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The year 2015 is gradually winding up with just few days left for it to be consigned to history.  As dry, dusty wind of the season that has scurried the water wind of the rainy season blows across every now and then, it yields credence to the debris left of this year. Every minute of the day reduces dwindling longevity of the year to a finishing point. That is nature; times and seasons come and go. For Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, the 2015 will ever remain a year to be remembered in the annals of her history.

With the 2015 annual End Of The Year Crusade coming up from Thursday, 17th to Sunday, 201th December, 2015, the ministry gets prepared to fare the year a goodbye and welcome the coming year 2016. Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual, Director of the Ministry, recently recounted some of the trying experience the ministry passed through, highlighted her major successes, appreciated and commended the Adorers and the Workers  as he gave an insight of the activities that will mark the years’ crusade with the theme: ‘Come Holy Spirit.’ Hear what he had to say:


“We can never thank God enough for what He did for it this year. He saved the ministry from horrific battles and attacks over the Prophesy of December 31st night. That message of CHANGE that Buhari will win the 2015 election over the then incumbent President, Jonathan. It was a trying moment for the ministry. Many left us; many we thought were with us, fought us. Many called for my sanction; many called for the close down of this ministry. But Holy Spirit, whose message we prophesied, never departed from us. He stood by His words and vindicated us and gave us victory.  It was such a battle that while people talked about what I said in Friday Adoration, on Sunday I will repeat another. While what was said on Sunday was being discussed, by Wednesday, another message would be released reiterating and harmmering the same thing.


We thank Rev. Fathers, the Sisters, those that come from Onitsha and from all parts of the Country all the time. Once it is well with you, it is well with me.

I thank the leaders of the entire group. May the Lord bless and keep you all in Jesus name. All the workers in the different units, we appreciate you and we thank God for you.  God will reward you immensely in Jesus name. I am happy I have children of this nature.  We are growing and improving and God is blessing us.

Be alive for us. You shall live to see your children’s children. All the journeys you make coming here to worship God shall not be in vain. Your God will be gracious to you. Those good things that you used to hear about happening to others, others will now hear that they are happening to you.

Thank you for coming here always. If you people do not come, will I be doing Adoration alone?  I would only stay in the chapel. So you are the reason why we hold the Adoration. So I appreciate you and love you all.

For those who say that I am doing politics, what other politics do I do except to fight for you when the leaders begin to maltreat you?  I don’t have business with any politician, except that I used to tell them that our youths are unemployed and that only few people are swindling the oil wealth of this country.   For instance, the money meant to purchase the ammunition to fight Boko Haram was shared in billions among some cabals in the past administration. One of them said he used his own share to prepare charm that will help them win election. The other said he used his own share to make announcements in AIT.

It was as a result of all these and more that I cried out. They said I should be sanctioned and that I should close my mouth. Are they my maker that gave me mouth?   It is only when they shout down on you and you become terrified that they can pursue you.


On Wednesday morning of 16th December, at Christ the King Parish, from the “E No Dey Worship Programme, we will commend the Crusade to God and bless people, claiming the grace of miracles and testimonies. Many priests will be around at that Wednesday morning for confession.  We shall proceed from there to do infant baptism and afterwards, we will retire. Some of the workers will come here for candle procession to charge the atmosphere for the crusade.  I will do the anointing of the ground in the same Wednesday evening.

On Thursday the 17th Dec, all will fast at least, from 6am to 12 noon for those who are weak and such fasting will continue each day of the Crusade. We will dedicate the Crusade to God through Holy, fasting. Everybody should run away from any type of sin whatever. The Crusade week is Holy for He who is coming, is the Holy Spirit. I call for absolute Holiness and undefiled purity. That is why the priests would be available for confession that Wednesday morning, for the Bible says: ‘We will sanctify ourselves today, for tomorrow, God will do wonders among us.’

When we come back in the evening for the Crusade that Thursday, we shall start with Deliverance Time. We have four stages in the Crusade. The whole of Thursday will be expelling of demons, and deliverance. You know there are varieties of gifts, my friend and brother Fr. Momoh and co. will come. So, wherever we stop the following morning, we will go and come back and resume again with counseling and other deliverance prayers for those whose   manifestation of deliverance could not be handled in the night.

On Friday, the 18th Dec, we will have a 6-12 fasting for those who are weak.  Try to conclude your own fasting with a Rosary. We will come back Friday evening.  We will do the Stations of the Cross and call the power of He who marched around Calvary for healing.  Friday night then will be fully Healing Night. We will continue to pray for the sick till the next morning. Those who have a place to go and rest would go and rest while those who do not have a resting place, could stay here.  There will be water in the tanks for them to use and also food that they can buy and eat.

On Saturday, 18th, we shall do.  Waiting on the Lord. We are expecting the entire intercessors, prayer warriors to come and camp here in the morning and stay till night. I will expose the Blessed Sacrament for them. The Children Intercessors will stay on their own.  We shall have another 6-12 fasting on that day. Those who can go higher can extend theirs.  Cancel all other programmes you have during that Crusade period for it is a week for God. The day you will die, the world will continue without you.  So take God serious and He will shock you with blessings.

It will please us that some of us who do not have the gifts of the Holy Spirit shall receive it during this year’s Crusade. At that Saturday night, you will be fortified such that anyone who wants to bet you on anything, will have automatic problem.  We shall receive the grace that will make you a shock absorber such that no matter how the world pushes you, you will never be moved. When it gets to speaking in tongues, you can speak in tongues and when it gets to praying in tongues, you can pray in tongues.  So, different kinds of gifts will be imported and shared that Saturday night. Those that could not be healed on Friday, we will continue with their healing that same Saturday night. This will take us to the Sunday morning.

Then on Sunday morning, we will enter the mega level of Worship and Testimonies. I know that there will be great testimonies by the grace of God.

So invite your friends, your relatives. Lock up your houses and come, God is waiting for you here. Make sure you do charity. If you cannot do it where you are, come and do it here for here is a  home for charity.

Remember that when we conclude on Sunday 20th December here, we will then prepare to travel for the Christmas. So everyone of you should prepare to do Christmas for God. Prepare for something you are going to give to God so that on that day, you will surprise God.  You will shake him and say: God, thank you.  We are happy with you.

God, who saved this ministry, and I, from the trauma of critics and hidden enemies. It is good that we passed such experience because when such a thing happens, you will know how many that love you and how many that hate you.  I know some will be asking whether they should come for this crusade or for 31st Night.  Crusade and 31st night are not the same. I know many will come for 31st night to know which prophesy that will be prophesied. Let them come. Egwu anaghi atu afo oburu uzo.  If there is anything the Holy Spirit says I should say, I  will say it and it will happen. If He says that I shouldn’t say it, I will not say it. The only one I will not say is what He says I shouldn’t say.

So when you go, send messages on face book, twitter, Whatsapp, bulk messages, and invite all your friends to the crusade.

God did wonders for us this year, He gave us new things, two new musical albums, Ikuku Oma and Chimakonam ,  Rapha Juice products and Wonderland Farms.


“I ask God to lift you up beyond your imagination and make you a leader. Deut 15:6 says: “You will rule over them but they will not rule over you”. It has been long that your family is being ruled.  That your family is now going to reign. God shall through the remnants of your families, lift your family up. If you are looking for the fruit of the womb, may God bless you with the fruit of the womb in Jesus name.

There is a problem that you have and you don’t know whom to confide in. You are dying in silence; we are here and now, incinerating that problem with the Holy Ghost fire!

What do you want God to do for you that will gladden your heart and improve your faith? A day like this, God confronted Solomon in 1st Kings 3:8 and Solomon told Him in verse 9: “Lord, I need wisdom.” A day like this He encountered Barthemeus in Mark 10 and asked him what do you want me to do for you and he said: “Lord, that I may see”.   In John 5, in a day like this He encountered the man by the pool of Bethsaida and asked him do you want to be healed?

We present you to the Almighty God of Job 23:13. The Bible says He is the Almighty and He changeth not. He will not change in your case. Whatever you are asking now, may it be done for you. Under the anointing for miracle, may the Lord shock you with astonishing miracle in your life. I imprint your name in Job 5:9 and Job 9:10 and I pray for the radiation of Heb 2:4 whereby I acclaim the miracle of Mark 16:20 in your life. This time around, you cannot resist the miracle that is coming. It is going to be uncontrollable. May miracles follow you such that those who do not know God will know Him through you. I cover you with the blood of Jesus and bless your destiny. Whatever you lay your hands upon, may you rejoice over it. Standing in Deut 12:7, let it be so.

May God begin to bless your handworks.  May power of favour in an astonishing manner be imparted upon you in Jesus name. God loves you and it is well with you. Heaven is witnessing today that miracles and blessings are pronounced upon you and so shall it be in Jesus name. We bless you in the name of the father, son and the Holy Spirit.


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