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Blessed be the name of He, the author of the universe. O God of heaven, and Creator of the earth. Mighty God, we bow before your Holy presence and worship you in this early hour, at the first moment of the year 2016. At this hour Lord, your children with faith gather before your holy presence. Your word says it all in Psalm 16:11 that you God will show us the path of life and in your presence, there is fullness of joy.  And at your right hand there are pleasures forever more.  Father in your presence, we gather, in your presence we are. Micah 1:3 says in your presence mountain melt like wax. In your presence in Nahum 1:4, mountains melt like wax. Mighty Elohim, Mighty Adonai, look at the people of your presence.  They have crossed over by your grace into the year 2016. May your name be honoured; may your name be glorified, may your name be adored. The entire Adorers and members of this Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, worship you with joy in this festival of crossing over into the new year from 2015 to 2016. Father, you are the owner if the year


Your word said it all in Isaiah 40:26 that you are the maker of heaven and earth and the galaxies, and none of them is missing. Father, none of what you created was missing. Father you made sure that none was missing. Father, that is your word in Job 5:24 that my people will go home and notice that nothing is missing.

In the year 2016, we bow before your majesty; we bow before your sovereignty; we bow before your supernaturality; we bow before your divinity; we bow before your Eucharistic presence and claim in Numbers 31:49 that I have counted all in the camp and I have noticed  that none is missing.  Father in this year, we decree and declare and claim that none of the blessings you shall distribute from heaven will miss. Our blessings will not miss this year

We lift our hands before you O Lord and bless this year in the midst of this gathering. We are here blessing Nigeria and the whole world. We stand here and make here the altar that is contr0olling this country and controlling the entire universe. Because of your presence in this altar, we claim the supernatural impregnable, invincible power that controls the world.

As your priest, as your servant, as your prophet and your king, O Lord, I bow before you to bless my people and give them the message as you have given it, unadulterated.


There are many of you here who have been building and building and they have never finished. We are releasing the anointing for the year 2016 that you will start to build and you will finish in a record time. Father, may your people receive the unction from the North to the South, receive the unction from the East to the West, receive the unction. I mean the enabling unction to live in the year 2016; I mean the enabling supernatural what-it-takes, and supernatural what-you-must-have and the divine anointing that will promulgate you into this year and enable you to locomote successfully.  Receive the unction in Jesus name.

I am commanded to pray for the anointing for the year and that is what I am doing now O Lord. In your name, I pray for the anointing for the year 2016. So receive the unction for the year 2016, wherever you are now, receive the unction in Jesus name.  Receive now Zerubabel’s anointing in Zechariah 4:9.  Thus says the Lord to Zerubbabel:  “Because your hand has laid on the foundation, you must finish it.  You must be a finisher. In this year, you have the anointing to be a finisher.  Because in this year, God says He will be with his people. Father as your word has said it, so shall it be. Be with us O’ Lord, Emmanuel. We stand in Isaiah 7:14 to claim your presence in our midst. From the beginning of this first day of the year 2016 to the end of it, we claim your holy presence. In Luke 24:29, we say: O Lord, be with us. We stand in the book of Mathew 28:20 to say O Lord be with us. I want to tell you when God is with his people, remarkable miracles will be happening. Thus says the Lord and I give it to you.   Many of you listening to this voice have been passing through a lot of hardships, tears, sorrows, and lives devoid of miracles.


In this year 2016, a lot of hardships are coming. Many problem will come. People may begin to ask:  Is there still God. Many hazardous situations will manifest. Many will begin to attack the ruling government. Many will begin to question, “is this government we voted for? But the Lord says: “It will start hard but it is going to end well.  I am commanded to ask for patience.  The Lord says that multiple crises will fill the system but later, the country will be filled with peace of Isaiah 66:12; peace that will be flowing like a river and in this peace will be the blessing. So I am claiming the peace. In the midst of all the looming crises prophesied, new crises are going to come up. But at the end there will be peace. Shalom Leeker.

We lift our hands and pray in this message over these crises that may come, in John 20:19.  In John 20: 21 and 26, the Bible says: “Peace be with you.”  In Micah 5:5, He says: “the name of God will be Shalom.” May this price of peace be tabernacled in the epicenter and the nucleus of this country to handle every crises, no matter how benign, malignant or barbaric or satanic that they may appear like. God says He will be in charge. Fellow Nigerians let us wait for God, expecting Him to do something for us.

I am covering the message we are giving now in her prophetic nature with the precious Blood of Jesus.  Father I bow to your presence and pray that you speak as your servant listens.

THE OIL DOOM: In 2013, there was a prophesy that there was going to be an oil doom after several years of oil boom, and when that message came out of this ground, many started call­ing me a prophet of doom. How can there be oil doom in oil price? And the oil price contin­ued to climb, but the message said people should begin to gather as in the days of Joseph, that the people in government should continue to gather.  Let them stop squandering our wealth; but they never listened.  Throughout the six years we passed in the past administration, God blessed our oil with high prices, over N140 per barrel. But the mes­sage kept coming: ‘Don’t mind the oil boom.  There is going to be oil doom. Our politicians stop embezzling our wealth’ but they said the money will continue to come, our oil will con­tinue to flow.

During these moments of the oil boom, there was excess crude money.  They didn’t know what to do with our money, when our youths were suffering and are still suf­fering, graduates had no jobs, new industries were not built, our roads were not reconstructed, our hospi­tals were in shambles and in total col­lapse; our educational systems were in shambles and these politicians were building good schools out­side the country, Ghana, etc, building hospitals even  in South  Africa,  and other neighbouring countries and when any of them is sick, he will be flown outside he country because there is no hospital in the country worthy of authentic medication.  You can­not find any state in Nigeria that has worthy diagnostic facilities; not one! The entire money voted for hospitals was looted out. Corruption was in quantum, to the level that the Nigerian Bishops had to compose a prayer against bribery and corrup­tion and enjoined all Catholics to be praying that prayer daily after the communion.

All the money voted for roads was swindled; many of them be­came millionaires, billionaires over night in naira, in dollars, in pounds, in euro when they have no workshop; no business centre; somebody who has nothing doing became a billionaire, just because he is a politician. They wasted our oil money. Now the doom has come and there is no prepara­tion for it; the economy of Nigeria is an oil-based economy

My beloved Nigerians, those who led us from last year down­wards, have killed this country; none of them is qualified to stay in this country by now, both the President, the Senators, the Reps, the chairmen of local governments, the governors. They are wicked.  It doesn’t matter the man of God they worship with. I tell you, be­fore God and man, all of them are wicked.  They hate this country; they succeeded in removing the liver, kidney and cardio vascular system of this country, and handed over to President Buhari, shambles, skel­eton almost; a nation that is comatose .Nigeria, as we speak now, eco­nomically, security wise is in the intensive care unit; if the oxygen is removed, Nigeria will die.


Peo­ple of God prayed, from here and there, and God answered our prayers and gave us Buhari. God has told us that Buhari is prayer answered; President Buhari is an answered prayer. Whether you hate him or like him, Buhari is prayer answered.  The Bishops of Nige­ria and the Catholics prayed against bribery and corruption and this President came with a charter that has to do with War Against Cor­ruption. All the prayers we have been doing against bribery and cor­ruption, God answered it through a Moslem, Buhari, who decided not to discriminate.  There is nothing like religious or racial discrimination in Buhari’s administration. He is a man for all. He means good for this country and we owe him support, unalloyed support, consistent support, perennial support, unstoppable support, spiritual and otherwise’ because if he is not the man in power now, had it been the last regime continued, by now, Nigeria would be for sale. All the monies voted to buy this and buy that were stolen by few people. And you people are passing through chronic hunger, jobless­ness Many are dying, many have died because of a few people.

And that’s why they want to engineer you people to cause crisis even in this part of Igbo land, that Igbos are marginalized. Igbo people are unmaginalizable. Nobody is marginalized us. The spirit of God wanted me to speak good over what has happened so far in this administration and that is what I am doing. I am not a sycophant. I don’t support anybody for anything. I have the highest thing somebody can have, I have God.  I want to tell you that so far God is happy with Buhari and he whom God has blessed may you not try to accurse because God will curse you.


Many peo­ple are planning, as it is revealed, to kill Buhari.  There are many plans on how to eliminate his life, so that corruption will continue; so that quantum embezzlement will continue.  But the Lord says ‘God, who put you there, will not forsake you. Be firm, be resolute,  remain focused and be unbiased.

Refuse to be  intimidated and refuse to be distracted. Go ahead and war against evil.  President Buhari, go ahead and war against corruption. President Buhari, God and His people are behind you. You are the answer to prayers of the people. And when prayers are answered, the people of God would say Amen.

Those who want magical result and are complaining that Nigeria should be good. Nigeria should be better, this man entered and things are beginning to be hard. Now, oil is being sold at the rate of thirty something dollar per barrel as against one hundred and something it used to be. Now to find buyers is difficult. In overseas some countries have started building cars that use electricity. Just as you charge your phone you can charge the car. Now nobody is buying oil. There are more wars here and there that would make America to buy oil at any level.

Can you eat your cake and still have it? Our past looters, not leaders, you may not understand, thieves in political positions, have eaten the cake of this country and now, everybody is suffering it; the youths are suffering it. They want to tell you that you are marginalized; the Yoruba are not marginalized; the Hausas are not marginalized, Efik people are not marginalized; and the Igbo people are not marginalized.

In the present political sce­nario, the Igbo people have the position of Minister for External Affairs in the person of Geoffrey Onyeama; the Igbo peo­ple have the portfolio of Science and Technology in the person of Ogbonnaya Onu.  If you go to Abia, we have the Industry and Commerce, coming back to Anambra, we have the Labour and Employment. And the problem of our country today is unemploy­ment. If our youths are all employed, kidnapping will go.

Kidnapping was a child of the past administration. They delivered that ugly baby and that baby resembles them. Many of you were intimidated and you would say what they want you to say. It is my job to put your minds right. When anybody comes to you to say that Igbos are marginalized, don’t believe it.  The Igbo in the North are do­ing well and the Northern people are not chasing them away.  The Igbo in the Yoruba land too.  Go to Idumota, go to Alaba, they are treated with utter hospitality with innovative     kindness. The Yoruba people are not fighting them.  Why are they evolving a war that don’t exist; and like I said in the former message, those who are engineering  this have their children abroad and they want to use our unemployed youths to come out on the road and begin to walk around and say the Igbos are marginalized, our roads are not done.

Listen fellow Nigerians: What we are suffering now is just the resultant effect from the past.  Previous malignant, malodorous and intrinsically corrupt past political looters. As it is right now, most of what we are suffering and we are going to suffer, emanated from what happened few years ago. But the Lord asked me to encourage you. Many people are going to suffer, so get ready to suffer.


And He took me to 1st Peter 5:10. “But after you have suffered for a little while, the Lord Most High God, will establish you and complete what is lacking in you and make you whom He wants you to be. So the suffering that is coming has settlement at the end if the day. It is not suffering onto damnation; it is suffering with hope. There is hope, there is solution. At the end of this tunnel, there is a light. It will take some time but the end of it will be a testimony to God. And if you see yourself as one of the thieves that messed this great country, that you are a multi millionaire on the money you stole means nothing. And the Lord wants me to tell you to work hard and work harder and work like Him. He said: ‘I worked for six days and rested only for one day.  Why are my people working for one day and resting for six days?”. That many Nigerians are lazy, He says I should command you to work hard for there is blessing in hard work. Don’t be lazy.

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