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My name is Chinwendu Obianife from Egede in Udi LGA of Enugu State. I am here to testify how God delivered my family from the hands of evil men. In my family, we are 6 girls and 2 boys but none of us got married. When we were kids my mother always takes us to church come rain or sunshine because she is a strong Catholic. In my town, the idol worshipers worship Odo deity as their God. As at 1986, when the Odo is about to start for the season, the Odo worshipers will come out on Sunday and block everywhere so that nobody will attend Sunday mass. The appearance of the deity is usually seasonal. If it comes out this year, next year will be their free year, until next two years. So any season the Odo would come out, everybody will stay indoor at home except few strong Christian families will go to church. They will say that anybody that sees them (Igodo spirit) will die because they claim that they are spirit, the agent of the odo. They were always having problems with any Parish Priest that comes to our town to the extent of going to police for justice, because they will block everywhere so that Christians will not go to church. Any family that insisted and go to church on Sunday will become their worst enemy. They will start tormenting the family with charm or whatever. But my mother insisted taking us to church every Sunday, and anytime we see them, they were nothing but people we know very well. The Odo worshipers told my mother that none of us will marry. They swore that we will never marry, some of them had confronted my mother physically, and told her that we will not marry but my mother always rebuke them with “God forbid”, she told them that it will only happen if she is not serving a living God.
My brethren as years roll out, it seemed like what they said was manifesting. As at 2008, when our last born was in 1st year in higher institution, none of us was married. One fateful Christmas, we came back to the village for Xmas and my immediate elder sister called all of us and told us that it seemed like what the evil men said had started happening. It was not that men in our town don’t admire us but if they tell their parents to take them to my family, they would refuse and said that we have seen Igodo spirit and also that we are strong Christains (na anyi na aka uka nkachi nti).
After our discussion, my sister ran to one strong brother in my town and narrated the plans of evil people against us. But the man told her that he had received the revelation before. He said that all the evil men took oath and also joined hands in agreement and decreed that none of us will marry. He told my sister to tell my mother to meet our Parish Priest and narrate the story to him. My mother narrated the story to the Priest and the priest confirmed from our Catechist that the story was true. He joined us in prayer to the extent that he celebrated mass in our compound.
Meanwhile we are all adorers; I and my immediate elder sister always come to adoration programmes. We bought adoration stickers and placed on all our entrance doors in the village and also Aqua rapha water which we put in our water for bathing.
Do you know that after about one year, my two sisters got married. Now I and our last child are engaged to men of our dreams. Praise the Lord who started the good work in my family.
Secondly I thank God who helped us to graduate with nice results. Our last child is doing her National Youth Service Corps now. Praise God. My number is 07033888226.

My name is Onyinye Bernice from Ezeagu L.G.A. I live in Ugwagor Abakpa Nike, Enugu. It all started like a joke in 2008; the first time I heard people talking nastily thing about me. That first day I was passing through Liberty and about two barrow pushers came near pointing at me, laughing and telling their colleagues that this girls is a ‘job girl'(a.k.a onyeoru). I was taken aback. It continued and even increased. Sometimes, they will call me onye 8 hours. Then I didn’t know the meaning of those words. One day, I decided to ask a brother after our vigil prayer. The brother told me the meaning of all that. That onyeoru means a prostitute and that 8 hours is a place near Otigba where prostitutes stay. I never knew that place until I forced my friend at office to show me the place.
This continued to the extent that people now call me ashawo to my face. They treated me like trash. Some of the people I use to greet found it difficult to stand in public places and discuss with me. They respond to my greeting just as if I were a plague. I got broken down emotionally, that even passers-by or people in keke call me by those useless names like ‘ashawo’, ‘job girl’ to my hearing. My heart always skip each time they call me such names. Heart skip now became another problem I was suffering from. If they see me in the morning coming back from morning mass, they will say, I am coming back from night job. Sometimes I will be coming back from church meeting they will say I am going for job. Why they say it for me to hear is what I can’t really figure out. Even a woman saw me coming from chapel she said, ‘you deserve it, go and ask God for forgiveness because you are evil and have committed abomination.’ It went on and on and years passed by in which the devil and his cohorts tried to bury me in shame.
I have never prostituted in my life and have no reason to. I was employed and have well to do parents. Again all these years they were saying those things I was the president of my Presidium (Legion of May), the financial secretary of the CYWO and later the President of the CYWO, the Youth Secretary and a member of the Parish Council in St Theresa’s Parish Abakpa Nike Enugu.
What proved me more is that, one day a woman said: ‘does it mean, this girl has no parents? They should come and take her back to the village. Imagine this beautiful girl messing herself up in the city.’ Secondly, a man said that nobody will marry this girl if she stays in Enugu and so many other character murdering side talks.
All that provoked me to challenge the God of Adoration. One day in Adoration, Daddy Fr. Mbaka said that “there is someone here that people wanted to kill but because they could not, they followed her with the spirit of shame and false accusation but today it is over.” I continued to attend adoration prayers even though some of the Adorers behaved somehow towards me. For instance , one day after Wednesday programme, a guy nearly poured saliva on me, though that was not the first time, because people have been doing it to me on the roads. Like, spitting on me and saying tufikwa, you have destroyed yourself, your beauty is rubbish.
Time came for God of Adoration to answer, He first healed my broken emotion and I got stronger spiritually and physically. The heart skip that happens to me each time they make those heart breaking side comments disappeared. Again, I did not change my residential location yet God blessed me with a loving and my heart desire of a husband. To cap it up, few months after my wedding, God of Adoration gave me a baby boy. To Him be every glory, honour and adoration now and forever. My number is 08162569519

My name is Nwagwugwu Sabina from Imo State: I came here with tumor in my brain. As the programme was going on, Rev. Fr. Mbaka was praying saying that tumour is disappearing now; I received my healing immediately. My brethren, as I am talking to you now, tumour No Dey Again. Thank you Jesus. My number is 08051302939.
I am Nwonyi Perpetual from Ebonyi State: I came here with a lump in my breast but after the programme, I touched my breast and the lump was nowhere to be found. I am healed. Tem tem to Jesus. My no is 08035155480.

My name is Nze Rose from Okpatu – Udi L.G.A.: I came here with a very serious hotness of the stomach but as the E No Dey Again Programme was going on, I received my healing. My number is 08147808500.

I am Ifeanyi Nwaobodo from Enugu State: Since my primary four I have been suffering from serious stomach problem but after attending E No Dey Again, I received my healing. My number is 08034796544.

I am Ifeoma Ugwuekeze from Nsukka. Since 1998 something has been moving all over my body but after today’s programme the moving oject disappeared. my number is 07066749666.

My name is Mbah Uchenna from Nkanu Enugu State. I have been suffering from ulcer for a long time now that I must eat before leaving the house every morning to avoid hotness of the stomach. But while coming to this programme today, I forgot to eat, and throughout the programme I didn’t taste anything and also I did not feel any hotness of the stomach. I have received healing today. I am happy. My number is 08136737180.

My name is Aniugwu Angela from Nike- Enugu State. I have a very serious problem of the heart. I feel heaviness which affect me from breathing. If I am breathing, my heart would be paining me. But to my greatest surprise, as E No Dey Again programme was going on today, I noticed that there was no pain in my heart. Thanks be to Master Jesus. I am totally healed.

I am Amalu Mercy from Ezeagu. I live in Taraba State. We have 4 shops in Wukari in Taraba State. Last year, Hausas’ started burring the Igbos’ shops in the market. It happened that our 4 shops are in different places, but anytime they reach to our shop they would leave it and go and burn another shop. Do you know that they left our four shops that are in different locations without burning them but other shops there were burnt. It was like a dream to me but it was God of adoration that saved my shop because I and my family use to attend adoration programme at least once in a month from Taraba State. Everybody was asking me the secret of their actions and I told them that God of Adoration is my wonder working God. There is God in Adoration ministry. Praise God. My number is 07062401602.

I am Chukwu Cecilia from Ebonyi State. I am testifying on behalf of my daughter who was deaf. Last week, we came to E No Dey Again Programme, and people were giving testimonies; I was touched and my daughter told me to take her to the alter and pray for her. I went there and prayed for her. Then, I bought VCD message “Divine take over” and we went home as the talk was playing, she was following the talk, to my surprise she shouted Jesus. From that moment she started hearing. She can hear very clear now. God I thank you because you have done it for me. My number is 07031523342.

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