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Adoration Testimonies

Adoration Testimonies

My name is Nkwoemezie. I am from Inyi in Oji-River LGA of Enugu State.  For the past three months I have been suffering from a severe headache which nearly entered my brain. It keeps me awake all night but I thank God today as daddy was ministering, I felt something fell away from my head and I got healed instantly. Praise God my phone number is 08185118946 (Healing from severe headache)

Healing from eye problem

My name is Onuigbo Rosmary. I am from St Michael Awgu Diocese. I was having a serious eye problem which nearly led to blindness but during the prayers, I got healed. I can now see clearly now. Tem for Jesus. My phone number is 08069258926.

Healing from chest pain

I am Ekwe Maureen from Oduma in Aninri LGA in Enugu State. I was suffering from chest pain for so long. I went to the hospital and the doctor placed me on drugs which I have been taking yet to no avail, but today when Daddy said that we should check ourselves to know if one has received healing, I checked and discovered that my chest pain was gone. Tem Tem for Jesus

Healed from deafness

My name is Evelyn Chukwu from Oduma. I was deaf from birth. I have undergone series of medications and there was no solution. As daddy was ministering, I started hearing. Thank you Jesus. My phone number is 07012214306

Healed from short sight

I am ikevude Jacinta from St. John of God Enugu Akwu Achi. For over one year I have been suffering from short sightedness, I have gone to the eye clinic and the doctor told me to be using eye glasses to be able to correct my sight. I could not read anything without glasses but today I have received my healing. I can now see clearly and read without glasses to the glory of God.

Healed from severe eye problem

My name is Ikpa Juliet from Isu-Uzo Nsukka Enugu state. Electric ant released a poisnious fluid in my right eye and since then, I couldn’t see clearly. This happened last year. As time went on the pain kept increasing by the day to the extent that it affected my two eyes. I went to eye clinic to see the ophthalmologist and gave me an eye drop and lens for the correction of my eyes all to no avail. Today in adoration ground, when Daddy was ministering, the pain stopped and I can now see clearly. Tem for Jesus. My phone number is 07036163368

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