Wednesday , 30 November 2022


Nelson Tastie, from Mbgidi from Awgu. 08030461742. Big Daddy in the Lord. In fact God has manifested Himself thoroughly to your words, may His`name be blessed now and forever. Daddy, may the God you serve continue to lead you and also lead our country Nigeria. Amen.

Ugwu Uchechukwu from Nsude in Udi LBA. 08063963946 Daddy ooo! You are a great prophet of our time. Carry go, nothing is missing. You will live 500years. Tem tem tem for Jesus. Indeed God has vindicated you. May you continually be powered by the spirit. I am proud of you. Ayeye ye ooooo!

Kc Jesus 08036004725. Daddy Mbaka, I am so proud of you. You are a great prophet from above. Nothing will happen to you. Daddy never you fear anybody in this world rather they will fear you because he that is in you is greater than he that is in Jonathan or BBC. Daddy Mbaka, nna gi bu ikuku ama n’ onyia, So Daddy I bu Nwa Ikuku ama nonya, Umu Ikuku ayeyeyeoo!

From Anonymous: Daddyoooo. You are made especially from heaven. I pity those questioning your spiritual/ prophetic utterances. Sorry for them because they don’t know where you came to this world from.

From Chinwendu Constance Mbajekwe, Umunze in Anambra State 08073729791. Daddy, God and Jesus are happy and proud of you. Now God has proved to the world that a great prophet has been among them. (EZEKIEL 33:33) upon all the insults you received and many adorers received because of your prophetic word on 1st January 2015. But God has proved to Nigeria that He speaks through you. Daddy, may God guide and protect you for us and keep on speaking through you. Nobody on earth can kill you o remove one of your hairs because you God- Chosen servant. Tem Tem to Jesus! Long life to you Fr Mbaka.

Envag Nwokpor Moses. 07039623112. The truth about the whole thing is that we Christians don’t value and appreciate God’s gift to us, that is why most of us fail to be thankful to God for giving us Fr Mbaka as a gift to change the politics of Nigeria and to bring back God’s lost sheep. Please fellow Christians let us learn to appreciate God’s gift to us more than the men of the underworld do to their idols or grandmasters. Please Fr Mbaka don’t mind the attitude of some of the sheep but mind the God whom you are working for . He will surely reward you greatly Amen.

From Simeon Onele 08036370127: The defeat of PDP at the polls was a manifestation of silent and bloodless revolution which Nigerians were praying for. Nigerian earnestly asked for change because we were tired of the outgoing inept and corrupt regime of President Goodluck Jonathan. Gen Mohammed Buhari must work hard to assuage the feelings of the masses of this country who elected him as a credible alternative. During their campaigns, Gen Buhari was the most bruised, disparaged and maligned presidential candidate of any political party. But Nigerians elected him their President. However, APC should be careful of PDP as emergency opposition party and should not allow the members to disorganize its good intentions for the country. Corruption, insurgency and unemployment should be tackled adequately. May God of Adoration bless Nigeria.
From Eze Bethel, 07054097733.Daddy, Ekene diri Chineke n’ isi gi ebe onu kwuru njo mecahara kwuo mma. Chineka daalu. O bu gin a-asara anyi okwun nile agwara anyi, I meela.

Egbo Ogochukwu S. 07066683809. Daddy you are one in a billion, my mentor and my number one. May the angel of 2kings 6:6 protect you, may the angel of Sirach 11:21 provide for you and may the angel Ex 23 guide you for us. Thos impersonators shall never see you because I bu nwa ikuku amanonya . Daddy carry go.
From 07038657488. After the election stipulated on 14th Feb was postponed. I was discussing with a Pentecostal bother who told me what he browsed from his phone that CBCN was not in support of Fr Mbaka’s 31st Night Message and that Fr Mbaka is alone and talks three much. I told him that this is not a matter of what CBCN said, but a matter of what the Oracle of the Holy Spirit said- “Thus said the Lord”. This is a miraculous report. It does not mind whom the arrow points to and a real prophet doesn’t speak what pleases men always or their expectations, see it as a raw message which a real prophet speaks raw and if you do not understand it better be silent.

From Chinwe Ugwuogwu 08053915150. Daddy I di ok. As Mbaka why has turned to Mbaka yes and Goodluck to Buhari, I want Buhari now to ask Mbaka what next so that he will be able to go back to the next tenure. Lucky you Buhari for having a prophet by your side. Buhari, play your card very well. Prophet of our time, tem for you.

From Blessed Ugichukwu 08033328833 Our Daddy came to notice that God has a way of proving himself. God used this 31st message to prove that you are the prophet of our time who can say and it will happen. Don’t worry about those who were against your prophesies , some will come like Nicodemus to beg for forgiveness. Daddy (Gbawa door) nothing dey happen. God gana atu ndi enemies down. Shame will always be their own . Udo gba shoe. Tem for Jesus.

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