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Adoration ICON- Peshe; The Sweet Voice of A Sage

Adoration ICON- Peshe; The Sweet Voice of A Sage

Are you very regular in Adoration Programme? Have you ever taken your time out to listen to the voices that clinch the microphone during praise and worship? Obviously if you have, you must have notice one spectacular voice that sings heavens down on earth.

It is not the usual style of singing with a faked voice or miming a memorized song; the voice is natural and has a way of a natural flow that combines Igbo philosophical words in a proverbial style that touches the heart and leaves the listeners with goose flesh.  If you have ever been to a funeral where a sage is singing a dirge that strikes mourners to cry, that is the way this voice strikes the listeners to feel God’s presence whenever it begins to flit out of the microphone.

It has a penchant for translating present circumstances into songs without missing the pitch and flow.  Whenever she sang with closed eyes, just know that her listeners will be in trouble of shedding tears of joy or cold shivers until she is done.

That is the voice of Patience for you, one of the adoration singers. She is popularly called Peshe (like that of the Nigerian First Lady) and many of us including AMEN Super News do not know her other names, yet she is widely known by something more than her name, her voice.

Perhaps if Patience GoodLuck would have the opportunity to listen to this voice, she would be jealous of that name, Peshe .. The next time you listen to lead track of the latest  album of Fr Mbaka “Who can catch the Lion” or listen to praise and worship in Adoration progrmames, don’t ask us ‘which is her voice ?’  Just search out that voice that renders hyperdulia in proverbial style and tell us what you think. She is indeed an Icon worth celebrating for her singing gifts just like many other wonderful voices in the Ministry.  Peshe, you are a nature-endowed voice.


  1. Barr Ik Maximus Ugwuoke

    What a wonderful site for AMEN SuperNews, a publication and communication outfit of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria

  2. She has an awesome voice, I removed cap after listening to omaricha nduru

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