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The worshipers of Adoration ministry Enugu Nigeria have never had it so good. On Sunday the 11th day of January 2015 after the popular 10am Mass by Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry during which he delivered the homily “the Miracle of Open Heaven.” The Revered priest made an announcement asking those who are less privileged to wait behind. In stating the category of the people he needed, he said, “I mean those who when you give them N100 as gift they will rejoice and praise God”.

After the Sunday mass a large crowd of worshipers stayed behind the church in utter suspense of why the clarion call, some who could guess the disposition of the priests from his magnanimous antecedents knew that something good must be in the offing for them. Their guess was confirmed when the crowd was led to the Parish house at CKP GRA Enugu where a mountainous heap of bags of rice , jumbo tubers of yam and fat broilers Chicken were unveiled. It was to them an open heaven of heavenly manners as of the time of Moses. The crowd formed a queue and began to receive the gifts in turn. Fr. Mbaka prayed for them after the distribution and they dispersed with praises and thanks giving to God. It should be recalled that towards the end of the year, thousands of widows and poor smiled home with similar gifts from the Ministry.

It was indeed a crowded moment to AMEN SuperNews after Fr. Mbaka had distributed over one thousand bags of rice to the less privileged who attended the Sunday service at his parish in GRA Enugu. This was just one of the many acts of charity that Rev. Fr. Mbaka has been associated with over the years. He is immersed to silent acts of charity and this was what endeared him to his millions of followers.

While fielding reactions from some of the beneficiaries of Fr. Mbaka’s charity both at the event and then after on the alleged call for sanction on Fr. Mbaka by the Church hierarchy over his 31st night Message, this is what some of them had to say;

Michael Onu said: “The Church Hierarchy should know that Fr Mbaka delivers three gospel messages every week, that is during his Sunday, Wednesday and Friday programmes. They have not cared to listen to those other messages of salvation, healings and deliverances that run into over one hundred messages every year which are all in video CDs. Why should they hold on to a part of his 31st Night message which did not last up to 30minutes and want to crucify him? There must be more to this call to sanction him than they are making us to believe because jealousy may not be out of it”

A woman who was a victim of Boko Haram disturbance in the north, Madam Mary Egbo said, “When I returned back from Maiduguri owing to the Boko Haram bombings, I had no shelter, I had no house to lay my head. I was an ardent Catholic in my Parish in Maiduguri until my family and I were attacked and we escaped to come home. Non of these Church Leaders could give me shelter but Fr Mbaka, gave us accommodation in Enugu and he is taking care of us, and I tell you there are many of us like that, so if they sanction Fr Mbaka, they should be ready to take care of us”

An elderly looking man , Mr Donatus said, “I was among the thousands of Nigeria that Fr Mbaka saved their lives through his Multi Life Saver’s. I was sick almost to the point of death, I had no money for medical treatment and my wife rushed to the Church and was privileged to see Fr Mbaka, who told them to rush me to annunciation hospital,   I was admitted and treated   there and Fr Mbaka undertook my medical bills.”

In her reaction, Cythia Nwonu says, “I wonder if these Church Leaders know what they are saying. Do they know the number of Nigerians that are feeding today out of Fr Mbaka’s good will? I bet you they are in millions. Take for instance the number of distributors of the Adoration products like Rapha Extra Virgin Oil, Fr Mbaka’s music and messages, Prayer books and so on. How many of the so called Church leaders can feed the people outside those living in their Parishes?

Hillary Agbo said: “I think the Church Leaders are not trying to cause crisis in the church. I bet you if the kind of human population I saw at 31st Night should revolt against them, I tell you the Catholic church in Nigeria will shake.”

“Are they crucifying Fr Mbaka because he said the truth? See me now I am about 50 years. No wife, no child all because I am jobless after school. He said, there is unemployment, oya those who say he is lying, let them show me the job , so that I will get employed,” Emmanuel Ugwuja Lamented.

“Look, Adoration ministry Enugu is Nigeria’s pilgrimage center; it is catholic alternative to Pentecostal church, because a lot of miracles happen there so Catholics from across the country and beyond flock there. I see that ministry as a pride of the Catholic Church but it appears some Church leaders are blind to this fact,” Chibuike Obanaka said.

Besides the above few reactions from people, in the over 18 editions of AMEN SuperNews paper, there are innumerable verifiable testimonies of people who are testifying of what God did for them through Fr Mbaka. This ranges from the dead coming back to life, cancer and tumor patients getting their healings after his ministration, the blind seeing, the dumb speaking, the lame walking, the barren conceiving and giving birth to twins, triplets and even quadruplet, etc. Lucky enough, the names, phone numbers and address of these testifiers are always written underneath their testimonies for any doubting Thomas to call them and verify their reality. While we are doubting that God had given different gifts to his different servants according to his will, we make haste to ask if the church Leaders threatening sanction on Fr Mbaka have the same gift that God has given him to continue the work God is using him to do when they sanction him?

Furthermore, the smallest indivisible currency of Nigeria as at today is N5. This currency had gone out of circulation in almost all parts of Nigeria but in the South East especially in Enugu state where a sachet of Aqua Rapha water, Fr Mbaka’s brains child sell for N5. Have the Nigerian Church leaders clamoring for his sanction ever paused to imagine what would have been the fate of many poor Nigerians if the price of sachet water, such essential need of man is hiked like in other parts of this divide? Obviously, many indigent Nigerians especially in South East would have long died of water born diseases from contaminated water but for that singular product which price remained stable at N5 despite the rise and fall of Nigerian currency.

Need we talk of indigent students, under Fr Mbaka’s scholarship in all levels of the Educational system in Nigeria and overseas? To say that the number is over 5000 students may be an understatement. Fr Mbaka is one priest who could stay at a point and continue to issue out school fees cheques to students until he exhausts a whole cheque booklet. This has happened under our watch many a time and the beneficiaries are there for anyone to confirm this. He has no attachment to material wealth which God has blessed him with. His major source of wealth is not from the worshipers’ offertory (as about eight percent of adoration worshipers among are the poor). His music albums that sell in millions of copies are his major source of wealth. At one time he had described himself as a postmaster whose job is to look at the address on any material parcel in his hand and deliver it to the owner. Have the Church Leaders in Nigeria procured enough bank cheques to issue to these students or enough handkerchiefs to wipe their tears if they should sanction Fr. Mbaka? They should not kill the hen that lays the golden egg.

People may say that Fr. Mbaka is supporting Buhari against Jonathan but a closer look at the person of Fr. Mbaka will   tell you that if the same Buhari should climb the seat of power and oppresses the poor or the Church, Fr Mbaka will be the first Nigerian priest to cast the first stone at him. Listening to the message of 31st night, it is obvious that he was more concerned with the insecurity in the North East Nigeria which has diminishes the Church than anything else.   The bloodshed of Christians in the Northern Nigeria is a thing of worry even to Pope Francis himself who had to make it one of his prayer points at the Vatican on the last Charismas day, just a week before Fr Mbak’s obsession on the same point.     It is out of his quest for a solution that he posed Buhari as an alternative since the situation obviously could not be contained by Jonathan. Now, is it not ironical that the same Church he is protecting should rise to call for his sanction? One would have expected the Catholic Church Hierarchy in Nigeria to protect this egg of theirs by coming up with a position that no one should victimize him for upholding the truth even if they had to state that he was not speaking for the church (which of cause he never claimed) . He neither preached against the Church nor its hierarchy, but against corruption, insecurity and irresponsive leadership of President Jonathan in Nigeria. Why are the Church leaders crying more than the bereaved?

Many Nigerians like us are already sharing the sentiment that the call for Fr Mbaka’s sanction may have a political under tune. This is because all the while he was supporting President Jonathan, praying for him and telling his flock to support him, the church hierarchy was silent only to call for his sanction when he cross-carpeted to the other side of the divide as the Holy Spirit led him.

It beats our imagination when some Church leaders begin to say that it is not the Holy Spirit that is leading Fr. Mbaka. One may begin to ask, was it not the same Church Hierarchy whose authority was exercised by late Bishop Eneja that Ordained Fr. Mbaka a Catholic priest? Or they telling us that the Spirit at work in him which the Church gave him at his Ordination is anything else but holy?   Nomo dat quad non habet.

It is our belief that the relationship between the Church Hierarchy and the Laity is like that of the Shepherd and the Sheep. While the sheep knows the shepherd and follows him, the shepherd hears the cry of the sheep and rescues them. Here the sheep are crying , let the shepherd respond.

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  1. Fr camillus is a mystery to dis generation,I’m nt speakn as his close friend,Nigeria shld thnk God 4 havin him,de catholic church cn be proud sm of their rising priests hs taken after fr mbaka,bcos he hs set de clamour 4 his suspension is frm occultic ranks,as ever de Adoration God ll protect nd defend Mbaka,dnt be discouraged 4 God is ur power.Ride on Fr.Mbaka!

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