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By Mercy ugwu

Who says that the Holy Spirit is not the power of members Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria? The case of Lambert Ojionueme who was ordained a priest by the Catholic Bishop of Nsukka, Rt Rev Prof Onah on 3rd day of April 2016 is a case in point. Lambert was ordained a deacon some 19 years ago and since then his vocation suffered set back as he could not be ordained a priest immediately afterwards owing to some petitions against him.  Lambert remained a deacon ever since and remained committed to his calling as he waited patiently ever since then and has never missed Adoration Programmes. His case got to a point that many who doubted the miracles of God in the ministry were using his case as a reference point of impossible case for God of the ministry. Rev Fr Ejike Camilus Mbaka, the Spiritual director Adoration ministry was consistent in his fervent prayers to God for Deacon Lambert now Fr Lambert.

The prayers of the spiritual Director for lambert took a different dimension of recent when on Friday the18th day of March the humble servant of God invited Lambert at the Adoration altar and called on little children to encircle him and pray for him. The Adoration Altar was besieged by Children who placed their hands on Lambert as Fr Mbaka led the prayers crying to God for the mercy upon him.

On the Holy Thursday 24th of March 2016 (Six days after the Prayers) that same spirit made the pronouncement through Rev Fr. Dr. Godfrey Oha the Bishop of Nsukka Dioceses that Lambert and Rev. Mich Nwabueze were to be ordained priest God on the Mercy Sunday 3rd of April 2016. It was stunning news to Adorers when Fr Mbaka it to Adorers the same day.

AMEN Super News covered the event of Lambert’s priestly Ordination live. During the event which was held on the ‘Mercy Sunday’ , Bishop Onah in his sermon narrated his encounter with an Anglican woman who was once a catholic, who told the Bishop that confession to priest is her point of disagreement with catholic practices. According to the woman “I better confess my sin direct to God than to ordinary human being”. The Bishop related how he was able to convince the woman with other sacraments we receive from God through man like baptism, offering to God through priest and pastors.

He stated that Apostle Thomas left other apostles for his own personal need and was not available with other apostles when Jesus came so he could not believe in the resurrection likewise many Catholics who left the presence of God and to mush room churches for their personal needs leaving God behind. He said “Thomas on the second visit which Christ purposely came to met him did not only believe in the resurrected Lord but recognized him as God. He was the first to call Christ God”.

He said,  “The words of Jesus are the wounds of the church where mercy flow on us, today the ‘Mercy Sunday’. Some Christians still conceal their sins carrying them about despite the fact that Christ has washed away our sins on the cross..

On the new priests ordained at the event, the Bishop warned the congregations not to see the two new priests as criminals rather the church asked them to wait as their cases were being considered. He added that no one should crucify the Bishop emeritus of Nsukka,  Bishop F.C Okobo or see him, Bishop Onah, as a saint. He pointed out that it was not Okobo but the church working on their cases. He however, said that their ordination was the manifestation of the resurrection power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

He admonished the new priest that it is not the best for them to be the last but their being last could make them the best.

The Bishop described the ordination as a miracle and as well a challenge to all Nsukka dioceses to know that the power of God is beyond measures.

He advised the newly ordained priest to forgive all and said that  they have being frequent partakers in ministries both in Nsukka and Enugu, helping in distributing olive oils but no miracle has come from them saying  ,’but now, today I will anoint them with the oil for miracle that they should go about working miracles.

Again he urged them to be as prayerful as before as if it was their prayer that brought this miracle and encouraged them to be obedient and united with the church.  The Bishop said, “Today God has showed mercy on the entire dioceses – the priests, the religious, diocesan members mostly the new priest Lambert and Michael”.

In Conclusion he said “there is no need looking for culprits and heroes in today’s mercy; it is only God to that is should be thanked. We should see today’s ordination as the will of God at his own times’.

On a lighter note Bishop Onah promised the new priest that he would make sure that they do the arears of priestly work they have not done since their waiting time or silent time. He thanked all and encouraged all to wait on Gods divine time and specially showed his appreciation to the new priest for their courage and obedience to the church.

Meanwhile, Fr Mbaka had announced that members of Adoration ministry shall storm Ukehe Town in Igbo Etiti LGA of Enugu State being the home town of  Rev Fr Lambert on 17th April 2016 when he will be celebrating his first mass at his home town to join him in thanking God for the awesome miracle of this answered prayers. Watch out our next edition as for the Super News interview with Rev Fr Lambert on his experiences all this 19 years of his deaconate.

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