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The widespread reaction and media hype of Part one of Fr Mbaka’s New year Message “From Goodluck to Badluck” seemed to have dominated his 2015 New year blessing message and candle night prayers for all the adorers and the nation. AMEN Super News brings you the excerpts of this essential and all important part of his message meant to bless your life as you read on.”

Happy New Year! Put on your candles, we are in a celebration of the New year. All the evils and loses that followed 2014 and every badluck accompanying 2014, Holy Ghost fire! Every shame and disappointment that is following the year 2014, Holy Ghost Fire,. This is a new year. We lift our candles of prayer up and enter into prayers. God, we come with our candle light and enter into the New Year. In Luke 1:78 “a city living in darkness has seen a great light. May the light shine in our lives, may the light shine in our families, and may the light shine in our projects. In this 2015, all the zones of darkness shall be lit now and shall begin to shine. Those who were down, those who were disappointed, those who passed through the corridors of shame, those who were disappointed acutely in marriage, in vocations, in professions in any way you are passing through the tunnels of satanic darkness, the Bible says in Isaiah 60:1 arise and shine, your light has come.  Echoes of Amen rent the air.

May this light of God shine in your hands. We bless you, my beloved ones be blessed.  Despite what is happening in this country, may God bless you. I bless you in the name of God of Heavens. His words said to Moses, “Tell Aaron, this is how you are going to bless the People of God in Numbers 6:25-27. You will tell them, ‘May the Lord bless you. I am standing as a priest of God to bless you in this noble and Holy assembly. My beloved Children, may the Lord bless you. This is the tradition in the Jewish Rabbinic age.  Every Rabbai standing as God’s representatives must voice out blessings upon the people annually. This is the beginning of the year and I now vomit my blessings on you. May you be blessed, may the Lord Most High God bless you. May God bless your destinies, may the Lord bless your handworks, may the Lord bless your vocations, may the Lord bless your professions, may the Lord bless your families, and may the Lord bless Nigeria. May the Lord lift you above your mates, Ezechitoke gozikwa unu. He shall bless you in the morning and bless you in the afternoon. As he blesses you in the night, may he bless you in the midnight. In Deut 11:12 the Bible says “The Land I give you is where my presence will be from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. I am claiming on this arena of miracles the Presence of God. The Bible says in Ps 16:11 “He will show you the path of life”. In this 2015 may the Lord show you the path of life. Even if you have been walking through the tunnels of death, in this year the Lord will show you the path of life.  In Psalm 91:16, He will satisfy you with long life and grant you his salvation.  In John 10: 10, though the thief  comes to Steal kill and destroy you, Jesus said ‘I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly. I bless you now, in as in Job 10:12 with blessing and favour. In Psalm 133:3, I bless you for the Bible says from mountain Harmon and mountain Zion, where God commands blessing and life. May life and blessing accompany you today in Jesus name. If witches and wizards have disturbed you in the previous years, I  communicate the blessing of eagle’s wing to you. In Psalm 103:5, the Bible says he will energize you with the strength of the eagle. And in Revelation 12:14, the Bible says ‘and the Lord gave the woman two wings of a strong eagle.  The Lord will give you two wings of the eagle, this year you will fly. You will fly by day, you will fly by night. No witch can catch you. In this year you will remain uncatchable. In this year you will remain invincible. In Rom 8:27 He says, “in all this you are more than conquerors”. This year you will not just be  conqueror, you will be more than conquerors. In this year, you are going to overpower all those who have been overpowering you.

All your mess in 2014 shall become a message in 2015. I prophesy divine Change in your condition. From bad to best. God will move you from pit to the palace. In Psalm 81:6  the Bible says a voice I know not told me ‘I have removed the burden from your shoulder and I have lifted your hands from the basket. In Matt 11:28, the Bible says come to me all you who labour and are overburden, I will give you rest. All the labours of the previous years, the Holy  Book says in 1st Cor 15:58-59  “therefore be resolute, be steadfast always continue to abide in the work of God for your labours shall not be in vain. In 2015, I speak you into profiteering, no more loss, your labours will never be in vain. In Is 55:23, your labours will not be in vain. You will live to reap the fruit of your labour in the name of Jesus.

I bless your hand and destiny in Deut 10:7 that whatever you laid your hand on you will rejoice over. In this year, we are crossing over to take over. As we cross over to 2015, you are taking over the year. The Bible says in Matt 11:12, “Since John the Baptist came, the kingdom of God suffered violence and men of violence take it by force. Today you are taking over this year by force. You are divinely taking over. Lift up your hands and takeover. Say ‘ I am taking over,’ I want you to speak to 2015. ‘ 2015, I am divinely taking over you, I have taken over you, you will not take over me. I have seen your beginning in the name of Jesus; I will see to your end. I welcome you, I bless you, it shall be well with you. Mr 2015, Mrs 2015, I bless you it is well with you. I happily welcome you. You are my friend, I befriend you, you are my good friend.  2015 I love you, we love you, you are a year of goodness. You are a year of mercy; you are a year of signs and wonders. I embrace you, I welcome you. 2015, you are going to bring blessings to me, you come from heaven and I claim you, In the name of Jesus. I am writing upon this year, Jesus.


We lift up this light up in all the dark places of this country, in our politics, in economy, education, health units and especially in our spirituality, may the light of God shine. Change from darkness to light. In John 9:5, in John 8:12, Jesus said: “I am the light of the world and whoever follows me shall not work in darkness.” In Psalm 119:105, the word of God is a light to my path and lamp to my feet. We are celebrating the light. That’s why in Psalm 27:1 the Bible says, “God is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?”

We lift up this light. In our kidneys let there be divine healing. Look around, can you see the ocean of lights. Jesus Christ? How many millions of people are here? I thank you God for the miracle of this population. It is a miracle, it appears the land is about sinking. Father I thank you. I knew when we were just few and you added our numbers in millions. We lift our lights up to you Lord. On the day of the Pentecost in Acts 2  there was fire burning on each haed of the apostles. This is another Pentecost fire. We lift the lords light up upon the children of God.  In Ex 3, there was a miracle of the burning bush. Every area of diseases and the volt of infirmities let this fire burn them. The fire was burning and the grasses were not burnt. This fire will be burning inside you but your body will not be burnt.   Diseases will be burnt and your body will not be burnt. Even as we are praying now and prophesying in Ez 47 dry bones started coming back to life. In this year your dry bones shall come back to life.


Economically you are coming back to life. I talk about economic revamp, there is a hope. In all these there is hope. Amen. Only God has the solution, I write the name GOD upon you. May the Lord be with you. Because in Matthew 28:20 he says, ‘I am with you always to the end of time. O Lord as I stand in the corridor of the Apostles of the Act of the Apostles, the people who stayed with you in the upper room, please stay with us. Even as in Luke 24:29, the people of Emmaus asked you to stay with them and you stayed with them, please come and stay with us God. Come and stay with us Emmanuel. In Is 7:14, be our Emmanuel. In our going out and coming back be with us. Father please be with, may your presence never abandon us. You will show us the path of life, and in your presence there is fullness of joy.  At your right hand pleasure forever more as in Psalm 16:11.  Father be with us, be with all the married people  here. Be with them in their families. Be with them to fight premature death. Be with them to fight hunger. Be with our young men here. Be with our young women here. Be with them and give them good marital partners. Sister this is your year. Brother this is your year.

We bless you in this year and bless this year for you. We have taken over the year, we have crossed over and we have taken over. Amen and Amen.  This is our second message. We have crossed over to 2015 and we are taking over. This one is not badluck, it is goodluck. I wish all of you blessing of favour. In this 2015, I prophesy favour upon you. That is the prayers of Num 6:25. May the Lord be with you. I say may the Lord be with you. That was the secret of success for Joseph in Gen 39:2 because God was with him, he was successful and prosperous.


I lift this candle up for our children who are not here and for our people who are not here. We raise the candle for the church that no weapon fashioned against her shall prosper.  The Church is a rock built upon a stone. People should not battle with me and the message. Just understand it like that. Don’t say was he not the one who was blessing Jonathan? What about Jesus? The same Jesus who called Simon Peter, the Rock called Peter Satan. If Simon  changes and becomes the rock he is called Peter and when the Peter changes and becomes Satan he should be called Satan. The same God who blessed the Israelites and  brought them out of Egypt and crossed the red sea for them. At a time they provoked him, He made sure many of them died in the wilderness- the same God. Please what I am saying is not politically motivated. My children are hungry. Nigerians are hungry. Nigerians are dying in masses. People are dying like flies and nobody is caring about them. Our governors are busy parading their ill-gotten wealth on the road with siren all over. Someone who will not have up to one million naira in his account, when he becomes a governor, he will become a multi billionaire over night.  And nobody will ask him any question. And when he goes to the church and give a donation of one million, people will be clapping for him, stolen money. Hold your money and repent so that your soul shall not perish. Sodom and Gomorrah later fall. What are we saying.

We lift our light to God. In spite of the hunger in this country, in 2015 my people you will not die of hunger. In Phil 4:19, my God will supply all your needs abundantly according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.  As we lift our candles, we suffocate all the blood-sucking witches who entered this country.

We cannot imagine why many hospitals are no longer functioning as hospitals. Many of them have enlarged their mortuaries. Mortuary facilities are giving them more money now because people are dying in tens and twenties every day. Poor people are dying like this and when this rich politicians are sick, they are flown abroad. We need a government that will perform the miracle of heath tourism. It is possible. We don’t need hooligans on power again. We lift our hands to God for change.


We are blessing your life this year.  Joel 2:23 I pray that the Lord most high God will give us the early rain and the later rain. Now we are going agricultural, may the Lord give us the rain to farm now that our oil has poured out. In Joel 2:25, I pray for restoration. Whatever the devil has stolen from you in the previous year be restored back in this year.  Year of restoration. Your joy will be restored. Your favours will be restored. I lift this light up and bless your life. This burning light of God cannot be put off by the wind. There are people God is going to lift up in time of famine. God is going to elevate many people and do not be surprised if you are one of them. How it will happen I don’t know, but I saw a holy hand lifting someone up. When the Lord has lifted you up, no one can pull you down.  No demon can pull you down. Political forces cannot pull you down. When God has lifted you up, he will locate you where nothing can pull you down. The PHDs (Pull Him /Her  Down) cannot pull you down.  Instead, they are going to make a mistake.  They are going to shoot themselves where they are trying to fight you. Today you have the anointing , the protection , the favour and the divine mandate, go and conquer what has been conquering you. God is with you. El-shaidai and El jireh is with you and today He will provide what you are lacking. May the Lord that lives in heaven bless you.  My Children, maybthe Lord bless you, may the countenance of the Lord shine upon you. May the Lord smile over you. May the Lord be happy with you. At that point you will be highly favoured, sweetened; I am talking within the context of Num6:26, you will no longer be what you used to be. The husband will call the wife sweet heart and the wife will begin to call her husband sweet heart. It shall be sweet all over and the bitterness will be over.


We are lifting our hands of blessing upon barren wombs. The Lord will smile over you. The barren shall begin to procreate, anointing for fertility. I invoke in this year unto this arena power for procreativity. In Ex 23:25 the Bible says, “I will take away sickness from your bodies” and in verse 26, “No woman in your land shall be barren and none shall be found that miscarry.” No more miscarriage, no more barrenness. Even in your business you shall not be barren; academically you shall not be barren. Zero barrenness. You shall profit in whatever you lay your hands on. Loss will not know your address; failure will not know your phone numbers any more. Henceforth, you shall be a lender not a borrower. It doesn’t matter the amount of the economic meltdown that is coming, they cannot melt you down. As this candle is melting in your hands, your problems are going to melt in your hand. Sickness will melt, bareness will melt, that skeleton that has been stealing people in your family shall melt in Jesus name.


We bless our student for success as our hands are lifted. May the Lord smile over you equally and may success be your portion. In Psalm 118:25, He will send down now success upon you with prosperity accompanying you. Be successful now in Jesus name. I say be successful. Be successful spiritually, academically, economically and politically. Your name in this 2015 is Success.  Success, I bless you this year. This is your year, there is no stopping until all of you are fully blessed. You are going to be blessed to the brim until your blessing begins to overflow.


At this point the Bible says in Psalm 23:5 that He prepares a table for me and you in the presence of all our enemies. Do you know the reason He is going to do that? It is because He is our shepherd.  In this 2015, God will shepherd you, shepherd your family and your business. This is the year of God’s protection for you.  In Deut 1:30 He says I will fight your battles, in Ex 14:14 He says, “I will fight for you”. In this year, God will fight for you.  My God will fight for you. You have been fighting by yourself, in this year God will fight for you. Miracles will be your portion. Heavens will stand and fight for you. God please fight for my people in Jesus name.  In Is 19:20 the Bible says when we cry to Him, He sent for us a Mighty Saviour. Wave your candles again and cry for salvation. God will stretch forth his hand and save you.

Father I bless my people with my fellow priests in the name of God the father, Son and the Holy Spirit. May your families be blessed in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We bless your January, February, March, April, May, June, and July 2015   in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.  We take over August, September, October, November and December 2015 and we bless them in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.  We bless this year. This is our year of wonders. Wonders will happen this year. It is a year of miracles; let me assure you in this year you are going to give testimony.

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