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As the nation celebrates its 54 years of Independence this month, the state of the nation since its independence in 1960 and especially in the current democratic dispensation, calls for sober reflection. AMEN Super News was privileged to be with the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka, as he bares his mind on the state of Nigerian nation in the hands of its leaders especially the Governors and Politicians as he gave a message of hope to the unemployed, the barren and the poor with stunning biblical references.

The Bible says in Isaiah 55 8-9 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are my ways your ways”. In John 14:6, Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the Life” and here in Isaiah 55:8, the Lord says, “My ways are not your ways.” In Verse 9 of Isaiah 55 the Book of Life says, “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts”.  God’s way is higher than human ways; God’s thought is higher than human thoughts.  It is not what you are thinking that God is thinking.  He is thinking good for you.

“Child of God, stop killing yourself with thoughts of the situation of things in this country.  God has plans for you; you are a project in the hands of God. God is never known for an abandoned project. We are prophesying upon you at this time in this short message that God has a good plan for you. In Isaiah 49:15, God says, “Can a mother forget her child? Even if a mother can forget, I will never forget you.” God is planning something for you; something wonderful and something miraculous. I am claiming the plan of God for your lives.  No matter how bad things are now, when the plans of God upon you begin to unfold, you will have miracles for testimonies.

“In His words in Matthew 20, when he was paying labourers their wages, there were some employed by 6am, he employed some  by 10am, he employed some by 12noon and some by 4pm, 6pm and 7pm, but he paid every one equal wage. Those that were employed earlier asked Him “why are you paying these people the same amount as you are paying us?” But Jesus told them in Matthew 20:15, am I not permitted to do what I like with what I have?” Today God is going to do for you something great with what he has. Nobody is going to control the giving hand of God for you. I can see and envision God giving you something today. Stretch your hand, God is giving you something today. I don’t care what your situation is now, whether you are employed or not even employed at all, whether you are barren or poor. But I know He is giving you something. God has a plan for you.


Unemployment in Nigeria is part of what we celebrate in this country today. The Government has failed us in this regard. I am blessing the unemployed today. I am claiming the miracle of employment for them. Let the unemployed be employed. Let the jobless have jobs now. You are going to be rewarded by God greatly. In due time, God is going to reward you. Today many people are going to receive the auction for employment. There is something that will happen in heaven and something will happen on this earth. There is something that will happen in heaven and a beggar will become a lender in this world. This world turns around. Those that are employed may be boasting for you that they are already building houses here and there that they are already married and their wives had begotten for them four children, three boys and a girl. You don’t know that God has a plan for you. What no human knows is in the mind of God about you, but I know that God has a plan for you.

“Many of you graduated from Higher Institutions many years ago, there is no job. You have prayed up and down carrying certificates up and down for years that you have almost forgotten what you learnt in the school. There is no Job

“The Government of the day has no plan about the people they are leading; forget about this deception that they are constructing roads, doing this and that. That is rubbish. They are constructing roads and not human beings.

“The same government encouraged everybody to come and be learned. People left the rural areas and came into the urban. There is now urbanization and a desertion of the rural areas. Parents that are giving birth to children and they have no plan for their children, is it a good thing?  Graduates are roaming everywhere. Some of them are intelligent and smart engineers. By the time these boys and girls will begin to use their ingenuity in evil. this country will turn upside down. All the things that are happening now are still ABC; we have not yet gotten to D and F. When these young people will stay in their rooms and use computer to steal all the money in the bank. They will study the banking codes of this country and close the whole bank in one day.

“We are talking about Boko Haram, but I say it again, something worse than Boko Haram will emerge if the Government of the day has no plan for employment. God is an employer. In Matthew 20, he gave us a sample. He continued to employ from morning till night.

“How many people has each Governor of this Country employed in his tenure after eight years of administration? What a shame? I say what a shame? Shame to our Governors! I say shame to our Governors. I know after this, they will run to the Bishops and say that Mbaka is insulting them. Let them go, the word is S.H.A.M.E. There is an extent you will call one’s name and one becomes used to it. Those who are complaining should remember that at my ordination, I was ordained a priest, a prophet and a king. My mission on this earth is not only to be a priest. So to the Governors, Shame! How many billions are being amassed by each of them?  Even the one you said is a wonderful Governor should attract some modicum of shame.


“The Church will be doomed if it enters into unhealthy fraternity with the government. The leaders will socialize our spirituality and destroy our social spirituality. The church is not a social structure; it is a supernatural entity. The Bible says in Matthew 20 that Jesus started to employ people in the morning, afternoon and when he came in the evening he saw the people that are idle and employed them because an idle hand is the devil’s workshop. In Mark 6:37, the Bible says “you give them something to eat yourselves” in Matthew 15:16 he says you give them something to eat. Look at what happened in John 21:15, Jesus told Peter “feed my sheep”, in verse 16, “Shepherd my sheep,” in verse 17 “feed my sheep”.

These our Leaders are they feeding us? Many employed people in the so called Government employment are still being owed. Many retired people have not been getting their pensions. How can the government refuse to pay the old ones their pension which of course they would use to buy the drugs for their arthritis? When I talk they would say that Mbaka said this or that. Let them do their job as people in Government let me do mine as a Prophet.  If you want to be Mbaka, come and be Mbaka, but if you are not Mbaka, keep your mouth shut. If you are a priest, say what you will, if you are a Bishop say your own, leave Mbaka alone. My name is not yours, I don’t want to be a Bishop and I will not be a Bishop.

“The issue is that the people we are tending to are roaming about like sheep without a shepherd. The shepherds are not doing their works. We are not doing our works. We should give you people something to eat. In Matthew 14ff, the Apostles told Jesus, “dismiss them let them go, they have been hungry for three days now so that they will not fall on their way” Jesus told them,” No, you give them something to eat yourselves”

It is this Church of Christ that we are still in on this earth. How can someone utilize the opportunity God gave him  to lift people up and amass public funds in the name of Governor, Senator, House of Rep Member, and Local Government Chairman? As they are finishing one structure at zoo, and Liberty,  they will go to Goshen and build. When you go to Anambara, this the way they are building here and there.


“Our Politicians are swindlers and have no plans for Nigeria. They are building hotels up and down, which shows our leaders are visionless, blind leaders. Listen, if you count yourself among them, you shall be counted among them. If our leaders have the spirit of God and human hearts, they would know that you cannot eat public funds scot free. It is a matter of time for any one that eats public funds. You will either defecate it through your anus or you will vomit it through your mouth. One of this must happen or you will be defecating it and vomiting it at the same time.

A time will come when the Children of those who embezzled public funds will be useless. How can one answer a billionaire with the money meant to help the poor? What is the extent of their so called road construction? How much are they stealing?

Listen, this is not the one they will say I should go and apologize. Anyone who says I should apologize is giving himself headache because in the apology, I will say something worse than this. What I am saying is that it is not good to maltreat the poor. We have thousands and millions of graduates and they are all unemployed, beautiful ladies and handsome men that can develop this country.

Even the Agricultural sector, if our politicians can use all the money they are swindling to live in opulence and invest in that area, the country will be better of for it . Each Governor is a multi Billionaire. How many of them had up to Twenty Million in their account before they became Governors?. Now all of them are billionaires; we have forgotten that a Governor is a salaried man, a public servant. They are building Missions that they will not make use of with public funds. The funny thing is that no one knows when he or she will die. Stop playing God. Don’t think that because you are in that seat today, you shall be there forever. King Nebuchadnezzar was in his throne and went into the bush and ate grasses. If some of these our Governors, Senators, House of Rep members, President, Local Government Chairmen, both past and present are not careful, in future what happened to Nebuchadnezzar will happen to them.


“Listen, it is a matter of time. God’s ways are not our ways. All He will say is in Luke 4:18, the Bible says that the Spirit of God is upon me, he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. God doesn’t joke with His poor people. God is crying because of the deplorable, hopeless, miserable and wretched conditions of the poor masses. To eat today in some families is an odious task. And many politicians are busy starving the poor masses so that they will be used as political thugs during election. Instead of giving them employment and finding for them something to eat, they are using them negatively.

“They have intimidated us, intimidated the pastors of the church that nobody can talk. If you talk too much, they will not create the road that leads to your abode. Nonsense.  All I want to tell Nigerians is that the world turns around. If you are the one that they are training with stolen funds meant for the poor masses, it is a matter of time. Why must you use a woman for a sexual purpose before you give her a job? Don’t you know that woman is somebody’s wife? If your own wife is being used by another man, will you be happy? I know that this message will cause trouble when it enters the You-tube. Those that know the road to the house of the Bishops should also look for the way to Pope’s house. All I am saying is shame to all the Politicians that are maltreating the poor and refuse to give them employment. Before you even get to the Bishop’s house, this message would have gone round the world.


Our Leaders are building hotels here and there so that prostitution will increase in the society. The seeds of immorality are being planted in our society today. You may not know what I am talking about until in the future. Many years ago when I was talking about the North saying that I saw blood in the Northern part of this Country and that our people there should come back, I cried that morning. You don’t see what I am seeing. So keep your mouth shut and talk to the extent you know. God has called us for different purposes. Amos is not Jeremiah, Jeremiah is not Isaiah. Even there was the Ezekiel that was seeing the vision of dry bone coming back to life.  Ezekiel is not Isaiah. A burning flame had to enter Isaiah’s mouth before he started prophesying.  Jeremiah said that it used to be like a burning fire within him if he doesn’t voice out the message that is the way I feel too. When the unction comes upon me to speak out, I can’t resist it. My job is to speak for the poor. If you came to the world to maltreat the poor, I came to the world to help them. Continue your work and allow me to do mine

“The needs of the Igbo people today are not hotel. We have a culture in Igbo land to go to our houses and eat and drink. Don’t turn us into a city of prostitution. We don’t need that. All those building hotels here and there, a time is coming when the hotel will be lacking customers and it will become a warehouse. Build factories and industries and create jobs. They are building these hotels for these beautiful jobless girls, when they are tired of searching for what to do, they will go and find employment in the hotel and every night they will be paid peanuts to mess up their flesh. You don’t know that man or woman that you are sleeping with. There are sicknesses in the air. Some of these men use the women’s discharge for rituals in their secret societies. And you the man that sleeps with these young girls some of them collect your body semen and take it to their secret societies for rituals. Tomorrow you will say that you don’t know what happened and you became impotent. I said it before that some men are like house flies; they perch from one kind of soup to another.  God’s plan for you is greater than those peanuts that man is giving you each night. .   In 1st Cor 2: 9 eyes have not seen nor have ears heard nor has it entered into the mind of man, what plan God has for those who love him.

I am not against any industrious Governor that is doing well and using his sweat to build houses, I am talking about those who are squandering the public fund.  I didn’t put any Governor’s name there but whoever puts his name, let him be the one. But to say the truth to the glory of God, many of them are thieves. Stealing is bad; he that is stealing the property of the poor is stealing his poverty.


In the midst of these societal dysfunctions, I announce to you that God has a plan for you. The Government cannot do anything to help you in many situations. There are those that married since ten years ago and they have no child, some married nine years ago, some three years ago, some two years ago, some last year, some this year, some last month. When God will give children, he will start with those that married long ago, and also give to those that married of recent. God has plan for you. Nobody can direct God on how to give. I pray that no body, no spirit can control the giving hand of God for you. Once it is time for God to give you, God will by Himself remember that you have to be rewarded. Don’t go and start thinking that you are tired of this world since you haven’t given birth till now. Is now tomorrow? If you are considered that you have no child yesterday and today, you are considered only two moments in your life, have you consider the future which is greater?. The future is greater than the past. Nkeiruka.

“Someone like Rebecca married and was barren for many years. Her brothers had prayed for her in Gen 24:6, ‘sister when you get to your husband’s house, give birth to children in thousands and may your descendants posses the gates of those who hate them’.  After all this prayer, she had no issues for many years, and her age was winding down to menopause. She believed that God had a plan for her and that God answers prayers. I know her songs then would be,” na gi ka Obi m dabere, Okapara Chineke Ekwena ihere me moo” (my heart is dependent on you my God don’t allow me to be put to shame)” Her barrenness continued for 19 years. Every day was getting darker and darker for her. The Bible didn’t tell us whether she was suffering miscarriages, we didn’t know, but we knew she had no child until 20 years. Then the heaven changed and became dark, no one knew that the cloud of child birth was gathering, the heavens were shaking and opened. The plan of God came to fulfillment, her womb opened after 20 years.  It was after 20 years of waiting on the Lord, 20 years of patience for the Lord. The Bible says in Psalm 46:10, “be still and know that I am God”. The time of stillness may come as you are worshiping God.




“Government may have failed you but God has plans for you.  So you the unemployed people don’t lose hope. God is going to employ you miraculously. Don’t say I am not going to study again. No, keep studying, knowledge is power, because in Hosea 4:6 “My people perish because they lack knowledge”. Don’t lose hope, help will come from Zion. How it will happen, you wouldn’t know.

“Some of these mischievous politicians, before they give you job, they will give you condition that is against your spirituality.  Before they place you in a good position, they will tell you what your faith will not tolerate. But because you have no option, you would submit to their conditions. No. Isaiah 55 tells us that we should resist anything that is against our faith. We shall abide continually in God; it is this God that lifts the poor. No one tell God what He will do.

“How can our Governors and leaders use the public funds to buy houses and say that I am insulting them? If what I have said is annoying to you, don’t report me to any Bishop because I am not a Seminarian. We should understand the levels God have placed all of us. Everybody is meaningful before God. Be it a Mass Servant, a Seminarian, or a Rev Sister, they are important before God. A priest is important before God, a Bishop is important before God, so mind your position. Mind yourself, if you are not courageous; allow the courageous man to talk.

If you are governor or a politician and what I am saying is pricking you, do you know what you will do? Go and give people employment. This same Mbaka that berates you and tell you “shame” will say “let’s stand up and give you an ovation”.


“Something may happen in your life that you will be running helter-skelter. As you are looking for solutions, there will be more problems. As the sick is being cared for, the healthy will be dying. The situation may be like that for the life of a child of God that is why Jesus in Matthew 6 asked us to pray “Deliver us from all evil”

“In the past, things might have been bad, in the present, things might be so horrible and worse, but I am connecting you to the power point of Jeremiah 31:17, to the power point of Jeremiah 29: 11-14, where God says “I have plans for you, plans for a future filled with hope”. I don’t care what happened in the past and what is happening right now, but God has plans, thinking and cogitating metaphysically and supernaturally over the future that is so cloudy in the eyes of man. The cloud is a cloud of Shekinah glory. So the future is greater, it is better, it is brighter.


“You may be thinking about a brighter tomorrow and tomorrow it may be so dark. I have seen a tomorrow that was dark. Today is that future of yesterday, today is yesterday’s future, but what is in God’s mind will happen. Even if it is bad today, don’t mind the situation, mind God. Even if where you are living is not good, don’t mind the house, mind God. Even though your town is bad, don’t mind the environment, mind God. I want you to mind God and your worries will mind themselves. Unemployment should mind itself, barrenness should mind itself,   your conditions should mind themselves but for you and me, we should mind God.

“In 1st Peter 5:10b my Bible says that after you have suffered for a little while, the Lord will establish you and secure you. May you be secured.  God will give you spiritual security, job security, vocational security. He will secure your life and secure your family. The verse continued “…and will complete what is lacking in you ”. Are you lacking in anything? Psalm 23:1 says that God is my shepherd and there is nothing I shall lack. In the case of Rebecca, after 20 years of her bareness, the cloud gathered and the rain of child birth followed. It happened that God had plan for her, she didn’t give birth to one but to twins, Esau and Jacob. Two great men. Jacob was too rich when he was coming from the house of Laban, he carried some of his wealth to Esau so that Esau will allow him pass by, and Esau told Jacob “I don’t need your gift, I am also rich”. Esau and Jacob were wealthy men and the pride of their generation. That will be your portion.

“But remember the situation lasted for 20 years.  So God has plans. When it begins to get darker, it means the night is breaking into morning. It is always too dark when the morning is coming; the darkest moment of the night is when the morning comes. So I tell you, don’t give up. No matter what, don’t give up. The same God remembered Rebecca and gave her twins, so shall He remember you that are looking for the fruit of the womb. He remembered Hannah and gives her Samuel. When he remembered our Mother Sarah, He gave her Isaac, He remembered Haggai and gave her children, despite the fact that she was a repented prostitute, God blessed her womb. In Mark 5, He came to the woman with issue of Blood and her bleeding ceased, and so it shall be in your life. Don’t lose hope.


“Last Wednesday on this altar, a woman brought his dead child here at the center of the altar, and said she will not take the corpse of her dead child home. In spite of all the pleas to her by the Security, she persisted that she will not go home with the child’s corpse. I took the dead child from her and kept here at the base of the altar, I used my vest up and down on him all to no avail. I placed my mouth on his nose and started pumping air and he was not responding as I expected. I started massaging his heart all to no avail. I used every little medical ingenuity I know, all of them proved abortive, then I started calling on the name of Jesus and I was crying. People around were crying, the woman continued saying “I will not take the corpse of my Child home”. She didn’t give up, she knows that God was thinking about her. I took the dead child into the Sacristy, and prayed the much I could and the Child began to open his eyes gradually. We started to give him little Ralph Yoghurt with the Mass Servants and after a while he opened his eyes.  I raise his up and down and led him out alive to the altar here. God has plans for you. Don’t lose hope. There is power in God. God is great. It shall be well after this bad condition. The night shall give way to day break.


“Call God your pay master. God will reward you. He will secretly reward you. Politicians cannot reward you, the Government cannot reward you.

There are those he called for long, there are those that have been worshiping God for long and there are those that started worshiping him of recent.  What I want to tell you is that when it is time for God to crown his people, he will crown and enrich all His children alike. God cannot discriminate, there is no discrimination or partiality or godfatherism in the book of life of God. When he wants to enrich his people, he will enrich the child and adult

“Many of you may be complaining that the people you did good to are rewarding you with evil that you want to stop doing good. No. the Bible didn’t say that that person shall reward you. Eph 6:7-8 He says “with goodwill doing service, as to the Lord and not to men knowing that whatever good anyone does, he will receive the same from the Lord, whether he is a slave or free.” Every good deed you have done to your neighbor, God will reward you.

“Your reward is going to come from God, not from any human.  So keep doing good, there are rewards parked for you. In 1st Peter 5:10 the Bible says “after you have labored for a little while, the Lord Most High God will reward you by establishing you. May your vocations enjoy divine establishment in Jesus name. May you be miraculously, vigorously and supernaturally be established in the name of JESUS. In 2nd Chronicle 20:20 the Bible says “If you believe God, you will be established, if you believe my prophet, you will prosper.”  The Bible says in Matthew 17:20 to them that believeth, everything is possible. You can begin today to live a life of possibility. Everything is possible. There is no impossibility in my dictionary. I don’t believe in impossibility, because I believe in the possibility power of God. I believe in the Adonai, I believe in the Eloim, El jireh, I believe in the Emmanuel. I believe in JESUS. I am a Holy Ghost believer. If you believe in the trinity that is holy, nothing is impossible for you.  The future has a hope.

“Continuing in 1st Peter 5:10, the Bible says that God will settle you. God will reward your good deeds. All I tell you is let your hearts never depart from God, He as plans for you. He is thinking for you. He has a might barn for you. He has plans for your family. Young women here, whether you are married or not, that best husband may come in the evening time of your life. God’s thought are not our thoughts, his ways are not our ways. It doesn’t matter what effort you are making today, it will not push God to do what he doesn’t want to do. He is omnipotent; he is the Almighty of Job 23: 13. He will not change yet he changes all conditions. He is the Unchangeable Changer.

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