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Rev. Br. Kenneth Chigozie Alamezie, BSS
The 2015 presidential election may have come and gone, yet the lessons it leaves behind will ever remain with us. Today, I have with me one of these lessons to share with you.

Lesson 1: beware, fake prophets in the house of God!
History, I was thought, has a way of repeating itself; and the event of the recent past has indeed given credence to this saying.
The just concluded presidential election gave Nigerians the rare opportunity of witnessing live another episode of the biblical fiery war that ensued between the prophet Elijah and 400 prophets of Baal. The Scriptures actually took flesh right before our very eyes, as we saw many of the so-called Nostradamuses in Nigeria gathered against one or two voices that actually heard something from God. Thus without mincing words, I want to emphatically state here that it is now very clear that many of those who parade themselves as shakers and pullers of heaven, or mouthpiece and earpiece of God, are but mere thieves, fraudsters, clouds without rain, sheer gluttonous dogs going about seeking for fat bones. A close pal after the result was announced, actually argued that these self-styled, self -appointed, never- called nor flashed deceivers, who gave false predictions to president Jonathan with assurance that it was God that actually spoke to them, deserve twice the punishment meted on their brothers as recorded in the Scripture. Yet in my opinion I would prefer that these money-bags and dollar spillers we call men God, but who are indeed celebrities, or somewhat men of gods, be simply made to answer one question –‘Pastors Why?’
At some point during the electioneering campaign, it became very obvious that the campaign train had left public squares, the media where it was apparent money ruled, thus made tossed caution and ethics in the wind, and moved directly into the house of God.
Many of our greedy men of God, so-called anyway, immediately seized the opportunity, each, to showcase their high level of naivety, lack of self-control over gold, expertise in treachery, ignorance of the word and ways of God, lack of concentration, lewdness, and the likes. Without hesitation they went into prophetic frenzy, cooking up and spewing out prophecy like spittle…Lol. And not done with that, to worsen the whole thing, a good number of them gathered to form a coalition of prophetic Papas— Balaam sons and Esau brothers; or one may still prefer calling them” bunch of Amaziahs and Hannaniahs” (see the book of Amos and Jere 28).
Some of them that had received some huge sums of prayer allowances quickly started organizing prayers and crusades for the incumbent, where they made prophetic declarations against the opposition. In disguise, I actually attended one of the meetings hosted in Onitsha, precisely at the township stadium Fegge. I never knew that the program was organized to let loose hell on the perceived heathen. It’s indeed a pity how myopic our ministers have become. Money has made dim their sight, and their common sense of reasoning it has watered. It was not hidden that they pitched tent against a very few Amoses and Jeremiahs of our time, going by what they said in their respective and collective meetings. And collectively they called for the head of the one who summoned courage to speak out what the Almighty intended doing in the country. But time, as he said it will, has proved him right; and the author of the much speculated New Year prophecy has justified him.
There reason for prophesying hosanna for the incumbent was not hidden. Personally, I knew from day one that these guys had never heard a thing from God, neither had they ever seen beyond their noses; let alone seeing beyond the curtain of the natural. It was clear that they had based their trash of a prophecy and stupid predictions on the assumption that it was impossible for the incumbent to lose election. But that’s not when heaven was involved full time. Fat purse of gold, no doubt, constituted greatly to their unrestrained vain prophetic utterances hence, the question: “money why?” I have always not doubted the claim of one Borno pastor, kallamu-musa Dikwa, that 7billion was given to pastors to support the supposed moving train.
Money and sentiments even made them to push aside one of their own enlisted in the race.
God works in mysterious ways, and I have no doubt He chose this time to show Nigerians who their venerated so-called prophets are.
Their dull-witted minds and gross inclination to ephemerals have once more exposed to the public their very dirty linings. Well, they are in the least to be blamed; after all their unwary followers are the ones donating sumptuously the tithes, offerings and seed sowings with which they buy airplanes to fly millions of dollars around the globe.

Below are some of their prophecies to the president concerning the presidential election as was reported in some newspapers–
“The truth about the whole thing is that, Jonathan is going to win the whole elections and there is no doubt about it. It is not because Jonathan is the perfect man, but I think the unity of Nigeria is most important. I thank God for the opposition party because they are going to do well but they are not the dream party that God will raise to take the ‘baton’ from PDP. Indeed, time would come that PDF would crumble but it has not come to the time. For now, the years ahead would still be held by the same person in power.”
…..from a famous Nostradamus who’s also a General Overseer based in Abuja

“I am not the one saying it; it is a revelation from God,” said the prophet “I see President Jonathan winning the 2015 election with a landslide but the All Progressives Congress (APC) will revolt I heard it very clear and simple. When I prophesied the death of Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, many Igbo people were calling for my head. Then he was not sick. When he became sick, people said he would survive, but I insisted he was going to die. I put them in writing whenever God shows me anything. Jonathan is going to win again but with what God is showing me, he may not finish his term because there is going to be a lot of happenings. I am repeating ft: I saw President Jonathan winning the presidential election with a landslide. There is not going to be a run-off.”
….another General Overseer and self acclaimed Prophet

This one, after concluding his 40-day praying and fasting in March unambiguously declared his prophetic visions in a Nigerian Newspaper, hear him:
“During the prayer/fasting, the Lord showed me three men trying to bury Goodluck Jonathan. Each one of them was trying to bury him one after the other, but as they push his head down, he rises up again. When the third man pushed his head down, he thought he had prevailed, he was already jubilating (sic) but suddenly Goodluck rose up. I believe this vision is telUng us that the President will have three contenders in the coming election but he will prevail. No matter how tough ft seems, President Goodluck will rule come 2015. The upcoming election will be very tough for (he Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) but they will win the presidency.”
… one of the prophetic papas based in Lagos

This one is nicknamed ‘oracle of God’ by his members, and he was very sure that he even said if it doesn’t happen the way he said it, people should know he was not from God, hear him:
“God spoke to me exclusively (that the current president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan will be Nigeria’s president after 2015 general elections. There will be a lot of battle. There will be a lot of betrayals. There will be a lot of court cases concerning his election, but at the end of the day, he will still remain the president because God showed me specifically that he has been ordained to run for two terms.
“God has already declared it to me. Mark what I said. If it does not come to pass, know I’m not called of God In the second term of President Goodluck Jonathan, there will be a lot of transformation, despite battles from the opposition. Then after Jonathan’s second term, the APC will take over.”

This one, on several occasions, and in very clear cadences made claims that the president would not only win, but will do so with very big margin, hear him:

“Amid all the crisis in the country, the president will come out stronger. Jonathan will win more in the South West and in the North, and all regions will vote for Jonathan. “Those who are making contrary prophecies are merely expressing wrong political calculations based on political happenings in the country. Such people should re-define their calling because they are prophesying based on party lines. Jonathan will win 2015 election overwhelmingly, and God will back him up.”
….also based in Lagos
This one has a slightly different prophecy quite scary for the president, hear him

“If Jonathan believes fully that all power belongs to Me and nobody has power except God, then he will win the presidential election. But within six months after the election, he will be ambushed
“Jonathan will only rule for one year after his swearing-in-ceremony because people will poison him whereby he will be sick and die on the throne/seat If they did not succeed, then there will be physical confrontation to terminate his life and these are the reasons he has to surrender his life and heart totally to Me, says the Lord”
….also plies his trade in the west

A cele prophet based in the west has this to say, hear him:

“I want to let the people of Nigeria know that the Lord will return His Excellency, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to his presidential seat. Despite hatred for him, it pleases the Lord God of Celestial to increase his tenure at the Presidential Villa in Aso Rock. The Lord revealed to me that the purpose of making him remain in government is to use him to build Nigeria’s economy. He will surely bring good luck to us.”

From a Ghanaian prophet revered for his prophetic abilities, hear him
“As a man gifted by God to see the past, the current and the future beyond the curtains of the natural, I know by the inspiration of the Almighty that President Jonathan is the set man for Nigeria, His next term on the seat
hope to hopeless situations in Nigeria On this account I therefore declare that His Excellency, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan will win the coming elections.”

And, last among the many other predictions made nationwide is this from a renowned Lagos based prophet popularly called certain names among which are” Obo Oku Jesus, and Oje Na Muo Jesus, Flame of Fire, hear him

“Just like I always say, President Goodluck Jonatiian is good for Nigeria. He is the Nigerian President ordained by God and not by man. By the next election, Goodluck will surely win again. God has sealed it; nobody can change it. No demon or man can change it Quote me, by next March election, Goodluck will be the President again.”
Rev. Dr. Francis Eze, Senior Pastor, Greater Grace and Fire Assembly, Onitsha said God told him tfiat Jonathan would get a second term. “Goodluck Jonathan is trying and it is God that sent him at this point in time but some don’t know,” he noted. “What I received by revelation is that APC cannot form the government at the centre now. Let them wait until the young man finishes his second tenure, because their time will come.”

Now, going by these interesting prophecies, I have but one question to ask, what actually went wrong?
As surely as I know, God does not speak yes and no at the same time for He is the author of confusion. Only the Liar is. The spirit of the Most High God is a spirit of Truth and precision. He neither speaks lie nor does he confuses in his message. Thus if there were confusions, or lies as we have seen, then it must be from one source…The Liar and father of all lies!
Thus, I wish to make it clear that the reason for writing this was not to cast slur on any person, the reason I have not mentioned names and their churches. But, that you dear reader, may know that truly we are living in a perilous time, and sadly with dangerous persons parading in sheep’s clothing. God bless you!

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