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As the Church enters a new liturgical season of Advent with the Celebration of Christ  the King solemnity on Sunday 23rd November 2014 which happens to be the feast day of Christ the King Parish GRA Enugu where Fr Mbaka is the Parish Priest, Fr Mbaka in his ministration of that day during his 10:00am mass ushered in the new season with this thought provoking message he titled “I am a prince/princess” where  he eulogized the names of  Jesus as the King of Kings and made the revelation to adorers that they are of Royal Specie. Excerpts


“If Jesus is a King, then you are a Prince/Princess. Today, we celebrate the Kingship of Jesus. We have the King of Kings in heaven. He is called Ezechitoke Abiama, Ezepataoke Abiama, Ezekpoteke  Abiama, Ezevuteoke Abiama.

We are welcoming the King in our midst, the King of the Universe, the King of Heavens, the King of the whole planet. He is the planet Controller, the author of the universe, the author of heaven and the King of the Kingdom of Heaven, the King of the Kingdom of every Spiritual universe, the King of the Kingdom of Grace, the King of the Kingdom of Justice, the King of the Kingdom of Peace, the King of the Kingdom of Shalom, the King of the Kingdom of joy, the King of the Kingdom of Nigeria, the King of the Kingdom of our states, the King of the Kingdoms of Anambra state, Imo state, Abia State, Ebonyi state, Enugu state. He is the King of Wawa Land, the King of Itukwu Ikpatuoke, the King of Umuchigbo, He is the King of my life.

King Jesus is a mighty Champion. Lets praise our God, no matter what is happening around your life, Jesus is the King. He is not a king, He is the King. In Rev 17:14, the Holy Book says “that he is the King of Kings” He is the God that reigns over all other gods. I call him Akataisiebuo, Ugwanyiagameze, Okenwokejeagbugwo, Dimkpanibeyeha bu na onu, Okebule anyi ji eje ogu, Ekwemgbadike. Prince and Princesses adore him. If Jesus is our God, then we are the children of God. If Jesus is our King, then we are the children of King. In Rev 19:16, says “On his robe and on his thigh was written the name, ‘the King of kings and the Lord of lords’”. The thigh is where a child is carried when the child is being breastfed.  God carried you on His thighs when you are small and fed you like a child of the King. We are participating in his kingship. No Prince, no princess can be famished. If you are the Kings Child, then you have to be in the Kingdom.  The poverty of the Princess/ Prince is recuperated to the wealth of the rich man elsewhere.  It is like what the Abacha family once said that if they would be poor, they would at least be as poor as Dangote. Dangote is recorded the tenth richest man in the whole world and the richest man in the whole Africa.  I tell you in the king’s palace, if you would be poor, you would at least be as poor as Abachas.

Can you imagine, that today, the entire heaven and the entire universe are standing at an attention for one  being that is able to combine the divine personality and human personality without any equivocation devoid of any contradiction. God and Man, King as God;  King as Man. When he was born as a man, three kings from the east came to worship the King. They said they saw his star. There was a king called Pontus Pilate. Jesus is greater than Pontus Pilate. Jesus is greater than King Nebuchadnezzar. Jesus is greater than King Dirus, He is greater than King Pharaoh, and Jesus is the king of Kings. Kingship emanates from him. Jesus is greater than president Obama. He is greater than President Jonathan. He is greater than President Abacha. He is greater than President Babangida.  He is greater in wealth, in honour, greater in integrity, greater in personality. He is greater than them all because of his divinity.

We lift our hands and wave unto the King of kings and the sovereign Lord of the universe. We acknowledge Jesus as our King.  My logic is that if he is our King, we are his princes and princesses.  So from today you can look at any person’s face and tell the person “Do you know I am a Prince / Princess; a royal prince/ princess.  Your Prince/Princess has a divine root. The root is from the lion of the tribe of Judah. You are prince/ princess of the most High God. If you are a female, I am representing you not as a queen because we have our mother Mary as the queen, so be comfortable with the title “Princess”. I represent the males here as kings because Jesus is the King.  So your step should change. Mind how you walk; don’t walk anyhow anymore because you are of a royal specie. Mind how you talk, don’t talk anyhow, talk like a Prince/ Princess.

In Zech 9:9, the Bible says daughters of Zion, rejoice, because your king is coming home triumphantly and victoriously.  So walk around worriless, joyful, enthusiastic, undisturbed, walk in a manner devoid of any inferiority complex.

Are you in Debt?

Walk like someone that is not indebted to anybody, walk without any phobia, because you are of royal specie. If you are indebted, your father will repay your debts. You are greater than your troubles. Be happy to know that you are a Prince/ Princess. Our God want to be seeing us dancing for him and rejoicing for him. Sons and daughters of the King, worry no more, our God is greater than this your situation.  I call him Obameze. He will make you a prince / princess. God anointed his son Jesus. Psalm 45:7 says “and because of his righteousness, he was anointed with oil of favour”.  Since God has given Him the Kingly anointing, Psalm 23:3 locates the background of the anointing as it says “He restores my soul for His name sake”. The “His” here is God Himself and Proverb 18 :10 says that His name is like a strong tower, the just one will put his trust in this name and run into it and will be protected. Mathew 1:21 says that his name shall be called JESUS because he will save his people. Jesus is not just a King, He is a saving King. In Ezekiel 34 the Bible connotes that Jesus is a good shepherd, a good leader, the president per excellence, when he stands, he is ready to die to save those he is leading. If you have any debt spiritually or moving about with curse not knowing the source of your problem, this King is above everything, he can handle your debts because in 2Cor 8:9 Though he was rich He made Himself poor so that you shall become rich: Though he was a King, He made Himself a slave so that we  shall become small kings.  What a wonderful Leader we have. In John 10 says He is good shepherd.

Now relax like a Prince /Princess no matter what you are passing through. You have a king as a father who is ready to pay your debts. His name is the savior, Jesus the King, Messiah the King, deliverer the King, Liberator the King, Warrior the King. I can eulogize Him as one tuber of yam that fills an entire ban, He who ate a trailer’s load of pepper without tears. He can eat both the trailer and the content we call Him Oloru ihe Loro Enyi (He can swallow what swallowed an elephant). The angels praise him, the earth Worship Him; He is so good and wonderful. He is a saving King. In Psalm 23:5, He prepares a banquet for you.  This was the prophesy of David about the coronation of Jesus. Because his enemies were many Psalm 110 says “My Lord said to my Lord sit on my right hand”. This is another Messianic Prophesy of God telling our Lord Jesus to sit on His right throne, until all your enemies are put under your feet. David said that He will prepare a table for him in the presence of his enemies and on that day his head will be anointed with oil; this is called anointing with coronation. When His head is anointed with oil, he became a king and a King maker because nemo dat quad non habet. (You cannot give what you don’t have).  He is a king that makes kings.

Good for nothing Prince / Princess

Those who are answering prince for nothing should know that a wretched prince is an oxymoronic utterance. It is just like saying that someone is wearing clothes while the person is naked. There is a logical contradiction here under the square root of opposition. What we are establishing now is that this King we are at the season of His celebration is able and abundantly able in Heb 7:25 to make you rich.

If you are just being called Princess as a name and you struggling with life, your life is full of worries and tension, the devil is knocking you on the head, you are being used as a rag; never    again. Heaven is going to coronate you at this time of the Coronation of the Messiah. Heaven is going to put a new apron upon you.

 What He does at his Coming

Remember what is said in Zech 9:9 that daughters of Zion should rejoice because their king is coming home victoriously and triumphantly. When he comes into your family, your family will become a kingdom. There is what happens wherever any President goes; the flag of that country will go with the President. In any legislative house, there is always a mace in the house to authenticate their sittings, deliberations and resolutions. The Presence of the flag or mace means a lot. If you tear an American flag in any country, it is viewed as an attack on the America. The name of Jesus is higher than any flag or Mace, so wherever we mention this name, Phil 2: 9-10 says that every knee shall bow at the mention of this name because God has given him the name above every other name. So all the peoples of any nations, kings, satanic forces, claiming rulership and lordship over you are liars and impostors. We have only one king who can rule and control, defend, and make meaningful or significant our destinies and our existence on earth.  Jesus is the King; once He is your King, you are His Prince /princess.

 Healing king

He is the King of Health, the owner of every medical healing facility. He gives the technologists, technicians and our contemporary manufacturers the ingenuities to manufacture technological facilities for healing. He is the Healing King. In Ex 15:26, He is a Healing King. In Ex 23:25, when He says “I will remove sickness from your body, He is a healing king”. In Is 53:4-5, in 1st Peter 2:24, when His wounds are able to heal, He is the Healing King because by his wounds we are healed. So you Prince and Princess, if you are a sick prince or princess, Jesus can heal you. So receive your healing in Jesus name.

King of Agape.

Jesus is the King in the Kingdom of Love. He can take care of you. If you are hated he can love you back.  If you are rejected, He can accept you.

King of Life

Jesus is the King of Life. He is the author of life, because in Act 2:24, the Bible says that Death cannot hold him captive. He holds the key to Life and Death. He is the holder of all keys so that in John 14:19, He is the King of life, in John 10:10, He is the King of life, In Psalm 91:16, He is the king of Life, in Job 10:12, He is the King of Life,. When in Col 4:4 He becomes our life, he is the King of life.

King of fertility

Jesus is the King of fertility. He can make the infertile fertile. Are you barren or suffering from miscarriage? Are you impotent?  Jesus will make you fertile and bless you with Children as in Psalm 128.

King of Blessings.

Are you the prince or King that needs blessing? In 1st Corinthian 15:26, we are saying that He will continue to be the King and God until everything is subjected under His feet. He shall be the King from eternity to eternity.  If your life is cursed, he will remove the mark of that curse. In Gen 22:17, in blessing time He will bless you, He will bless you. Ephesians 1:3 says he will bless you with all the blessings from heavenly places. You are a blessed daughter of Zion, you are a blessed son of the King.  He will bless you in health; bless you in righteousness for He is the King of righteousness, the King of Salem. In Him proceeds all the righteousness, He is the king of Life, in him proceeds all lives. Remember Acts 17:25 He is the one who gives us life, air and everything in verse 28 of Acts 17, “In Him we live and move and hold our being”. We now enter into the King, in Col 3:3, we are hidden in Christ and Christ is hidden in God.  I hide you in the King today.

I bless your life now. I take you to Rev 22 where He says that in Him there is no curse again, I stand in Zech 8:18 and bless your life so that God will remove all the curses following you.  I stand in Zech 14:11 to decree that He will remove your curses and wash you with Blessings. As this is coming to pass, I take you down to Gen 9 as God is inhaling the aroma of the sacrifice of Noah and that of the sacrifice of Worship. We give to him now, all the curses following you, it will be no more. May God begin to decorate you with blessing, healings health, love, joy, peace, favours and miracles.

King of Miracles

Signs and Wonders will never end in your life; In Ex 34:10 God will bless you with a miracle that has never been recorded anywhere. In Heb 2:4, He will bless you with miracles for He is the King of Miracles. In Mark 16:20, He will bless you with Miracles.  He is the King of your visions and dreams, passion, vocation.  King of this country; King of this Diocese no matter what is happening in Nigeria. Jesus is the invisible and invincible king.  He is the King nobody can pull down. He is the King nobody can impeach. Jesus is the King, He is lifting the banner and victory up as our King, and the Bible calls him Our Banner. As our King, Jesus will take care of you He can handle your condition, every demon bow before him for he is the King of kings. King everywhere, King in the Spiritual, King over ever Asemodeus, Incubus and Acatacus, He is the King over the sickness in your life and what is worrying you. From today, you have to change your mentality, you are a child of the King, You are not a pauper, you are not a beggar, you are going to be a lender. When the question was going on whether He is a king or not, as Pilate and co. were trying to understand whether He is the King and subjected him to interrogation,  the Bible says in John 18:37 Pilate said to Jesus , “Are you a King?” Jesus answered “You speak correctly for I certainly am a King, this is why I was born”.  He was born to be the King.

In John 19:3, the Bible says “Long live to you King of Jews”. Today we join you to tell him Long Live King of Itukwu! Long live King of Mbanabo,! Long Live the King of Awgu! Long Live the King of Enugu State! Long Live the King of Nsukka, Long Live the King of Udenu! Long Live the King of Ebonyi! Long live the King of Anambra! Long Live the King of Abia and Imo; Long Live the King of Igbo! Long live the King of Nigeria!

In John 19: 14 the Bible says “Here is your King”. We are beholding our King. In John 19:21, the Bible says that Pilate was told not to write that Jesus is the King of the Jews but write that he says that he is the King of the Jews, but Pilate said, “What I have written, I have written,” what did Pilate write? JESUS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS. That is what we are celebrating this period. In Matthew 25:31 the Bible says that in the end,  the son of man will decorate Himself and will be surrounded by angels and saints and he will sit on the Throne. In verse 34, the Bible says “the King will say to those at his right hand…” We are talking about the King.

Father we pray for our families right now and make Jesus the King of our families. We lift our hands towards our business premises and wherever we are operating we make Jesus the King all over there.  In the footnote of Sirach 50, he is called “the King of kings.” The Devil shall not be king over your life again. If there is any unholy covenant and bond you put yourself, and subject your life to the authority of what you don’t know, today, you are delivered in to the hands of The King of kings and Lord of lords.

That place you are married, Jesus is the King of that marriage. You single lady, Jesus is the king of your single life, you that are still a bachelor, Jesus is the king of your Bachelorhood. Rev. Fathers and Sisters, Jesus is the King of our vocation. No matter what you are passing through, Jesus can handle it.  From now henceforth, I tell you that wondrous good things are going to begin to happen in your life. What you lack will begin to come. Those things you have been looking for will begin now to look for you.  That thing that would claim your life, this King shall offer to die that you may live. This poverty that is reigning over you shall not reign over you again. Jesus will now be reigning. That spirit of miscarriage will not reign over you again.  Jesus will now begin to reign over you. That sudden death that is at work in your family shall cease as Jesus will now begin to reign. Jesus, May you reign over our lives, over this ministry and over this country Nigeria.


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