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The economic recession facing Nigeria today is not the first in history. It has been experienced in different shades in different nations of the world. Time was when the land of Israel suffered a great recession following the drought that lasted in the land for three years. You could imagine what that meant to the Israelite, untold economic hardship and food scarcity. Did God not see them through that season through the situation using Elijah, the Prophet in the Land?
Nigeria is today faced with a similar situation. Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka the Spiritual Director of adoration Ministry who had last year prophesied the hardship bedeviling the nation today has in his message reproduced here, proffering the spiritual solution to the situation which he says that no one knows how long it will last. The solution is for the children of God to take charge of the situation and have a billionaire mentality.
Read on as the man of God delivers this power-packed and life-changing ministration decreeing thus, “the rain is going to fall for you in the name of Jesus.Begin now to feel like a billionaire. Mighty greater things are coming to you. I can hear the sound of divine abundance.
“There is what we call communicable or contagious anointing. When a man of God is ministering, the flocks catch the unction in him. The flow of the holy oil in the man of God influences the worshippers. If the man of God is a preacher of healing, healing miracles will not lack in that ministry. It is in line with the utterance of the man of God. It is communicable. Elijah communicated rain. He prophesied it. Elijah’s anointing was communicable. Elisha‘s own was communicable. Tell me whom you go with and I will tell you who you are. If you continue to go in the company of a wretched person, it will not take time and you become more wretched. If you go in the company of a buoyant man of God, a rich man, before you know it, you will contact the unction for wealth. It is contagious. May you contact the good things that follow me in Jesus name.May this God that blesses me bless you in Jesus name.
“In 2nd Kings 18, when Elijah sent out his servant, he came back and told him that he saw nothing. Even as a I am preaching now some of you may ask ,’ is father talking about being a billionaire when the country is going down and dollar is rising?’. All these things that are happening will happen for our good. Romans 8:28 says that for them that love God, everything work together for good. Economic recession or no recession, all of them will work out for your own good. You shall see it and testify that this was prophesied. However this country may look like, at the end it will be for the glory of God to the Children of God. In 1st King 18:41, the Holy word says “And Elijah said to Ahab, Go up, eat and drink, for there is the sound of abundance of rain.” By this utterance, Elijah is telling Ahab to begin to feel that the rain is already falling. Elijah wanted Ahab to feel it. You have to feel what is coming. That felling will inculcate in the atmosphere, the vibration that will attract what you are looking for.
“Even as I am speaking now under this divine mandate, I want you to begin to feel like a multi billionaire. Feel it now. Lift your hand and say “I am a billionaire, I am a Holy Ghost billionaire. I am a Jesus billionaire; I am the Elohim’s billionaire. I am the Eljireh’s billionaire. I am happy. Right now I am the happiest man on earth. No matter what, I am feeling like a billionaire. ”
“How do you feel now? What you feel matters. Can you walk now the way you will walk when you become a billionaire? Even the way you answer your phone calls will change. You will stop talking harshly and rashly to people but will be talking slowly and calmly. How do you feel? Your image carriage and your personality will change. There is an Igbo adage that says “Akunaesi obi ike”. There are some flies that can perch beside you when you are wealthy. While others are struggling for bus, you will be walking calmly to your own private vehicle. Feel like a billionaire. At that time some of you will have drivers and you will be at the back signing cheques or reading newspapers or reading the bible. Is the felling giving you joy? Feel happy inside you. Feel like a billionaire now. Feel it, refuse to be wretched. Feel like a billionaire. Confess that you are a Holy Ghost billionaire, you are the Jesus billionaire, and you are the billionaire for the kingdom.
“Listen to this message. I am speaking to your inner man. I am speaking to your DNA molecules. The wealth-creating force in you is the one I am preaching to, not just your ego. There is something in you which when it hears this voice would be re-positioned for your life transformation. Many of you here have been educated by your parents on how poor they have been since you are born. Your parents have been educating you on how poor his parents were and how poor your ancestry has been. They have indoctrinated in you to take it easy because you are of a poor generation and lineage and that you should not follow rich and great people.
“They have brainwashed you that instead of been filled and be in trouble, it better that hunger kills you. I am telling you that hunger will not kill you, you will be filled and not be in trouble. They have been telling you that it is better you become poor and be righteous. I am telling that you can be righteous and still be rich. It is these bad eggs that your parents have laid in you that I have come to break now. How can somebody tell you that this issue of billion and million is not for the real children of God? How can they tell you that because you are born again and have undergone the baptism of the Holy Spirit, you should not be talking about riches? Listen, the moment you undergo that programme of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, is the time you should explode in wealth. This is because the spirit you received is not a spirit of timidity.it is a wealth-creating spirit. It is this power you received that made the prophets of the old rich.
“In 1st Kings 3:9, Solomon prayed for wisdom. Now lift your hands and pray “Father, fill me with wisdom, for I am already feeling like a billionaire. Oh lord, fill me with wisdom. I need your wisdom. Amen”.
“What you did now was exactly what Solomon did. The way you said this was the way Solomon did it. Solomon didn’t do one week or one month prayer and fasting for this. Listen, we are making what is simple too complex. Solomon didn’t bury any cow or goat or cross on the ground to become rich. He didn’t burn any type of candle. No. all he said was a very straightforward prayer, ‘O Lord give me wisdom”. You have done your own prayer now, go on and feel like a billionaire. After you have heard this, your carriage should change because you are no longer the same old person. There is now a difference. 2Cor5:17 says that all in Christ Jesus are new creatures, the old has gone.
“In 2nd Kings 18:42, Ahab believed Elijah and went up to eat and drink. Elijah went up to the Mountain Camel to pray and he bowed himself down upon the earth and put his face between his knees and inVerse 43 he told his servant,go up now (not tomorrow)”. So I command you to go up now. The devil has been pulling you down. God wants you to go up. Go up now. When Elijah told Ahab to go and eat and drink, it is like telling him to go and feel like a billionaire.
“I am putting it inside your mind that you can be a billionaire. The church needs billionaires. Churches praying edifices cannot be built with only ‘Hail Mary’ and ‘Our Father’. We need money. Even the communion we receive, we buy. The bible we read, we buy. The pews we seat on the church, we buy. Evangelical facilities are bought. There is a Pentecostal, whose name is Kenneth Huggins. The day he was doing the anniversary of his ministry, a man and his wife visited him with a brand new Jet and handed the keys to him and told him,’ to continue with the gospel in the whole world, fly to where ever you want, we will be paying the pilot, go ahead with the works of God’.
“Feel like a billionaire. Feel like you are the one giving the key of a jet to the man of God. How can you be in the church and your diocese is begging for money? How can you be in the church and your parish is begging for money? The ministry where you worship is in need of this and that. You are going to be the magnet .Raise up your hands and pray “O lord, make me a magnet, I want to be a mobile magnet. A magnet of soul, magnet of healing, magnet of holiness, magnet of wealth, magnet of prosperity.” Under the power of Holy Ghost anointing, the same God who made Solomon, the richest man on earth, by giving him wisdom which he prayed for, can give you wisdom and wealth because you have prayed like Solomon today. Be wise and wealthy in Jesus name.
“When you leave this place, sit down alone and begin to write down projects you will do for God when you become that billionaire. Don’t tell me that you have no body to help you. How God will connect people, you don’t know. God is going to do the connection. Your own is to believe that he can do it. The Angels are already working for many of you to interconnect you with the environment, personality, situation and what it will take to become the billionaire that you desire. How do you feel now? Feel like a billionaire. Stop thinking of how possible this will be when you don’t have food to eat or even the money to pay house rent. Stop thinking about lack. Stop thinking of what you don’t have. Begin now to think about what God has. When we preach with Philippians 4:19 that my God will supply all my needs abundantly according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. It is not according to your riches or the riches of your mother, or your father or your relatives but according to God’s riches.
“Many Billionaires had no kobo when they started. All their stories are alike. If you meet someone like Aliko Dangote, how he started was rough. Now he is the richest man in Africa at the worth of many billion pounds. He is worth not less than seven billion pounds, not Euro, not naira, not dollars. He is one of the richest men in the world and is now planning on how to buy Arsenal Club. He is somebody like you.
Don’t tell me it is because you didn’t go to school or finish your school. What about Innocent Chukwuma, a.k.a Innoson, of Nnewi. Did he go to University? Did he even go to Secondary School? I don’t know where he stopped. Innoson was not formally educated as many thought. His little elementary knowledge carried him. All you need is anointing for wealth. Anointing makes the difference.
And the Bible says in 1st John 20, you have the anointing. 1st John 2:27 says that the anointing you have received will guide you to all knowledge. That is the anointing for wisdom and anointing for wisdom is the anointing for wealth.
Power to be rich is not acquired from the class room. You need a special favour from God. It is what God alone can do. Deuteronomy 8:18 says when you become rich don’t forget the Lord who has given you the power to be rich. Now Pray to God and say “God, give me the power to be very rich. I want to be very rich so that I can serve you very well. I want to be your servant through my wealth. I want to be a radical evangelist, a radical soul winner with the wealth you have given me .Make me o Lord a multi billionaire and see what I will do for you. I will populate your kingdom and depopulate hell fire with the wealth you have given me in Jesus name. “
Feel like a billionaire. Still talking about this man Innoson, if you have ever visited his motorcycle unit or Keke Napepe unit, you will bow down to God. I don’t want to talk about his car industry, but visit his plastic industry and see for yourself. So begin now to develop the billionaire mentality. Believe that you can be a billionaire. In Philippians 4: 13 Paul says I can do all things in him who strengthens me. Say “I can be a billionaire in Him who strengthens me”
I want you people to begin to go up as Elijah told Ahab. Remember Ahab was a king. This man of God, Elijah was dealing with Kings. The kings of those days fear Elijah. When he roars, the whole universe listens .I need Elijah’s anointing. I love Elijah. I love his servant Elisha.
When the servant of Elijah went up again, Elijah told him to look towards the sea. That wealth that is coming to you shall explode like a sea. And he went up and told Elijah that there is nothing. Elijah told him to go again. Many of you after this message may come back and tell me, ‘Fr Mbaka I saw nothing in my house, there is nothing in my account, there is nothing”. But I tell you, what you say is physically real but spiritually wrong. You are physical correct but spiritually wrong. So don’t tell me you have nothing because you have not seen it. This time around, we are not saying that seeing is believing, but rather believing is seeing.
Don’t tell me there is nothing. That rice is too costly now and that things are hard. Believe the word of God in 2nd Chronicle 20:20, ‘Believe God you will be established, believe the prophet of God and you shall prosper.” If you want to prosper, believe that God can make you a multi billionaire.
So Elijah sent his servant to go again until the servant went the seventh time a saw a little thing like the finger of a man rising from the sea. I could remember the word of God of Zech 4:9 ‘forget you not the day of little beginning” .This great wealth that is coming is going to start in a very little way. This big man you are seeing today was formed by microscopic semen. You need to use a microscope before you can see that little, beyond human concept that formed a man. That big iroko tree, when you see the seed from where it started it looks very little. In job 8:7 the bible says concerning you “though your beginning is small, your latter days will be great”
Today you may tell me that you have nothing in your account, and that you see nothing in your house. I give you another example with some one sitting around us here, Godwin Okolo. In his family, there was a time his mother would not find breakfast, lunch nor supper for them. The next day, they will go to people farm to see if there some leftover of people’s harvest which they can pick. They would go the dustbin and collect cassava wastes and try to peel out some remnants. He couldn’t finish his secondary school very well. But today, Goddy can join me to say “I am feeling like a billionaire”. He went to Ihe boys Secondary School. He is not that intelligent with books but today visit his hotel, it is one of the best in Enugu. Visit his estate, when I went to bless it, at a time everybody that went with me got tired as we moved from one of his estates to another.
“In 2nd Kings 18 :18 When the servant of Elijah told him that he saw something like the finger of a man coming up from the see, he told his servant to go up and tell Ahab, take your chariot and go down so that the rain will not stop you. Remember the background of this message, for three years there was no rain. Nigerian economic recession is still beginning; no one knows how long it will last. Forget about any political promise. If we don’t work hard and if the ruling government does work 100 times harder than what they are doing now, by the end of next year people will stand up and begin to shout.
In verse 45, the bible says in a little while the heaven went black with wind swept cloud and there was a great rain. As all this were happening, Elijah was still on his knees. Please men of God, let us be on our knees so that rain can fall for our people. Men and women of God, our job is a kneeling job, intercessory job, praying job. Elijah was the man standing by the gap. In Ezekiel 22:30 the Bible says that God is looking for a man who will be at the gap between God and his people so that when God wants to destroy the people he could intercede for them. God said he saw nobody and he started destroying people. In this time around, Elijah was there as the gap man for his people. We need a gap man in the family. We need a gap man in the business. We need a gap man in our economy. We need a gap man in our politics. Nigeria right now needs gap men. Because there are lots of troubles that have no solution and more troubles are coming.
In Verse 46 of 2nd Kings 18 , the Bible says that the hand of God was on Elijah. Then Elijah gathered his loins and ran before Ahab to the entrance of Jezrel nearly 20 miles”. May the hand of God be upon you. May the hand of God be upon me. In spite of Elijah’s fasting , he still had the energy to run. So the fact that you are a man God doesn’t mean that you would be fat that you can’t move about. Men of God can run. Elijah was a mile racer. Millionaires can run, billionaires can run. When you become that millionaire, will you still be running? Will you be exercising? There is need for exercise. Are you a billionaire in actus or a billionaire in posse. Physically you may be a billionaire in posse but spiritually you are a billionaire in actus. Feel like a Billionaire.
When you become that billionaire, what will you do for your community? The Bible says that the rain fell heavily. It is the rain of wealth and rain of prosperity of Psalm 118:25. It is going to be an abundance of rain of miracles. Rain of long life of Psalm 91:16. Rain of favour of Psalm 30:5. Catch all these now in Jesus name.
“If God is with you, who can be against you? May be somebody has told you that your destiny has been stolen? That they went to a native doctor and sealed the destiny of your generation that no one in your lineage shall ever prosper. I stand in the prophetic power and decree that from now, people from your lineage shall begin to prosper in Jesus name. I lift the oil of anointing and pour it on the ground where you are making this prayer and decree that you shall prosper. Any hand that is holding your household down should leave it alone now in Jesus name. I stand in Isaiah 10:27 and the Bible says ‘on that day, the Lord will unburden your burdens and will break your yokes by the anointing’. Anointing breaks your yoke. Anointing destroys your yokes. Anointing shatters your yoke. In Psalm 23:5 “He anoints my head with oil”. In Psalm 92:10 “He anoints you with fresh oil”. In Psalm 45:7 the Bible says because of His righteousness, he was anointed with the oil of favour”. You are anointed now with the oil of favour. The Bible says that the rich men will entreat your favour with gifts. In Psalm 30:5 his favour is for you for a life time. God’s favour upon your life, destiny, personality and vocation, is for a life time. You are highly favored. From today you will begin to radiate with joy. You will be joyful in the morning, afternoon, night and midnight.
Decree these words after me “I am a billionaire for the kingdom. I am going to sponsor evangelism with my billions. I am going to hit the international world with the word of God as I sponsor evangelism. I am a personality for God, I am a personality for the Church, I am a personality for Adoration Ministry”.
“Even though you will be poor in the spirit, you are going to be a billionaire for the kingdom. In Genesis
30 :27, something happened there. Laban was the maternal relation that Jacob ran to after he had stolen Esau’s birth right. Jacob started doing very well for Laban and when Jacob told Laban that he wanted to go, Laban told him “If I have found favour in your sight, please I pray you, do not go for I have learnt from experiences and from omen in divinations that the lord has favoured me with blessings on your account”.
“This man Jacob has a contagious favour. Take the anointing now in Jesus name. in Verse 28, Laban told Joseph, state your salary and I will give it”. You are very important from now that when you want to resign from any office, the manager will beg you not to resign. The directors will ask you to name your salary and they will pay so that you wouldn’t resign. They will ask you to name your price, but under this anointing you are priceless because you are now a mobile billionaire. Shake your body and sink it into your subconscious mind that you are now a billionaire. Remember Luke 18:27, even if it is impossible with man, it is not impossible with God. God can do it for you. Remember Job 42:2 “God I know you can do all things and no purpose of yours can be thwarted”. The same God who made Joseph a multi Billionaire can make you a multi billionaire. The same God who made Abraham a multi-billionaire can make you a multi billionaire. Remember Genesis 13:2 the Bible say that God made Abraham exceedingly rich in cattle, in silver, in gold and other things. Remember what the Bible says in Genesis 24:1 that even at his old age God blessed Abraham with everything that is good. You are a child of Abraham, shout Alleluia.
“There is wealth in our generation. Our generation is the generation of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. If you believe this, shout amen. Don’t forget the word on Genesis 26:14 “Isaac owned flocks, herds and great supply of servants and the Philistines envied him “and in verse 16 Abimelech told Isaac to go away from them for Isaac was much mightier that all of them.” Remember that while Isaac was being told to go away because of his prosperity, Jacob was told not to go in his own case.
“Some people are going to envy your wealth. What you will do when you become very rich is to begin to help the poor. Now begin to plan how you will help the poor. How you will build houses for the poor. How you will feed the hungry. Remember Mathew 25, it is by doing that, that Jesus will tell you to come into his kingdom when I was homeless you gave me a home. A poor man cannot build houses for the poor. Be a billionaire to build for yourself and for others. You are taking a risky journey. Remember Ananias and his wife became too wealthy and refused to bring what they had to God. They lied to Peter and they both died. They were the first husband and wife to die in the church where other go to obtain blessings and are healing. So don’t forget God when you become wealthy. Don’t forget the source and how you began. Don’t forget the church, don’t forget Adoration Ministry.
“I don’t know whom you want to resemble as your role model when you become a billionaire. Remember the Bible say that Jesus was very rich but became very poor so that we become very rich. I bless your hands that God will put on them spiritual keys as He gave Peter the key in Mathew 16 that whatever he bound on earth is bound in heaven and whatever he loose on earth is loosed in heaven and the gate of hell shell never prevail against him. No gate of hell shall prevail against you. In your journey to become a multi billionaire, the gate of hell shall not prevail against you. No canker-worm shall destroy your efforts. No grass hopper or locust can attack your blessings. You are born to be wealthy. Joseph even in the prison was in Charge. Go and be in charge and refuse to come down in Jesus name.

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