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As the holy week marks the end of the season of lent, time like this calls for a sober reflection on the salvific power of God. One of such powers is the demonstration of the power of God over death by the resurrection of Jesus which is the hallmark of the Easter celebration. Death is the highest enemy of man but by Jesus’ resurrection, he conquered death in victory and made a public disgrace of it. Shame, disgrace and disappointment are associated nomenclatures that put man to perpetual fear of destruction .In this message, Rev Fr Mbaka the Spiritual Director of Adoration ministry Enugu Nigeria tackles these ugly situations from the point of view of God’s assurance in the book of Joshua 5:9 to do away with them in the lives of His children. Excerpts:


“We stand in Joshua 5:9, and decree no more shame in the lives of my people. No more shame in your family. No more shame in your going out and coming in. No more shame in your vocational endeavors. No more shame in your marriages. No more shame in your places of work and no more shame in your life.

God will not allow you to be put to shame. He will remove shame from you in your place of marriage and in your place of abode. He will remove from you the shame of barrenness, shame of disappointment, shame of poverty.  I know he will not allow you to be put to shame.

In Joshua 5:9, the Bible says, “then the Lord said to Joshua, today I will roll away the shame of Egypt from you.  ”. God says He will remove shame from you today. He will remove disappointment from you; He will remove disgrace from you. He will answer you today.   Ipso facto God is telling you, “Today I will remove the shame of barrenness, miscarriage from. Today I will remove the same of wretchedness from you.” Thank God for his words. He said he will remove the shame from you.

Don’t die of this shame; your best days are coming. That thing that is making you ashamed, God says he will remove it from you. In your worship of God and in your pursuit of God’s Kingdom you shall not be put to shame.  Shame will not be your portion. You will not be disgraced.

You are facing shame of tenancy. This shame is about to kill you in the past. Today is a day of removal of shame. The shame of borrowing is being removed from you today. In Duet15:5-6 He says “No one among in this land shall be poor, you will not continue to borrow; I will make you a lender”. God has you in mind when He said these words and because He has said it, so shall it be.


When God talks about “Rolling away shame”, He takes us to John 5 where He rolled away the mat of shame of paralysis by telling the Paralytic “Stand up, roll your mat and go”. The mat of paralysis was a mat of shame.  Those who sleep on mats can understand this better. Every morning when they wake up, they would roll up the mat and keep it by the side.  It is in like manner that God is saying that He will roll away shame from you. God will roll away the mat of shame, not as man does because when man rolls the mat, he would keep it to spread it again; but God’s own is divine permanent rolling away. It is in the context of eternum.

God will roll away for you the mat of anger. In 2nd Cor 5:17, the Bible says, “All in Christ Jesus are new Creatures, the old has passed away”. The Time of shame is what the Bible is declaring over.  We stand in the word of God of in Joshua 5;9 and decree that God will roll away shame from you.


One may ask, what are the causes of Shame?  A woman who married for years without bearing a child will be passing through the shame of bareness.  The shame of non-conception, miscarriages, still birth, and untimely death are what God says He is going to roll away.  His words are Eee and Amen.

Now repeat these ejaculatory prayers with me “Father, I stand in the power of your word and I pray as word says in Jeremiah 1:12 that You are watching Your word to fulfill it, O Lord, please look at your word of Joshua 5:9 that you will roll away shame from my life today. Father may today be a day of rolling away Gilgal (Hebrew word that means Shame) from me.  My life will be a life of Zero shame in the name of Jesus”.


God says you will not be known with shame and that shame shall not be your portion.  In the case of barrenness in Genesis 17, He told Abraham that by this time in the time of life, you wife will have a baby boy and in Gen 17:17, Abraham Laughed. In Gen 18, God visited Sarah and told her that by this time in the time of life, you are going to have a bouncing baby boy, and Sarah laugh. In Gen 18:14 the Angel of God asked her “Is anything impossible for God?” It is like asking, “Is it impossible for God to roll away shame of barrenness?” Nothing is impossible for God. May God bless you?. In Genesis 21, the Bible says that God visited Abraham and Sarah. They had a baby boy named Isaac. They christened him Isaac which means Laugher. God is going to turn your shame into laughter. There is going to be a laughing time in your life.

In any family engulfed by shame of barrenness, we attack this barrenness as a being in the spirit by Holy Ghost fire. Today the God of heavens and earth decree that today your barrenness is being rolled away. He didn’t say tomorrow; he said today.  In Luke 19: 9, He told Zacchaeus ‘Today, salvation has come to your house’. He didn’t say ‘tomorrow’. Another thing is happening today for you and that is no more shame.  Mark today’s date, God of Heaven says that today, he will remove shame from your life.

Probably shame has eaten deep into the fabrics of your life in the past.  You are ashamed to come out in the public because of what people are saying about you. God is going to do something in your life that you will remember and begin to laugh. That is our message.  God did it for Hannah. Hannah came to the sanctuary in Shiloh with story of barrenness and God changed her story. He will change your own story. You are going to laugh, the devil has planned to give you dozens of multiple shames, I mean chronicles of shame. You will be coming out of one shame and another would follow in succession.

But when God through Eli told Hannah ‘Go, may the Lord answer your prayers’. The woman went out laughing. God is going to change your story. He is changing your story already.

I lift my hands of prayer upon you. You will remember an episode and you will begin to give testimony. A time of zero shame is a time of testimony.  God will change your story from barrenness to mother of children. Your lineage will not close.

In the case of Rachael, she almost died barren, but God remembered her and blessed her with Joseph and Benjamin. God will give your family another Joseph and Benjamin.  God will wipe away your tears.

When He remembered Elizabeth, he removed the shame of barrenness from the family of Zachariah and Elizabeth and gave them a prophet, John. And their shame of barrenness was over.  He will roll away shame from you. You will not die in shame, you will live in glory. No one knows how this will happen. God has a big plan for you. That is why he is saying, “Today I will roll away shame”. He didn’t say he will delegate somebody to do it. He will do it by himself.


I pity shame because shame is going to be ashamed. Your shame is going to be ashamed. Shame is like sorrow of Psalm 30:5, His favour is for a life time, though sorrow may endure for the night; though shame may endure for the night, your morning is coming with joy. He will turn your sorrow into laughter and dancing.   You will laugh and you will dance. God is going to turn around this situation. In the case of Rebecca, shame almost destroyed her. After twenty years of Marriage there was no issue. Isaac cried to His father, the God of Abraham and Sara, and God answered.  Rebecca became pregnant and delivered Esau and Jacob.   Esau and Jacob are coming in your family. Miracle of twins is coming in your family.

People were using you as an object of caricature, making fun of your name and your worship of God, cajoling your worship of God. You were victimized, you were mesmerized, you were messed up but God will turn your mess into a message; a message with testimony.

Was it not after the shameful experience of Naomi in the land of Moab that God remembered her?  She faced shame of abandonment when her two sons died and her husband died. She faced shame of widowhood.

The time God will roll away shame from your life is a time you are going to dance in the public. Get ready for public dancing because God will roll away shame in your life. You will not know when you will dance in the public. People who never knew you will hear about you. He will roll away shame from you.

People thought that there is no benefit or profit in the worship of God. Your own is going to be an example that those who worship God are never known with the identity or nomenclature of shame. Your own is going to be a different matter. Today, in Joshua 5:9 God says “I will remove from you shame”.

They have planned to put you to shame. They have gathered to put you to shame; all their plans are to make you shameful so that people will be avoiding you. They want you to be ashamed in the public but the Bible Says in Psalm 127:5’your children will not be put to shame at the city’s gate’.  So you and your children will not be put to shame in the City’s gate.

We stand in Psalm 127:2 and decree that even as you are sleeping; God is going to bless you. Your story is going to change.  You have been living a life of struggle and shame like the Naphtali of Deut. 33:23 where God says, “Naphtali, which means struggle and shame, I will satisfy you now with favour.”

God will exalt His word in your life. In Jeremiah 33:14, God says that He will remember the promises He had made to you. One of the promises is in Joshua 5:9, that “today I will remove shame from your life”. The shames of Egypt, shame of barrenness, shame of victimization are no more. People wanted to put you to absolute shame, holistic all-round shame so that shame will smell all over you, at your left and at your right.  But today God says “I will remove Gilgal (Hebrew word for shame) from you. ”

When Naomi changed her name to Mara because of the shame of losing her husband, the shame of widowhood, and the shame of losing her two children, she covered her face with a black veil because of the shame she faced abroad. Most of our children abroad are under shame and many of them are changing their identities because of shame. God is going to reclaim for you a new identity. Shame will not destroy you. God will destroy shame for you.


Are you afraid and passing through a phobic life style? Fear is eating deep into your nerves and bones. There is something that makes you afraid each time you remember it. Somebody is planning to put you in public image damage; they want to assassinate your character. They are giving you conditions that unless you bring this or do so and so, they would do this or that to disgrace you. God says today, he will remove shame and disgrace from your life.

In Joel 2:26, the Bible says that God will make you to eat to your satisfaction and that you will not live in lack and you will no more be put to shame.  The other Bible version says, “My people shall no more be disappointed”. So disappointment, shame and disgrace are under one nomenclatural definition. So whoever is passing through chronicles of disappointment, the Bible says today ‘ I will remove disappointment in your life.’

When Naomi came, she refused to answer Naomi because she said she had been ashamed abroad.  She said her name then was Mara, which means sorrow and bitterness. When God turned the situation around by enabling Ruth to marry Boaz, and Boaz and Ruth delivering Obed, the story of Naomi changed.  God wiped away her shame. Something is going to happen and your own shame will be no more.  And when this happen in Psalm 34, the Bible says “O bless the Lord O my soul forget not all his benefits”. God is going to load you with His benefits today. There is something that will happen to you and you will begin to wonder what you did for God.


When God says ‘I will remove shame.’ it means the shame is already there. God never says that the shame will not come. But when the shame has come to the level of destroying your life and people making a caricature of the image of God, he will remove it. That shame upon your life is going to be manure on your life. Probably you are sacked out of Job and you think your own has finished. You haven’t finished yet. You are not yet finished. There is God.

They thought they have messed you up; God is going to turn that mess into a message. Break that word ‘Message’ into two; you will get two words’ Mess’ and ‘Age’. There is a mess in your age.  Because of the gap between the two words, God would conjugate the two words into one to become ‘Message’.  It shall no longer be a mess in your age; it shall be a message in your life, to the glory of God.

In Psalm 34:10 the Bible says that young lions may suffer hunger but those who seek the Lord will lack no good thing. Because you and I are God seekers, we will lack no good thing. You will not be put to shame. Fellow God-seeker,  you will not lack anything good. There are those who are wealth chasers. There are those who are women chasers and men chasers. There are those who are wealth chasers.  But you are there listening to this message because you are a God seeker.  And this God whom you are seeking says that today He will roll away shame from you.

The time the Israelites went to war against Ai, the Bible says that Ai, a little nation, defeated Israel. And Joshua came publicly and tore his prophetic garment, and poured ashes on his head in shame. God told Joshua to assure the Israelites that as long as He is God, they will not be put to shame. God assured him, :”You are going back to fight the Ai. This time around, I will remove shame from you; you are going to destroy Ai.”

What is that thing that has caused you to be ashamed and poured ash of shame on you? May be you are a widow and you have been crying because you have no one to take care of you and your children, God is assuring you today that He will deal with that situation.


May be you are ashamed as a result of wretchedness and this has made you to keep silent when others are talking, God is dealing with that situation today. The other day, I saw one person that wore a cloth with the inscription; “No money; no Honey”. Nowadays before any man agrees to marry you, he would want to know the job you are doing or how wealthy your family is.  The former authentic premarital inquiry that had to do with the character and the background of the family is no longer in vogue. Nowadays, men are looking for in laws that will carry their responsibility and that of their wives.

When you have nothing, the suitors come and pass you and your children by. And you will begin to ask yourself ‘why is it that those suitors marry film actresses, harlots and so’. It is simply because you don’t have money. Nowadays when you have money, you will have friends and kinsmen. This is now the song in the atmosphere whether you like it or not. You don’t need to believe it. If you don’t have money, that is the end of you.  If you don’t have money you wouldn’t have a house. If you don’t have money even to get a job is difficult. Some people have to pay through their nose to get a job both in the private sectors and the public sectors. People may not tell you what they passed through to be where they are now. The slogan is that you have to pay either by cash or by kind and that you will use what you have to get what you want. This is a worldly slogan and a mundane slogan.  You must not have money to have friends and relatives .Once you have God, you have everything.  My own Slogan is when you have the Holy Spirit you have all.  When you have the Holy Spirit you will have job, children, and wealth and so on.


Father I am praying for my people today, the day of rolling away Gilgal , the day of rolling away reproach and casting away shame. We pray against the shame of wretchedness. The Bible says in Deut.28:12 that you will make us lenders and not borrowers. In Deut. 15:6 He says “you will be lending to many, you will not borrow from any and you will be leading them but they will not lead you. Deut. 28; 13 says, ‘you will be the head and not be the tail’. God want to change the Organogram of our vocations and lifestyles. He wants to roll away shame from you. You have to pray with David in Psalm 31:17, “O lord remove shame from my life”. This has to be a prayer point. Let any altar of shame set against you be burn down to ashes now in the Holy Ghost fire. In Isaiah 54:15, they shall surely gather, but because they are not of God they shall be scattered. Any team of people gathering to put you to shame shall not stand. They are organizing themselves as they did against Joseph to put him to shame. They gathered and agreed that they will destroy him and went and told their father lies that Joseph had been killed by a wild animal.  Every gathering of such against you will eventually turn from disappointment to appointment; from disgrace to grace. God will use what you are passing through now to lift you higher. You will not be put to shame. I bless your hands. If people had been mocking your hand because it has never carried any baby, God will turn your hand to a fertile one that you will continue to carry babies until you start to talk about family planning.  Solution to your problem is coming today in Jesus name. Amen.

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