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Adoration Pentecost Testimonies
Mrs Benedith Omeihe

Adoration Pentecost Testimonies

The annual Pentecost programme in Adoration ministry always come with a different experience, it’s always the same spirit with multiple encounter. Many look forward to it with the hope of encountering the awesome power of God. That of 2019 was not different from others; God manifested His love and power among His people by sending His promised gift as He always does.

One can see the crowd who has encountered God in a special way the previous night hustling to climb the stage early in the morning on Saturday just to share their joy with thousands of adorers present in the programme.

AMEN SUPER NEWS was a living witness to testimonies of people within the ministry, that’s why we bring to your doorstep with confidence these Goodnews. May God who visited His people within this Pentecost period abide in your household as you read on. Here are few of the testimonies. Enjoy.

Divine Healing

Ome Peace from Abakiliki. My phone number is: 07037027667.

I had this strange movement in my abdomen and it started since April this year. During prayers on Pentecost night, God intervened and healed me not only of this mysterious ailment but also from ulcer.

 Divine Healing

Mr. Chisom Nweke from Ebonyi. My phone number is: 09036221373

I had an eye problem to the extent that I can’t walk under the sun or where there is light (photophobia) coupled with severe abdominal sickness but on Pentecost night God fulfilled his promises of healing in my life. Now and I am free from the entire ailment.

Divine Healing

Ngozi Amechi from Ezeagu. My phone number is: 08067490340.

I was in Adoration ground in 2016 Pentecost night. That Pentecost experience delivered me from the spirit of barrenness. I went home and conceived. God completed His good work in my life by seeing me through the challenges that came during both antenatal and post natal care. I AM NOW A HAPPY MOTHER.

Divine Healing of Heart Problem

Racheal Obiora from Emene. My phone number is: 08063725803 

I started having heart ache on Tuesday of this Pentecost week. The drug I took did not relieve me of any pain. So I came to Adoration for Pentecost activities and during ministration, the whole pain disappeared uptill now.

Divine Healing

Mr. Mathew Emenike from Ebonyi. My phone number is: 08067945298

In February of this year, I developed numbness in my hand. Medical diagnosis revealed nothing and I don’t know the drug to use and remedy my condition. God intervened in my case and visited me on Pentecost night, now I am hale and hearty.

Healed from Heart Problem

Chinerecherem Alexander. My phone number is: 08077144337

I used to have a serious chest pain. There was always this feeling of air passing through my chest. During healing prayers on Good Friday, Father asked us to place our hands were we are having problem, I did as instructed and that was how I was healed.

Secondly, I started having this association with a girl whom I normally see in a trance right from Jss 3. So during prayers father prophesied that those in bondage should be set free. Immediately I felt this mask and cobweb on my face being taken away and that was how I was set free, and since then, the chest pain disappeared. It took me time to come out and testify because I was scared, from my daily experiences, there is no doubt again that “e no dey again”. May god be praised.

Healed from Lameness

Okoye Priscilla from Ezeagu. My phone number is: 0806343430201

I was given an injection some years back and that got me crippled coupled with the fact that I did not respond to treatment which was the reason why I was given an injection. Last year Pentecost, I got delivered and I was able to stand up and limp but to the glory of God, after last night Pentecost encounter, the whole problem disappeared totally. I can now comfortably walk.

Permanent Healing From the Bondage of Convulsion

Anslem Nwodoh from Ebonyi State. My phone number is: 07056693094

My sister’s only son had convulsion. They had spent all they had combing the whole of Ondo and beyond for solution all to no avail. It was then that my sister now agreed to heed my advice of bringing my nephew to Adoration. God proved himself faithful and do away with the infirmities that had held my nephew in bondage for years.

Divine Healing

Agu Christian from Ezeagu. My phone number is: 08123832923

More than 10 years now, I have been suffering heart ache, it seems like a load on my heart. I cannot do any work with such pain. I have gone for ultra-sound, x-ray test, yet nothing could be pinned out of it. Last night as prayers was going on, the whole symptoms stopped and pain disappeared totally.

Divine Healing

Emmanuel Sandra from Oduma. My phone number is: 09067701849

I am 6 months pregnant and I do have consistent stomach ache. I could not eat or drink anything and drugs were not helping matter. As prayer was going on last night, the symptoms gradually left me. I am good to go now.

Divine Healing

Aniago Ann from Eke. My phone number is: 07038642259

Since November last year, I have been suffering from acute headache. Every attempt to cure it proved futile. At a point, I started thinking that I might run mad. I came to Adoration yesterday for Pentecost programme and as prayers was going on, all the symptoms disappeared

Divine Healing

Nneka Nnamdi from Udi. My phone number is: 08035340535

I went for deliverance in the mountain due to series of attack I do encounter each time I am pregnant. I came home after the prayers and began to have serious painful bleeding. Nothing could make the bleeding to stop. I managed to come to Adoration last night and as the prayers were going on, both the pains and bleeding stopped.

Divine Healing

Bedam Petrus from Adamawa State. My phone number is: 08165979903

I work with Franco Diesel Company. Today was my first time of coming to Adoration programme. I was so sick yesterday that the doctor had to place me on drip after which I was discharged from the hospital, I came to Adoration and after ministration, I began to have this sense of being healthy again.

Divine Healing

Ogbodo Miracle from Amuri Nkanu. My phone number is: 07038644548

I have been experiencing chest pain before coming to Adoration but during prayers, I placed my hands on my chest as instructed by father and the pain stopped entirely.

Divine Healing of Mysterious Congenital Abdominal Growth

Ozoamalu Ujunwa from Ezeagu. My phone number is: 07033741167

I and my twin brother had this mysterious stomach problem right from childbirth. My twin brother had gone to the hospital but medical test did not reveal any particular sickness. So last night during prayers, father asked us to place our hands on any part of our body where there is an ailment, I did as instructed and at that moment, I felt a strange movement on that part of my abdomen as if something was going out from my tummy. After that I no longer feel any stomach pain up till now.

Divine Healing

Ukpabi Uzoamaka from Mgbowoh in Ebonyi State. My phone number is: 09033006793

I was having a painful heart to the extent that I can’t breathe well but after the prayers, I regain my health again. I can breathe comfortably now and the pain is no more there.

Divine Healing

Oluchi My phone number is: 07031973052

I used to have an eye problem (painful and irritating eye) but during ministration on Pentecost night, the whole pain and irritation stopped.

Divine Healing

Okeke Chiagozie from Nike. My phone number is: 07036659410

I have a hole in my heart and it used to give me a lot of trouble. I can’t stand up for 10 minutes but since prayers started I have been standing and I did not experience any pain. I can’t believe that I stood up and dance for more than three hours. I know that am healed.

Healing Of Stubborn Ulcer

Lilian Nsiegbunam from Nkanu. My phone number is: 08106332690

I had this stubborn ulcer that lasted ulcer up to 2 years. It refused to respond to treatment but after joining Friday all night Adoration all the way from South Africa through the internet, healing came forth. I am also thanking God for saving my siblings from peer pressure and fraudsters.

Divine Healing

Chime Chibuike from Ebonyi State. My phone number is: 07035859086

I use to have shortness of breath and general body weakness but during prayers,

God sent forth his healing power and deliver me. Right now, the whole symptoms have stop. I am now good and fine.

Divine Healing

Maduabuchukwu Nwanga from Ebonyi. My phone number is: 09031943299

I am here to testify how God delivered me from ancestral bondage. I have gone to several churches but no solution came forth. They have laid a lot of snare for me but God always intervene. I was told to go and serve a deity which I obliged and started doing but the challenge still went on. I don’t have a single peace, no neighbour, no friend, backwardness and closed doors here and there. Nothing seemed to be moving well for me. Loneliness and demonic thought was my only companion. So on Pentecost night, I was in Adoration ground where I had a serious encounter after which I felt relieved. I came back home and burn the evil idol within my household, I now have my peace.  From the way things are moving for me since then, there is no doubt that I am free.

Healed from Hyena

Obiora Adaobi for Anambra State. My phone number is: 08033533302

I was diagnosed of hyena right from birth. It is located on both left and right side of my body. I happened to remove one when I was still in secondary school before the second one was revealed. I resolved never to go for surgery again. On Pentecost night, I encountered a strange force and it flung me on the ground. When I regained myself, I began to have this sense of being made whole and in order to confirm my suspicion, I rushed to the bush to check myself and to my greatest surprise,  it is no longer there.

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