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Attack on Fr Mbaka; Pentecostals, Others Knock Obi, Catholic Church

Attack on Fr Mbaka; Pentecostals, Others Knock Obi, Catholic Church

Reactions trailing the last harvest and bazaar of Adoration ministry Enugu Nigeria took a different dimension yesterday as some members of the Pentecostal church and others who attended his last Wednesday E No dey Again prayers bared their minds on the ongoing controversy. Fr Mbaka was last Sunday alleged to be demanding the PDP vice president, Peter Obi, who attended his ministry’s bazaar to make a public donation for the ministry’s project and consequently predicted failure for Obi and Atiku in 2019 election. The video of the event which went viral on social media has elicited a lot of reactions from many people in print and social media with many coming hard on Fr Mbaka over the issue.

Speaking with Newsmen in Enugu yesterday, Mr Peter Osondu of Mountain of Fire Miracles said that, “Even if Fr Mbaka is silent, they will attack him.  Those vultures are satanic. Fr Mbaka should not mind them. We love him. Fr Mbaka’s anointing is miraculous grace and contagious, we need such a man of God in the Pentecostal family.”

One Apostle Ukaonu of Dunamis Church in expressing his wish for Mbaka to join the Pentecostal Church said “ Fr Mbaka please leave these catholic ingrates and join us in the Pentecostal World, leave the Catholic where you are tolerated and become a Pentecostal where you will be celebrated and appreciated.”

In the same vain, a member of the Redeemed Christian Church, Dr Francis Ozor, said ‘Let the man of God come to our church and become one of us. You Catholics are wicked. Why do you always attack Fr Mbaka whenever he tells you the truth”.

Sir Robert Okoye, a knight of the Church however warned his catholic brethren, saying “If we succeed in pulling Daddy Fr Mbaka to the Pentecostal family, we will end up closing down catholic church in Nigeria very soon.

Speaking on Peter Obi’s refusal to make donations to the church, Chief Ernest Okonkwo said “Fr Mbaka helped Peter Obi when he was in serious political quagmire and helped him bounce back to his gubernatorial chair. Has he shown appreciation ever since?  If he has I do not think Fr Mbaka would have reprimanded him the way he did at the altar.  Fr Mbaka and Peter Obi had been friends for a longtime. If Fr Mbaka said that Obi is stingy, it may not have just been as a result of his failure to make a public donation at the altar. And by the way, I see nothing wrong in his asking Obi to make a donation to the church; after all it was a bazaar, a fund raising programme of the church that he attended and not a retreat programme”

An APC stalwart, Hon Charles Ibekwe who said he knew Peter Obi very well, blamed Obi and asked “Why did Peter Obi come for Baazar harvest and thanksgiving in Adoration Ministry? Why should he turn the programme into Political campaign? Since Peter Obi knows Fr Mbaka and have a Reverend Father Brother with a Reverend Sister, he can humbly ask these reverends to deliver him from the Spirit of stinginess.  His stinginess stinks.”

An Anglican priest, Rev Nwatu  said, “Fr Mbaka  for all I know and by the Special grace of God is blessed. He is not and will not be a beggar. He was only asking Peter Obi to support God’s work and tap his own Divine blessing; It is a common thing during a fundraising programme of the church.

In the same vein, Hon Uche Ewo wondered if Peter Obi is a blessing or a curse to himself and his PDP. He posited that the followers and so-called defenders of Obi are indirectly working for his political downfall by fighting Fr Mbaka who mean well for Obi”.

Mr Val Tobechukwu who claimed  the his  dead mother was raised back to life  through Fr Mbaka’s Prayer stated Adoration Ministry is a highly divinely favoured place of worship with multiple astonishing miracles and testimonies, with so many confirmed dead persons raised to life through prayers from Fr Mbaka. Many barren widows are now happy mothers of twins, triplets, quadruplets,  the sick, blind, lame, dumb, cancer, tumor patience, those with the issue of blood (hemorrhage) genotypes cases healed and given clean bill of health, many who used to be poor and wretched are now swimming in wealth and affluence, sinners are turning back to Christ for Salvation.

In a related development, many took to their social media to laud Fr Mbaka over the development in reply to his critics. Some of the comments read thus:

Christian Nziwu said, “Waw my brethren let’s talk the truth, that day is a special day, it is not a day of prayer rather it is a day of business transaction. Bazaar is not offering or sacrifice.  A bazaar could be a market where things are gathered and sold. The Church or Ministry do it once in a year to raise funds to support the projects of the church’…

Chinenye Eze “I want the wailers to come out and state in clear terms Fr Mbaka’s crimes or the law he contravened at the bazaar. There are more important issues to worry Nigerians and not this. Everybody is making noise but they can’t even say what their problem is”

Nkemdilim Ogbe “ Don’t mind the idle rumour mongers, they are attracting the wrath of God by accusing His Prophet wrongly. Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka talk as the Spirit Directs you.

Cambel Onyekachi “ Fr Mbaka’s critics are mere drunk and tools of devil to dent the image of the highly anointed priest but God will put all of them to shame.

Ester Anigbo “ Daddy , Never mind them, onu kwuru njo ga ekwu mma, my happiness is that no one can battle with the Lord.

Iwuchukwu Rebecca Izuchukwu “ Anyone who knows Mbaka should tell him that God is with him. I saw what God wanted to do for Peter Obi if he actually donated publicly, but he didn’t understand the things of the Spirit. Tell Mbaka not to be afraid, we are with him.

Onuorah Patrick Sunny “ People don’t think about the good, all they remember is to find fault with the man of God. Mbaka is charity number one. Obi came to bazaar with empty hand, useless people keep on talking trash. Go on man, Almighty  God is with you.”

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