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23rd Priestly Anniversary of Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka

23rd Priestly Anniversary of Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka

Enugu and its environs stood still on Sunday the 29th July 2018 as  worshipers of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria from all over the world celebrated the 23rd priestly anniversary of the Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of the ministry.

Fr Mbaka who just returned from a two weeks prayers visit from United states about a forth night ago  was taken unawares by adorers who before his return to the country had mounted bill boards of his 23rd priestly anniversary at every nook and cranny of the state, while many of them took to social media  posting of his anniversary photos and goodwill messages.  The various organs of the ministry were also having meeting and making plans on how they would celebrate Fr Mbaka’s 23rd priestly anniversary before his return to Nigeria.

Upon Fr Mbaka’s return to Nigeria, he was amazed to see the bill boards of his 23rd Priestly anniversary and also surprised when he got wind of the various plans of the various organs of the ministry towards the celebration.  He tried to halt every plan of the celebration by appealing to adorers that they should leave everything about his celebration for his silver jubilee anniversary that would come by 2020. He told the adorers that his major concern was the Chapel projects that are still ongoing at the Adoration ground and that people should channel their resources and attention towards its completion.  His appeal and efforts to stop being celebrated came to naught as many people whose lives have been touched in various miraculous ways through him were unstoppable in their determination to appreciate God for him and what he stands for in their lives.

Two days to the anniversary day when Fr thought he had almost succeed in quelling his celebration,  donation of food material and life cows started pouring into the ministry from the Governor of the state, Rt Hon ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and from Aqua Rapha Investment Ltd. Fr Mbaka had no option  than to stand in awe as he could not stop the people from appreciating God.  While he was still pondering over this, AMEN Super News presented him with his 23rd Anniversary celebration brochure (a brochure  Fr Mbaka never had any pre-knowledge of containing documentary of some of the miracles of God through him and his charities in the last one year with goodwill messages from people of all works of life)  with  this  “Daddy there are some people you cannot stop from celebrating you”.

That was not all, Fr Mbaka met the surprise of his life on Sunday 29th the July being his anniversary day proper when the massive arena of Adoration ground was filled with marmot crowd of worshippers from different parts of the world who came in their numbers to join in the celebration of his anniversary thanksgiving mass. Not only that the crowd was intimidating, joy was written all over their faces . The offertory session of the mass lasted for nearly three hours as the worshipers came in their numbers and groups to make donations and offertory to God for the gift of Fr Mbaka.  Overwhelm by this development, Fr Mbaka kept exclaiming “I never knew it will turn out this way”.

The highpoint of the anniversary celebration was Fr Mbaka sermon during which he released 23 prayer Points of wellness in alphabetical order.

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