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Adoration Testimonies-God of AMEN is so Wonderful

Adoration Testimonies-God of AMEN is so Wonderful

Matt. 7:7–Ask and it will be given, Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened to you. Matt. 11:28–Come to me all you who are tired and laden-burden and I will give you rest. Isaiah 54:17–No weapon fashion against you shall prosper and any tongue that rises against you will be condemned. These and many more are the promises that adorers enjoy before the presence of God. The attitude of God’s children towards sharing their joy with people during testimony time at the ministry is overwhelming.

It is the objective of AMENSUPERNEWS to always share these Goodnews with the world by bringing it to your doorstep. We were able to pick few out of the many overwhelming testimonies that fill the air especially on Friday all night programme.

 Victoria Ogwede from Ebonyi. Phone number: 08060862484

There was a time I had a miscarriage and I came to Adoration and asked God to bless me with the gift of another baby. After the programme, I bought a recharge card and Fr. Mbaka began to pray for me, claiming victory over any battle in my life. I later conceived and in the 4th month, I began to see blood stains. I kept managing the situation till the 9th month. When the pregnancy was due, the baby refused to come out. I was referred to another hospital and they booked me for a caesarean but I declined because my spirit did not welcome the idea even though the pregnancy was long overdue. I left the hospital desperate and tired. I then recalled Fr. Mbaka’s prophecy of freedom through recharge card before I conceived, I began to key into it as I went to another hospital and on getting there, I delivered successfully.

Husband’s Prostrate Cancer Disappeared-Ogbuhalu Theresa from Akwa-etiti in Anambra. My phone number is: : 08037146871.

My husband suffered from prostate cancer for a long time. It was so severe to the extent that he could neither defecate nor urinate. On 14th of May, 2019, I went to Adoration for all night programme, Fr. Mbaka prayed for the sick and I cried so much asking God to intervene and heal my husband. I went home the following morning to see my husband testifying of a mysterious surgery in a dream. He defecated and urinated all night.

On Monday morning, we went to the hospital and the result show that the cancer has disappeared. Praise God!

Gift of the Fruit of the Womb-Ogbona Lovina from Nsukka. My phone number is: 08135299159

My son (9 months) died, and while I was still mourning, I came to Adoration and God showed me that my son is happy where he is.

I conceived again and problem of placenta preview reared its ugly head. All effort to arrest the situation using medical approach proved futile so I came to Adoration on Friday night and during prayers, both the contraction and bleeding stopped.

When my pregnancy was due, the baby refused to come out, so the doctor in charge recommended surgery but I and my husband prefer normal process. So I began to call on the God of Adoration and after awhile, I delivered successfully. We are still contemplating on the bill when the doctor discharged us and say that we should go without payment.

God’s Favour in my Family-Ohagwu Angelina from Mmaku. My phone number is: 07066473112

My husband died mysteriously and I was heart heart-broken. I saw myself in Adoration in a dream even before I knew what Adoration is and what it is all about. Father prayed for me and blessed me with 7 oranges. Since then there have been divine protection on I and my seven kids. God has been favoring I and my kids. He is now my husband.

God’s Favour in my Life-Ugwuoke Chinwendu from Nsukka. My phone number is: 081682443776

There was a time we lived in a leaking mud house. It was so bad that during raining season, we are always scared of the outcome. Anytime it rains, I and my family will hurled together at one place because the whole house will be filled with water. Meanwhile, each time I come to Adoration, I always ask God to do the unimaginable and deliver my family from this misery. It continued till the house fell down. The testimony is that the house we are living now is one of the best in my village to the glory of God.

Secondly, in my 1st year at college of education, there was this lecturer that taught us a course titled Phy 102. The man said that we must tip him for us to pass his exam. I refused to succumb to his pressure and the pressure coming from my other classmates. He then threatened me with carry-over. He said that I must fail no matter what I write in the exam. I came to Adoration and tabled it before God. I went back to school to write the exam which I prepared to the best of my ability. When the result came out, I passed very well while one of my classmates that tipped him failed.

When I was in school, I was broke to the extent that I could hardly see money to eat. Sometimes I will go to the bank and deposit #200 just to withdraw the last #1000 in my account. I was also having accommodation problem. I brought my case to Adoration as usual. One day, I saw an alert of #5,000 deposits in my account by unknown person, all effort to fix the puzzle was in vain as none of my family member or friend agreed that he or she did such. While I was still wondering what that could mean, a friend of mine whom I owed #10,000 for a long time requested to see me. I thought that she was going to ask for her money but to my greatest surprise, she told me that she was calling to tell me that she has cancelled my debt. At same time, a family friend called me to inform me about someone looking for someone to live in a house with her. I quickly obliged because that will solve my problem of accommodation. The goodnews is that the accommodation was more like an apartment and I was asked to stay till I am ready to live. The blessings of God maketh rich and add no sorrow.

The Mighty Man In Battle Is Always There For Me-Nneka Okenwa From Agbani

I kept having attack/health problem when I was pregnant. I later had problem with my landlady. She vowed not to see me deliver in her house. I kept fasting and praying. It was a serious and long battle for the whole period of 9 months. In the 9th month, Fr. Mbaka called me through recharge card and prophesied divine protection in my life. The following Sunday, labour set in but it was difficult. I prayed and rub Rapha extra virgin oil on my tummy and within 30minutes, I delivered safely without hitch.

God’s Abiding Presence-Rita Ote from Abia State. My phone number is: 07069320215

I was an adorer but I got married to an Anglican in 2015. For two years, I could not conceive. I obtained permission from my husband to come to Adoration in March 2017. After my visi to Adoration,and after that, I then conceived in April. I carried the pregnancy for 9months and delivered successfully.

Secondly, I preached to my brother who was diabolical. He threatened to deal with me. After prayer warfare, he and the wife began to confess that I work with extraordinary powers.

Sister Saved from Cancer-Chioma Ekeh from Nsukka. My phone number is: 07032757359

My sister had a breast cancer and despite so many medical approaches it kept spreading. When we got tired of the treatment, we fell back on Rapha oil which she kept applying to her breast. After sometime, the cancer disappeared. It was indeed a miracle we believe God to do and he did it.

The spirit of a young man who died in our yard kept roaming around the yard. It was obvious because so many things strange things kept happening, In fact, it seemed as if the spirit wanted to take me with him but all thanks to God of Adoration who delivered me.

Employment Favour-Blessing Micheal from Izzi in Ebonyi. My phone number is: 08064401907

I asked God for an employment favour in Adoration ground and I bought a recharge card. Fr. Mbaka prophesied of favour in my life in one of his prayers through the recharge card. After sometime, I received a call that I have to start work as regard to an application I submitted somewhere else.

Divine Healing-Kingsley Nwoye from Ebonyi. Phone number: 08068058489

I visited my village and before I could go back to Lagos, I developed a painful and swollen leg and I couldn’t find the reason for such an awkward development. On my way back to Lagos, I came to Adoration and bought Rapha extra virgin oil which I took along with me. I began to apply the oil consistently on my legs. After 3 days, the whole thing including the pain disappeared.

Divine Healing-Ugochukwu Samuel from Cotonou. My phone number is: +22996441209

I am a Nigerian residing in Cotonou. I had an ulcer on my leg. This ulcer had defied so many medical treatments. It was then that I realize that I had to visit Adoration ground in Nigeria. I immediately I set my feet on Adoration soil, something began to gush out from my leg and after that, the ulcer was healed.

Secondly, I am a businessman that deals in importation of rice from foreign countries into Cotonou and exportation of same rice to other part of African countries like Nigeria; so many people have folded up in the business due to so many reasons but God of Adoration whom I handed over my business to keep uplifting me financially. There is power in Adoration ministry.

Blessed with a Car after Marriage-Mr and Mrs Festus from Imo State. My phone number is: 08162919155.

Two weeks to our wedding, Fr. Mbaka prayed for divine prosperity upon adorers, we were asked to pick a key in the spirit. I and my wife picked ours’.  When we got home, we kept praying that the prophesy of a car key should come true. Behold, on the day of our wedding, God blessed us with a car (Toyota spider) as a wedding gift.

Divine Healing-Edwin Nwabueze from Anambra. My phone number is: 07031838845

I started noticing a kind of strange growth on my teeth, so I joined Lagos zone during last year camping at Adoration. On Friday during night being 5th day of the camping, I was sleeping and when I woke me up and I noticed that the growth is no more. Hmm…to me, it was strange.

On 31st night, I came to Adoration with sprain and it disappeared right there while ministration of New Year blessings was going on.

Lastly, I had a lump on my knee, after Easter prayers at Adoration ministry, it began to disappear gradually. Now I don’t feel any lump again.

Mysterious Healing upon my Mom-Sis, Chinyere Adiele from Mbaise. My phone number is: 08037306882

My mother went for a surgery in an orthopedic in Kano and afterwards, she could not walk again. The hospital recommended that she will be taken back to the theater for another surgery. So I bought 20 pieces of Adoration recharge card and shared it among my family members. Fr. Mbaka kept praying for my mother through the card. The prophesy was that she will be free from every bondage that the enemy had put her in. On the day of surgery, my mom’s phone rang while she was still waiting for her turn to enter the theater. She picked up the phone. Immediately she started saying amen to the prayers coming from the call, she stood up and began to walk to the surprise of all who are in the hospital. I don’t know how to appreciate the God of Adoration ministry, He is too awesome.

God of Impossible Cases-Gregory Okolo from Imezi-owa. My phone number is: 09066041260

I have a sow that was barren for 2 years, after sometime, I decided to start adding Rapha oil to her diet. To my utmost surprise, the pig got pregnant and delivered 32 piglets. God’s awesome power has no limit.

Divine Healing-Offor Ceceilia from Mgbagbu-owa in Ezeagu. My phone number is: 08068458047

I was having a severe stomach problem/pain before coming for Pentecost night but immediately after prayers, the whole thing stopped even without taking any drug.

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