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The 2016 Harvest of Unmerited Mercy commenced on the 4th & 9th of November 2016 with a Harvest “flag- off” of lighting the candle of faith, these event saw, numerous Adorers coming up to light candles with huge sum of money or mind flow sum of money. Waoh! The flag- off event on it own indeed was a unique innovation and inclusively bountiful. On the Harvest day proper, been the 25th day of November 2016, and coincidentally the last Friday in the month of November, the atmosphere of the Adoration ground was festive, glamour, exciting and spiritually charged. The event of the harvest was colourful with a well designed Adoration Harvest splendor bowler (Caps), fancy hand fans and handkerchiefs gave the adorers a unique out-fit. It was an atmosphere of joyful thanksgiving, witnessing all the 28 zones under the Adoration family, fully and heavily represented. The zones includes, Abakaliki, Abuja, Ankpa, Asaba, Awgu, Awka, Benin, Benue, Ekwulobia, Enugu, Ishiagu, Kogi, Lagos, Mbanonwangene, Nkalagu (Nigercem), Nnewi, Nsukka, Okigwe, Onitsha, Oruizor, Orlu, Owerri, Port- Harcourt, Sapelle, Umuahia, Uyo, Warri and workers zone. All with joy dancing to present their gift items and huge sum of money to slaughter cows for God. The event witnessed the Onitsha zone topping the chart as the highest in their gift presentation and contributions, coming behind the Onitsha zone is the newest, latest and the most recent Awgu zone. Outside the zones comes individuals, groups, private establishments and families dancing with joy to worship the Almighty God in thanksgiving with their numerous gift items. Indeed it was magnificently spectacular to see our Spiritual director Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka after releasing blessing, healings, miracles and making prophetic declarations to the crowd together with other priests and other bodies on the alter dancing away all through the night with joy.

The 2016 Harvest of Unmerited Mercy was a huge success recording the gift items presented during the thanksgiving as worth billions of naira. Gift items includes, a jeep, saloon car, Tricycle (Keke), electronics, ropes of about 20 pieces representing cows, which fifteen of it was presented by the National Executive of the Adoration family, tubers of yam, goats, fowl, turkey, fabrics including priests wears, perishables etc.

There was also a lot of refreshment, to put soul and body together, courtesy of the Adoration Welfare Kitchen, and the Aqua Rapha unit. On our menu, we had well spiced chicken, tasty  jollof and fried rice, well prepared indomie, cole slaw, Okpa, swallow etc and for the drinks, all the Aqua Rapha drink products were available.

The grand finale was on the 27th day of Nov. 2016, been on Sunday, the harvest thanksgiving and Bazaar was concluded with the Bazaar sales, after the celebration of the Holy mass by Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka at 10:am prompt.

The bazaar sales kicked off under the distinguished chairmanship of Akah Abba Ikenna Chief Ozueome and his entourage were there to grace the occasion, the Bazaar sales was fruitful, right from the cutting of the tape that went round were the items for sales were kept to the least item sold, participants were patronizing in millions. After the Bazaar sales Chief Ozueome emerged the highest participant and was given a Golden cup trophy for his amazing contributions.

The national executive under the leadership of Jeff Udeoha wished to use this forum to say a very big THANK YOU to the 2016 harvest planning committee and the Great Adoration Singers who kept the event lively to the end. We all say a BIG THANK YOU to our energetic and supportive spiritual director, Rev. Fr. Ejikemeuwa Camillus Mbaka for his steadfast, fatherly and spiritual guidance and support all through this maiden outing of the national Executive of the Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), father we love you so much, we will stand by you, and together with you we will take the Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN) to enviable height in Jesus Name.

Adoration! Holy Spirit is our power!!!

As hold by Bar Mrs. Chioma Obisi


Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria

(Bazaar 2016) Account Number 5100260603 (Heritage Bank Plc)

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