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Adoration Testimonies

Adoration Testimonies

My name is Adaobi Nwoye from Nawfia in Njikoka L.G.A. of Anambara state. The devil does both physical and spiritual kidnapping. He kidnapped me spiritually. After preparing my children for school on that fateful morning. My husband asked me if I won’t go for work. I told him that I won’t, after some minutes; I got tired and fell into a deep sleep.  I laid down and when I wanted to get up I saw my spirit leaving my body. I tried to go back to my body but no way, I got up opened my door and came outside the compound. I saw myself walking round my compound. I begged God not to allow anything to happen to me because I have so many children. Suddenly, I saw a man wearing white, he told me that what happened to me in April 27th, 2007 will not happen to me again, because I gave birth to a still birth and after that I went into coma. He told me to go back, that nothing will happen to me, immediately I turned to go inside the house, I saw one of my twins, because I gave birth to twins. I called him by his name and said Chiagozie are you back already? He just said I should come into the house.  I noticed that God used his spirit to bring me back to life. I came in and he asked me to lie down, as soon as I laid down, my son touched the awesome miracles calendar and then touched me. I shouted awesome God of Adoration ministry!  Please give me another chance to take care of my children, as soon as I said that, I got up forcefully and then heard my husband knocking at the door with a friend. They even brought hammer to open the door because I locked the door from inside, my husband now said mummy Nnenna, what happened to you? I told him to wait that I am just coming back. After narrating my experience to him, he started crying and prayed that nothing should happen to me. He called my mum and narrated everything to her, my mum gave me Rapha oil to drink and told me that nothing will happen to me. That tears will not come out from her eyes. She told me that I must go to adoration that day to testify what the Lord has done to me. My father too was highly surprised. Sincerely speaking, it is only God that knows what happened to me that day. I cannot thank God enough, may his name be praised forever Amen.


My name is Rev. Sr. Benedette Uchendu. When I finished studying zoology in the university I did well and got a direct admission to study medicine. At a time, I discovered that after exams, my results will be poor. I was wondering why because I am the leader of our discussion group and my group members were doing well. I did not know that a particular lecturer was responsible for my failure. At a time he called me and requested for something which I told him I cannot do. I told him that I am a Rev. Sister and I cannot do what he wants. Since then he tormented me the more, I complained to a monsignor and told him that I would like to report the lecturer but he advised me not to report him that nothing will be done to him.  I complained to one of my lecturers when I was studying zoology, he said there is no need to report him that instead he would help to transfer me to another school. So I was transferred to another school but within me, I was not happy. I decided to come to adoration to tell God my problem because I was an adorer. At the adoration that day, daddy was the first priest that came, without telling him anything he looked at my side and blessed me. He climbed the stage and started celebrating mass. During his sermon, he faced Rev. Sisters stand and started singing, at a stage he paused and said “child of God, if the Lord want you to come out from that school, simply come out and do not worry yourself. I was surprised because I did not tell him anything. At my new university, I graduated and was given an automatic house job which I have finished. I was also given an automatic employment. Tem! Tem!!

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