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Adoration Testimonies-God of Quintuple Miracles

Adoration Testimonies-God of Quintuple Miracles

The month of November was not left out as God who performs wonders continue to shower his favour on his people, fighting their battles and protects them from the plan of the evil one. In fact, it was a month that miracle got promoted from double portion to quintuple portion.However, AMEN Super news has not relented in sharing this awesome work of God to the world at large. We bring the good news of Christ to your doorstep and share the testimonies of his faithful with you. Here are few out of the numerous miracles that God perform among his beloved. He is the God who will never share His glory with any being. May His name always be praised!!!

BLESSED WITH QUINTUPLETS Odoh Abuchi from Nsukka. My Phone Number is 08037592190

After four girls in the marriage, we started asking God for a male child at Adoration ground. God answered our prayers and blessed us with a twin (two boys). After a year plus, the devil came and stole away one of the twins. We began to pray again asking God to restore what the locust has eaten, that our ashes be turned to beauty. We prayed that this time, none should be missing.

Our prayers were answered beyond imagination and my wife conceived again and delivered 5 set of twins (four boys and a girl). I am really overwhelmed.

FATHER WON A LEGAL CASE AFTER MY PRAYERS AT ADORATION GROUND Okafor Jennifer from Owerri. My Phone Number is 08022704887

My father and his brother were dragging a piece of landed property. His brother kept telling him that he (his brother) will keep dealing with him (my father) till he spends his last penny and starts begging. My father called me on phone and narrated his ordeal to me, I told him to relax and allow God to have the final say. I came to Adoration and called upon the righteous Judge. After one week they went to hear the final decision of the court, surprisingly the case turned to the favour of my dad. He won the case and was acquitted and discharged as the case turned against his brother. In fact, the brother was warned not to go close to the said property.

MIRACULOUS HEALING AND DELIVERANCE FROM THE ENEMY’S TRAP Ernest Nnamdi from Enugu-Ezike. My Phone Number is 08116653724

I had a serious migraine to the extent that most times I slept with ice-block. This problem lingered for a long time and had defiled all medical approach. After Pentecost, I was in a dream where I saw Fr. Mbaka where he was conducting a crusade. He placed his hands and said that I should be healed. A giant black cat flew away from my head. I woke up and found out that the headache has disappeared up till now.

My sister’s son died, we started praying asking God to show his healing power. I started praying prayers written on powerful prayer book. Within 10 minutes, the boy came back to life.

JESUS IS THE GREATEST GENERAL General Daniel Oha from Ukana in Udi. My Phone Number is 08136916877

There was this promotion exam (Master warrant officer) that we are about to go at Sati Bauqulata at Cameron border. It happened that I need to get a note from a general to scale through. I don’t know or have any general, so I came to Adoration and explained my predicament to Fr. Mbaka. I told him that he is the general that I have so I need his prayers. He laughed and placed his hands on me and prayed for me. I left for that program and came back as one of the successful candidate. A big salute to Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka.


For ten years, I could not stand even for few minutes, and even at that, I had to support myself with a stick. At a point, I started coming to Adoration, making use of recharge card. I kept receiving prayers and prophecy from the recharge card. I am here to state that the good Lord has healed me. I can stand up for hours without getting tired.

HIS ABIDING PRESENCE IN MY FAMILY Salome Agbulu from Nkanu-East. My Phone Number is 08033917526

I and my family came down from North and it seems as if my husband’s people were not happy about our coming home. They began to attack us, dragging land with my husband to the extent that they beat him. When the situation seems out of control, I came and cry unto God of Adoration asking him to deliver my family from the ugly situation. God answered my prayers. All my children are doing well to the extent that we had to ignore the lands they were struggling with us and get a new land. My first daughter who is happily married and is doing well asked me to stop working that she will place me on salary.

They rented a house for me, furnished it and placed me on a salary. Now those who were attacking us then never knew that the music will turn like this and are now coming around seeking for a way to make peace with us.

THE MIGHTY MAN IN BATTLE INTERVENED INSIDE THE THEATER Oluchi Chigbata from Ezeagu. My Phone Number is 07035296602.

A sister of mine was booked for a life-threatening surgery. During the surgery, she lost a lot of blood to the extent that both the nurses and doctors lost hope. My brother called me to give the situation report; I started praying holding onto Adoration calendar asking God to come to our help. Reluctantly, the medical personnel in-charge decided to go on. My God answered my prayer and she miraculously scaled through the surgery to the amazement of all who witnessed what happened.

MY SON VINDICATED OVER A FALSE ACCUSATION Blessing Igweke from Oji 08144052337

My son was accused of a crime he did not commit, I came to Adoration and ask God to show forth his glory. The following day, a stranger came and enquired on what happened, after much dialogue with the police officers, he asked my son to get ready and go home. All the effort made by my son made to find out who the man is proved abortive. He refused to reveal himself even after bringing my son home with a motorcycle.

IT HE WHO RAISES THE POOR FROM A DUNGHILL Emmanuel Dim from Imo State. My Phone Number 08107389557

After 7 years of serving my master at Aba, he chosed to abandon me without a cogent reason why I should not be settled. I came to Enugu and began life afresh. At that point in time, I was frustrated and my only source of consolation was adoration ministry, so I became a devoted adorer.

I started with hawking and after a time, I was able to afford keke, with time I also bought a piece of land where I am building my house at Umuchigbo close to Adoration ministry. That was my prayer and he answered me just as I prayed. He is the God who sticks to you when all has left.

GOD REMEMBERED MY FAMILY Okeke Mercy from Agwu. My Phone Number is 08188707687

Life has not been fair with my family. All my children are graduates but no employment and the girls could not marry. I kept coming to adoration for divine intervention. God has started answering my prayers. My first daughter successfully got married after many years of disappointment. Praise God.

MY BROTHER DELIVERED FROM THE SPIRIT OF DEATH Patricia Azegba from Nsukka 08109190507

A few days after Fr. Mbaka prayed against the spirit of death, my younger brother fell from a very tall palm tree while harvesting palm fruit. Nobody could believe that he will still be alive but to the glory of God, he did not only survive it but he is hale and hearty.

MIRACULOUS HEALING FROM LEG PARALYSIS Chioma Onyiulo from Imo State 08063077722

In January (2nd sunday) in 2018, I was preparing for church and carrying out my morning chores, a log of wood accidentally fell on my leg and within 10minutes, my limbs got paralyzed. I managed and struggled to attend church that day. When I came back, I poured Aqua Rapha pure water on my legs and at night, I repeated the same. By tomorrow morning, all the swelling and pain disappeared without taking any orthodox medication.

GOD’S FAVOUR UPON MY FAMILY Emmanuel Prince from Arondizuogu. 07039379344

After my father’s death in February 2018, I came to Adoration with my mother. Since we stepped our feet on Adoration ground, things changed in favour of my family. There were open doors everywhere.

HE IS THE GOD WHO ARRESTS UGLY SITUATION Chinenye Okwor from Nsukka.  My Phone Number is 09039022704

Armed robbers invaded my shop but before then, I already hang Adoration calendar in my shop. They scattered the whole place but did not take away any single thing.

HE PRPOSPERS HIS FAITHFUL Fidelis Ugwu from Ibagwa. My Phone Number is 08063828310

I attended an Adoration program the day Fr. Mbaka prayed for anointing for prosperity. After my graduation, I asked God to grant me job after my NYSC, that I don’t want to look for a job. I called someone to help me but he said that I should exercise patience.

On a faithful day, a call came through from a friend asking me to send my credentials to Abuja. He said that there was a vacant and he wants me to fill it. I thought that it was a joke oo. I reluctantly send the credentials anyway. After few days, I was called to get ready and come to Abuja for training. To cut the story short, I am now gainfully employed at Immigration in Abuja.

GOD OF ADORATION IS OBAMEZE I Ekwutozirim Okeke from Anam.  My Phone Number is 08060071012

My landlord’s children want to sell their father’s property. There were many people struggling for the house but instead the children suggested that I should buy the house due to my good relationship with their father. They insisted on selling the house 3million to me. So I brought the case to Adoration knowing fully well that I might not be able to afford such amount just by selling fish.

After prayers, my business started to boom, in fact how I was able to pay up within a few month is a surprise to me. God is indeed powerful. Right now, I am now a landlady just like that.

MENTAL PROBLEM HEALED Ifudo Nneka from Nike.  My Phone Number is 08068404092.

A friend of mine who is a pastor at Dunamis church came to ask for my intercession. He complained that his wife is having a serious mental challenge. I joined hands and prayed with him but the condition seemed to worsen. So I gave him Rapha extra virgin oil and instructed him to bathe the wife with the oil together with Aqua Rapha pure water. After some days he came back to testify that his wife is sound and OK now.

DELIVERED FROM A FATAL AUTO CRASH Chinedu Eze from Nsukka. My Phone Number is 08038358969

I attended a marriage ceremony at Akegbugwu, on our way coming back our vehicle ran out of control and started tumbling in the middle of the express. In the midst of all this, we did not collide with any vehicle and nobody sustained even a scratch. Our vehicle after rolling up and down came to a halt by itself and ends up

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