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31st December Night is a date everyone looks forward to. Apart from being the last day of the ending year, it marks the night of cross over to the New Year.

Different people have different ways of marking the end of the year and welcoming the New Year. People’s belief system, disposition, and other environmental factors are the major determinants of the differential ways of people’s attitude towards the ending and beginning of the year. There are those who would spend their last day of the year and cross over to the other year in the beer pallor, there are those who would spend theirs in hotels and brothels, there are those who would stay in their homes to keep watch on the time with their guns made ready for explosion at the cross over to the new year and there are  those who just spend theirs like any other day- sleeping in the comfort of their homes at the 31st December night to the next day, new year.

For members of Adoration ministry Enugu Nigeria and indeed many Christians, spending the cross over night at the worship ground has come become the most fascinating idea. The reason for this is not farfetched. They want to be attune with the God at the very beginning of the year.

As we enter 2017 with the cross over night of 31st December 2016, AMEN Super News took the views of some people on what they expect in the New Year.  Many who spoke on the issue all hinged their expectations on divine plans.  Some pragmatics believe the year 2017 will be for them what they can make out it. For Simeon Orji an ardent critic of the current administration, in 2017, he expects number change in alleviation of the sufferings Nigerians had undergone in 2016. Speaking on his expectations for 2017 he said,“ It is a year of continuous suffering for us as long as President Buhari is still on that sit. His administration lacks economic team and vision to salvage the nation. I have never seen an administration too slow to taking decisions as the current administration; this was not the change we wished”.

On the contrary, Mrs Offor Magret took a different view.  For her “this year 2017 I expect that God would answer the prayers of His children and have mercy on our suffering. Nothing is impossible for Him. I expect great changes in our social, econumbermic and political lives for the better in Jesus name.”

For Kingsley, a commissioned evangelist, “In this year 2017 I expect change in the mind of Nigerians who should know that the change slogan of the current government is not just political change but has to do with change of individual and personal life behaviors and pattern”.

A social Crusader believed to be a proponent of one of the groups agitating for self determination of Biafra who spoke under anonymity said “This year is 2017; I see revolutions here and there because there is number indications of things getting better. If this recession continues, I assure you the national unity of Nigeria would be threatened because people are agitated. People are hungry and these are the very cause of revolution anywhere in the world.

In recent time, Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, prayer ground has become one of the most, if not the only, worship center of attraction for many Christians from across the country and across denominations where they flock to on 31st December nights for prayers as they cross over to the New Year. The ministry experiences the largest crowd of worshipers every year every 31stDecember night and the number had continued to quadruple    with the manifest miracle, signs and wonders of God in the ministry through the ministry’s’ Spiritual Director, Rev Fr Ejike Camilus Mbaka.

The Spiritual Director of the ministry has become so prominent in Nigeria and in the world today owing to his prophetic gift of foretelling what God has in stock for His people. The turning point of this spiritual gift that shot him to national lime light was his prophesy on the 31st December night of the year 2014 whereat he prophesied four months ahead of the 2015 President Election of the country that the then sitting President,Goodluck Jonathan would be defeated at the pools by the current President of the Country, Muhammadu Buhari in his wide acclaimed message titled from “Goodluck to Badluck”. That message rocked the nation much as it did numbert spare the ministry as it was a litmus test to the authenticity of the prophetic life of the Spiritual Director. Number wonder the fulfillment of the prophesy did not only bring great relief to the worshipers of the ministry but also multiplied Fr Mbaka’s fans and followers across the nation and beyond .

More so, as the year 2016 winds up, we could recall some of the prophesies of Fr Mbaka at the very beginning of the year 2016 and how they all came to fulfillment. To mention but a few  he did prophesied the ECONOMIC RECESSION, HARDSHIP, CRISES, SUFFERING that bedeviled the country in 2016  when he said “In this year 2016, a lot of hardships are coming, may problem will come, people may begin to ask is there still God. Many hazardous situations will manifest. Many will begin to attack the ruling government. Many will begin to question, is this government we voted for? But the Lord says, it will start hard but it is going to end well.  I am commanded to ask for patience, the lord says that multiple crises will be fill the system but later the country will be filled with peace of Isaiah 66:12, peace that will be flowing like a river and in this peace will be the blessing. So I am claiming the peace. In the midst of all the looming crises prophesied, new crises are going to come up. But at the end there will be peace. Shalom Leeker.”

It is evident at this point of the year that this prophesy has already been  manifesting. Each time people complain of the hard economic situation we tend to forget that it was prophesied. Today there is number gain denying the fact that things are hard in the country. The short fall in oil price affected the nation’s economy. Many are already cursing the ruling Government as though they were the cause of the problems, price of commodities are high etc. All this was prophesied by Fr Mbaka with the consolation that in the end it will be well On the crises he talked about, we saw a fair share of it happening in 2016.  As the fire of Boko Haram is being quenched in the new crises reared its ugly head in the nation this year namely, the Biafra protest, the Fulani Herdsmen and farmers’ loggerheads, the uprising of the Niger Delta Avengers and so on.

Fr Mbaka didn’t just prophesy about the hard economic situation and crises, he also gave the antidote to them. He commanded the people not to be extravagant this year but to make investments that would see them through the hard time.

In proffering hope solution to the economic hardship,  Fr Mbaka said: “And He took me to 1st Peter 5:10 “But after you have suffered for a little while, the Lord most High God will establish you and complete what is lacking in you and make you whom he wants you to be. So the suffering that is coming has settlement at the end of the day. It is numbert suffering onto damnation, it is suffering with hope. There is hope, there is solution. At the end of this tunnel there is a light. It will take some time but the end of it will be a testimony to God. And if you see yourself as one of the thieves that messed this great country that you are a multi-millionaire on the money you stole means nothing. And the Lord wants me to tell you to work hard and work harder and work like Him. He said, ‘I worked for six days and rested only for one day, why are my people working for one day and resting for six days?” That many Nigerians are lazy. He says I should command you to work hard for there is blessing in hard work. Don’t be lazy.

In the same vein, in 2016, Fr Mbaka also talked about the present oil fall in Nigeria as an offshoot of his prophesy some years ago during the oil boom, a message he gave in the days of excess crude oil money in Nigeria: This was what he said: “In 2013 there was a prophesy that there was going to be an oil doom after several years of oil boom, and when that message came out of this ground, many started call­ing me a prophet of doom. How can there be oil doom in oil price? And the oil price contin­ued to climb, but the message said people should begin to gather as in the days of Joseph, that the people in government should continue to gather, let them stop squandering our wealth; but they never listened; throughout the six years we passed in the past administration, God blessed our oil with high prices, over N140 per barrel, but the mes­sage kept coming, ‘don’t mind the oil boom, there is going to be oil doom, our politicians stop embezzling our wealth’ but they said the money will continue to come, our oil will con­tinue to flow. During these moments of the oil boom, there was excess crude money, they didn’t know what to do with our money, when our youths were suffering and are still suf­fering, graduates had number jobs, new industries were now built, our roads were not reconstructed, our hospi­tals were in shambles and total col­lapse; our educations systems were in shambles and these politicians were building good schools out­side the country, Ghana, etc, building hospitals even  in South Africa, and other neighbouring countries and when any of them is sick, he will be flown outside the country because there is number hospital in the country worthy of authentic medication.  You can’t find any country in Nigeria that has worthy diagnostic facilities. the entire money voted for hospitals was looted out, corruption was in quantum, to the level that the Nigerian Bishops had to compose a prayer against bribery and corrup­tion and enjoined all Catholics to be praying that prayer daily after the communion. All the money voted for roads was swindled; many of them be­came millionaires, billionaires overnight in naira, in dollars, in pounds, in euro when they have number workshop; number business centre; somebody who has nothing doing become a billionaire, just because he is a politician. They wasted our oil money, now the doom has come and there is no preparation for it; the economy of Nigeria is an oil-based economy”

On CORRUPTION IN NIGERIA Fr Mbaka revealed“ My beloved Nigerians, those who led us from last year down­wards, have killed this country; none of them is qualified to stay in this country by now, both the Presidents, the Senators, the Reps, the chairmen of local governments, the governors, they are wicked.  It doesn’t matter the man of God they worship with; I tell you, be­fore God and man, all of them are wicked.  They hate this country, they succeeded in removing the liver, kidney and cardio vascular system of this country, and handed over to President Buhari, shambles, skel­eton almost; a nation that is comatose .Nigeria, as we speak now, economically, security wise is in the intensive care unit; if the oxygen is removed, Nigeria will die.”

War against Corruption is one of the core fight of the current administration and this was had reveal a lot of the misdeeds of the past leaders of the country. In 2016,r we saw the dimensions of the several alleged corrupt practices in Nigeria ranging from the Dasuki gate to the Judges’ arrest on corruption.  Millions of dollars meant for the development of the country are being recovered from politicians who stole them from the national treasury under guise of arms deal, campaign funds, importation and what have you. Number wonder President Buhari has this mission statement; to kill corruption before it kills Nigeria. All this authenticates Fr Mbaka’s prophesy in the year 2016.

On the backdrop of the foregoing, as the year 2017 begins, millions of Christian’s troupe to Adoration ministry to have a firsthand message of what God has in stock not only for them but also for the nation from Fr Mbaka, who many now refer to as ‘the oracle of the Holy Spirit’.  Who knows what the message would be for the year? Everybody is filled with different expectations.  Only time shall tell but be that as it may, we do promise to publish the transcript of his 2017 New Year message in our next edition.


  1. GOD of adoration is so powerful and he keeps all he says. please fulfil your promiss in my life let me woship you with all my hart my body and my saul .becouse iam for GOD of adoration for ever.

    • ADORATION PEOPLE. pray to God of adpration to remember me it is not going well with me at all. God made me alot of promisses true rev fr mbaka in adoration card i cant ask if God do keep his worlds because i konw he dose. it is always telling me to comit susite and end it all but cant happen. help me God of adoration to come out of this dengerus situation i still believe in you till i die. celestine Ntagu is my name

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