.


In today’s first reading: 1st Kings 17, it was the case of a man of God-Elijah. He came to a widow who was about dying.  Mind your word from today, any time you want to say something. That woman said something that touched me. When Elijah asked her to give him food to eat, the woman told him: ”I have nothing except this little cake and oil. I will use it and cook for me and my son to eat and die”. This woman claimed death in her family.  Please, mind what you say.  Why should she talk about death? Many Christians are victims of such negative satanic and barbaric pronouncements. And they would say it doesn’t matter. Remember Num 14:28. Whatever I hear you say to my hearing, be sure I will do it for you. Remember Job 22:28: “And you will decree a word and it shall come to pass.” In Prov 18:21, the Bible says that power of life and death lies in your tongue.

Then, Elijah commanded the woman to cook and give to him first. The woman cooked and gave to Elijah; she did not cook and give to herself or her son. She gave to the man of God first.  Then the man of God having been satisfied, now prophesied that food will never lack in her house again,( E nyeju oke Dibia afo, o vuo mgborogu na ajo ohia). So, the woman’s store was filled with food and they ate inter seasonally. There was food in that house. And I know of course, that she must have been giving to other people as she and her son could not finish the quantum of food she now had.

“The same will happen to you. When you give, God will bless you. Heavens will be opened for you. Miracles will follow you. But because the woman had said something, ‘that she will eat and her and her son will die’, in 1st Kings 17:17, immediately, the woman’s son became sick and died. Elijah had to come and raise him back to life.

“This is also a lesson for those who claim death upon themselves. Even those who would dream where another died and they would go and tell the person that he is going to die, you don’t have that power. You have to manage your dream secrets very well. You don’t terrorize people or confess negatively because we have somebody speaking for us over there in heaven. In Hebrew 12:24, the Blood of Jesus  speaks more than the blood of Abel. So, allow the Blood of Jesus to be speaking for you. This blood speaks about life and not death because in Heb 9:22, without the shedding of this blood, there is no remission of sin.


“Even the people in the occult, they know the secret of giving. They know the power in giving; they used to give a lot to gain a lot. Some of them used to do a lot of sacrifice in the water. They spend millions. They pour millions inside the river for mermaids, and they do all sorts of rituals. But Christian believers are stingy.  They have super glued hands. I reject this for you. What you fail or refuse to give to God, the devil will take from you. If he doesn’t take it through armed robbers, he would take it through kidnapers or he will take it through funeral or he will give you one case. Trouble will wear head gear, knot tie, put on suit and come and abide in your house.  God forbid.

“Today is a day you have to show God that you are happy and grateful for what He is doing to us. We should assure God that He can never see the occult people and the idolatrous people sacrificing more than us. Their grand masters cannot die for them. But our own grandmaster, Jesus, died for us. What will you give to Jesus that will be commensurate with His death on the cross? Remember that we came to this world empty handed and empty handed we shall return to where we came.    All the treasures we have stored in the bank, the properties, land and houses we buy here and there, shall not go with us.  The much you shall go with is the small casket that you will be put into and a piece of Adoration uniform on top. We are just deceiving ourselves accumulating wealth that we will never use. Who are you packing all these things for? You don’t  know when God would say: “Time up,” or “Enough is enough.” Who are you accumulating all these wealth for? If you don’t eat them in your life time, it will be eaten for you at your death.  Your bankers will come and tell your wife or next of kin about the monies you hid in those accounts.


“There is power in giving. When you give to God like Abel, God will accept your sacrifice. In Acts 9, the woman whose name was Docas died. She was either to be buried or raised up. Peter was called. People around were telling Peter, ‘look at the clothes that she sewed for us, see all she did for us”. When Peter saw what the woman had given to the Church, in Acts 9:40 the Bible says He knelt down and prayed and she was raised up. There was joy all over .  Remember there were other people that must have died at that time but the attention of Heaven and the Church was called because this one, Docas who was a giver died. Charity provokes miracles, it induces signs and wonders.

“Remember Malachi 3:10 that says ‘bring all your tithes to the house of God and give it to God and try me in this and know whether I will not open the windows of heaven and flood your house with blessing that there will be no room to contain. And I will cast away the devouring locust that used to destroy people’s blessings’. Why?  Because you have given your tithe.

“It is all about giving. There is no other short cut to receive from God other than giving to God. Prayer is very powerful but if you are a prayer and not a giver, you are wasting your time. You better be a giver and not a prayer.What you have is what you have given. The one you have not given you don’t have it. What shall make us wealthy in the Spirit is what we gave in this world. The ones we didn’t give while in this world will remain here on this earth when we go. Today under this mystery that I am echoing I decree that as you give, you will receive testimony very soon in Jesus name.

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