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Lord your name is the El Jireh. Please bless our fathers. In a day like this, we present our men to you. Please bless them with long life, health, peace and serenity. May your favour be upon them. In John 6:26 bequeath your favours upon them, may their lives never be agitated. Deliver them from premature death so that our men shall begin to live longer life.

It is painful that today in our contemporary life, we are experiencing more widows, which means that more men are dying. Many children have lost their fathers, please Lord protect our men. Many families have many graves. Deliver our families from grave experiences. Deliver our men from premature death. Our mothers want to be enjoying the presence of their husbands and our children want to be enjoying the presence of their fathers. If it is because of lack of peace, give them peace. If it is because of fear, deliver them from fear.  If it was too much worries deliver them from much worries, that hakuna matata life of peace shall be the inheritance of our men so that they shall enjoy longer life.  In Job 14:19 because you live, our men shall live. In PS 91:16 you will satisfy us with longer life. Please satisfy our men with longer life as you promised in Psalm 133:3 bless them with life and blessings.

In Job 10:12 bless our men with life and favour. Cloth our men with garment of life and favour. Even in John 10:10 though the thief cometh to steal you, kill you and destroy you, Jesus cometh that you  shall have life and have it more abundantly.  Amplified version says that you shall enjoy the life and you shall have it to the fullness,. May our men begin to enjoy their live. May  our men and women begin to enjoy longer life with prosperity. May your life be inundated with wonders, signs and miracles. In Is 8:18 we ae for signs wonders and miracles. I bless you in Act 25:17 may the lord who gives you life, air and everything never allow you to lack any thing.

May our barren fathers be blessed with favour of fertility, that after today there will be cries of children in their families. I cover this message with the blood of Jesus Christ that you shall begin to live holy, beautiful and longer life.

It is a proven time in our contemporary time that we have more widows. What does that mean? That many men are sleeping inside the grave. Any time you see a widow it means that the husband is no more. Shall that ugly saga continue? Will it continue to be perpetuated? We need to deliver this message why men die earlier than women. The reasons men die early are as follows:


When men are young, they wouldn’t marry when they were young enough. By the time they begin to get older, they would go an marry a woman that is ten years younger than they are. Such a man should not expect the younger wife to die earlier than him.

This is an important message. You young man, who are you waiting for before you go and marry? Your mates in women are all married. When an old man marries a younger woman, at times the man may not understand the behavioral pertain of the girl. He would want the girl to be as archaic as he is. But they are in separate worlds. May be the girl is a graduate and is psychedelic and fashionable. Every time the man would be giving himself high blood pressure and migraine headache. People would say that such man has being poisoned, but no one poisoned him rather he was the one that purchased the poison himself.  So the first prayer of any man who didn’t marry early is that he should die before his wife. And the Bible says in Psalm 127:3-4 “Children are gifts from the Lord and the Children of the youth are like arrows in the hand of warrior”. This means that when youthful couples marry and give birth, their children are like weapons, arrows in the hand of the warrior. So we encourage our young men to marry early.

Don’t tell us you have no money because even the time you were not married, you didn’t leave women alone.  True or false? You spent your youth wasting your inner emotional and gynecological material in relationship hooliganism. Unless you remain pure and don’t meet any woman then we know that you are packaging yourself unto sanctity, consecrated life of holiness. But that you don’t want to marry and yet you have one girl friend in IMT, another in ESUT, another around your yard, another in your town and may be another   is in the church. You would be saying that you are not yet ripe to marry yet you are not resting. You kept pouring out your sap like palm tree and by the time you eventually marry you would say that you are tired. Then you would begin to take sex enhancing drugs so that you can sleep with your wife.


Any drug that is taken to enhance sexual performance is a killer drug. It is like you using a sword to shatter yourself.  All of them have dangerous side effects. And nowadays such drugs are advertised by marketers as if to say they are good ‘Come and buy this for quicker arousal’. Any drug you are taking for quicker sexual activities with your wife is dangerous and you are killing yourself by so doing.  It will make you to die earlier.

Natural relationship is the one that can enhance you emotionally but anything artificial will kill you. If you want to go medical, don’t tell me this one is from a good doctor, forget it.  There are some that take Aki Hausa, some take India helm, and some drink alcohol so that they will be high. The truth is that as you drink all these, they are drinking you equally. Anything you are drinking is drinking you.

So we are appealing to our women that if it pleases God that a suitor that is God sent comes, don’t delay. The person may not have money now but money can come.  As day passes by, your health is going down gradually.  The gravitational law in Physics says that whatever goes up must come down. There is an age a man reaches and he can’t go up again but will begin to descend.  When the man begins to descend, everything in his body will descend with him. Nwoke na ana ana.  So who are you waiting for before you marry? Stop putting our ladies in trouble. We don’t need more widows nowadays.  And this is not even helpful too to our women. Those that should marry them are wasting away. Most of the time by the time the man is ready to marry, may be the girl friend, a lot of fibroid issues would be observed.

In the olden days we didn’t have fibroid for two reasons. One, because of diet and two, because of early marriage. When the womb is mature to house a baby and no baby is planted on it, it is like a land cleared and nothing is planted on it. Weeds will naturally grow on it. It is said that nature abhors vacuum.  Fibroid is like weed in the womb.  So if a child finishes her secondary school and about to enter the university and may be a good husband comes her way and she marries immediately, we can hardly hear fibroid stories about her.

The non fibrous diets and noodles that we eat all facilitate fibroids in the womb when they get accumulated in the womb. The gynecological organs are too delicate, the uterine walls are too delicate, the fallopian tubes are too delicate and so are every part of the gynecological organs.

Nowadays most of our qualified good doctors are dying and we have more doctors who want to make money and who don’t care about the health and wellness by what they do in the surgical room.  Many of them are butchers such that any little thing, they will in the name of fibroid operation, cut and join your womb. And you wouldn’t know that your womb has been damaged.  But we bless the good doctors among them.


We advocate that early marriage is good so that you wouldn’t be an old man to marry a young girl. Any time the girl wants to make her hair you ll be complaining that it was not just long she made her hair. You would be telling her to go and plait her hair. You don’t know which one is palming; you don’t know which hairstyle is in vogue.  You are in archaic life while she is in modern world. When she asks you for phone, you will go and buy Nokia touch for her. When she tells you she needs the phone that has camera you would ask her who she would be snapping with it. You would tell her to go to the mirror each time she wants to see how she looks.  When the girl would ask you for a recharge card you would ask her if she had finished the N100 recharge card you bought for her last month. You are not in the same world with her. You will continue to nag with her until you dry up unknowingly.


Each time your wife provokes you, you go into alcoholism. I have said it before that whatever you are drinking is drinking you. Some take India helm or cocaine to ease off their worries and pressure and this shatters their nerves and kidney.  Some drink dry gin and say it is solution to the problem. Which problem are you solving?  How can you say you are taking Indian Helm to cook your head? Go and ask those that took India helm how it affects their head. You may not know what many men drink. They take some of them secretly. Anyone who drinks or smokes wants to die early.


Some men would lie to their intending wives about themselves before they marry. By the time the woman would discover the truth, she will start to have problems with the man and before you know it, the man is dead.

At the beginning you would come with falsehood because you want to marry that woman at all cost.  For instance when you hear that the woman says she will never marry anybody from a particular church. You would ask her which church she liked and when she tells you, you would tell her that that is the church you attend. By the time she comes she will discover that you are not even a Christian.

Again if you find out that a woman say she doesn’t want to marry anybody from a particular village in a town, say Obinagu Amaogwu in Awgu, you will tell her that in fact, you are not even from Awgu but that you are from Anambra. When a woman asks you where you are living, you would tell her that you just coming from Dallas and after the marriage, we will relocate to Washington. When in actual fact you are living at Abakapa , Ugboye. Each time you visit her family you would ask her to escort you to the airport that you are travelling. Two of you will stop at the airport, you will kiss her and kiss her and she will be seeing an American guy in you.  And all you be saying will be “men, shit”. Once the girl leaves the airport, you would make as if you entered the airport and by the time you are sure that she is gone you will find the next available keke and go back to Ugboye where you belong. When eventually after the wedding the lady would want you to take her to Washington.  You will be telling her that you need some time to prepare her visa. The visa will take one year, two years, four years and will never come until one day Police would strike your house.

Why do you tell someone lies? You will tell your fiancée that you need N1, 000,000 to bring out your $100,000,000 in USA. The girl will tell her father and her father will sell their only land to raise the money to you as the in-law. In the end the money will go like that and you start to think of the next lie to tell. Once you tell one lie you need seven lies to cover it and that is 49 lies. And each of the 49 needs 7 lies each. This is the dimension and ripple effects of lies.  So stop telling your wife lies. Tell her the truth otherwise you will die early anytime the woman discovers that lie.

Maybe you lied to your wife that you have never married any woman and one day some policemen would come from social welfare to tell her about your two children that you left in Garriki and you are living in Ogwuago.

Many men sustain their marriages with lies. And once your wife notices this, she will tear your nerves and bones apart with wahala. Before you know it, you will be paralyzed, stroke will come in, the family will lose peace and you will die early.

Maybe before you married that lady, you told her that she shouldn’t come to your house because you are a charismatic member and that you do go to Adoration. She would believe you without knowing that you are impotent and you know it. By the time you eventually marry her, you would want magic to happen. And to sustain that lie you will tell her that you became impotent after your wedding; that in fact the moment she put ring in your finger something happened to your system and that your problem started from the altar. This is a lie.

When your wife discovers your lies, she will never be happy and anyone marrying an unhappy woman is already enjoying what is called marital hellfire.


Ask any married man whether he is in the world, purgatory, hellfire or heaven? There are some men and women who have every day as their honey moon. They enjoy each other and love each other. There is never a time of crises in their marriage. Their marriage is both a playground and a praying ground. They love each other and love God. They will live longer. Emotionally they will be stable and healthy.

But some men and women are passing through what we call emotional riots. There is what we call Psycho-pneumatic bunkering and under that context in marriage, the vocation is in total shambles and disaster, emotional bunkering. Any man that is in a family that is passing through marital hellfire will die earlier. When a man under this emotional crisis is driving, he wouldn’t know that there is a heavy duty vehicle ahead of him. He would have accident and would either kill someone or he will be killed.

He is distracted. He died the day he married. Forget the fact that you may see such a man in the church, each time he comes home, his wife will be scolding and berating him with litany of curses’ idiot, Anu nwuru anwu, Ekwensu muo…” Marital hell fire.

Any time you lose your anger over your wife, a percentage of your life span has been lost. This is our message to the fathers on their father’s day.  Please turn your marriages into heaven. Even if you can’t make it a heaven, make it an earth, let it never be a hell fire. The children in this house are watching their parents and are assimilating their behavioral pattern. Children learn more by visual aid than through curriculum knowledge.


Some men would be looking at other women they think are more beautiful than their wives.  The beautiful ones are not yet born. Good things will never finish. You must learn to fix your eyes and mind on one woman, your wife , otherwise you will die early. Women kill men.  Any man who quarrels with his wife every day and that they complain every time will die soon. This is because women have a way of relaxing their nerves. For example, each time your daughter delivers a child; your wife will go for omugo. Men don’t go to omugo but will be at home dying in intension. Sometimes the woman would go salon to make her hairs and in the process of the hairdo, her hairs are being massaged and her brain is being relaxed.


Many men are lazy and laziness can kill a man. You don’t want to be hard-working? What have you achieved since you became a man? Be an achiever. When you remember your achievements, the joy of it can keep you longer. “This year, I have acquire one degree, next year I will do my Post Graduate studies, this year I will finish the house I am building the village” all these things will be prolonging your life. But when you are lazy and you are idol, an idle man is the devils workshop,. Our men who want to live longer should begin to be hard-working. Some people say that hard work makes a man to be exhausted. No.  Hard work elongates one’s life.  If you want to live longer, work harder.  There is a good relationship between hard work and long life. When you work hard, you exercise the muscles of your body. You exercise your brain muscles when you think deeper. Anything that you don’t make use of will begin to die. This is what we call in anthropology, facility.

In the olden days, our parents who labour from morning and come back in the evening live longer more than all those that stay under the air condition these days. They inhale artificial air. And most of our men nowadays are living double life standard in terms of relaxation;  for example when  go to the office, you will stay under the air condition that cools your body, then you come out of the office and enter an a  vehicle where you will be tormented by heat. Then when you get to your house, mosquitoes and heat will feast on you.

In Geography or Agricultural science, there is what is called rock withering. One of the causes is expansion and contraction.  Any rock that continues to expand and contract will crack before you know it.  This is what happens to some men.  Many men have cracks in their lives. Live according to your level and don’t deceive yourself. Today you will enter your friend’s room to enjoy air condition and tomorrow you are out. Do you know that if you condition your life to live in an air-conditioned environment, your life will adapt to it and any time you stop living in the air-conditioned environment, your body will begin to react?  When there are actions and reactions in your physio, psycho or possibly pneumatic systems you are destabilized. When you hear that some none died of brief or sudden illness, there is nothing like brief ill. The signs of the illness had been there for long.


Many men are too busy to make two ends meet that they have no time to take care of their health. You can be too busy that you become busier than God. At that level you will begin to die early. You may have the wealth but not the life to enjoy it.  If you didn’t eat your wealth while you are alive, it will be eaten for you when you are dead. By the time you will die, people will gather to show their sorrow over your death on top of food and drinks provided for them with your wealth.  When you don’t have time for yourself while you are life, you will have plenty of such time in your grave.

Man should have time to rest. Many men do not have rest in their vocabulary. They believe erroneously that rest is for women.  And you keep stressing your life straining your veins to breaking point.  You have to work hard, but have time to rest. That’s why the Bible in John 14:27 “Do not let your heart be troubled”. Many men are troubled that they cannot even rest. Even when they are lying on their beds they could close their eyes but they are not sleeping.  And the Bible says “Neither let them be afraid”.


Many are afraid of what they don’t know or what they know. May be you have committed one crime and you are afraid you may be caught. Fear is a killer. Anybody who allows fear to perpetrate his life will die early. Stop allowing yourself to be agitated and worried. Anxiety will come in with tension and inner turmoil.

Women don’t get easily agitated or worried. By the time they go to where they do their pedicure and fix their nails or face their mirrors to shave their eye brows; they are exercising some of their hidden muscles. Men do not do these things. That is why men die earlier. A woman will sometime tell you ‘please I am tired let me take some naps’, and before you know it she has slept off.   Her mother comes for Omugo so that she would have time to sleep. But a man would struggle and struggle. Probably you want to do it all. Some men do not know how to delegate. They want to be both the boss and servant in their offices.  Some men go to market to shop for their families because they wouldn’t want their wives to eat their money or cheat them.  Some will go to the store to measure out the meals that that should be cooked in their house just because that wouldn’t want their wives to waste their money. Some men know how to bargain far more than the women. Be the man you are and allow your wife to be woman that she is.


Take time and rest. If you don’t rest now, you may have to do that in the mortuary. God forbid.  You keep on saying that there is no time but I tell you there is time.  It is only those that want to die prematurely that would tell you that there is no time. Such person would ask you “Don’t you know what the time is now?” and I would always answer them “there is never a time that the clock will stop working. There must always be a time at any time. If the clock is not showing to this, it is showing after that”.

Our men please slow down and park your life engine, allow it to cool and change the oil. Take time and have relaxation so that you will not die earlier.  I am talking to all men here including myself. You can never solve the entire problem.  Before we were born, there was problem, and there will be problem even after we are gone.

Take for instance some of us priest. Every time you are on high speed to meet up with morning mass, sick calls, this and that. Your parishioners would be praising you that you are trying. But once you park, you will be sent to the old people’s home to rest there.  And you may be shocked that those parishioners you thought are with you would show some concern for you just that week of your misfortune. By the following week they would go to the Bishop to demand for another priest. Rest, take time and rest.  Even God after he created the world for six days, mapped out one whole day and rested.  He created nothing that day but rested from morning till night. Do you want to be busier than God?

Women must learn to rest too. Some women will give birth today and before you know it she is pregnant again. It is good to be giving birth but I say you should rest.

What do you take to rest? You mustn’t take drugs or alcohol to do this. When you have worked hard, sleep will come naturally.  When you have prayed all night long in a vigil, nobody will tell you that by morning you will be feeling asleep.  If you were busy in your office working from morning till night, once you come home, you would sleep off.


Many men do not drink much water. They are dehydrated. They do so in order that they will not be urinating anyhow. Even when some men drink enough water they would hold urine in their bladder when they become pressed. All these can engender prostate cancer.  So once you feel pressed go and urinate. Women do not suffer prostrate. Every man has an organ called prostrate, it is not acquired, it is a natural built organ in every man just the same way you have hands and eyes.  You can take care of your prostrates but age can make it to collapse.  But by the time you hold back urine in your bladder it wouldn’t take long and your prostrate will begin to enlarge.


Many men do not have time for medical checkup. They would ask you ‘how can a whole me be following the children to roam about in the hospital?’ One man said the other day “How can I go and insult myself in the hospital, my friend went the other day for malaria test and it was discovered he was HIV positive.  How can you be moving about spreading diseases that you don’t even know you are carrying around?


Many men do not eat well. Even when they eat, they eat junks and not diets.  A man would see a gallon of palm wine and after drinking it, he wouldn’t allow the remnant to be poured away. He would tell you to keep it in the refrigerator for him. He would keep the wine in the fridge that is not working due to power failure, it would heat up and by the time the light is restored it would chill and this process continues to the extent that the wine will turn to something else yet, the man would drink it in  the end.

By the time his age will be going down, he would begin to lose his sight.  Most of the eye problems are as a result of something we drink. For instance, as we said earlier, in the case of men who take drugs to sleep with their wives, such drugs works in the cardiovascular and ophthalmic organs.

Instead of taking drugs to satisfy your wife in bed, make her happy. The highest drug you can take is to make your wife happy.  Make her feel happy, lovely and joyful. Once you start taking any drugs you are parking up gradually. As you take it, it destroys your sight. They are dangerous enemies to the retina system. They are like garmaline in the fish pond to the cardiovascular organs. This is because it will cause the palpitation level of the heart to go abnormal and at that level, tear and wear will occur and you will begin to have a vascular problem. At that point they would say you have High blood pressure or heart failure or heart attack.


Remember death can come at any time, what we are talking about here is death that is not from God. God can call a young man; God can call a young woman.  I am talking about the ones that we can help. Probably the family is under a cause that nobody crosses 40 years old once you are a man.  That one is a different case altogether. What do we do in such case? We begin to book masses and pray with the power of the Eucharist. Such a curse can be

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