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UGOCHI IDU from (Nsukka): I am thanking  The God of Adoration who healed me of breast cancer through the use of Rapha Oil, it was some months ago, I noticed this severe pains, I feel around my breast, I went to the hospital and was diagnosed of cancer. I came to Adoration and petitioned the case to God of Adoration, I said God, I have been hearing other peoples’ testimony and its now my turn, to give my own testimony. I bought Adoration Rapha Oil, lo and behold, within one week I used this oil, the severe pains I used to feel disappeared. It was confirmed that the cancer is no more to the glory of God.My phone number is 07069112829


Agbo ceciliaAGBO CECILIA from (Ihealumona-Nsukka): my testimony is on healing, in the year 2012 ending, I started having a very serious bleeding, I went to the hospital at Onitsha, the doctor sent me for a scan,  they diagnosed me of  CERVICAL FIBROID, this became a serious burden, I never relented in coming to adoration programmes, asking God for his divine touch, at a time I said to myself with faith, I don’t know how this  sickness came to be, but all I know is that it will go by the power of God. I kept asking God for his mercy upon my life. During the crusade programme 2012, as others were going on with another prayer points, healing was the only thing I was asking for, this kept happening till the year 2014, when Onitsha zone came for camping, divine healing was still my prayer point,  it became so serious that, if the bleeding starts, it happens as if am miscarrying a baby, this kept happening to the extent that it embarrasses me on the road,  I went to another hospital and met a gynecologist, who booked me for an operation, on the 18th December 2014,  before that date,  I came to Adoration on the last Friday of the month of November 2014, I booked mass for a successful fibroid operation, during the seed sowing time, I went to the stage and noticed that our daddy, Rev. Fr. Mbaka stood and touched everybody that came up the stage that particular night, after I had this touch from God through Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, the severe bleeding disappeared, I started giving the testimony everywhere, till after 7months. Satan became unhappy and the bleeding came back more severe . it happened to me one night and  took me hours to regain consciousness, after that night,  I was directed to another gynecologist, after all diagnoses the doctor said he can’t handle it, he referred me to another gynecologist, the doctor after all diagnoses, took me to the theatre.  The doctor looked at me and exclaimed ah! Ah! What? Am i dreaming?   I prayed and asked God to take control, that it will be a shame to me, if he didn’t bring me out of this problem, because I have told so many people the testimony. I asked God of adoration to take absolute control, within few minutes I entered the theater, I felt pressed and asked the doctor to allow me to ease myself, not knowing that it was the fibroid, I closed my eyes and kept calling upon God of Adoration, few seconds after, the fibroid came out to the glory of God. The doctor proclaimed that my God is a living God. They carried it and put into a container, gave me some injection, I asked them to discharge me, the doctor looked at me and told me that he does not blame me, that I don’t know what happened here, I stayed till evening because the doctor wants to know whether I will bleed again,  and behold since then till this moment, I never experienced the bleeding again… Thank you Jesus…My phone number is 08063452278


chidinmaCHIDIMMA NGWU from (Ukehe-Nsukka): I am thanking God on behalf of this little baby am carrying here, During the 4th month of my pregnancy, the messenger of Satan came to attack me in so many ways,  complications was much, I went to Pauli Clinic, had an ultra- the result came out, I brought the scan result, showed it to Rev. Fr. Mbaka, who looked at, he asked me if I am pregnant, I answered him yes, he stretched his hands and prayed for me, if you  saw me that period, I was just hanging with the pregnancy, I kept suffering this till the 9th month, the delivery day was on 27th of January 2015, I had a serious hard labour for long, till they asked me to pushed, I pushed for more than 1hour, the baby was no longer in the womb, the baby came down to the pelvic and stayed, for hours the baby was still at the pelvic, they wanted to take me to st. Patrick’s, I refused and started calling upon God of Adoration, a voice came to me and asked me to rise up, I rose from the bed, immediately the baby started coming out, the nurses came and brought out my baby to the glory of God. I looked up and down and said chimdaluolu. I named my baby after that; CHIMDALUOLU.My phone number is 08068032530


CHISOM AMANDA ANIAKO from (Nimo-Anambra): 3months ago, I was eating and a piece of bone from the fish choked my throat, I did everything to get relief f but  to no avail, the pains became severe, I went to the hospital and was given   so many drugs, that I was asking them, if all was for me. I decided to come to adoration, because while I was taking all those drugs, there was no  effect. The day I came to Adoration, during the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Rev. Fr. Mbaka was proclaiming healing, I claimed the healing, after the payers that day, pus started coming out from my mouth, I went back to the hospital, they booked me for an operation which I rejected. I came home and told my sister everything. She asked me whether I still believe in the miracles God do through Adoration Rapha oil. I said yes and started using the oil, in the morning before I take anything, I take some drops of the oil, rub some around my neck, meanwhile, my healing started since after that day, I was part of the exposition of the blessed sacrament, here in Adoration ground, while the pus was coming out, the bone will come out and go back again. I kept pouring the oil into my mouth, believing that my healing will be complete, I took the oil again and just opened my mouth, within some minutes, pus came out with full force, together with the bone. If you see this small fish bone, you won’t believe that surgical operation could be the only remedy. Just that the doctors said, it entered a very sensitive part of the throats. I give God of Adoration all the glory, who through Rapha Oil aborted my case of surgical operation… May his name be praised forever.My phone number is 08033138910


UCHE LILIAN from (Orlu – Imo State): I noticed a lump under my armpit, I went to the hospital, after various medical tests that were recommended by medical doctors, I was diagnosed of cancer. To the glory of God, after visiting the Blessed Sacrament and staying in the presence of the Eucharist in tears with faith, praying for divine healing. Lo and behold after praying in the presence of this Eucharistic Jesus, the lump disappeared. I went to the hospital the following week, and the doctors confirmed that the cancer is no more… Praise God!!! My phone number: 07067553303


LINUS OBIANU from (Orlu- Imo State): I came to Adoration with my daughter last year, while going home, we went straight to see my grandmother. After seeing her, I asked one of my brothers that stays with her, to take us home with his bike (okada). As he was taking us home, we got to the road, which joins the people coming from Akwa Ibom and people going towards Orlu, the only thing I could remember as of then, was that the bus hit us face to face. Umu ikuku; if you are from Orlu, that road going towards Akwa Ibom, nobody has ever survived accident there with that Akwa Ibom mass transit, but as God may have it, I was putting on my Adoration t-shirt written on it HAKUNA MATATA; I was the first person that got up, when I got up I saw my brother lying helpless in front of the bus, my daughter under the bus, I brought out my daughter under the bus, in fact my daughter was almost dead, I carried her out, and started calling upon God of Adoration, God of Fr. Mbaka, The God who revives the dead back to life, I know you never fail. Just few minutes I started calling upon God of Adoration, my daughter got revived, opened her eyes and started calling daddy! Daddy! Join me and thank the God of Adoration for me oooo. TEM! TEM!! 4 JESUS…My phone number is 08036966575

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