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Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria Testimonies

Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria Testimonies

Healed from ear problem My name is Eneh Jessica. I am from Umuaga in Udi LGA of Enugu State. My phone number is 08098526011. For the past two years now, I have been having serious ear problem. I cannot hear clearly. I have done series of medications all failed. Today being Adoration crusade, as Daddy was praying, I started hearing. All glory to God.

Breast lump disappeared
I am okoye chineze. I am from Aguata in Anambra State. My phone number: 07032925170. Since my secondary school days, I have been having severe pain on my left breast. At a time, it developed into breast lump, I went to the hospital the Doctor suggested surgery which he booked for an operation next week, but I came to this crusade for another issue but to my greatest surprise, when Daddy was praying he ask us to place our hands on any spot we have pains , I did as he instructed. After the prayers, I discovered that the pain has stopped. I checked my breast and lump has also disappeared. Thank you Jesus.

Healed from chest pain/swollen leg
I am Maria fustian chinenyenwa Ezeleke. From leja Nsukka Enugu State. My phone number is 09033514749. Since last year, I have been suffering from serious pain, today God of Adoration Ministry has healed me. Secondly, when I went to Niger State. My legs started swollen, my sister rushed me to the Hospital, the Doctor diagnosed me and placed me on some drugs which I have been taking but at a time I got tired of it, I told my sister that I must attend this year crusade, here I am today completely healed. Thank you Jesus.

Healed from broken legs
My name is Mr ozor Christian, from Oghe in Ezeagu LGA Enugu State. My phone number is 08034890102. On the 11th of June 2007, I had an accident which affected my left knee and my waist. I started using clutches due to that for over ten years now. I have never walked for a distance no matter how little but today when Fr Mbaka made the declaration on those using clutches to stand up and walk, I summoned courage and stood up and walk to the Altar without falling. I am so happy God of Adoration has healed me. Thank you Jesus.

Healed from migraine headache
I am Mrs Faustina Udeh. I am from Olo in Ezeagu LGA Enugu State. My Phone number is 09099562216. Since 2012 I had a migraine headache which affected my sight, I have been many places like Nsukka, Abakaliki, even some places in my town of which had adverse effect on me. But today while the prayers were on I had an automatic healing. I can see now. Tem for Jesus.

My glory restored through god of adoration
My name is Christian from Ebonyi State; I live and trade at Onitsha. I started attending Adoration not long ago. I was doing very well in my business and do sweep my shop at the end of the day because there will be no time to sweep it the following morning due to customers. It was a very busy shop. In March 2015, I travelled to the village to lay the foundation of a house; it was then that my business stopped. When I open my shop in the morning, I will stay from morning till around 2pm or 3pm before few customers can come to patronice me. I attributed it to the hard economic plight because that was when president Buhari newly came to power. I became disturbed.
In 2016, my wife put to bed and my mum visited us. She asked if I do attend adoration programmes at Enugu. I told her that I don’t. She pleaded and encouraged me to start attending it. The very first Friday that I decided to attend, I was extremely happy as the programme was going on in the midnight, I sang and danced as I have never done before. As I was dancing, my phone rang but I decided not to pick the call because of noise, it kept ringing and I decided to pick it. It was my care-taker but I did not get his information clear. I met my care-taker the following day to know why he was calling me by that time of the night. He told me that the lady I rented a room to in my flat was caught by the security men at a particular junction that night performing some rituals to hinder me from progressing. She was mercilessly beaten and injured by those men. she told them to call me for her to apologies to me. It was my first day at Adoration and an experience I will never forget. I felt like the next day should be Friday so that I can attend Adoration immediately. I even started attending Sunday masses which I had stopped long time ago. All thanks to my mum. As if the lady’s act was not sufficient, we were given a quit notice to vacate our shop within a month. I brought the quit notice to the Adoration ground asking God to help me. Shortly after, I got a shop and the favour that followed it cannot be explained. Thank you Jesus.

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