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31st Night 2020 Prophetic Message- Crossover Night Declaration

31st Night 2020 Prophetic Message- Crossover Night Declaration

Father we praise, worship and adore you for the gift of 2021. All the adoration people have gathered to acclaim your lordship Father, we thank you for moving and crossing us over from 2020 to 2021, from darkness to light. It is not by our power nor by our might but by your grace that we made it to this New Year. Take all the glory, honor and adoration in Jesus Name, Amen.

We welcome the year 2021 in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Receive the power and the auction for entering the New Year. Exodus13; 19-20 says, ‘’then the angel of God, who had been leading the people of Israel, moved to the rear of the camp. The pillar of cloud also moved from the front and stood behind them. The cloud settled between the Egyptian and Israelites camps. As the darkness fell, the cloud turned to fire, lighting up the night. But the Egyptians and Israelites did not approach each other all night’’. Just like with the people of Israel, the pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire is standing in our midst right now, to lead us by day and night into the year and through out the year, 2021.

We have crossed over from darkness associated with 2020 to the light of God in 2021. Gen. 1: 3 says,’ let there be light and there was light’. In John 8: 12 Jesus is the light of the world and whoever follows Him shall never walk in darkness because you will have the light that leads to life. In John 1: 5, His life brought light to everyone, the light shines in darkness and the darkness can never extinguish it.  That is why in Isa. 60: 1, the bible echoes, arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the lord has risen over you.  For those of you that lived in darkness in 2020, a great light will be shining in your path in this New Year. You will experience the light of God in your vocation, family, business, career, academics, and in your entire endeavor in Jesus Name, Amen.

Get ready, you are moving and are being crossed over from sickness to health; from corona virus infested year to a corona virus swept away year; from tears to cheers; from pain to gain. You are making a movement from the previous years of poverty and wretchedness to wealth and prosperity; from curses to blessing.  Deut. 28: 12 says that you shall no longer be a borrower, but a lender. And so, you are crossed over from a borrowing year to a lending year.  As stated in Zech 1: 17 that this city shall again overflow with prosperity, 2021 will be your year of incredible and unfathomable prosperity in Jesus Name, Amen. It is your year of acquisition of what God has given to you. Many things that were regarded as waste in the past years will become wealth. As in Ps. 35: 27, we shall magnify the lord, for taking pleasure in your prosperity. This year 2021, the lord will grant you the cornucopia of wealth and prosperity. Remember, it is the lord who made the poor man suddenly and instantly rich.

There will be hardship in 2021. People will experience terrible hardship but for many of you here under the sound of my voice, it will be for you a year you will have more than enough. As many experience hardship, to some other people, this year will be their best year in the history of their existence. This is because they are going to be soaked in the ocean of wealth.  As many will be borrowing and many will be lending. I pray that this wealth locate the people of God here. If you happen to be among those that God shall bless, don’t forget the less privileged.

Nigeria is going to enjoy another season that will be confusing. While the economy will be too tough and things will be difficult for many people, yet some other people will be prospering and doing well. In the midst of hard economy, you will be among the people that will blossom. It is the year you will be building houses, start new business, buying new cars, and enjoying new connection.

Many families are going to receive threat of death this year.  We therefore   stand in Zech. 2: 5 and circle your family with the wall of fire for protection. For when the thief cometh to steal, kill and destroy you, Jesus came that you shall have life and have it abundantly (John 10:10). That is why in Ps. 91: 16 the bible says that God will satisfy you with long life.   I stand in  Heb. 7:16 and pray  that God will gives you the power of life that nobody can destroy, that He will inoculate you with power   of longevity in Jesus name, Amen.

In the year 2021, you are being crossed over from sinfulness to righteousness of God.  In 2Cor. 5: 21, God made Christ who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right from God through Christ. Because of your righteousness in the New Year, as stated in Isa. 3: 10, it shall be well with you, you will enjoy the rich reward you have earned.

In the year 2021, you are crossed over from failure to success.  I make a declaration upon your destiny that you must succeed in Jesus Name, Amen. I decree that your destiny is conterminous with success. Having been crossed over from backwardness, you are now moving to a level of acceleration and forwardness.  This is a year you will be unstoppable in your entire endeavor in Jesus Name, Amen.

You are being crossed over from fear to courage. For Ps. 27: 1 says,’’ God is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear’’.  As you are crossing over to 2021, you are moving from disappointment to appointment; from demotion to promotion in Jesus Name, Amen.

You have been moved from been a victim to becoming a victor, from bondage to being free. Therefore as in Isa. 14: 2 one that use to be a captive right now shall become a captor, and in Isa. 49: 25 even the captive of the mighty must be delivered. For this reason, your family, health, business, marriage, job, that were under the captivity of the enemy shall in this year 2021 be delivered and recovered in Jesus Name, Amen. I pray for breakthrough and freedom for you.

In this year 2021, you will be operating in dominion to the extent that no forces   can dominate you. You are being transferred from dominion of darkness into the kingdom of light.  You shall move, live and abide in dominion, in order to dominate what used to dominate you.  Receive the auction to dominate this year.

Even the infertile among us are going to enjoy the miracle of fertility. It is a year of fruitfulness.  You are being crossed over from barrenness, childlessness, infertility, miscarriages to fertility. This is why Gen. 1: 28 says, ‘’go, increase and multiply’’.  None shall be found barren. This year, every of your product shall enjoy the auction of fertility. As in Luke 1, Angel Gabriel will once more declare to the woman looking for the fruit of the womb that your prayers are answered. As in 1 Sam 1, to another Hannah, ‘go, the lord of Israel has answered your prayers’’.  As you are being crossed over to 2021, receive the light of fruitfulness. Let your countenance change, for 2021 is your year in Jesus Name, Amen.

God has given you the power and authority to decree a word and it shall come to pass.  As stated in Numbers 14: 28, ‘’ whatever I said to the hearing of God, that He will do for you. I therefore decree that nothing can put you under siege in the year 2021.  You shall move out of every siege and begin to enjoy divine breakthrough. Because you a lover of God, Whatever happens in 2021 as in Romans 8: 28, will work for your good.

2021 is a year of laughter; many people are going to laugh. You are crossing over from sorrow to joy again, ‘for the joy of the lord will be your strength’ (Neh.8: 10). In the year 2020, you were sorrowful because of the things you passed through.  Many were even laughing at you. But in the year 2021, you are going to laugh, for God will put laughter in your mouth. Therefore, ‘Rejoice in the lord, I say it again, rejoice’, (Phil. 4: 4).

Zech 4: 10 says, ‘’ you must not despise the days of your little beginning, for the lord rejoices to see the work begin’’. Also Job 8: 7 says, ‘’though your beginning was small, your later days will be great’’. Though you were a beginner the previous years, in this year, you are going to blossom.    As many that have started the foundation of their houses as in Zech 4: 9, you are going to finish it. Because His name in Heb. 12: 12 is,’ the author and finisher’, God is going to assist you in finishing the projects you have started this year. ‘’The good works the lord has started in your life, He will finish it (Phil. 1: 6). It is not by power nor by might but by the spirit of the lord (Zech. 4: 6).

Joel 2: 25 says,’ I will restore the years that the devouring locust have destroyed’’. 2021 is a year of restoration.  You are being moved from destruction to restoration. The locust of corona virus; the locust of bad governance; the  locust of premature death; the locust of poverty;  the locust of ill-health; locust of childlessness the lord will restore.

In the year 2021, you are not  going to experience volcanic eruption: you  shall experience  what I call, prosperity eruption; righteousness eruption; favor eruption; signs and wonders eruption; success eruption; joy eruption; healing eruption; fertility eruption; vocational eruption, peace eruption and life eruption.

Many have labored in vain in 2020.  In the year 2021, none of your labor will be in vain. 1Cor. 15: 58 says,’’ therefore be resolute and be steadfast continue to abound in work of God for your labor can never be in vain’’.

The presence of the lord shall abide with you from the beginning till the end of the year and beyond. May the presence of the lord never depart from you. May His light shine upon you. In Mathew 28: 20,  the lord promised to be with you even till the end of age.  I decree as in Ps 16: 11 that in this year, God will show you  the path of life, grant you the joy of His presence and the pleasure of living with Him forever.

I am led  to communicate to you  that in this year as in Exodus 17:6, rock is going to yield water for you;  heaven shall rain food for you, (Exodus 16:16), and  as in Isa. 43:19 , a river is going to come out  of your  dessert. God will make a pathway through the wilderness for you. Good things may not have come your way in the year 2020, but in this year you shall experience the goodness of God.   Your farm will produce enough harvest, and your barn is going to be filled up.

In this year, many are going to receive divine healing; healing by the wounds of Jesus. Some of your illnesses seem incurable. But there is no sickness that God cannot heal.  Many things that were considered impossible to handle including your poor state of health   are going to be made possible this year, by the power in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. As stated in Phil. 2: 9-10, God has elevated Jesus to the place of highest honor and gave Him the name above every other name that at the name of Jesus every knee    shall bow both in heaven and on earth and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is lord to the glory of God the Father.

This is a year, the red sea will divide again for you child of God, and you will cross over to the land of safety. Many families have some occult, satanic, barbaric, mystical seas blocking their progress and blessings.  The demon hanging your blessing will   be destroyed as Arch Angel Michael comes to deliver your blessing.  As in Rev. 12;7, Angel Michael  will appear and the  dragon threatening your blessing, promotion, health, joy, peace, prosperity, righteousness, life will be threatened. In the year 2021, God will fight your battles. As in Jer. 15; 22, they will fight against you, but they will never prevail against you. In this year, you must prevail in Jesus name, Amen.

I am here to announce to you that you will be among those who will cross over. The years of limitation, obstruction and backwardness are over as you are moved to the year 2021. The demon responsible for your problems will give way by the power of the Holy Ghost. This is because the New Year is coming with fire. I therefore, cloth you with the garment of fire.

The anointing of Elijah as in 1 king 18 will befall this ministry this year. Fire will fall from heaven to demonstrate to the prophets of Baal that there is only one God   and Him alone shall we serve. He is the God of adoration ministry, who is the specialist in impossibilities case.

2021 is your year of exploit. As in Dan 11: 32, ‘’those who knows their God will be strong and do exploits. This is your year of supernatural and divine upliftment.   Before the year runs out, you shall be an achiever in Jesus Name, Amen.

In John 11, when Jesus received a message about the death of Lazarus, He did not react quickly. He waited till Lazarus died and was buried and have even started smelling before He came. When Jesus demanded that the stone which was used to cover the grave be removed, they said, ‘by now he must have started smelling. Even though the body of Lazarus had started smelling, Jesus commanded him to come back to life. Your ugly condition might have made you smelled so badly in your previous years, this year you are going to be fragrant. There will be new joy, new peace, new health, new love, new marriage and new life for you in Jesus Name, Amen.

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