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INTRODUCTION: The 2017 New Year message of the Spiritual Director of the Adoration Ministry Enugu,  Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka came at the eve of the new year  during the popular “31st December cross-overnight” of the ministry held on 31st December 2017 at the ministry prayer ground Umuchigbo Iji Nike Enugu. The message was delivered before Millions of worshipers who were at the ground to hear what the Oracle of the Holy Spirit has in stock for them in the New Year. As we did promise in the last edition to publish the transcript of the New Year message of the Spiritual Director in this edition, here is the transcript:


“We are celebrating our Passover.  It is done with killing of the lamb after which the blood of the lamb was tented on their houses through the command of Prophet Moses as directed by God, that every family shall kill the lamb and the blood be tented on their houses. In Exodus 12:7 God said that the blood will be on lintel of all the houses and verse 13 says that ‘when I see the blood I will pass over you’. That was the blood of the pass over. They did it and the lord passed over.  That is what we are doing now, the last day in the year 2016.

“This is send forth party to the year 2016 and we are happy to be part of it. Through this mass, we are not just covering our family with the blood of the lamb, we are not just covering the Adoration ministry with the blood of the lamb, we are not just covering the whole Nigeria and the whole universe, we are inoculating the people of God with the blood that can purify, the blood that can sanctify, the blood that can consecrate, the blood that can protect and the blood that can preserve the children of God.

“In this mass we are dealing torturously with all the forces of darkness that has either directly or indirectly taken hold of this country. it is a mass for the Nigerian liberation. In this mass we situate your family as a candidate for salvation.  We believe in the efficacy of the prophesy Isaiah 49:25 that even the captive of the might shall be delivered. The Bible says in Psalm 3:8 salvation (some bibles say deliverance) belongs to God and His blessing be upon His people. So we are declaring salvation, deliverance, freedom, total eradication from the shackles of the evil one, that the captives shall be freed.


“In the land of Nigeria, if we are asked what is happening to us now, we can’t explain it very well. The country is in a quagmire, in horrible crisscross road, even the leaders are bemused. They are utterly confused. Unless the hand of the Divine is fully in control, Nigeria is like a big ship that is sinking, but God will save us. The nation is like the aircraft that is about crash-landing. I pray that the pilot and the engineers in the craft will do their best, but devoid of the divine hold, disaster is coming.

“We need more prayers, what is coming is not what any human can control. So whoever is praying should pray harder. It calls for national prayer clarion call. No grasshopper spirit is needed in 2017.People of God should enter the New Year without fear, no trembling. It is face to face with the nasty situation. It is not going to be easy at all but we shall conquer.

“We have spiritually weighed it 360 degrees, there is no shortcut. Hunger is not going to stop immediately. So people should guard themselves, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. But before the middle of the year, a lot of things will happen that will define what prophetically is called full divine manifestation. God is going to manifest Himself in such a way that many people of God will say really God is still God. More prayers are needed. We are moving into an era there is going to be a lot of political confusion. People of God must pray harder. The prophesy of Exodus 3 resurfaced.  Take it raw : Thus says the Lord of Host, I have surely seen the affliction of my people, those who are in Egypt (Nigerians in this case), and have heard their cry, because of their tax masters and oppressors, I know their sorrow and their sufferings and their trials”. In the same Exodus 3 account, the prophesy continued in verse 8, “ I have come down to deliver them out of the power of the Egyptians and to  bring them  out of the land, to a land that is good and large, a land flowing with milk and honey. A land of plenty to the place of Canaanite, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzittes, Hivites, Jebusites.  Now behold, the cry of the Israelites have come to me; the cry of the Nigerians have come to me.  I have also seen how they are being oppressed.

God says that He has heard our cries; He has seen our tribulations, our calamities. He has seen how hungry Nigerians are and He says, He will not be quiet. But what is going to happen will look a bit political but look deeper, you will see divine intervention. The water is going to be troubled. Many who are eating from what is happening are going to cry. There is going to be a serious confusion in the political domain that will spell the beginning of the wellness for the country people.

“2017 is not going to be a year of jokes. Suffering will increase, but divine intervention will occur. We are to pray harder. It is not a year to blame anybody. It is a year of looking up to Jesus as Heb 2 says who is the author and finisher of our faith.

“In this coming year, when things begin to get harder and harder, many children of God are going to experience surprised miracles.. It is going to be surprising because they may not expect it. It is going to be a year of extraordinary divine manifestation. In each moment of tribulation, God will manifest Himself. All these man made problems and manmade hunger are going to be divinely handled. But we have to follow the path of God and pray harder, because it is going to be a year of supernatural surprises, people of God must remain with God. The warning is this; people should not abandon God because of hardship. Don’t abandon God. Afterwards it shall be well. The ugly situation is not going to continue like that, it shall be well, It shall be well, It shall be well, it shall be well in the name of Jesus Christ.

When the Psalmist was asking in Psalm 108, who will lead him face to face to Edom and who will enable him to conquer the fortress? The Bible concluded by saying that in vain is the arm of the flesh, in God we do valiantly.  Let everybody run to God. Babalawos will fail, witch doctors will fail. Occult grand masters will fail, over what is coming, even politicians will fail.

“Because it is going to be a year of divine solution. Solution will come in a way no body can imagine.  Who in Eph 3:20 can do more than we can think or imagine.  Many sufferings are coming on the way but great good things are coming with them. My prayer is that the good things shall reach our hands in Jesus name.


“God will know how he will handle this situation. I am worried because even if we have preached for 20 hours, doing healing and miracles, once we mention one word in one second about politics, it appears that is the only thing we are doing. Over that issue, since our leaders cannot hear anything apart from the one that comes prophetically, President Buhari is warned. If he doesn’t change his style, if he doesn’t change his style, he may not complete his office. The Nigerians are losing hope. They are losing their trust.

“We commend Nigeria to the hand of God in Psalm 31:5, we commend Nigeria to the hands of God in Luke 23:46, we commend Nigeria to the hand of God in Psalm 98:1 and Psalm 17:7. We commend Nigeria to the victorious right hand of God in Psalm 118:16.We pray Nigeria into the hands of God in Psalm 110:1. In Isaiah 66:14 we commend Nigeria to the hand of God for healing of the land. In Luke 13:13, in Mark1:31, In Matthew 14:31 we pray that the hand of God will lift Nigeria, that our sinking economy will be delivered.

“If our leaders continue to mess up, the solution will come from above. There is hope, there is hope, there is hope. Nigerians, don’t lose hope, it shall be well.

“This is going to be a year of divine Passover. Pharaoh let my people go, Pharaoh let my people go. The time is coming, through the efficacy, validity, authenticity and orthodoxy of the sacrament of the church and the prayer of the church, the lamb having been immolated and the blood having been tented upon the lintels of the countrymen. Something will happen, God will pass over. Those that will live will live, those that will die will die. In 2017, just open your ears and hear stories. People of God are challenged to work harder. Work harder. Don’t be lazy.  As we believe in God we should work harder and work harder and work harder, then faith and good work will see us through is Jesus name.

“In this year, people should donate and submit their lives to God in total concentration, and then God shall do wonders in this land. 2017 is a year of wonders. You will see. By the special grace of God, many sick people are going to receive divine healing in Jesus name.  Even tonight, in the midst of the looming hunger and problems, many are going to be made rich.


“Father we worship you, father we adore you. I am claiming divine miracles for the people of God at this hour, receive the miracles from above. The Bible says in John 1:11 “he came to his people but they never accepted him,” Verse 12 says “but for them that welcomed and accepted him, he gave power to become children of the living God”. I am claiming the power for the children of God for the year 2017. Power for the New Year, power to eradicate all the forces of darkness, power to conquer the evil one, power to navigate through. Power and dominion and authority to live well in the coming year. Power to be more than conquerors. Hunger cannot conquer you. Forces of darkness cannot conquer us. In this new year, children of God are declared more than conquerors. When this evil wind is over, victory shall be the portion of God’s children.  A great wind is going to blow, in the midst of the wind, the evil one would want to come into it and act but God will take glory for it.

“Our hands are up as we receive the power to enter into the New Year. For them that accepted him, he gave power, the dynamism, to become children of the living God. Receive the power, divine power. In Act 1:8, they shall receive power when the Holy Ghost comes upon them. Receive the power now.  In Deut 18:8 you will receive the power to become rich. I bless you as God gives you the authority in Luke 10:1, in Matthew 10:1 and in Luke 10:19.  Receive the power over darkness, power over demons, power over unemployment, power over shame, power over the spirit of death is looming. In all the way that you child of God would be dragged about, receive the power of victory in Jesus name.

“God, I bless your children, as you are giving us these powers, power of healing, Power for holiness, power for righteousness, power for prosperity, power for integral wellness.

“Early this morning as we are moving into the New Year, in Psalm 45:14, you shall receive power and dominion. In the morning you shall receive dominion. Whatever used to dominate you in 2016, in 2017 you shall dominate that in Jesus name.  Whatever dominated you in 2016, in 2017 by the power of God, you shall dominate in Jesus name. Thank you Jesus.Thank you Jesus.Thank you Jesus.

“No matter what you will pass through in 2017, continue to give thanks to Jesus.  1Thes 1:5 says continue to give constant thanks to God for this is the perfect will of God for you. In the year 2017, a lot of things will make you not to give thanks to God. But you will oppose such and keep on giving thanks to God.  Deuteronomy 8:18 says ‘forget you not God who has given us the power to be rich’. I stand in Deuteronomy 8:18 and call on the power to be rich. Spiritually be made rich. Physically be made rich. Business wise be made rich.

“In prayers, we lift our hands up. Nigeria is passing through a deeper economic recession. Our economy is moving into the intensive care unit. Spiritually we need oxygen and sustaining medical facilities.  We are calling on the leader, President Buhari again, let him be fast and inaugurate credible economic team, so that this country will not die economically in his hand. Nigerians do not want to accept excuse from you, you made a promise of change, and Nigerians want to see the change. Wake up Mr President, wake up, and wake up! Nigerians are dying in your hands. Watch around; look around those who are around you. Are they not confusing you and deceiving you, telling you that it is well? Mr. President it is not well, we pray that it shall be well. Right now the country is bleeding; don’t allow the country to bleed unto death.  If the hunger that started in 2016 continues in 2017, you will regret accepting to be a president. Sit up! Move around! Don’t be caged. You are a lion, you are gallantry, and you can do a lot. Are you not sure that those whom you trusted some duties upon are working against you.   Nigerians are getting tired of you and your methodology. Let the 2017 be a year of hope. Mr President there is still chance, there is still a little opportunity left, if you loose it, and you will regret ever becoming a president. Forget about the sycophants around you and the praise singers. If anybody tell you that Nigerians are clapping for you, that person is a liar or an enemy of this country.

Security wise, you are doing well. War against corruption, you are doing well, but Nigerians are dying of hunger. Their businesses are collapsing. Businessmen are packing home. Naira is dying every day. Nigerians are capable of changing this country.  Refuse to be tribalistic. Look around and find people and place square pegs in square holes. Right now you have a lot of round pegs in square holes and they will destroy you. At the end the blame will be upon you.  Sit up, change those that must be changed. Their offices let another take and let Nigeria move forward.  Nigerians love you when you started, but the love is fading rapidly. A big chimpanzee is coming behind you. Mr President, a big chimpanzee is coming behind you to take over the power. If you don’t sit up, you will not even understand how it will happen.   Your enemies will mock you and laugh at you.  God called you to this office; don’t allow God to regret it. Sit up!

I know the attack will come when they hear this, but it doesn’t make meaning. Mr President, you meant well but you are too slow.  War against procrastination, there is no time. Spiritually, the time keeper is telling you “time up! time up!”. There is no time oo.


“Father I bless your name, father I worship you. I pray that the Holy Spirit will take over the 360 degree dimension of this country,  both spiritually, economically, politically, security wise and other aspects.  2017, be handed over to God. I cover the Nigerians with the blood of Jesus. The sick that are here, I claim divine healing for you. Be healed in Jesus name. We lift our hands upon your destinies, may the destinies of the people of God receive divine healing and divine touch in Jesus name. You have been following God, favours will not lack in your destinies.

“I Claim the favour of Psalm 30:5 upon you in the name of Jesus. The favour of Luke 4:19, that 2017 will be for us a year of divine favour. And the Bible says in the Exodus 3 prophesy, “I will give these people favour and respect in the sight of their enemies. And it shall be that when you go, you shall not go empty handed”

“You will not enter this year empty handed.  You will not go out of 2016 empty handed. Open your hands and receive what God alone can give. Open your hands and call on His name, Jesus. You will not go empty handed.  Jesus. By this name every knee shall bow. At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is lord.  Lift up your hand and declare that Jesus is Lord. In 2017, Jesus is the Lord.


“He says ‘and I will give you favour and respect before this people. Just like during the past administration, when the message came, instead of them listening to the message, they began to attack it. Where are they now? I pray that the ill advisers of Mr President will not take him to fight this message because it is true.  Any attempt to fight back, he will regret it, and will cry over it.  Mr President should listen to those who can advise him. We have eminent church leaders. We have sagacious Bishops, and serious minded spirit filled men of God who can advise him. Why should he be caged?  Real people are not advising him and they can’t allow real people to reach him. By the time he may be disgraced, all of them will cry, the message is still on the platform of probability,” may”, “if”, so he has opportunity to change his pattern and methodology.

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