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They were days that broke like any other day. The sun rose and set as usual, yet so many things happened that made the days special and different in many respects. The clement weather, neither sunny nor rainy attested to the fact that even the heavens were in agreement with the fact that the days were indeed special. The length of the days was the usual 24 hours yet the events of the days were momentous, the type that one cannot just witness every day or better still the type that one can witness once in a live time. It was indeed days with crowed hours of glorious life that is worthy an age without a name. That was on 29th day and 31st day of July 2016 when Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka, the spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria celebrated his 21 years priestly ordination anniversary and his anniversary thanksgiving respectively.

The events of the 29thJuly took place at night. It was a Friday and so coincided with the usual Friday Adoration all-night vigil prayers of the ministry. The usual testimonies that preceded the Vigil mass was short-lived as Fr Mbaka arrived the arena earlier than usual. Few minutes after 10pm, he was set for the anniversary vigil mass. He was in a very high spirit, brimming with smiles  and waving at the Adorers who have  gathered in hundreds of thousands for the all night programme, defying the lullaby of the downpour that started earlier in the evening and the cold of the night. As he altered a word of welcome to the Adorers, the arena was shaken an earth-quaking response of hails and greetings from the mammoth crowd in reciprocity and such a commotion that is enough to scurry the chill of the night to oblivion.


During the mass, Fr Mbaka took some few minutes to give introductory remarks for the night’s ceremony during which he said:

Father Lord I thank you, I praise you and I worship you.  God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, I thank you.  With cheers, unfathomable joy and inexpressible gladness, I wish to celebrate this mass of my 21st year in the priestly ministry.  I am very happy and highly excited to be in your midst to celebrate this mass of thanksgiving to God who it pleases Him that on this 29th day of July 1995 (when many of you here were not yet born) God entered the house of one palm wine tapper, a farmer and his wife, Felicia who was in the farm cutting sheaves   for domestic animals and cultivating yam and coco yam in the bush of Awgu Mbanabo ,Itukwu, Agbata in the family of Mbaka. Join me to thank God for what He is doing. Thank God for choosing an ordinary instrument for extraordinary assignment, choosing an insignificant personality for a significant ministry.

I am thanking God for the 21 years that I worked in His vineyard and He is making Himself a name. There is nothing I would say I did by myself. God does everything to the Glory of His name.  Join me and thank God .I am adoring Him beyond praise, giving Him the Hyperdulia, the Dulia and the Latria. All Glory be to Him. I join Paul in 1st Corinthians 15; 10 to say that whatever I am today is by God’s grace.  Everything that is happening that made people to call Mbaka here and there is by the Grace of God. I am nothing, God is everything. That is why I am thanking God in praise and worship in this mass.

Since I was ordained a priest, it has been one battle after another. I was ordained on the 29th July, by 30th July, the battle started. Each of the battle comes is won. There was no battle that came that was not won. It has been 21 years of battles and victories.  Each battle will be followed with supernatural victory. Since I was ordained in 1995 till this year, there was no year that passed  that we didn’t fight a strong battle that people would think that it is going to claim my head or close this ministry. But each one that comes, God would do it jump and pass it.

With a heart full of joy, I am thanking God the Father, son and the Holy spirit. The hand that made this iron, may all glory, praise and worship be to Him. I don’t know how I would thank Him for Him to know that my heart is full of joy. Left for me, I will talk of thanksgiving till the next day because I don’t know anyone to whom God is doing what He is doing for me.

May the Lord be praised. I have no reason to boast of anything, except I can boast of my weakness. We praise God for His strength and power. It is certain to me that I am human but the Spirit that is using me to work is stronger than everything in the world. So I am waiving to that Great Spirit.  In this mass I   bow my head to Him, the Spirit that leads me to battle.

All glory be to God. This is a night of thanksgiving. I shed tears each time I think about the journey of my life.  If there is anyone that qualified to be at the forefront of this type of ministry I am not supposed to be the one. Who am I Lord? So I thank God, if I count my blessing one by one, we will not go today. Should I talk about the life he gave us? May his name be praised. All of you here are good children that God has given to me. Under the rain and under the shine, whether it is good or bad, you joined me wherever I go. We started from Holy Ghost to WTC to GTC and then to this place.  We met GTC as a bush and it became a worshiping center. When God felt that that place is no longer spacious enough for Him, He brought us here.  We praise him.

Today is the first anniversary we are celebrating since we came in here and God in his miraculous way made it to fell on a Friday. Why not on a Thursday? The hand of God is in it. So I have a reason to thank God. I thank God for the victory He is giving us over every temptation. We thank the Holy Spirit, for all the miracles he has being doing here, fertility miracles,  prosperity miracles, soul wining miracles, Slavic miracles’ thank God for giving Adoration ministry as gift to Nigeria and as a gift to the world. This is the first Adoration Ministry worldwide. So every other adoration ministry could be either a branch or a spark from it. This is the great grand ma.


During his sermon that night which centered on Christ’s words to his apostles to be of cheers when they were tossed about by the storm, Fr Mbaka proceeded to release 21 prayer points upon the worshipers. The rest of the message is contained in his VCD message of that day.


Done with the mass, the event of the night proceeded to the official unveiling of Miraculous Adoration TV now showing on Montage cable network. The TV team were well prepared for the night ceremony, they had a red Capet at one side of the ground where they were receiving goodwill messages to Fr Mbaka from people. They wore blues and white colloured polos and shirts with the inscriptions MATV beautifully carved on them. Beside the altar they had the Montage Decoders piled up ready for the day’s business with different adverts displaying at the four sides of the television screens which they mounted in square pattern at their stand.


There long awaited AMEN Movie and Documentary tilled ‘Clash of tradition and ‘Adoration Exodus’ respectively were released that night.  The movie depicts the experience, suffering and travails of the early Black missionaries in an attempt to introduce and enthrone Christianity and civilization in certain parts of Africa deeply rooted in African Traditional and cultural practices and belief system that are contradictory to Christian tradition.  The early black missionaries paid the supreme price of imprisonment, tortured and death in demonstration of their faith, this price is the very root of the tree of Christianity that has today dominated all Africa, this is evident today in the crowd of Christian Worshipers in Adoration Ministry.

The movie was acted on the backdrop of the fact that Christianity as a religion is a tradition.  Before the advent of Christianity, our forefather’s had their own traditions some of which were in sharp contrast to Christian tradition. We know from history the experiences of the white missionaries that brought in Christianity in the various parts of Africa but we know little about what the early black missionaries that embraced the White man’s religion passed through in attempt to introduce the new religion in some other parts of the Africa.   The Ordeals of the early Black evangelists brought Christianity to where it is today. Summarily, the movie tells a story of a community Steeped in ancient customs and traditional practices protected by royalty that detested Christianity and civilization.  Their monarch and the deity could not withstand the wave of the missionaries that storm the village.  The tortures that the missionaries faced from the barbaric prince couldn’t deter them. The revival of the Princess and her wishes marked the turning point of the clash of the traditions and the battle for supremacy between light and darkness began. It is a must-watched movie for all and sundry and it is now being circulated all round from the stable of AMEN Super News. Get your copy and see more.

The second visual work, the “ADORATION EXODUS” is simply a memory thriller. It is a documentary that traces the life of Fr Mbaka and how Adoration Ministry evolved. In that video one would see the life video of  Fr Mbaka’s ordination 21 years ago, his late father and his mother, his temporal work at Cathedral, and Capuchin, Adoration ministry at GTC Enugu, the first miracle of restoration of a dead child at GTC, the killing of 14 Worshipers of the Ministry and efforts to close the ministry. Other life videos in the documentary are how Fr Mbaka founded the GRA Parish when it was a thick forest, how he built the parish house and the church, how he was shot by assassins, how the Wednesday all night Adoration was stooped at GRA, Adorers’ movement to Umuchigbo, the virgin  nature of Umuchigbo land at that time,  How Fr Mbaka was transferred from GRA, Fr Mbaka’s believe that his transfer was the will of God and peoples contrary opinions that the transfer was political, wicked and punitive; how Fr Mbaka left GRA in a historic movements of Adorers with him to the Promised Land of Umuchigbo.  It is a one-stop documentary for most historic events that have happened in the ministry. The video documentary is also now being circulated  by AMEN Super News; it is  indeed another Video you can’t  afford to miss watching


Also unveiled that night was the 21stAnniversary Brochure of Fr Mbaka tagged “Paragon of Virtues”, Brochure contained various goodwill messages from people from different parts of the country expressing their good wishes to Fr Mbaka. The Brochure also contained a repeat publication of our article on 21 reasons to celebrate Fr Mbaka at 21. Besides this, there was also the anniversary calendar and other articles like caps, T-shirts, hand fan, bags etc all customized for the occasion.


At the end of Fr Mbaka’s ministration that night, many people flooded the stage to give testimonies of the miracles of healing they received that night. Details of the testimony are published in this edition.


The celebration continued on Sunday the 31st July 2016 .The highlights of what happened were


The Adoration Special Choir who were formerly members of St Augustine’s Choir of Christ the King Parish GRA Enugu that followed Fr Mbaka to Adoration Permanent site stole the show  during the Sunday anniversary thanksgiving mass Celebration. The choristers who were impeccably dressed in black suit and purple shirts were before now known for their outstanding performances; their previous performances were nothing compared to their rendezvous display in the Hallelujah Hymn which they sang during the Mass. The shrill voices of their tenor synchronized into the mellifluous voices of the tenor and the baritone bass voices producing one harmonious sounds of different twist of the hymns that left every participant at the mass in awe of their dexterity. It was certain at a point that it was not the choristers’ voices that were heard at the ground but the Seraphic and Cherubic voices of Angels that took flesh among them as their songs rent the air. The loud ovation they received from the congregation at the end of their permanence was enough to speak volumes of the fact that they were indeed the cynosure of all eyes.


During the sermon at the Thanksgiving mass Fr Mbaka delivered a message of blessings upon the worshipers from 21 different chapters and verses of the bible at random. The high point of the preaching was the concluding part during which he imparted the gifts of the Holy Spirit on the Worshipers, the anointing overflew as of the day of Pentecost that many felt the presence of the Holy Spirit at the ground. Details of the message are contained in the day’s VCD message released on that day.


With such prayers that attracted the heavens to the arena, Fr Mbaka proceeded to command the worshiper to be silent. Within the matrix of the dead silence, the sound of 21 local shots was heard from the rear rending the air. It was the 21 gun salute to God for his signs wonders and miracles in adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria and especially in the life of Fr Mbaka.


As if the 21 gun salute was not enough, Fr Mbaka did historic thanksgiving. When he said that he himself would be coming for thanksgiving that day, many thought he was joking.  This time it was not the usual practice of him receiving the peoples’ offertory.  He went into the arena and queued in a procession, many adorers queued behind him as he danced to the altar with his offertory gifts. Guess what was spectacular among the gifts, a big ostrich. It was the first time if not the only time such a gift was being used for offertory by our reckoning. Besides that, he also came with cow tethers “Udo Efi” (symbolizing cows) numbering about seven and many chicken and other offertory items. He presented these gifts at the altar and they were received at the altar by other priests just as they do receive such from lay people that came for thanksgiving.  It was fun watching this melodramatic offertory of Fr Mbaka as it unfolded to the admiration of every one .


It wasn’t only in the time of Christ that the miracle of feeding a multitude took place. AMEN Super News saw a repeat of this miracle at Fr Mbaka’s anniversary.  All the multitude of crowd that came for the anniversary were fed with food and drinks provided by Fr Mbaka. He used the Rapha Juice and assorted dishes to spoil the worshipers to a point that there were leftovers. While this refreshment was going on, the different cultural dance troupes that came for the events took the stage and took turns to perform.  The first to perform was the Adanta cultural dance troupe, then followed by the Umuikuku Cultural troupe, then the Children intercessors. As these performances were going on, two “papa lolo” were at the background entertaining the crowd to serious laughter by their performances.


Another remarkable people that really entertained the people the event were Children intercessors. Besides the prayer of the faithful which they said in different languages starting from English, to French,to Latin, to Portuguese, to Igbo, Nsukka Language, Ezza Ebonyi State.


As the day wined down with the sun going to roost, a novelty football match between the Adoration Mass Servants and the Adoration Engineers took place at a mini stadium on the Adoration Ground. Fr Mbaka and others were at the ground to watch the game. The football match was more fun and entertaining than a real contest as some of the players especially the ones with big their tummies chased the ball about in field with Sunday Nwachukwu as the commentator. The football ended with goal defeat of the Adoration Engineers by the Mass servants.

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