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The 2014, Crusade of adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria will forever remain memorable not only in the annals of history of the ministry but also in the lives of those whose lives were touched before, during and after the crusade.

Following a protracted silence by the Spiritual director of the ministry in announcing the date and program of the 2014 Crusade, many thought the 2014 crusade may not hold, many who used to predict the second week of December every as the Crusade week were proved wrong when the said period drew nearer without any sign of the crusade coming forth,

The date and programe of the crusade finally came just about two weeks to its commencement. In announcing the program, the spiritual Director stated on the 6th day of Dec 2014 “This the first adoration in the month of December, and it will be a month of favour for you,I pray for our country Nigeria in this period of economic crunch, we pray for those who solicited our prayers for political victory, our brother Senator Ike Ekweremadu. We also pray for our brother Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Gburugburu, that God will give him special support as he is coming to be our Governor in Jesus name. We are lifting our hands in prayer for him. When we have a good governor, it will be well with the Igbo communities here in this heartbeat of old Eastern region, not just for Enugu people alone. Since he is the man after our heart, let him be the man after God’s heart too. That God will give him to us. David was a man after God’s heart, People didn’t know him, but once he was anointed he became too famous, so we are begging God for this anointed one that God will make him to so famous and beloved by his brothers… We lift our hands up in prayers for our bother president Jonathan, that all the battles against him though insurgence and whatever, that God will protect him. Since it got the extent that his wife, the First Lady, Dame Patience came here for prayers, that is a sign of humility and it is our duty to be backing them with prayers.”

Continuing he said, “Those who say that Fr Mbaka is political, it is not today it started, they shall continue to run their commentary while I continue to score the goals. We are not partisan here but we pray for all those who come here to be prayed for.  We have prayed for people in Labour Party and ACN when they came here, I cannot dwarf my pastoral duties because of one selfish reason; it is God that called me for this work not humans.

Announcing the theme of the Crusade, he said, “We are lifting our hands to God and announcing the Theme of this year’s Crusade. It will start from Thursday the 18th December to Sunday the 21st December 2014. After some prayer meditations and some due consultations, after some Holy Ghost revelations and some human acceptance and approval of the Holy Spirit, we glad that the Crusade 2014 will be titled Crusade of Divine take-over. It is going to be like a coup, we are going to take-over.  After this crusade the heavens will carry out coup every where the Satan is reigning. God will take over Nigeria, and lots of miracles will follow it. People will begin to think if we are going to carry out a coup, they shall see how it will happen”.

No sooner was the theme of the crusade announced that the heavens configured the atmosphere in the ministry, the message of the crusade spread far and near with posters, bill boards, and media announcement and jingles. The miraculous event that followed this announcement proved a fact that the crusade started that very day and the formal dates of 18th to 21 December may just be the concluding days. One of such Events was the wonders and stunning testimonies of the last Wednesday program of the Ministry popularly known as “E no dey again” on 17th December 2014 being the last day of the program for the year. The Spirit provoked by the crusade preparations configured the program of that day into a carnival of miraculous testimonies after the spiritual Director’s ministration; here are highlights of some of these stunning testimonies;


Jideka Okeke is my name. I am from Afa My baby had sickle cells because her genotype was SS.  every time she entered crises, we used to change her blood. I brought her to Wednesday Adoration programme last week and all the signs and symptoms disappeared after prayers. I visited the hospital for lab test brethren; the SS genotype has now turned to AA genotype. Since then my child has not been sick. My phone number is 08161526922


My name is Julieth Ibekwe from Mgbagbuowa in Ezeagu.This little girl came here with me; we taught she was sleeping but we didn’t know she had passed out.  Her black eye portion had turned white and was rolled up.  In fact she was dead and I brought her inside this church and placed her beside the altar, after Fr Mbaka’s ministration she came back to life. My phone number is 08136183961


Okenwa is my name, I am from Akpugo. I have chronic cancer which reached its terminal stage. I was already counting my days to die, I visited the hospital and after operation in Enugu , it became worse, I was referred to a hospital in Abuja, at Abuja, I was told that I had to be taking a drug worth N400,000 a dose and that I have to look for N12, 000,000.00 for my treatment. If I am sold along with all my possessions, I can’t raise that type of money. So  I came to Enugu and attended the Wednesday “E NO DEY AGAIN’ adoration program where Fr Mbaka ministered healing upon my problem.  When I went back to Abuja, the doctor said they couldn’t find the cancer again after medical tests. Today I am healed and well. Praise God for me.


My name is Chidinma Umeaduma and my numbers is 07060995582. I got a job in Lagos, the first time I received salary, I became ill, I was rushed down to Enugu from Lagos and was brought here. The strange thing was that while I was here for the prayers, my relations said they saw me somewhere else.  While Fr Mbaka was ministering, he said that there was someone here that is dead in the spirit and her corpse is moving, he said that the person should received life, immediately from then, I got well till date.


Ude Ifunanya from Ozalla Nkanu West. I have been having kidney problem for 5 years but God has healed me here at E no dy again, my phone no is 08065029092


Pepetua Johna  from Umachi is my name,  for more than one year, I have been having heart problem but during ministration today, I noticed something fell out from my heart since then the problem is gone, the pains are no more and I am healed.


I  am Virginia Anikwu from Awka, In the dream, I noticed someone used a handkerchief on my neck, since then till now it is about   eight (8) months  and  I noticed I cannot  turn my neck again, but during ministration  today it vanished,  I can now turn my neck freely. my phone is 08037663310


I am Ebere Orakwe  from Nnando, Anambra State. I had leg pains and it was giving me serious disturbance, Today during Fr Mbaka’s ministration, the pains  disappeared.


My name is Okoro Ogechi from Imo. For 8 years now I have had epilepsy, it comes  every three days to the extent that on one occasion it  threw me down from a two storey building but after attending prayers here, It has not  happened to me again getting to about 3months now. My phone is 08064065812.


I am Nnaji Cythia from Isiuzo LGA, my phone is 08037924123, and God delivered me of fibroid last Wednesday I was healed totally.


My name is Rose Obi  I am from Ekwulobia , Aguata in Anambra State but living in Enugu.  , My daughter Benedeth Obi had kidney problem, the Doctors diagnosed that the kidney has to be removed so that it will not affect the other one. She was booked for operation at annunciation hospital before entering the  theater  that morning she decided to see Fr Mbaka to pray for her, she was lucky to meet Fr Mbaka and he prayed for at the Chapel and she proceeded to the hospital. During the final test before the operation, the doctors were amazed that they couldn’t find any trace of illness in her kidney..

Secondly when she got married, she used to have crises each time she delivered a baby. When she gave birth to her supposed last baby, the doctor removed her womb so that she will not conceive again and her life will be saved. After about one year and some months, while continued to send her adoration recharge car, her womb miraculously  re grew and she took in again. When the child was three months doctor said he will abort the child but I told him never to try it. She carried the child and father nine months she delivered her second baby boy.  Since then the enemy had continued to battle her but God will surely grant total victory in Jesus name. MY phone is 07064578982


Mrs Lovina Anike, from Nkanu, I had an accident for 3 years now. It was confirmed that my leg will have to be amputated, I came  for Adoration programme and day during ministration, Fr Mbaka  said that  I should receive my healing, I claimed it.  After prayer that day,  as I was going home with my clutches when I got to bus stop  of my house, I got instant healing. I dropped my clutches and now walk without any aid. My phone number is 08165149962.


I have had three pregnancies and on each occasion my baby died at the time of delivery. After attending Fr Mbaka’s Wednesday programme, I became pregnant again and delivered this baby girl, she is alive till date, my phone is 08031951722


I am Nwata Chidebere from Nkanu Amagunze. I had a breast lump, after prayer here it disappeared. My phone is 08061606037

I am Roseline Umeigbo, I was blind for a very long time no but after attending program here I started seeing again.


The next date being Thursday the 18th day of December 2014 , the atmosphere of the crusade at the adoration ground at Umichigbo Iji Nike where uncountable number of worshipers had trouped in   was charged for battle.  It was not the kind of battle fought with canal weapon but like the Ephesians said, the weapons of this type of warfare are strong and mighty to the pulling down of strong holds.  The day’s ministration was handled by Rev Fr Momo, a spiritual warrior biased in demonology.  It was a deliverance night and a night of coup against the forces of darkness. What happened during this ministration was better seen than described. AMEN SUPER NEWS while covering the events live, saw uncountable people tormented by diverse evil spirit littered the prayer ground and manifesting unto deliverance, as the priest’s ministrations drifted to a point where it became certain that he was interacting with the demons one on one, as he asked them “are you still there?” “How many are you?” “What is your name?” “Come of him, come out of her, go, go, be gone”. While this raged on, Fr Mbaka’s voice came in with prayers of fire and launch of heavenly missiles on the operation of the dark kingdoms. The voices of the duo priests rent the air and were caught up by the hullabaloo of hundreds of thousands of adorers who conducted their warfare’s from the rear of their stands in the prayer ground in strange tongues and physical gestures.

Friday the 19th of December was the healing Night, the atmosphere was calm after the previous days’ havoc in the demonic kingdom, the ground was filled beyond its capacity with thousands of sick people brought into the arena, some were blind, some deaf and dumb, some had stroke, others had cancer and tumours, others were bedridden in fact that was no kind of people different infirmities that were not seen at ground by AMEN SUPER NEWS. While interacting with some of them and the people that brought them, AMEN SUPER NEWS gathered that came from virtually different states of the country and some were flown in from outside the country

The Spiritual Director of the Ministry handled the Ministration of that day and that of the following night of the Crusade.  We shall spare you the details of the ministration as they are contained in the video and audio message released after the ministration; we shall rather concentrate on the signs and wonders that followed the ministrations because in the words of Rev Fr Mbaka “There is only one language that everybody understands , that is the language of miracles”. Here are the language of Miracles spoken by few of the uncountable worshipers whose lives were touched with healings, breakthroughs, deliverances and blessings of God as they gave their testimonies both at the Friday healing night and the Testimony Sunday that ended.

In his commendation during the Crusade, Fr Mbaka said “I thank you all for your sincere devotion.  Having Children like you, I can say I am impressed. God will bless you for me. I don’t know how to begin to thank those who in one way or the other might have contributed immensely to enable us to be where we are now.  Of course you know that a tree cannot make a forest. Fr Mbaka alone cannot make it, how can I appreciate the priests who come here to help out, every Friday they would be here patiently hearing confessions,  I thank the priests, the seminarians and the religious whose coming here has enable every Friday programme to be a success. What about those who travel from far and near , Abakaliki, Nsukka, Onitsha, Abia, Imo Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt, etc to come here, come rain come shine.

“How can I thank the wonderful drummers and instrumentalist of all kinds, thank you the wonderful Umu Unes.”he continued, “If it were in the olden days, when they begin to beat this type of drum the beat here, healthy men will begin to wrestle.  Their drum can wake up the dead. What about the keyboardist, the guitarists, trumpeters, God will reward you. I have never seen anybody working for God going unrewarded. It has never happened and will never happen”.

“The stewards are wonderful; you can see them pouring water on the ground everywhere to minimize the dust. I know longer had to give directives before the workers carry out their duties that shows we are moving to another level, Obi is no more a boy.  There was a time I used to attend stewards’ meeting to give them assignments, but today, I can remember when last I attended their meeting, it is a sign of maturity, God will bless you. The amazing part of it is that they do their work with joy come rain come shine., even though they are all beautiful, they humble themselves to work for God in their uniforms.

“Should talk about our security, the way they control the traffic at nights, curtail the excesses of some drunk commercial drivers. He who secures the ministry will be secured by God.  God will bless them for me.

“The Welfare people are secret workers, their works are incomparable, they cook food for us every now, and stay by the fire all the time and engage is many other work for us. God will bless you. There is no unit that is leaking in this ministry.

“You wouldn’t know what I am thinking, time, people and circumstances has taught me not to over expose my visions because each one I expose is always snatched. There are those who are vision killers. I don’t care about pirates; they are the least of my problems because if you want to pirate me, you are making me rather popular. Once you copy me, I will change style.

“I am not forgetting those who are helping me to achieve my visions in one way or the other. I will not mention names now, but God will keep the vision hatchers foe me.

“I thank our engineers, those selling our products, and many security outfits such as Pazani and wilforce security.

“I can’t thank enough the hidden intercessors; we have various levels of intercessors here, the children intercessors, the altar girls’ intercessors, the Eliza group intercessors. There are times you come here and you will see those burning incenses and candles to sanctify the environment, God is happy with you, the prayer warriors are doing their jobs, there are other hidden intercessors that we don’t even know, but they are backing the ministry with prayers. So I use this night to thank you all.

“May the healings, miracles, wonders, blessings, breakthroughs, divine solutions to problems and victory you received in this Crusade be sustained by the power of God the most High unto permanence, and may God bless, keep and protect you as you depart. Thank you all.

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