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Buhari’s Victory in the Presidential Poll is a fulfilment of Fr. Mbaka’s 2015 Nation-Quaking Message and proof that God is real in Adoration Ministry
Ministry Enugu Nigeria, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka to the declaration of General Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd) as the President-elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is no doubt what every Tom, Dick and Harry in the world wants to hear. This is on the backdrop of his 31st December Night Prophecy when he released a nation-quaking message from the Oracle of the Holy Spirit that the incumbent president Jonathan shall not win the 2015 Presidential polls and rather prophesied victory for Buhari. Given the seeming impossible situation of things at that time (with power of incumbency, the media and all campaign apparatus in being at Jonathan’s disposal) many doubted that message.
Fr. Mbaka was attacked, blackmailed, cajoled, challenged, accused of receiving bribe; many called for his sanction and sack from priesthood, others called for the close down of adoration ministry. His life was threatened, some “Adorers”, his friends and colleagues deserted him, self imposed musicians maligned him with ridiculous songs of “Mbaka Why” calling him a fake prophet. In the midst of this, many true Adorers all had their share of the scorn and attack and they rose in defense of their faith, Fr Mbaka and the Ministry. In all this, Fr Mbaka was silent like a lamb about to be slaughtered yet he never relented in his conviction and confidence that his prophesy will come true as he maintained his words in the midst of the storm.
When at the early hours of 1st April 2015, the news of Gen Buhari’s victory at the March 28th Presidential polls was declared, the Christ the King Parish compound GRA Enugu could not contain the ground-sinking crowd of worshipers that converged for the Wednesday “E no dey Again” Programme of the Ministry. It was a mixed crowd of true adorers singing the song of vindication, doubting Thomases that still wallow in their doubts and needed to confirm the news and interlopers who had come to hear what Fr Mbaka had to say. Fr Mbaka overwhelmed with the burden he had to bear on his prophetic calling spoke with tears of joy that at a point he knelt down before the altar buried his face on the ground and wept.
In this exclusive message, Fr Mbaka speaks with tears of joy as God vindicated him in the end. He spoke on a number of interesting issues. How he reacted to Buhari’ Victory, the saga of Jonathan’s pigeon that could not fly and the place of the use of pigeons in the Catholic liturgy, his message to those who attacked him at the rage of the controversies of his message, what his antagonists intended to achieve, the state of the national malady, what informed his preference for Buhari, what really is Fr. Mbaka’s passion and true nature, his hope and expectations for the poor masses and his prayers for Buhari. These are all issues that the world is itching to hear at this point in time. Here are the excerpts of all he had to say on these points:

“A man has become pregnant in Nigeria, the palm leaves are bearing riped bunch of palm fruits, the cooked yam has germinated in Nigerian soil, the impossible has become possible in Nigeria, by the power of the Holy Sprit’s I’m happy, join me and dance.
“Is there anyone who didn’t hear how it happened? It was raging and reigning, “Kill Fr Mbaka”, “Sanction Him”, “Mbaka why! Mbaka why!” You can now see the “why”. God has answered for me (Chukwu a saa Okwu). God said that his son shall not be put to shame. My God said that I shall not be put to shame. Ooooo! It is God who did it. May God be praised? May Allah be praised? We are here praising God, we glorify the Holy Spirit of God on the same altar where we knelt and pleaded that He will answer us. God has answered us, to him be the Glory.
“For the sake of the crying poor masses of this country, God has answered us. To Him be all the glory, adoration, worship and honour both now and forever more. Psalm 47:1 says clap your hands to the Lord all you people. Thank you Jesus. Father we magnify your name. Amen. Tem Tem Tem Tem Tem tem tem tem tem tem Jesus!

He said: “By the time I told them that Jonathan’s pigeon could not fly, they doubted me. I said it, I cry it aloud that the pigeon couldn’t fly; the world heard my voice that the dove could not fly. Any time a church is being consecrated Pigeons are flown; it is in the liturgy of the Catholic church. The church flies pigeons in a lot of solemn occasions. This is for the benefit of the doubt of those who are asking when Catholic Church started flying pigeon. We don’t do it occultically and we do not worship pigeons, it is only in ceremonial activities. When the pigeon was lifted to fly for Jonathan it refused to fly, it was the healthiest of the pigeons which was used to symbolize how he will fare. It refused to fly and something happened to that pigeon after sometime. I will not tell you that now.
“God uses symbols; it is a church of symbols. When you don’t understand symbols you keep quite. Why ask Moses, why should he use his staff to strike the red sea before it divided. He should have used his hand instead of a stick? God uses various methodologies to teach us lessons. If he decides to use a ram, he will use a ram and come like a lamb. If he wants to come like a lion, he comes like lion. If he wants to use a stone he would do it. Who are you to dictate for God what He does? If he wants to use the antelope, he can use it, he is an omniscient God. Those who attacked me that I said that Jonathan’s pigeon could not fly and are waiting for him to win, now the election is over, has the pigeon flown now? I don’t know why those who call themselves Christians don’t even believe in the power of the Holy Spirit.
“In the traditional religion, if a native doctor tells a person to do this, the person will do it; they believe on what the native doctors and fortune teller tell them. We acclaim every Sunday “I believe in One God,” yet we do not believe. Occult people believe their grand masters more than Christians believe in Christ Jesus and Holy Spirit. We are only looking for what to eat and drink and at this subsistent living, we cannot think, we cannot be creative, we cannot reason.

He said, “In Ez 33:33 a time in the prophetic history of Ezekiel that people were doubting the authenticity and the orthodoxy, reality of his prophetic claims. Ezekiel answered them in Ezekiel 33:33 and said “ when this comes to pass , surely it will come, then they will know that a prophet has been among them.” I am quoting Ezekiel.
“Somebody told the world that he is speaking what the Holy Spirit told him. People started talking nonsense and the Bible says in Psalm 2, why are the nations roaring? Why are they taking counsel against the Lord’s anointed? The Lord in heaven is laughing at them.
“Somebody told you that the Holy Spirit told him. What is your problem? So the Holy Spirit has stopped talking or existing? Or has the Holy Spirit died in the Church? Is that what people wanted to prove? The Word is in Ez 33:33. When this word comes to pass, you will know there is a prophet in this land.
“God takes all praises. Left to men and their thinking and plans we would have been put to shame. But God has said it well in Isaiah 50:7-9, for the Lord God will help me. He will also help you. God has helped Adoration Ministry. Those who said they will show us pepper when they win, the heaven has answered their threats. Chinasa okwu. Chineke asagoro Fr. Mbaka Okwu. Shashwa ya. And the bible says, “therefore I will not be put to shame’. This adoration Ministry that belongs to Holy Roman and Apostolic Church shall not and will never be put to shame.
“I am happy announcing the victory of God with unalloyed joy that is undiluted, with joy that is apolitical, with joy that has no contamination, with joy that is celestial; I am talking about divine chara and macharious. The joy of the Lord that is my strength, I can now widely tell everybody that God is real in Adoration Ministry. Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigerian God is real. Who can doubt it again.
“We are here to give praises to God who has done it well. In Mark 7 he has done all things well. The mouth that accused us are now talking for us, our enemies have now been put to shame.
“All those who disrespected the man of God, all those who accused the messenger of God, I only have this word for them – father forgive them for they know not what they are doing. Next time when God roars from His sanctuary, people can now listen. The Swag of the Holy Spirit is touching the ground now. Oooo! the swag of the Holy Spirit!
“In Isaiah 50: 7, 9, the Bible says, “He is near who justifies me. Who will contend with me? Who is my enemy? Let him come near me? Surely the Lord God will help me”, Has God not helped us?
All I am trying to tell whoever will challenge the Prophetic word of God next time is, let that person pray well and hear from God before he begins to attack what God has said. If you don’t have that type of gift, operate in the type of gift you have. Everybody is gifted, discover your own and use it. You don’t know where I come from. So better mind your business.
“All those clamouring that I should be killed and sanctioned now that this prophesies has being fulfilled what shall we do? God has been consistent in the midst of the turbulence, trial, whirlwind and volcanic type of attack on my life. God is firm that there is going to be a change. God is firm that Buhari is going to take over. Has he not taken over now? God is wonderful. There is no prophecy made in this ministry that has never been fulfilled. Even the case of so called Chimaroke Saga, had it not been that I was compelled by the church of the time to celebrate a mass of forgiveness for him, which I did in obedience, by now, Chimaroke would have been a past tense . The Bishop called me and gave it to me as an order, to celebrate a mass of forgiveness for him, and in obedience I did so. All those wagging their tongue about what I prophesied about Chimaroke, what do you know? Do you know what transpired in secret? I have not come to explain anything to the world; I have come to tell the world that God has vindicated me. Simple.
“All those who are wagging their tongues, calling my name here and there, you can now see that God sent me. You can now see that Jesus is behind me and with me and in me. You can now see that the Holy Spirit is dynamically using me, sending me and prophesying through me. I am happy, God has exalted himself.
“Is 50:9 says surely the Lord will help me, who will condemn me? Indeed they will all grow old like a garment. The moth will eat them up .
“Listen my people, in one of the sessions during the battle time, I was telling you that this is like a battle line drawn between the prophets of Baal and one Elijah alone with God. Others were condemning Elijah and Elijah told them ‘let us know whose God is God, the God who answered by fire, let him be the God’.
“Even in the midst of all the manipulations, like what they did in Enugu here, it was a caricature of democratic election. I don’t want to talk about it. If they were real in Enugu they will see a shock, if they were real in Ebonyi, they would have seen another shocker, if they were real in Imo, they would have seen another hot shock. I don’t want to talk further. But that proves how God works, even when you bring water, as it was in the case of Elijah, it will catch fire once God is involved. Let them score Buhari zero even in the Northern part of Nigeria, he will still win because the hand of God is in the whole programme. It is not man-made, it is not Fr. Mbaka’s issue, it is God in action in Nigeria.
“The Lord who answereth by fire in the days of Elijah is still answering miraculously in the time of Fr Mbaka. I am praising the God whom I serve. I am now boasting with my God.
“Yea, God said that his son shall not be put to public shame. They have designed and perfected their plans on how they will close Adoration Ministry, and do this and that to me because I said that Jonathan will not win. Has Jonathan won now? (Chorus, “No”).The God of Elijah will never fail Elijah. He is unchangeable God of Job 23:13, the almighty who changeth not. He is the unchangeable Jesus of Heb 13: 8- The same yesterday, today and forever.
“They were asking me to keep quite. In Job 13:19 Job said something that touched me. He Said, If I will close my mouth, I will perish”. The Heavens told me to speak, (Eligwe si m speakbe, uwa a si m mechie onu ).

He said, “I want to tell those who want to play down the power of God to begin to organize themselves, people wanted to promote Apostasy and Idolatry. They wanted to diminish the power of God in the Church, they wanted to diminish the priests to nonentity so that the priests would not have a say again. We saw the gathering of people who do not respect God. When he said in Psalm 105:15, “Touch not my prophet and my anointed do no harm”. I am not begging those who are planning to assassinate me, God is there for me. If God could remove an incumbent President in the History of Africa by the Power of God because of the cry of the poor masses, the hopelessness of the jobless, our fallen economy which is now expelling the foreign expatriates, what else is impossible for God?

He continued: “Our power sector is in sorry situation, even the power Holding Company is today buying and using generators too . Tell me what we the commoners would do? The Oil sector is not doing well. Naira is dead or in a coma and trying to enter into mortuary. Our Naira is in intensive Care unit. Our youths are moving up and down in idleness and the government of the day is not asking for what they shall do for the youths. Parents are continually taking care of their children even after graduation. Go to the market and price one foodstuff.
“They are saying that Buhari is from the North. Do we not eat carrot from the North? Do we not eat Cow from the North? Do we not eat yam from the North? I love my Northern brethren.
“They said they will provide the Chibok girls by March 28, where are the Chibok girls? You can not fool God. Put yourself in the condition of these girls’ parents. You wake up one morning and don’t see your daughter(s). Day after day, you don’t know whether your daughter is under a constant rape or whether she has even been used for ritual or whether she is married to one idiot. Do you know the traumatic aspect of this condition? People from nowhere enter the country killing the people even in the Church. What happened in Madala was a case. Even in Kano it was a Mosque that was bombed. They kill the Hausas as they kill the Igbos, they kill the Christians as they kill the Moslems. People are running helter-skelter. Poor masses are getting poorer and poorer while the so called politicians who do not have a shop, nor business center are getting billions and billions. This is some one that has nothing doing. Is it not high time you became wise?
“They will tell you that they are representing you in the Legislature and they will be eating all that is due for you. They like the proverbial tortoise would say that their name is “All of you”
“We will be here praying and carrying the Blessed Sacrament, you will be seeing the lame walking; the blind seeing, severally the dead has been raised back to life here by the power of God, is it now impossible for God who could raise the dead here to remove a sitting president? Who is the president? God is the Almighty. Anybody who will not take interest in taking care of the poor will be in trouble. Even if Buhari goes up to that seat and stop taking care of the poor, he will be in trouble.
“How can we be celebrating Hooliganism in Nigeria? A country where hooliganism is being celebrated and incensed, robbery and embezzlement is being celebrated. People will be looting our economy and nobody will be asking them questions. A certified political thief will have police men and military men around him guarding his ill gotten wealth from our Country. And everybody in their impoverishment is clapping for them and saying it is God’s will. It is not God’s will, rather it is the will of our hooligan Leaders. In 3rd John 2, the will of God is that you shall prosper and be of good health even as your soul prospers. In Deut 28:12, the will of God is that you shall be a lender and not a borrower. Amen.
“Where corruption prevails, immorality triumphs, where joblessness prevails, immorality triumphs. How can people be carrying our funds and be buying building abroad when the real owners of this money have no jobs. Is that not wickedness? That was why we prayed, because as the Igbo adage goes, oke efi dobie, oke mmadu achuba ya (When a big cow breaks its rope and runs away, a big person who can run after it and tether it will be looked for).

He explained, “In the midst of quantum of corruption in Nigeria we are looking for somebody whom we think can provide the panacea and elixir and our mind ran to one man who had done it sometime ago- Buhari. He has done it before. I presented his name to God on my altar. I don’t care what people are talking about. It is one of the ordeals of a prophet, you must be blackmailed, you must be misunderstood, you must be attacked. But at the end your word will always come through. We must continue to win.
Zechariah 9:9 says “Daughters of Zion rejoice, for your King is coming home, triumphantly and victoriously”. We are thanking God. I equally use this opportunity to thank all of you who were beside me in these times of trials. In those time of “Sack him”, “Close Adoration Ministry”, “Mbaka why”. All because I said that the Holy Spirit told me something. Whether you like it or not, whether you believe it or not, the Holy Spirit must keep speaking. He is a Person, He is a Being, He must be talking. If you cannot hear his voice, that one is your own problem. If for example I do not understand German Language, is it a problem of the Germans? If I don’t understand Yoruba language, is it the Yoruba problem? It is not my problem. If I don’t understand Hausa Language, it is my problem. If an Hausa man doesn’t understand Igbo language, it is his problem. So if you cannot understand the Language of the Holy Spirit, it is your own problem.

He revealed, “It is more shameful when the people in the Church who should be respecting the voice of God are attacking the voice of God. The Holy Spirit has put them to shame. Amen. They are beaten all over. To many who said, it is not possible, in Mathew 19:26, God has proved that it is possible. In Jer 23:17 God has proved that it is possible. In Mark 10:27, God has proved that it is possible. Listen to me my people when God wants to perform any miracle he raises instrument for the miracle. Whether I like it or not, I see myself being used by God. Even when I do not want to speak for the poor, I see myself talking for them. The passion is overwhelming, it is uncontrollable. Passion for the need, I can never abandon the poor. I am in a covenant for the poor. I am in a vow for the needy. I am in a vow for the suffering people. I cannot see a suffering or crying person and I will pass by.
“It is not in my nature, it is not in my character, it is not in my habit, it is not in my genetic coding, it is not in my call. It is not in my destiny so if you are trying to cow me down you are simply wasting your time. Anybody who want to dam a moving ocean is just wasting his time because the ocean will drown you.
“I know many will hear this message and it will prick them, let them hear it, the topic is Chim a saa Okwu. Chukwu a sara m Okwu. Chukwu Adoration a sara m Okwu.

He surmised , “What happened at the early hours of 1st April when the result of the Presidential election was announced was to tell you that poor masses are happy. The streets were filled with poor masses in jubilation, while the rich men went into their shells.
“1st of April, Nigeria has gotten a new wind. There is now a trumpet blast that there is war against corruption. There is war against Unemployment. There is war against Insurgency, war against homo homo lubus (man becoming a wolf to another man). It is a battle for the poor masses, the Talakiwas. God has come to fight for the poor. God of the poor, we thank you, we praise you, we adore you.
“We only pray that God will give Buhari our new president, the wisdom, the supernatural sagacity, the courage, brevity and boldness and anointing to be the leader after God’s own heart. I am only praying that God will use this man, Buhari to turn our conditions around. And I pray that he will not surround himself with hawks and vultures. If God could use a stick to divide the red sea, he can use Buhari to Buharinize Nigeria. I am happy. Our antagonists are now ashamed.
“Buhari is coming not as a Muslim leader; he is coming as a Nigerian leader. He is not coming to acquire money for himself; he is not coming for embezzlement. I pray the God will give him what it will take to drive Nigeria to a level we can say that Nigeria is good. A level our youths will not be running out to Europe to be doing ugly business that would land them in prisons, Running down to Brazil and Asian countries and ending up in prisons. Our youths who are now into harlotry and all sorts of immorality are doing so because of bad leadership. Bad leadership is worse than cancer. Bad leadership is like Ebola. I told you in 31st night that this God who saved Nigeria from the hand of Ebola will save us from this situation. Has He not done it? Everything said in that 31st night has come to be made manifest. Chukwu a sara m Okwu.
“When they tell me that Buhari is already an old man, I told them that when there are a million rats in a house, the mew cry of an old Cat is enough to put them on the run. As I am talking with you now, some of our corrupt politicians are already on the run and now at the airport to fly overseas. As the proverb goes, those who offended the clouds are always afraid of the thunder.
“Their campaign slogan against Buhari was “Do you want somebody who will put you to the jail?” Are the poor masses not inside the jail? Some one will steal N10 and will be in jail, and another steal N10, billion and will be protected with police men and army, inhumanity of man to his fellow man . I am speaking on the platform of Salus Animarum , salvation of Souls. Whatever that will endanger the salvation of souls, I will preach against it. Anything that will militate and decimate the image of God in man, the ecclesia and the glory of the Church, I will preach against it.
“Let them all go and work and stop roaming about in Aso Rock, the time for settling A and B is ended, let them disperse because a great thing has happened, a big masquerade has appeared; see Ronaldo in the pitch now, see Messy in the Pitch , See Hazard, Lampard. That rat that will hear the cry of a cat and stay back because it is the mew of an old cat, should not blame me for whatever happened to it. Go and tell all the mice that are around now to respect God now.
“When somebody is speaking for the poor, those who are benefiting from the rich must be attacking the person. The Heavens have removed their mouth from the breast they are sucking. A man has become pregnant in Nigeria, the palm leaves are bearing ripped bunch of palm fruits, the cooked yam has germinated in Nigerian soil, and they are now on the run. We join Shedrach Meshach and Abednego, the three great generals that were accused falsely and put inside the fire in Daniel 3 (Read from Jerusalem Bible) to sing the song of Azariah in Praise to God.

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  1. I do love this platform…I am so happy for the God of adoration ministry….chi na asa okwu and I and my family will always be greatful to all the miracles and prophecies. Tem for Jesus!

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