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22 years in retrospect  let’s celebrate fr mbaka

22 years in retrospect let’s celebrate fr mbaka

July is a special month of celebration for all adorers to mark the priestly anniversary of Fr Mbaka. This write up presents a historical facts with dates of some of the major events that took place in Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria and the enormous imparts Fr Mbaka

has made in the lives of many people and in our nation in the past 22 years. After going through this, you shall agree with us that a man whose life had made such impart in our lives deserve to be celebrated, congratulated with a tangible show of solidarity and goodwill messages rather than a silent wishful thinking. It is for this reason that we are opening up our entire media platforms to all who wish to express their goodwill messages to Fr Mbaka in his 22nd priestly anniversary this month of July to so through any of the following ways:

MATV VIDEO DOCUMENTARY; MATV Media crew are now at your beck and call from now till 20th day of July 2017 to record anyone who has benefited from Fr Mbaka’s prayers and generosity or anyone who wish to send Goodwill / Congratulatory messages to Fr Mbaka or place an advert sponsorship. All such recorded videos will be transmitted on MATV showing on your Montage Cable network and will also be contained in a DVD video documentary tagged “22 years in retrospect”. This DVD will be produced and circulated on the anniversary day for home consumption in your home videos. The Contact to reach to be part of this are 07067879771, 08136103598 08037793766. You can meet the crew at our booth behind adoration altar during every adoration programme, or at our office 99 Zik Avene Uwanai Enugu or you call invite them to your homes and offices to record you there if you so desire.

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SUPER NEWS SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY EDITION: This year, a special edition of SUPER NEWSPAPER tagged FR MBAKA’S 22ND ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL EDITION will be published on the anniversary Celebration day. Since publication of Anniversary Brochure this year is very uncertain, the Super News Special Anniversary Edition is going to primarily feature picture stories of Fr Mbaka with goodwill messages or Advert sponsorship of any one that want to appear in that edition. Submission of goodwill messages and pictures for that edition will close on 22nd July 2017. The Contact to reach to be part of this is shown in the advert are 08037793766, 07035816337, 08063581129

Now we proceed to mirror down the myriads of events in the life of Fr Mbaka and Adoration Ministry in the past 22 years with a historic gusto.
The point had been underscored that Fr Mbaka’s prophetic life predates his priestly ordination as he prophesied even as a child. During one of his Wednesday’s programmes of 8th June 2016 when he delivered the message “Back to life Miracles, Vol 2” He gave an insight of how the Cheribum and Seraphim Church in his village used to bring him into their church in his early days to prophesy for them. The woman was interviewed after the church service and she confirmed the story. Being the only son of his father who was a pagan at that time, Fr Mbaka, the simply known as Ejike grew up with the conscious awareness of his father’s wish for him to be the successor and heir of his family as is customary in the Igbo tradition. However the wish of his Old father, Ogbuefi Mbaka was greeted with disappointment when Ejike declared his desire to go to Seminary School and become a priest of the Catholic Church. His decision was met with stack opposition by his father and kinsmen. One can pathetically understand his father’s position at the time because as the only son, the news of his priesthood quest was tantamount to perpetually lost and foreclosure of his linage (in Igbo culture) and so Ejike was therefore made to pay dearly for his supposedly act of obstinacy and insubordination. Determined, unruffled, undaunted, and resolute to the divine call to serve his creator, after his secondary school education at St. Vincent’s secondary school Agbogugu in Awgu L.G.A of Eungu state, Ejike proceeded to Seat of Wisdom Seminary Owerri and St Joseph’s Ikot Ekpene for his Seminary formation amidst the uncertainty of any sponsor. Lots of miraculous testimonies about his life and time in the seminary schools and the subsequent apostolic works were too real to be true some of these you may find in the pages of AMEN Super News paper were life stories of Fr Mbaka were narrated. Worthy of mention among these was the story of How the Holy Spirit revealed to him the petition written against him to the Bishop by his own uncle to stop him from being ordained a priest few weeks to his ordination and how he handled the situation.
Ordained a catholic priest on July 29th 1995, by Late Bishop Eneja, the then Bishop of Enugu Dioceses. It was a surprise that the ordination of a man so embattled in his vocational choice as he was would be greeted with some unusual events. His father took ill about the time he was to be ordained a priest but through the visionary powers he possessed in his seminary school days he did not only see his father’s being taken to a Morgue after having died of the illness but also his timely intervention with the prayer antidote revealed to him in the same vision revive his father and keep him alive to witness his Ordination which was one of Ejike’s greatest wishes. His ensured that his father received Christ and baptism before his demise years after his Ordination. Perhaps, it was in recognition of the special gifts of God Fr Mbaka, that late Bishop Eneja singled Fr Mbaka out from the rest of his colleagues and ordained a priest in his hometown while he assemble the rest and ordained them at the cathedral. This was to be a spiritual significance that Fr Mbaka was not meant to follow the crowd as we began to see in the life lives at his pre and post ordination.

Today in Nigeria, we are witnesses to his many prophesies that are coming to pass notably the victory of President Mohammadu Buhari over Jonathan, the death of Gen Sani Abacha, the hardship engulfing the nation, the oil doom prophesy during the days of oil boom in Nigeria etc. A more detailed expose of Fr Mbaka’s prophesy could be seen in the AMEN Video documentary entitled ‘Oracle of Holy Spirit’ which was released during his 2015 priestly anniversary celebration. This we now proceed to recount in retrospect.

We live in an era when religion seems to have lost its place in man’s political affairs especially in Nigeria where the old Charismatic Christians were indoctrinated with the notion that political affairs are evil and earthly. Thus they abdicated the leadership affair and politics into the hands of men whom they consider evil and saw anyone who ventures into it as evil. The consequence of this was the attendant poverty that bedeviled the Christians who continued to console themselves that their poverty was an assurance of the Kingdom of God while political affairs were left in the hands of the supposed evil men who stopped at nothing in unleashing maladministration to the people at alarming measurers. Alas! Plato was justified when he said that the price a good man has to pay for not participating in the politics of his social affairs is to be ruled by evil men, in his words “those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber”

Changing this long established notion that politics is evil and an exclusive island of the bad and the ugly has being a herculean task.

Rev Fr Ejike, Camilus Anthony Mbaka, is one priest who had stood out for this fight. His childhood experience of poverty during his seminary formation fortified his resolve to fight for the poor, the haploid and the down trodden in the society when God elevated him to Prophetic opulence. This crusade more often than not had led him into confrontation with evil governments and oppressors of the poor. His underlying philosophy that politics is not evil unless evil enters into politics reinforces his believe that Leaders and Rulers are enthroned and dethroned by God and power from the Sanctuary. Traces of theocracy as depicted in the times of Saul and David whom God anointed Kings of Israel through Prophet Samuel at various times provides the scriptural backing to Fr Mbaka’s believe. Some of his messages from the pulpit were targeted towards encouraging the Good people and Christians to take back their pride of place in Governance as the only way to save the society from the hands of evil government and the attendant social consequence. This is in line with the thought of Charles de Gaulle who once said “I have come to the conclusion that politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians”

Sani Abacha- Nigerian Ex-Military Leader

Many years ago precisely in 1998 when Fr Mbaka used to hold the adoration Ministry progrmme at Government Technical College (GTC) Enugu, On Wednesday, the night of 3rd June 1998, he started raising alarm that the Holy Spirit has disclosed to him that the then Nigerian Military Head of State, Late Gen Sani Abacha was going to die. Instead of people coming to ask what shall be done to prevent the president from dying, they started attacking Fr Mbaka. He ran away to Awhum Monastery and from there he came to the Church on Sunday the 7th June 2008 and declared that the Holy Spirit says “By this time tomorrow, President Sani Abacha will be no more”. The whole parish council gathered around his house to caution him to stop such prophesies. Exactly by that time the following day, Monday the 8th of June 2008, General Sani Abacha was reported dead. Fr Mbaka had told the congregation that he never wished Abacha dead but he saw it in the spiritual. He was particularly worried that no one believed him, and regretted that he was in an era where people no longer respect prophetic life. An era where people believe in lies and fairy tells and what they read in papers but not the warning of men of God who tells them what he hears from the spirit world.


Ten years later, that was about the year 2008, during the reign of Late Umaru Musa Yaradua, Fr Mbaka took up the fight for the oil rich region of Nigeria called the Niger-Delta. At that era, there was an uprising of youths from the oil reach region protesting the long neglect, underdevelopment, impoverishment of the region by the government notwithstanding the fact the bulk of the nation’s oil wealth was tapped from the region. The protesters were branded Militants because they carried arms in pressing home their demand while the government carried out reprisal attacks on them in manner that bloodshed in the region was alarming. During his Ministration on Sunday 6th September 2009, Fr Mbaka delivered a message he tilled “Vengeance is coming”. He began the message in a very strange way with an analogous story of Okolo and Goddy son of Nwachukwu Okafor. The congregation wondered what that parable of a message could mean as Fr Mbaka continued the message. At the end of the story he began to apply it. Among others, he hit the apogee of the message as he declared that the Okolo represented the Past Nigerian Leaders that have persecuted the Niger Delta People. But just before then he rebuked his fellow men of God for abdicating their roles of condemning evil for vain-glories. Then his message landed with prophetic gusto on the plight of the people of Niger Delta. He condemned the tragedy measures taken by the then Government against the militants that rose in the region to demand for justice in the region. He prophesied about Goddy as a man whom God is raising from the region to redress the wrongs done to them. This prophesy came to pass as soon as unexpected as God indeed raised a Goddy for and from the Niger Delta region. Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was the man, a native of Otuoke suburb of the oil rich Niger-Delta Region of Bayelsa State.

This prophesy of the rising of Goddy which crystallized in Goodlock Ebere Jonathan came at a time when there was no known political permutations that would make him the President of Nigeria. Goodluck was just elected the Vice President of Nigeria as the running mate of President Umaru Musa Yaradua under the Platform of Peoples Democratic Party.
It did not take long and indeed the vengeance came. President Yaradua died in the office, half way into his tenure on 5th May 2010 and Dr Goodluck Jonathan was sworn in as the President of the country in line with the nation’s constitution on 6th May 2010.

In 2011 after President Jonathan had completed the tenure of his predecessor, he contested the general election of that year and won. His victory was overwhelming as Nigerians had high hopes and expectations on him to scurry the bane of insecurity, unemployment, Poverty and corruption that has bedeviled the nation into the oblivion.

Goodluck Jonathan-Ex President of Nigeria

Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka was an ardent fan of President Jonathan. He saw him as his prophesy epitomized. He continued to pray and support his government in Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria. His prayers for Jonathan became even more intense in 2014 after Fr Mbaka had declared his prophetic vision of an Eagle and a Serpent being at war in Nigeria on the 31st December night of his 2013 message. He decried the poor state of the nation and corruption among the persons that President Jonathan appointed to work with him and warned President Jonathan in several of his messages of the plots to wrestle the Presidential seat from him if he didn’t seat up.

The sycophancy of the politicians that surrounded Jonathan came to limelight in south East in April 2014 when President Jonathan visited the south for his party, PDP Unity rally. The event took place at Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium Enugu. It was widely speculated that President Goodluck would visit the Adoration Ministry during his transit to the rally, a speculation which Fr Mbaka dismissed during his Adoration workers’ mass covered by AMEN Super News on the Thursday preceding the expected date of the President’s visit in the following words “Although there are indications of the President coming to Enugu, I do not have the feeling of his coming to Adoration because before anything happens I used to feel it. So if you are coming to adoration tomorrow, do not come because you want to see the president, come and do your normal prayers.”
President Jonathan came to Enugu and was hosted at the Nnamdi Azikiwe stadium by the state Government. The South East Leaders who came to the event gave their speeches in turn eulogizing the President telling him that all is well with the region in terms of infrastructure and development. The details of Fr Mbaka’s distancing stance on the address of the south East Leaders was reported in pages 4 and 5 of AMEN Super News, Vol 1 No 04 May 2014 Edition, with the rider “IGBO LEADERS LIED- Fr Mbaka”. Fr Mbaka condemned the sycophancy of the South East Leaders and stated that the visit of the President was an opportunity for the Leader to tell him about the poor and deplorable state of the federal roads in the South East, the , kidnapping and insecurity in the region, unemployment and poor Hospital and health care facilities, but instead the South –East Leaders chose to lie to Mr President.

What was supposed to be the Climax of Fr Mbaka’s support for President Goodluck Jonathan turned out to be a Divine setting for a great Divine revelation to Fr Mbaka of what was to become of Jonathans’ fate in the 2015 Presidential election? That was on 9th November 2014 during the Ministry’s Thanks Giving Harvest and Bazaar attended by the 1ST Lady the Wife of President Jonathan, Dame Patience Jonathan.

In October 2014, the Deputy Senate President of Nigeria and Speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament, Senator Ike Ekweremadu visited the Adoration Ministry to seek the face of God for his ambition to return to the senate in the nation’s general election scheduled in 2015. After Fr Mbaka had prayed for him, Ekweremadu told the ministry in his address that he will like to bring President Jonathan or his wife to the ministry for prayers too so that they would receive the same anointing as he did because they were all in one team working for their return to their offices.
The Senate President made good his vow when he informed the ministry that he had extended an invitation to the Presidency to attend the ministry’s Harvest and Bazaar thanksgiving scheduled on 9th November 2014 and the 1st Lady would be coming in that regard.
The Ministry made elaborate preparations to receive the first lady including turning into a road construction company overnight to straighten the poor and deplorable roads that leads to the Ministry’s Permanent site, a road which Fr Mbaka had often likened to be akin to the road that leads to purgatory because it had suffered long neglect by the Government obviously because Fr Mbaka was always perceived as fighting the government.
The visit of the first lady was a momentous and memorable one in the annals of the history of the ministry and will ever be, It was covered by AMEN SuperNews and reported in pages 3, 4 and 9 , Vol 1 No 16 Mid November Edition 2014 with the rider “DIVINE HANDOVER”

Fr Mbaka prayed for the 1st Lady and handed over the Presidential ambition of his husband, President Jonathan to God but before the prayers He spoke like human at the event telling the 1st Lady that there was no vacancy in Aso Rock and advised the women who wanted to be the 1st lady to wait till after 2015. During the prayers, Fr Mbaka in what looked like a spiritual drama released four doves which he commanded to go and fight for Jonathan at the four Cardinal points of the earth. Three of the birds flew away but one of them which happened to be healthiest refused to fly. Fr Mbaka tried all he could and each time he threw it up, it would come back hovering around the altar. Just as people were trying to help out, Fr Mbaka directed the people around not to border the bird again. This sign later became a spiritual litmus test conveying to him a spiritual message of Divine rejection of President Jonathan’s 2015 Presidential bid.
It is said that God answers prayers by three ways “Yes”, “No” and “Wait”. It takes a man with discernment to understand God’s ways. Fr Mbaka may have prayed for the President through his wife. To all God had said Yes but to Fr Mbaka, there was more to the sign of the bird that refused to fly than what mere mortals could explain. Fr Mbaka later reveal that the Spirit instructed him not to pray for the 1st Lady during the Holy Mass but to conclude all about her coming and ensure she leaves before he began the Holy Mass of that Harvest and thanks giving day. He carried out these instructions to the latter not knowing why but he was to understand fully the message God had for the nation as the days passed by.

By 3rd December 2014, Fr Mbaka during his Sunday ministration all of a sudden began to minister from the pulpit as though he was addressing President Goodluck Jonathan physically. In the message, Fr Mbaka commended Goodluck for being a good man but warned him to beware of who was holding his ladder. He told Jonathan that God told him (Fr Mbaka) to ask him (Jonathan) “Is Jega, the INEC Chairman still with you? Is Muazu , the PDP Chairman still with you? Those that you have trusted with delicate issues are they still keeping to the terms of your agreement?” He told Jonathan that he had little time to act and address the security problem facing Nigeria especially the Boko Haram issue. He charged Goodluck as the Commander in Chief of armed Forces to arise and command. This message was delivered after the visit of the 1st Lady but shortly few days to the 31st night message. If the Sycophants around President Jonathan had informed him of this message and the President was humble enough to listen to the voice from the pulpit, Who knows if Fr Mbaka would have proffered the solution to save President Jonathan of the Nation quaking message of his Divine rejection that Fr Mbaka was to deliver on the December 31st night ahead of the fast approaching 2015 General election.

The seeming spiritual uncertainty of President Jonathan’s re-election bid may have influenced the theme of the Ministry’s Crusade held on 18th to 21st December 2014 as DIVINE TAKEOVER. He began his preaching with song of invocation of the Holy Spirit for total take over Nigeria. Fr Mbaka proceeded to among other things to pray God to take over the affairs of Nigeria and to choose a leader for the nation after His own heart.


Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka

Then came the 2014 31st December Night Message of Fr Mbaka. The hosting of a prayer vigil mass every 31st December is an annual ritual of the Ministry. Worshipers from all parts of Nigeria and beyond gather in their numbers at such nights not only to thank God for seeing them through in the ending year but to hear the message of God for them for the New Year. This has been a tradition in the ministry and in previous years, God has through Fr Mbaka foretold the worshipers what to expect in the coming year. His messages in the previous years had always touched Mon almost all spheres of human life, economic, political, social and Spiritual. It was at such night in the past that he had prophesied the bloodshed in the North years before the rise of Boko Haram insurgence in the North east when he called on Igbos living in the North to return home because he saw bloodshed in the North. It was also under such prophetic anointing that he had prophesied the rise of a minor ethic group in the political sphere of the nation at 2008 31st December night and followed it up with his analogy of Okolo and Gody in his message “Vengeance is Coming at the first half of the following year 2009 precisely in June. It didn’t take long before the then President Umaru Musa Yaradua died and Jonathan became the President of Nigeria.

However none of the 31st December Night massages of Fr Mbaka was as significant as that of 2014. The worshippers gathered in millions aggregating into a ground sinking crowd. Many were people with different ailments, problems and needs seeking Divine intervention in their situations. The Boko Haram insurgence in the North and the uncertainties of the 2015 election year forced many Easterners home at such times and many of them were there at the Prayer ground to seek divine intervention. Political office seekers and groups notably from the then Ruling Party (PDP) were basking in the seeming support of the Ministry for their party apparently as the 1st Lady just visited the Ministry few months to that day. So a good number of the political classes were there also then the Bomb Shell fell as Fr Mbaka mounts the Stage just few minutes to midnight and his voice began to roar: He recapped the state of the nation under president Good luck Jonathan in the passing year’s 2014. He then announced his golden massage of Change from the Oracle of the Holy Spirit. . He proceeded to bless the Worshippers. He broke his message into two parts and says the title of the first part as “From GoodLuck to Badluck”. He proceeded to give an exegesis that led to the emergence of Jonathan as President of Nigeria and regretted that the goodluck had become a badluck to Nigerians and gave the instances. . He declared Good luck incapable of leading Nigeria and called for his honorable resignations as his continuity means disaster to Nigeria. He regretted that the men of God that were meant to condemn the situations have sold their prophetic rights on the presidential table at the Seat of power.. He revealed how the situation has affected his charity disposition and asserted that Jonathan surrounded himself with hooligans. He revealed other important truths and gave a recap of the visit of Jonathan’s wife to the ministry and what transpired when he was praying for her and continued to assess the state of the nation and the weaknesses of Jonathan led government and exonerated Mohammed Buhari of so many misconceptions against him. He continued to declare the need for Change as he praised Buhari’s performance in first sojourn in the seat of power . He continued to reveal other deceptions under Jonathan’s government and the fate of the Church under the current. He vocalized his stand for Change and asked the whereabouts of God’s prophets while decrying the fate of Nigerian military and even the Niger Delta. He was overwhelmed with the situation that he knelt down and cried to God to save Nigeria. He urged the worshippers not to be complacent but to vote for change, pray and fast


The persecutions that followed the 2014 31st December night message were better seen than imagined. Few days after that message, the Life of Fr Mbaka came under threat by powers that be. The message had hit them below their belt and they were boiling for a showdown. THE SUN NEWSPAPER published in less than 72 hours after the Message precisely on 3rd January 2015, captured it in its headlines. “MY LIFE IN DANGER- Fr Mbaka” Fr Mbaka was accused of all sorts of allegations all in a bid to discredit him and his Prophesies.

AMEN SUPERNEWS followed the events as they unfolded in Print Media and also dug up the facts in defense of every of the accusations. The Summary of all these accusations were published in page 4 of February Edition of AMEN SUPERNEWS under the headline “Leave Fr Mbaka alone and address the substance of his message, a Media Reaction and Rejoinder” .

In THIS DAY NEWSPAPER of 5th January 2015, the Bishop of Abuja Metropolitan, Cardinal John Onaiyekan called for Fr Mbaka’s sanction and the close down of Adoration Ministry Enugu,
Arch Bishop Onaiyekan said “Mbaka will take responsibility for his own action. I do not believe in my mind that the way things are in Nigeria, any Catholic Priest has the mandate to decide which of the political contestants should be voted for… What most of us will do is to tell people to vote according to their conscience and then we tell the authorities to allow people to vote freely and fairly… Like I said, Mbaka is a priest of his own type, If he was in my archdioceses, I would have sanctioned him long ago for the kind of things and utterances that he makes… But he is not under my dioceses; he has a bishop to handle that if there is any need. I hope that people are not thinking that we are sending Mbaka to talk rubbish… If you want to hear anything even not official but at least authoritative, you listen to the Bishops rather than him and I don’t see any Bishop taking that way… ”

In the same report the President of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) Arch Bishop Ignatius Kiagama distanced the Catholic Bishops from Fr Mbaka’s Message.

In the Vanguard Newspaper of 11th January 2015, Retired Catholic Arch Bishop of Lagos, Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie said he would close the Adoration Ground if he had his way. In attacking the 31st Night Message of Fr Mbaka the Arch Bishop said ‘He (Fr Mbaka) said he was under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. If he was under the inspiration of the Spirit, I wonder if the spirit is that of God. I don’t think the spirit he is referring to is the spirit of God. He must have been under the influence of another spirit. He must have been listening to the wrong spirit. With this development, it became obvious that the Catholic Church Hierarchy that was meant to protect and defend Fr Mbaka had not only refused, neglected or failed to do, but has denied him and stripe him for public cajole. It was akin to the words of China Achebe in Things Fall Apart when Okonkwo was told “Do not kill the Child that calls you father”.

The defense of Fr Mbaka at this stage was left in the hand of the Holy Spirit in whose name he had prophesied. His vocation as a priest was under threat as it hung in the balance of his prophesy coming true. Did the Holy Spirt whom he trusts abandon him? Not at all. He gave Fr Mbaka an uncommon courage in the situation as he continued to stand on his 31st Night massage. He had believed and declared that his priestly vocation is not in the hand of men and that anyone who wanted to sanction him should first go to the grave of Late Bishop Michael Eneja who ordained him a priest and inquire from him what he saw in him when he singled him out and ordained him a priest on 29th July 1995 at his Ituku hometown but assembled the rest of his mate and ordained them on a separate day. This was a clear indication that Fr Mbaka was not called to follow the crowd. He had always maintained his ground in what he believes in no matter whose ox is gored. He made public denial of the politically machinated allegation of bribe leveled against him.

It appeared Fr Mbaka was imbued with extraordinary Courage as he continued to deliver prophetic massages forewarning the nation of the consequence of paying a deaf ear to God’s message and messengers. Notable among this was his message of hope of Divine Employment for the jobless, which he delivered on 18TH January 2015, he was undaunted in assessing the state of insecurity in Nigeria from the stand point of the case of Chibok girls and Boko Haram as he defended his 31st Night Message.

When the allegation and accusations against him began to mount especially on issue of his reception of Money from the 1st Lady, he delivered a message entitled “DISASTER IS COMING” on 25th January 2015. Where he warned the nation of an impending disaster as of the days of the Nineveh if they refuse to heed to his prophetic warning. The message was so excruciating that some of the worshipers shed tears in the Church. He regretted the attitude of God’s messengers that attacked his message, He charged his critics to leave him alone and debunked the allegation of financial gratification to him by placing his hands at the altar of God and swore that he received no gratification from Buhari, Patience Goodluck, Ike Ekweremadu or anyone else. He regretted the fate of Igbo man in the impending disaster calling Kidnappers, Ritual Satanism, Idolaters, Abortionists etc to repentance. He reviewed the plight of the Northern Christians and reinstated his stand against those that persecute the church. He proffered the Love solution in the circumstance and called on the worshipper to contribute relief materials to the Northern Church . All this was also reported in Vol 2 No 4 of AMEN Super News Mid February 2015 edition.


As the media war and attack on Fr Mbaka continued to rage on following his prophetic message of Jonathan’s fall, the Holy Spirit began to raise the following people and group to rise in defense of Fr Mbaka.

First, the Laity Council of Nigeria. Guardian newspaper of 15th January 2015 carried the Defense of Fr Mbaka by the Laity Council of Nigeria in the with the heading “Why laity Council opposes alleged planned sanction on Mbaka”. Dr Paul Obi the spokesman of the group had expressed worries over erroneous impression the move to sanction Mbaka would give to the public and the international community about the intolerant posture of Nigerian government on freedom of expression. They wanted to know of if the nation was now under Idi Amin Dada era where ‘freedom of expression is free but freedom of after the expression would not be guaranteed’
The laity Council also noted that Joseph Cardinal Onayekan, during the last election of President Goodluck Jonathan had openly, expressed his support for the President, contrary to the position of the Justice, Development and Peace Commission (JDPC) of the church. Publicly he denied the opinion of the JDPC, to the shame of the international community. No one sanctioned him too. The President of Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor’s private jet according to them was recently stopped in South Africa with millions of dollars for whatever mission, which resulted in a bitter diplomatic row between the Nigerian government and that of South Africa. Today the matter is resolved, but no one thought of sanctions for him!

Again, Mr Ralph Egbuonu, the Principal partner at Equipment & Technologies, in one of the reactions noted that priests in Central America have been daring to speak out on local corrupt practices, drug cartel activities as well as bad political administration. That if President Jonathan has done a good job within the past six years, he should run on his record and no jupiter will stop him from winning. That what Nigerians are clamoring for is good governance – that’s all.

The Council asserted, “Today, Fr Mbaka has been accused of outrageous things, including allegation that he was offered money and oil bloc. What for, they asked? But that instead he gives abundantly to the flock and the non-members of his flock, Christians and non-Christians, giving out scholarships to many less privileged Nigerians. He undertakes hospital bills, widows support, foreign treatment, etc. He clearly has no use for earthly gains and acquisitions. They therefore urge clergies of all Christian denominations, citizens and political Christians who were believed to be behind the “crucify Fr Mbaka” chants, to mind their language, speak only what they know and desist from wild allegations and accusations”. They noted ironically that Fr Mbaka has never had any contact with Gen Muhammad Buhari. Or has ever received a kobo from any political camp that would induce his prophetic utterance.

Chief Inalegwu opined that sanctioning Fr Mbaka would subtly invite a religious crisis which we may all regret later. According to him, “we are happy with Fr Mbaka. We appreciate his prophetic courage. He noted that all he said were the bitter truth. “We must always be ready to accept the truth no matter how bitter it tastes. Yes, some will say that Fr Mbaka is not Okogie, Onayekan or even Oritsejafor. That they are all heads of the church. That Fr Mbaka is only a Parish Priest. Of course this gives him opportunity of closer encounter with his more than ten million member flock, to know and share in their pains, worries and concerns. He is indeed God’s servant. Continuing the Laity Council said “We join him to maintain that if Jonathan cannot defend the church and the nation from insurgents that are clearly sponsored by persons which Jonathan confirmed that he knows them, he should humbly resign for whoever that can guarantee security for the Church and the entire Nigerians. We equally solicit for a committed war against corruption at all levels and facets of our national life. So, is this why Fr Mbaka should be sanctioned? “Immorality is becoming a malignant growth in Nigeria, as well as joblessness and we are holistically supporting Fr Mbaka as they are some of the issues he commented on. He represents God’s voice for us. Note should also be taken that the present pontiff, Pope Francis has recently expressed his concern over the horrible position of the government of the day- the killing of innocent Nigerian souls. Let us not give the devil opportunity to mess up the Church any further. We believe no one is considering sanctioning the Pontiff.”

Another member, Otunba Olaleka Charles Balogun appealed to all to join in daily prayers for Fr Mbaka and to encourage him with whatever they could, for what God has been doing through him for humanity. That he is the voice of the voiceless, an unusual philanthropist; a priest for the poor and the less privileged. He admitted that they deeply respect him for his life of immeasurable charity and the adoration of the blessed sacrament. He disclosed that he is not even an Igboman, but has become united with every Igbo including Fr Mbaka having known him for the past 18years as a priest,

Rev Fr Johnbosco Williams described Fr Mbaka as a magnet of souls. He said “That millions of Christians are followers of Christ through him. So let us not allow the politicians to divide us, rather we should unite to speak out against injustice, insecurity, joblessness, embezzlement of public funds, sponsored insurgency, etc. Fr Mbaka is a solution provider not a problem! And any attempt to place any sanction on him will simply mean that the Church has now taken a questionable side with the government-choosing Barnabas and rejecting Christ’.

Williams said they expect the priests and Bishops to exercise all their functions as priests, kings and prophets fully without any form of hindrance. Let them remain our spokesmen without fear or favour. According to him, Fr Mbaka never attacked the Church or insulted its hierarchy. Why then is the Church masterminding sanctions that may futuristically have a boomerang effect. Let the Church hierarchy face other serious and challenging issues that would guarantee a better Nigeria instead of getting itself busy planning unnecessary sanctions on Fr Mbaka.

Continuing he said “We love our bishops and the Church. We love our priests also. There cannot be a complete Church without the Laity, the Lay and the Priests. We are speaking because we are involved. The Laity is the heartbeat of the Church. Our fears are that any attempt to sanction or punish him by the Church may tantamount to loss of faith in the Church by all. After all we all know that Fr Mbaka cannot join issues, reply or confront anyone! Not even the Church”.

Lady Eunice Okereke, a grandmother, disclosed that Fr Mbaka is well loved and respected by the Lay people, the children, the youth and the aged. She admitted that Fr Mbaka means for them “salus animarum”, literally meaning- salvation of souls. He wondered whether those calling for sanction want him to go and marry and join the Laity, or to begin his own church? To imprison him or to do what? Or are you sure the aim was not driven by jealousy? Because, there would always be many Fr Mbaka if we succeed to force him out? What of many such heavily anointed fiery clergies who have remained on fire for Christ even after being sanctioned by the Church. They all left with a large followers. All those who are playing both open and covert part in this act of sabotage against God’s anointed, do they have what it takes to bear the repercussion when it comes on them and their families. Fr Mbaka is not a problem. Let us look for the nation’s problems and solve it. Period! Because we are all ready and committed to join him even outside the church.

Another laity member, Lady Chigozie Ugwu who asserted that her family was saved from hunger and shame through the intervention of Fr Mbaka wondered whether all those clamoring for the head of Mbaka know the volume of charity works he does daily that is holding millions of life for God, the Church and the faithful. Ugwu who claimed to have attended the New Year eve service when the cleric gave his new year message noted that the message in question has four key dimensions. Number One- message of change, Two- Prayer of commendation of Nigeria to the HAND OF GOD, Three: Praise and worship to The Lord and Four: New Year blessings. He then asked “Why must we then dwell on number One out of the four and propose sanctions which some Bishops have reportedly already endorsed. Why do we ignore the other messages and hang the man of God for saying the truth. From the profundity of Fr Mbaka’s humble and charitable prophetic courage she noted that “we the Laity are happy with him. We are praying for more Fr Mbakas in the church. We need courageous, charitable, and selfless men of God, like the Moses of old who will tell pharaoh to ‘let my people go’. We need more Elijahs, Elishas, Jeremiahs, etc. we need priests like Christ who will challenge the existential forces with the spirit of God.
The Council then surmised, “Remember that in our daily creed, the Church recites the name of Pontus Pilate, “crucified under Pontus Pilate”, yet there was no records to show that sanction was placed for mentioning the name of Pontus Pilate who was the president of his time when Christ was crucified. Why then should Fr Mbaka’s case be an exception? And attract an unhealthy political brouhaha? Why are we trying to make mountains from a simple molehill? A stitch in time will save nine. Lets us also consider the words of Prof Chinua Achebe in his popular novel, Things Fall Apart, ‘do not kill the child that calls you Father’. We the Laity jointly pray that God will guide The Church in their decision on issues affecting the universal Church; as Mbaka did not speak on behalf of or attack the Church or its hierarchy. Ps 105:15 states that touch not my anointed do no harm to my prophet”

Also Mr Osmond Ugwu, the Chairman of Laity Council of Christ the King Parish GRA Enugu, granted interviews in defense of Fr Mbaka and asserted that Fr Mbaka’s Critics were merely fertilizing him.

Also noteworthy was the defense of Fr Mbaka by Adeolu Ademoyo entitled “LETTER TO CARDINAL ONAIYEKAN : FR MBAKA DID NO WRONG” published in PREMIUM TIMES of 11th January 2015 ( where in among other things he wrote“ Dear Cardinal Onaiyekan, if there is one thing that summons some of us back to social and moral duty at this point in our age, it is that eternal and divine service to the poor, the most vulnerable, the social and economically ignored by the insane corruption in the land in our country today under the rulership of President Jonathan … Let me inform you on why many of us are uncomfortable with your position. First, before Rev Fr Mbaka saw the light, he had earlier openly shown support for President Jonathan, then you kept mute, you did not talk about procedure in Catholic Church. But when Fr Mbaka got transformed like Paul in the Bible, you evoked procedure. Sir as a Catholic, such inconsistency is spiritually depressing to us and unwavering”

In Sun Newspaper of 5th Feb 2015, Rev Fr Evans Offor of St Dominic’s Obinagu rose in defense of Fr Mbaka saying “We need more of his type”. He gave an indebt exegesis of the role of the Church and the Priest in a state and affairs of humanity and surmised that “Frankly Speaking Fr Mbaka’s integral pastoral engagement is a clarion call on all priests especially the much respected catholic priests to be politically and economically conscious of their vocation which should be spread beyond the enclave of the sanctuary to the temporal via the provision of physical, emotional and socio-economic wellness of their flock as explicitly underscored by the Second Vatican Council ”

Fr Evan Ofor went on to assert “according to Rev Fr Populieszko who was murdered by the Polish police, he advised Polish people in the midst of political oppression and official manipulations not to ‘let the indisputable truth that a nation dies when it lacks valour, when it deceives itself, when it says that all is fine whilst tasting the opposite, when it shuts its eyes and is satisfied with half truth be a warning to us” He submitted that Fr Ejike Mbaka, the indefatigable warrior of truth and justice wants only the best for the country describing Fr Mbaka as an impeccable man of integrity who cannot be tempted with filthy lure of mammon like some mouthy and fake men of God. As a hero of the countless masses, he cannot be bought over directly or indirectly with things of like; rather he is the immeasurable giver of good things to humanity with a heart of gold and diamondic charity. He stated further that one thing clear about Fr Mbaka is that he is not afraid to look at those in power and tell them the truth-bitter as it may sound. He called on all and sundry not to throw away his prophetic call for change if we really love this country and want its progress based on peace and harmony.

On Saturday 24th January 2015, some of the Students who are beneficiaries of Rev FR Mbaka’s charity embarked on desert Prayers for God to save their benefactor Fr Mbaka from the wale that is out to destroy his vocation. During the prayer which was covered by AMEN SuperNews and published in page 7 of the February Edition vol 2 no 3 hear what they had to say : Odo Cythia an SS111 Student of Holy Rosary College Enugu said “ I have checked it all round and see nothing wrong in what Fr Mbaka is doing. If they sanction him, today, the catholic church is going to lose a lot. Take for instance; if they sanction him and he starts another church believe me, many people will join that Church including me because no doubt, I am beneficiary to his charity. If he is not there, I don’t think I will be in school today even our parents couldn’t have done anything for us and we wouldn’t have being in such good schools like HRC. This is just a little of what he has done” others who shared their taught and made a clarion call to leave Fr Mbaka alone were Mgbodile Loretta, a Sophomore of Political Science at Coal City University , Chiamaka Mmadu, a final year student of Computer Sciences University of Nigeria Nsukka. Some others who spoke to AMEN Super News were Mrs Chidimma Chimezie who said that the call to sanction Fr Mbaka is occultic urging the Catholic Bishop of Enugu Onaga not to listen to such calls as those behind it are jealous of his diocese and do not mean well for his diocese. Another lady Uche Mmadu warned ‘ Mbaka is taking us to heaven. Leave him for us’. Hillary Ugochukwu Ugwuoke in his reaction regretted “We Catholics do not appreciate God’s gift in Fr Mbaka. The Pentecostal world seems to be better in terms of appreciating someone’s gift than we Catholics. President Jonathans Government will come and go but Fr Mbaka’s legacy and Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN) will ever remain. I know that God cannot allow them to close down the Ministry, but if the Cardinals have their way and close Fr Mbaka’s Adoration Prpgrammes as Cardinal Okogies said or sanction Fr Mbaka as Cardinal Onaiykan orated because of the 31st Night message, they should be ready to fill the vacuum that will be created and become the symbol of what Fr Mbaka is to the poor, the sick, the voiceless or be prepared as I see revolution coming”


When Fr Mbaka realized that the Adoration Ministry has become the target of his detractors, he had to guard the ministry with Divine wisdom. When the ministry resumed its prayer programme on 6th February 2015, Fr Mbaka reviewed the challenges the Ministry had faced after the 31st December Night Message. He was not deterred by his prophesy of the fall of President Jonathan and the Divine choice of Buhari to replace him. He charged the adorers to ensure they obtained their Permanent Voter’s Cards and exercise their franchise. He finally announced that the ministry would suspend its prayers until after the Presidential Election then first scheduled to take place on February 14th 2015 but later shifted by INEC to March 28 2015. His temporal suspension of the ministry’s programme also came under media criticism as many in social media and national newspapers alleged that he did that out of fear and questioned such action if he indeed believed that God was with him. Fr Mbaka did not pay attention these words he had based his action in the wisdom of what Joseph did when King Herod called for the head of Jesus. Joseph had to run and hide in Jesus in Egypt despite the fact that God was not only with them, but Jesus was God himself.


When the 2015 Presidential election scheduled for 14th February was postponed to 28th March by the Independent Election Commissions, the battle against the ministry became fiercer, Fr Mbaka changed the acceleration of his battle strategy by employing spiritual weapons of bows and arrows which was his last message in the Ministry ground just before the 28th General election. When it appeared the dust of the 31st Night message was dying down just then, Fr Mbaka’s travail shifted to the Music world. A self styled musician by name BBC was sponsored by Fr Mbaka’s detractors to compose and sing a music to mock, cajole and make caricature of Fr Mbaka’s 31st Night Message and his prophetic calling. The Music titled, MBAKA WHY became a popular music in the country as some politicians duplicated it in millions of copies and distributed it as a campaign instrument to weaken the conscience of some frail minded Nigerians which Fr Mbaka’s message had molded and immersed with obsession for Jonathan’s reelection bid.
However, Adorers rose in defense of Fr Mbaka and used their instrumentality of Music to return it to BBC like manner. BBC had dared the Mother lion and the cubs were out to take the fight. Notable among them were the Music
The first Music in defense of Fr Mbaka was titled “Mbaka Forgive BBC” By one Onitsha based gospel musician .

This was then followed by music directed by Ekene Egbo titled BBC WHY. He began his song by challenging BBC for daring to ask MBAKA Why. He exposed BBC’S ignorance and proceeded to invoke the God of Adoration to arise and fight the Cause of Fr Mbaka and He concluded the music by urging people to go to Adoration Ministry Enugu which he described as a solution ground.

Then there was another Music “Mbaka Carry Go” By Carino a.k.a Otigba, a member of the Adoration Band group and the leader of Liberation Band. In the music he urged Fr Mbaka to go on with his prophetic work and defense of the poor as God is with him. He tackled BBC for daring to ask MBAKA WHY. He recounted the miracles of Adoration in the Ministry and Mbaka’s Charity of which he happened to be one of the beneficiarie. He warned those attacking Fr Mbaka to be careful as he is an anointed man of God. He defended the allegation of BBC that Fr Mbaka received money from the 1st Lady.

Mrs Patience, a member of the Adoration singing group, also released her own album in reply to BBC and in defense of Fr Mbaka.

Hyacinth Nwonu, the Leader of the Adoration Singing Group on behalf of adorers released the album entitled “BBC fear God “. He questioned BBC on why he had to insult Fr Mbaka.. He challenged BBC’ claim that he is a native of Awgu and rolled out the communities in Awgwu challenging BBC to tell the world which of the towns he came from. He went on and countered most of BBC’S claim of his past contacts with Fr Mbaka and doubted BBC’s sanity. He went on to give an indebt history of Fr Mbaka and his good deeds.

As the March 28 rescheduled election drew nearer, the hell was let loose as Fr Mbaka exposes an assassination plot against him from the Presidency reinforcing his earlier alarm on threat to his life.

By 18th March 2015, the Media Chief of AMEN Super News, Barr Ike Maximus Ugwuoke addressed a Press Conference and released a press statement on this issue which was published under different headlines in almost all national Newspapers. The SUN NEWSPAPER tilled It Church warns Jonathan on Fr Mbaka. The statement reads in part:
“It is with a deep sense of concern that we are constrained to make this statement on the continued threat to the life of Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka over his 2015 New Year message titled “From Good luck to Badluck”.

“The issue of threat to Fr’ Mbaka’s life became a public knowledge that it formed the headline of the Sun news Publication of 5th January 2015, “My Life in Danger”. The sun reporter, Petrus Obi reported, “Enugu Catholic priest and the founder of Adoration Ministry, Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka yesterday raised alarm that he has been receiving threat messages following his New Year eve message.”

“Two days later, 7th January 2015, Vanguard also reported that the Enugu State Police Command has refuted claims by Fr Mbaka that his life is in danger .It dismissed Fr. Mbaka’s outcry over threat to his life as baseless. The Police Public Relations Officer, Mr Ebere Amarizu , DSP was quoted as saying, “We do not have any report by Fr. Mbaka over threat to his life. We have not received any complaint from him.”

“On the backdrop of the above, one begins to wonder whether the alarm raised by Fr Mbaka on an alleged plot to kill him was a mere rhetoric as the police had made it to appear merely because there has not been an official report to the police over it. Absence of a formal report on threat to one’s life doesn’t negate the reality of such threat more so when the victim had made a public outcry on this issue. To argue otherwise is akin to denying that fact of a death of a man’s corpse merely because there is no certificate certifying his death.

“Rev Fr. Mbaka had consistently in his public outings been raising alarm over threat to his life and strange calls and messages threatening to assassinate him. The last of this was his assertion that assassins from the Presidency had been engaged to exterminate his life before the 28th March 2015 Election.

“This was coming after he had made a public statement on 8th March 2015 that in the presence of some named witnesses, he rejected a parcel of money sent to him by the First Lady through the Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu and that the rejected money was with the latter.

“The issue of threat to Fr Mbaka’s life has become worrisome that even at his last Friday’s adoration Programme held on 13th March 2015, he did not turnout in his usual car due to security alert he had of his planned assassination on that day. This has continued till date.

“Wherever and whoever this threat is coming from, we state that there are strong and compelling circumstances pointing towards the fact that Fr. Mbaka’s latest attacks were stemming from his said 2015 New Year message which was not favourable to the President Goodluck Jonathan led administration.

“We also wish to state that before the 2015 New Year message of Fr .Mbaka, he used to pray for Jonathan’s Government and never raised any alarm on threats to his life but after the 31st night message which he was inspired to preach by the Holy Spirit he has been making a public outcry of threat to his life. This is a clear case of a witch cries in the night and ones child is found dead in the morning.

“We advise the Goodluck Jonathan’s government that he has a duty to protect and guarantee Fr Mbaka’s life as Adorers, Nigerians, the Catholic Church and indeed the international community will readily point accusing fingers to him, in event of any misfortune against Fr Mbaka or Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria.

“With the stage the level of threat to Fr Mbaka’s life has reached, we call on Nigerian Police and indeed all security agencies in this country to protect the life of our Spiritual Director else we may resort to enforce his fundamental Rights to life against President Jonathan’s led government as guaranteed under section 33 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended which confers on Nigerian citizens the power to secure the enforcement of their human rights even in events of likelihood of any infringements. This is apparently due to the fact that the right to life can only be enjoyed by the living.

As the treat to Fr Mbakas’ life raged on, Fr Mbaka was not deterred in continuing his charity works. After his earlier appeals for Adorers to donate material reliefs to support the Church in the troubled North Eastern region of Nigeria, He made a call on all the Igbo returnees from the Northern to assemble at the Church on 26th March 2015 as he planned to give them some material relief. He had real plan of assisting these displaced people but just before that date another bombshell as father Mbaka raise an alarm of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission was given hidden instruction to freeze all his accounts.

On Wednesday the 25th day of March 2015, Rev Fr Mbaka informed worshiper of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria that he went to Bank the previous Monday to make withdrawal of the money he intended to use and help the students under his scholarship and the Igbo indigenes who returned from the Northern states as a result of the Boko Haram insurgence and insecurity in the region and was surprised to see that his accounts have been blocked. Narrating the incident he said “On Monday, I went to Bank to withdraw money I use to do charity to the poor following the increased number of those crying for their school fees. The bank returned the Cheque I issued out, it is in that account that I have the millions of money that will be able to take care of the needs of these my poor children. These are poor people that I don’t know. I don’t have a child; I am not going to have one. This is government abdicated responsibility. “When they returned the cheque, I checked my balance and discovered I had sufficient money in the account, I resent the cheque and it was again returned. I had hoped that when I withdrew the money, I would put it in our Multi-Life Saver’s Account for the less privileged. Upon inquiry I was told that there was an order from Abuja that all my accounts should be blocked. As I am talking with you now, I cannot withdraw one kobo from my account in the name of Jonathan and Patience Goodluck. Is it fair? What have I done? The hidden instruction came from EFCC River state, you know they have been looking for the opportunity to assassinate me, but they can’t see me, nobody knows how I operate. Their plan is to invite me to River State EFCC so that they will assassinate me on my way to River state. I will not answer such calls. What are they looking for in my account? Am I a drug dealer? Have I ever seen Cocaine? I am not into any illegal business; I have covenanted all my wealth to God and the poor. It is this little money I am using for charity that they are now after. What connects me and EFCC? Can you imagine? If for nothing else I am a priest of the Catholic Church, I am not a glutton? Let these people take it easy.”


Fr Mbaka is charity epitomized. He had a vow that any money that would ever come to him would be used for charity and for God’s work. He had had once described himself as the treasurer of the poor, and post master whose job is to find whose name is written on anything that comes to him and he would deliver it to the person. The story of Fr Mbaka and his charity will be a story for another day. Suffice to say that the main source of Fr Mbaka’s wealth today is his musical albums as he continued to churn out inspirational gospel musical tracks that have today dominated most of the songs sang in almost all places of worship across the nation and beyond. Fr Mbaka is generous to the church according to the measures of the blessings of God on him. For instance, every year, during the annual cathedraticum of the diocese, he donates generously to the diocese to such a measure that no other parish in the Diocese could out give him. Christ the Parish maintained the position of highest donor at the Parish in every financial demanding situations among the all the parishes in the dioceses all through Fr Mbaka’s stay at the parish. He supplies free water to some seminary schools in the Country year in year out. Inspite of this, his growing popularity in Charity, defense of the poor and social justice was a sort of threat to some people who felt that he should be stopped.

A Source once said this about Fr Mbaka“Fr Mbaka does not place unnecessary condition is burying the dead in his Parish as we witness in most parishes, he conducts funerals for them without charges and even add his own money. Whenever he attended the burial of any of his parishioners, he would request to see the family of the deceased in privacy to find out the areas they need help and would adopt the less privilege among them in his scholarship scheme his Charity foundation, Multi- Life savers for the less privileged. He means Nehemiah which means God Comfort to us”.
The Media Chief of AMEN SuperNews, Barr Ugwuoke once noted this about Fr Mbaka “Few years ago, following the request of Annunciation Hospital from Fr Mbaka to pay the Bill of millions of naira that accrued from the medical bills of the less privilege that were treated under his Charity foundation by the Hospital, Fr Mbaka sent me to meet the Hospital management for the account reconciliation. The visit was an eye opener for me as it afforded me the opportunity of seeing the long list of patients whose medical bills made up the figures. I couldn’t help asking myself, if this bill of such magnitude of millions was what Fr Mbaka was yet to pay the Hospital, how much of such millions could he have spent over the years for these indigent patients. Again another thought that struck me while I looked at the long list of names of the patients and their folders was that those lists were nothing but the roll call of lives that would have perhaps been lost if not for Fr Mbaka’s charity and life-saving.

Today it is pretty difficult to successfully count the number of people under his charity- the students, the sick and discharged, the homeless, the widows and orphans, the jobless and many more. He can sit down clear a cheque book of more than tens of millions of naira at a seating. In fact people close to him jealously think that Fr. Mbaka is generous to a fault. He even extends his kindness and generosity to his fellow priests.

Fr Mbaka’s act of charity knows no bound as he has not less the 5,000 students under his scholarship at various levels of education system in Nigeria and overseas. Uncountable patients were being treated in the various hospitals in Nigeria and overseas under his bills. He provides jobs and food on the tables of not less than 10, 000 Nigeria who work directly or indirectly in various establishments that were his brain child. His Aqua Rapha sachet water production which he had refused to hike the price despite its high sanitary purification process and quality is today the cheapest selling commodity in Nigeria which has help to cushion the effect of inflation especially in the south East in area of water needs. Through this, he had stepped down the use of sterilized water from the table of the bourgeoisies to that of the commoners and saved the lives of Millions of poor Nigerian that would have been wasted in epidemic of water borne diseases especially in the South East. This is the Fr Mbaka, now penciled down for persecution.

During the days of the battle for the soul of Adoration Ministry precipitated by Fr Mbaka’s 2014 December 31st night message , Fr Mbaka, sent as a trailer Load of material reliefs, comprising of clothes, shoes, yam, bags of rice and so on was to one of the refugee camps in the North, precisely in Jos, as relief materials for the suffering citizens of this country in the camp. AMEN Super News was at the CKC Parish compound where members of the stewards of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria gathered in large numbers to arrange the items in bags for ease of convenience of delivery to the North. The items which were fully stock packed inside one of the rooms in the parish house from where the members of the steward ministry transfer them to the parish compound where they were arranged and loaded inside the trailer truck.

Interviewing the female leaders of the Ministry Miss Udoka, she expressed her appreciation to the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry on behalf of the stewards for his magnanimity towards the victim of the troubled North part of the country.
In the same vein, some of the Hausa People that came to carry the relief items spoke to AMEN SuperNews. One of them Abubakar who happened to be the Lorry Driver’s assistant stated that Fr Mbaka is one priest who is more popular in the north than here in the East. He stated that although he is a Muslim, Fr Mbaka’s charity and care for the poor are great virtues that he and his brother Muslims admire as he doesn’t draw discriminate against people based on their origin, and religion when he embarks on his charity works. He stated that the conditions of the Nigerians in the regugee camps in the North are pitiable and that they will be greatly relieved when they receive the gifts. He expressed hope that one day, FR Mbaka would visit them in the North where many people are desirous of seeing him stressing that the Easterners do not value him as they do in the North.

Again, on the 26th March 2015, over 1,000 South East returnees from Northern State converged at Christ the King Parish, GRA Enugu following Fr Mbaka’s invitation to them to share their plight. The invitation which the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry thought will have very few people in attendance turned out to witness a mammoth crowd of returnees that filled the parish church compound as at 10 am. At the gathering, some of the returnees from Maiduguri, Kaduna, Jos, Abuja, Kano, etc shared their ordeals. Mrs Florence Ede a mother of five recounted how he relocated to Enugu from Kaduna State with no body caring whether she and her children are dead or alive, she said that she made attempts to seek the help of the government put was chased out from the government house with a gun. Ozo Helen, whose husband was as successful patent medical dealer in Zaria, recounted how her husband became a truck pusher upon their return after the burning of their shop in Zaria. The most pathetic was that of Juliana Igwe who lost his husband and child in the last year’s Jos bomb explosion. Martin Ozo who returned from Kaduna after recounting his story regretted the systematic disenfranchisement meted out to them as internally displaced persons. According to him, they collected their Permanent Voter’s Registration in the North but there is no arrangement by the government or INEC to ensure that they cast their votes now that they had to run to the East for their lives. Others who shared their ordeals at the event included Rosemary Elobike, Christian Chime, Chinenye Ugwu, and Rebecca Okaria among others.

Rev Fr Mbaka later addressed a crowd of the returnees. He used the occasion to announce that his accounts that were earlier freezed by EFCC has been unblocked and that he could now make withdraws. However the commission still directed the banks to track his accounts and furnished it with his transactions in for the last six months.It was as result of this that he was able to make the provisions of the material reliefs he gave to the returnees.

He told them that the essence of his invitation to them was first to welcome them back home, secondly to find out how they are faring and lastly to console them in their conditions by letting them know that their situations shall end in testimony. In his address that lasted for about an hour he gave them psychological succor and comfort in their situation. Each of the returnees went home with bags of rice and clothes and some other food and gift items some of which were contributed by members of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, Following Fr Mbaka’s appeal to them.


The distribution of relief material to the South East Igbo returnees from the North was the last public corporal works of Charity of Fr Mbaka before the March 28th Presidential Election. By that he had lived out his earlier call on his 2014 31st December night message that people should employ the weapon of charity in fighting for the Change. The election date was a day of fate not only for Fr Mbaka but also for all Adorers, it was an election that would not only decide who became the President of Nigeria but also define if Fr Mbaka was a man of God. Jonathan’s victory would have branded him a false prophet, his antagonists would not only have feast on him, Adoration Ministry would have gone into extinction with shame on the faces of all true adorers that stood to fight the battles one way or the other in their homes, offices and on the roads.

The declaration of Rtd Gen Muhammad Buhari as the winner of the polls meant everything to the Adoration Ministry. The battle was over. God vindicated Fr Mbaka, and his 2014 31st December Night message. Fr Mbaka shed tears of joy as he praised God for vindicating him. The details of all he said was contained in the Mid April Edition of AMEN SuperNews with the rider “CHIM ASARAM OKWU”. In it, he reinstated rejecting the money sent to him via the Senate President. He wondered why His Bank account became the government target. He gave an insight into one of the secrets of his battle as charity to the poor which he referred to as the Divine Methodology and which he demonstrated on the victims of Boko Haram from North East. He went on to assess the state of the nation and his prayer to God upon Buhari . He recapped the way PDP went about their campaign and yet God gloried over them. He saw all the attacks on him as one of the Ordeals of a prophet and went on to forgive all that attacked him saying that God has vindicated him . He had some words for those who were telling Him to face his job as a priest and leave the Leaders and politics. He went on to ask what would have happened to the Ministry if Buhari didn’t win the election . He was overwhelmed with Praises to God before the altar that he wept. At the Crèchedo of the praise, the worshipers besieged the altar and sang round it. It was on the backdrop of this that AMEN SuperNews media Chief, Barr Ugwuoke issued a congratulated Message to Buhari on behalf of the Ministry. The Message was again published in almost all national newspapers with different headlines on 3rd April 2015. Daily Sun Newspaper and Punch Newspaper titled it “ Buhari’s Victory Has vindicated Fr Mbaka” .The Nation Newspaper tilled it “Mbaka congratulates Buhari” while Vanguard capped it “ Mbaka congratulates, tasks Buhari on corruption”.

As Adoration Ministry reconvened on 3rd of April at her permanents site, Umuchigbo Ijinike when it resumed its Adoration Friday vigil programme, it was like the reunion of the Israelites after crossing the red sea. Fr Mbaka delivered a landmark ministration that night titled “Nothing is missing”. In that Message which he began with the testimony of four children of a family whom God turned their blood genotype from SS to AA , he recounted the trials and battles the ministry underwent he was grateful to God that nothing was missing among the soldiers that fought the battle from his camp.

It was on the backdrop of this that Adorer’s, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka and indeed adoration Ministry celebrated and praised God as Buhari was sworn in as the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria. The hen has come to roost. The battle has been fought, lost and won. It was the time to distinguish the true prophets from impostors. Fr Mbaka ‘s aptly crown it all with the Prophet message he delivered at the adoration Profgramme of that day announcing that the long awaited Divine Change in Nigeria has come. In that message he recounted his prophetic messages on the last leaders of this nation namely Abacha, Yaradua , etc which came true.


It is on record in the history of the ministry that in the year 2002, fourteen (14) adorers (including a pregnant woman) were murdered at the GTC prayer ground under the administration of Chimaroke Nnamani, then Governor of Enugu State in ploy that was explained away as stampede at the Government quarters. The killing of the fourteen worshippers in the ministry with poisonous gas took place during the Wednesday programme of 6th March of that year 2002. By early morning of the next day, 7th March, the consolation Fr Mbaka and the ministry got from the Government and the Catholic Diocese of Enugu was a radio announcement banning the holding of the prayers at GTC and a radio announcement by the Bishop’s secretariat announcing closure of adoration ministry. A counter radio announcement that the ministry programmes would continue to hold the following Wednesday at GRA Enugu came in matter of hours after the former announcement. Contrary to expectations that the worshippers would desert the ministry because of the tragedy the week, the worshippers were seen in their numbers undeterred with Fr Mbaka blowing hot on top of the situation.
This development marked the turning points of the Ministry as Fr Mbaka suffered great persecution from the said administration, just as his anointing for the battle to save the young ministry continued to wax stronger. At a point, he was waylaid on the road along Park Avenue Enugu by hired assassins from Government house who shot several bullets at him but instead of the bullets piercing him, the bullet were dropping on his Holy Bible which he usually placed in front of his car. It was after this miracle that he released a musical track titled “Onye Oma” in his album titled “Ana Egbu Achara”
Mbaka was actually returning from the Bishop’s house where he had gone to answer an impromptu call of the Bishop at such odd hours of the night not withstanding that his life was on the razor’s edge at such time. Were it not for the Holy Spirit that saved him, Fr Mbaka and indeed Adoration Ministry would have been history today. He miraculously survived other assassination plans against him during the period such as the planting of a bomb in his house, and other sinister visit of hired assassins. Recall the battle he faced over his prophetic message “From Goodluck to Badluck” and how God preserved and vindicated him. The story of how the Fr Mbaka and the ministry were transferred from GRA Enugu to the permanent site of the Ministry last year (2016) and the mixed reactions it generated from concerned Nigeria is still very green in our memory and so it will be a story for another day. (Watch our video documentary “Adoration Exodus” for the full story)


This reflections on Fr Mbaka’s 22 years of priestly ordination cannot be complete without recounting his musical ingenuity. Fr Mbaka is a celebrated musician and lover of music. He plays original, highly inspirational, creative soul-lifting, liberating, sanctifying and prayer focused music. In fact once he is at peace, in good mood and inspired, you find him churning out new songs. Most of his songs usually originated while he is sleeping. He has so many albums to his credit and was variously honoured by Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PIMAN). His albums are as follows: ‘Chidera’ (once God has written) which he released in 1998; ‘Ebube Muo Nso’ ( Shekinah Glory) which he released in 2000. ‘Ovungwongwo’ ( My Burden bearer) which he released in2000. ‘Behold the King’ which he released in 2001.‘AgudoEluigwe’ which he released in 2003. Others were ‘Onyinye Muonso’ which he released in 2003. Ogwugwo Nsowhich he released in2003. Bless me Lord which he released in2003. ‘Aka ndi MuoOzi’ (Weep no more) which he released in 2005. ‘Uwana-ementughari’ which he released in 2008.It is well which he released in2008.’Akara ugochim’ which he released in 2011. Others were ‘Ekpere Ngozi’ released in 2011. ‘Divine high tension’ released in 2011. ‘Chikamso’ released in 2012. ‘Hakunamatata’ released in 2012. ‘Omarichanduru’ released in 2012. ‘Chimbusomma’ (Odabara Adoration) released in 2013.‘ Iga –anwude Agunaka’ Who can catch the Lion?’ released in 2014. ‘Chim Akonam’ released in 2015 and’ Ikuku Oma’ which he released in 2015.


That God works miracles through Fr Mbaka is an understatement. Uncountable numbers of people give testimonies of diverse miracles they receive through Fr Mbaka’s prayers. Some of these testimonies are too real to be true and that is why they are published with the phone numbers of the testifiers in every Edition of AMEN Supernews for all who may care to verify them. If you recall that every Friday Night before people file in a long queue to testify the miracles of God in their life through Fr Mbaka, when we multiply the number of such testifies by the number of weekly friday adoration night programmes that Fr Mbaka had had in the past 22 years it will give you a fair idea of innumerable lives that God had touched through Fr Mbaka. Don’t forget that it is not even all who received such miracles have had the opportunity to so testify. We will not proceed to mention any of the miracles here because to mention a few is to omit many of them.


On the backdrop of the above, one can see why we earlier said that the month of July is special month of celebration for all adorers to mark the priestly anniversary of Fr Mbaka and that you can agree with us that a man whose life had made such impart in our lives deserve to be celebrated, congratulated to the Glory of God with a tangible show of solidarity and goodwill messages rather than a silent wishful thinking. It is for this reason that we are opening up our entire media platforms to all who wish to express their goodwill messages to Fr Mbaka in his 22nd priestly anniversary this month of July as we stated at the introductory part of this write up. Not to send your good will message to Fr Mbaka or congratulate him on this to the Glory of God this season will not only tantamount to ingratitude on your path but an abysmal denial of God’s blessings in your life through this man of God.

Recall that we marked the last years’ priestly anniversary celebration of Fr Mbaka with the launching of a video documentary entitled “Adoration Exodus” tracing the history of Adoration Ministry and her movement from Holy Ghost Cathedral to GTC Enugu and from there to GRA Enugu and then to her most recent relocation to her permanent Site at Umuchigbo Iji Nike. Copies of this Documentary are still available for those that need copies. In the same vein copies of the movies launched last year titled “Clash of Tradition” which traces the ordeals of black missionaries in attempt to enthrone Christianity, salvation and civilization in a typical African traditional setting are still in circulation. Now let join the moving train and celebrate our Daddy, Fr Mbaka this season.

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