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Those who knew Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria before now would attest to the fact that the ministry is undergoing apparent metamorphosis in the numerical strength and in the signs, wonders and miracles that leaves one with a conclusion that God is still working in the ministry.

Following the transfer of Rev, Fr Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of the Ministry by the Catholic Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Rt. Rev, Dr Calistus Onaga on 13th of January 2016, many had thought that the transfer would mark the end of the crowd that usually fill the ministry during its programmes especially the Wednesday and Sunday programmes of the ministry. The Wednesday and Sundays programmes were held during the day at Christ the King Parish GRA Enugu.  It was believed that the crowd that attended that programme did so because of the centrality of GRA and its accessibility to the worshippers. When Fr Mbaka was transferred out of GRA to Emene many thought this would mark the end of the crowd that usually throng the progrmmmes or so was what the transfer was meant to achieve.

Contrary to the people’s expectations, it appeared that the crowd that had continued to attend the Sunday and the Wednesday programme of the Ministry have quadrupled.

After 30th January 2016 when Fr Mbaka handed over to the new priest posted to take over from him at GRA Parish, he had his first official Sunday Mass at the Adoration Permanent site the following day being Sunday the 31st day of January 2016. The crowd that attended that mass was double of what used to attend his Sunday Masses while in GRA. One would have thought that the crowd may have come only to either congratulate or sympathize with the ministry over Fr Mbaka’s transfer and that such crowd was not to be seen then after. What happened in subsequent programmes of the ministry proved one wrong.

After the first Friday all night Adoration programme of the ministry for this year held on Friday 5th February 2016, the repeated crowd witnessed the Sunday mass that followed on Sunday 7th February when Fr Mbaka laid the foundation stone of the new Fr’s house to be built at the site after the mass.  The ministry’s first Wednesday programme held on 10th February 2016 (which incidentally was the Ash Wednesday) laid to rest every doubts as to whether the Ministry will ever lack crowd of worshippers during any of its programmes. Besides the intimidating crowd that came for that first Wednesday programme for the year, God reconfirmed His presence in the ministry with the multifarious healings and miracles. The testimonies of some of those that received special healings at the programme are herein reported. Ever since then, the ministry has been bubbling like never before.

The number of parents that brings their children for infant baptism during the Wednesday programmes is far beyond what used to come to GRA Enugu when the programme was held there.

Surprising also is the rapid rate of the progress of work in the Father’s House project which foundation stone was just laid few days ago. Fr Mbaka had told AMEN Super news while he was leaving Christ the King Parish GRA Enugu “I see everything with the eyes of love and will of the Holy Spirit.  I am not worried. GRA was a bush when I came here and I turned it to a city. Now I am moving into another bush to turn it into an ultra-modern city. I implore the whole Adorers not to worry and not to do anything that will bring shame to the Church.  I will remain loyal and obedient to the church and this transfer will not lower my faith in God in its veracity, tenacity and magnetism.  I am grateful to my Bishop.  If flies that have no bone will live in a toilet and not die, what about I who have bones?  I love challenges; it is part of my life.  It brings out my intuitions and raises my antenna for mega success and breakthrough. My vibe and enthusiasm are high. I am grateful to Bishop Eneja and Gbuji who left me all these years in the parish and also to Bishop Onaga for posting me out.”

He had also stated   that God would build for him such a magnificent residential house in the Permanent site such that the one he built at GRA parish would be a toy to.

It appears that many of the Worshipers who were not happy with the manner of Fr Mbaka’s transfer and the current accommodation problem faced by him and the ministry’s assets., some of which are still in the lorries that conveyed them to the site for want of accommodation, have vent their strength in providing befitting shelter  for them. Men, Women and Children who came for Worship at the Permanent site have continued to support the building projects with both their financial donations and physical labour.

When AMEN Super News visited the building site two days ago, it was bewildered by what it saw. Beautifully dressed ladies, handsome youths, old men and women and Children were seen at the site carrying concrete with concrete pans on their heads. While some were seen mixing the concretes, others  were busy filling the foundations, carrying block from one location to another and doing all they can to assist the builders.   Many who supported the building projects did so willingly and excitedly as they considered it a privilege to sow their finances and or labour as a seed that will bear them great rewards both in this works and hereafter.

A reflection on all this leaves one with the irresistible conclusion that God is really at Work in the ministry. This refection led us to one of the foremost massages of Fr Mbaka where in exegesis of John 5:17, he called God “Onye Olu” in eulogy to the Works He does for him and the Children of God.  Full transcription of the Message is hereunder reproduced:

“I take you to John 5:17 and bless you on this biblical platform ,I decree and declare that God my father is still at work uptil now. Jesus says that his father is still at work up till this very day and he too is at work.

“We are here to establish the fact that God is always at work , God is still working. May be you may be thinking and imagining that God is longer at work , that God is already tired of working or that he has stopped working. In this message God wants to bless you with assurance of the fact that he is still working, and Jesus is still working.  That which is making you to cry and think that God cannot do, God the worker is still at work. I lift my hand upon your head and bless your left and right hand, the handwork of God shall be manifest in your life. I decree and declare that the good work of God will manifest in your hand and the good hands of God unto good work will equally manifest in your life. Your two hands will never lack the good works of God.

“And I ask God to bless you, may the Lord of host bless you. May the Lord of Abraham bless you. As he blesses you, may you be lifted beyond your imaginations and may your levels begin to change from today. Why ?because God is working .

“You are a destiny child and you are blessed to such a level that today will be another day of miracles in your life and miracles unto testimony.  You will have a reason to say ‘my God is still working’.  When someone asks you how do you do? Tell him or her that God is still working.  Lift your hand and call God ‘Nnam Onye Olu’.

“I am blessing your life and commend you to the hands of the creating God. He who commanded in Genesis 1:3 let there be light and there was light. Onye Olu.  Is your family filled with darkness? Once this Worker commands let there be light, there will be light in your family.  He is still working and is never tied. He is ever laborious; ever invincible. He is a tireless God and will never get tired at your turn.  He has started the good work in you and he will definitely finish it.


“In Philippians 1: 6 He says “I am sure that God who started this good work will bring it to perfection.  ” Jesus says that His father is still working and up till now he too is still at work. Please who among you have the work that you want them to do for you? Call on God to come and work for you.  God I know you are there come and do wonders among us.

“God is still at work. Don’t lose hope, no matter what is happening in your life, don’t lose hope? God is still at work. I assure you that God the Elohim is still at work. God the Eljireh is still at work.

“Mypeople, believe that the creating God is still creating. This God that created the world from the beginning is still creating.  In Rev: 21:5 He said “Behold I have come to make all things new.” He is going to recreate the old things anew. This family that is now black, God can recreate it to become white.  God is still at work.

“Let your heart not be troubled. Onweroihe ne eme.The devil is just making noise, nothing is happening. It is only God that will be worshipped in this situation. God will be glorified in this situation. In John 9, it is written that this situation shall give God glory.  By the time God will finish his work in this your situation, his honors will be exalted.  God is at work in your life.  And we ask him to continue the work. God is never known for abandoned project, He will never abandon this project.

“There was a time I used to farm in my village. When we are in the farm, people who passed by and saw us working in the farm would tell us.”U nu naolu? Jisienu ike”. When you see a worker at work you have to encourage him or her to keep it up.  By afternoon, our mother and the girls would cook and bring the food to us in the farm to encourage us.  There would always be water there for us. If you came to work for my late father, Ogbuefi, he would keep a keg of palm wine for you.  After that, in the evening the workers would now come to the home of the owner of the farm they had worked and there they will be lavishly entertained with delicacies.  If you did not threat those workers well, they will not come and work for you next time.  Our God is at work. Who shall he work for?

“When I sang the song that says “Chimaakokwanam”, it is because God is a worker .In Acts 17:25 it is written that it is He who  gives us life, gives us air and gives us everything. He is at work of giving us life at all times. He is at the work of giving us air always. He is at work in giving us everything. So what do you want?  God is at work.


“God is at work to fetch a good marital partner for the unmarried.  He did it for Tobias in the book of Tobit.  When Tobit was due for marriage, God through the help of Arch Angel Raphael found a wife for him from afar. When Rebecca was due for marriage, God through Isaac came and took her. He is a worker and is still working even now.  Are you unmarried and looking for a partner, God the worker will fetch the good partner for you.  He is going to do a vocational work for you. So don’t worry yourself. I just tell you Hakuna Matata.


I lift my hand upon you. That your family that you think will be lynched by wretchedness, in Gen 22:17 when God met Abraham, he told Him “In Blessing time I will bless you, in multiplying I will multiply you”. In Gen 13:2 the Bible says “And God made Abraham extensively rich in gold, silver cattle”. He who made Abraham rich and wealthy is still at work.. We are Abraham’s children.  God is still working unto making you extraordinarily wealthy.  Wealthy in health, wealthy in wisdom, wealthy in reasoning and in your total life style. God is still at work of making you rich. That is why in Sirach11 :21 the Bible says it is easy for the Lord to make a poor man suddenly and instantly rich.


“Let me tell you, as people are talking about what God did for you, He will do greater things for you.  My God is a worker. He used his hands and molded the earth, after molding the earth, he put the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the dental system and the tongue. He then used the spiritual wire, nerves and veins and connected the whole body. Just take a timeout and mediate on what God did in man, the brain cells are made of billions of cells, what about the cardio vascular system?  Go into the gynecological and move into the deeper genetics, the DNA Molecules, the temperamental  configurations , the engramic coding in the inner systems, your reasoning ability, the supernatural computer that he inserted man such that when you want to walk, you would lift your leg and it moves. In the night you will die in sleep and in the morning He will wake you up. My God is a worker, Onye Olu. When he comes to work in your life, great things will happen.


“God who is always at work will continue to work. He who healed Abimelech is still at work. He who healed Hezekiah is still at work. He will never relent in doing his good works. In Acts 10:38 Christ Jesus anointed with Holy Ghost and power, because God is with him, he went about doing good works, healing those that were under demonic bondages. Are you getting tired of this world because of your condition? God says you shouldn’t be tired, but even if you are tired, God is never tired of working. I bless your life that the good work of God shall manifest in your life. When we shall be counting those that he did good works for, you shall be among them.

“In Mark 2, While Jesus was going about doing the good works  he went into the Sanctuary.  As he was talking, there was a commotion. what happened? Some people had opened the roof and bought down a sick man, a paralyzed man with a rope on the sanctuary in the Synagogue. They had brought the sick man to the Divine labourer.   While He was at work of preaching, the power for healing was moving and he looked at the man and said to him “Son your sins are forgiven get up and walk.” And the man got up and started working. Call him Onye Olu. Those who brought the man and saw him paralyzed also saw him walking out. It shall be so for you.

Nobody knew that you shall still be alive because you are being carried about from one hospital to another; I can see God the Worker healing you. I can see you walking about with your two legs. The evil ones has no power over you.

“In John 5, He came to Bethsaida and saw many sick people there that were waiting to dip themselves in the water when it would be stirred by the Angelic entrance into it. There was a man there that could not move at all, he had sat there for 38 years . Jesus met him in that his hopeless situation and asked him “What do you want me to do for you?” Imagine a laborer coming to your house to ask you what do you want him to do for you? Do you want to be healed?  In Luke 19 when Jesus went to the house of Zacchaeus, he told him in verse 9 ‘today salvation has come to this house’.

“So with Joy and utter bewilderment, the sick man at Bethsaida didn’t know how to start responding to Jesus. He began to tell stories of how long he had been there and how he had no helper to dip him the water when it stirred.  The question was do you want to be healed? Stop complaining or grumbling. The answer should have been ‘yes, heal me now’. Jesus the worker began his work, he  told  the man to stand up take his  pallet and go. He didn’t touch him; he healed him by the power of the word.  I could imagine the man singing and going home that God has done for him what no man could do for him

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