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Days of Little Beginning: Fr. Mbaka Unveils the Secrets of Greatness

Days of Little Beginning: Fr. Mbaka Unveils the Secrets of Greatness

I think if possible, many people would love to instantly shift out of the difficult part of life into the nice successful parts– no problem, no stress, no worries, no lack, no adversities. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? But do you actually realize what that means? It means no victories because you had no fights, no triumphs because you had no conquests and no success because there would never be anything for you to lose at. One of the things we gain from seeing our success increase is the knowledge of how far we have come when we look back. We learn what works, what doesn’t work, where our strengths and weaknesses lie and what other opportunities may be before us, when we humble ourselves to start from the scratch.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.  There is no shortcut to greatness. Greatness is always hidden in small things, in order words; small beginning if not despised can inspire   greatness.   Great things start from small, almost insignificant beginning when you employ the right attitude, get focused on our vision, be patient, work diligently and trust God for an increase who of course promises to bless our hand work and cause our latter days to be greater than the former. In this message, Rev. Fr. Mbaka exposes the power of little beginning and encourages the people of God to always employ the principles of small beginning in all aspect of their lives  while at the same time, focus  on God  to achieve greatness.

 As I preach this message titled, ’’days of little beginning’’, I am commending you to the power of Almighty God    and ask for His blessings upon  you, as you  pass through many crisis and struggles  in your days of little beginning. I stand in the book of Job 8; 7 and decree that though you started with little, you will end with much in Jesus Name, Amen.

There is no shortcut to greatness

Success is a journey and grows in inches. There is no shortcut to achieving greatness. The power of little beginning starts gradually until it grows to stardom. It is in line with biblical principle that; there is time for everything. Anybody who wants to achieve greatness must have a clear vision and work diligently towards realizing same while at the same time, acknowledge  the power of God who blesses our hand work.

Apart from knowing what you can do, another problem humanity faces is how to start. Many people that want to start big end up not starting.  You don’t start a building from the roof top, but from the foundation.  Invariably, whatever you are called to do must start with a foundation. Those who do not want to start from the scratch envy those that have already made it without considering the fact that, they also started from the foundation level before they became so big. What you don’t start now may not become big tomorrow. Those that start small always end up big.  Starting small gives you an inspiration on how to expand your coast. And whatever you don’t start, you can’t finish. Go start that business, ministry, career, studies with what you have believing that God will make a way for you. Don’t envy others and despise what you have, rather strengthen your days of little beginning because the bible has said that, ‘’though your beginning was small, yet your later days shall greatly increase (Job 8;7). The man who was given one talent in Mathew 25 despised what he was given to trade and he lost everything at the end of the day and still suffered. Small things if well invested can be transformed into great things.

Greatness is the little seed planted in the soil of purpose and character. Greatness is always hidden in small things, in order words; small beginning if not despised can inspire   greatness. Big impact is possible if the right little seeds are sown. So never you  despise the days of your little beginning. Before the beautiful butterfly emerges, it goes through several stages of transformation. Anyone who probably had seen it in the caterpillar phase will not believe that a beautiful thing is brewing up. So it is with greatness, it does not always look like it in the beginning but wait for it, it will speak at the end. Therefore, beloved, don’t give up on your dream, pursue it. Don’t be discouraged to start where you are and as you are. If you wait to start big, you will waste. I pray that you will not end small, even as you stand up and begin in the name of Jesus, Amen.

There is gain in suffering                      

In our world today, many people do not want to work but are in a rush to become great over night, and they want their ministry, business and so on to be big without first of all laying a foundation. They don’t want to go to school but want to be PH.D holders. This quest has dragged many people into cultism and into many ungodly things. 

 There is gain in suffering but these days, people do not want to suffer. If you do not suffer, you may not get to the level you are meant to reach. Everybody wants to prosper automatically. There is nothing like automatic prosperity. Every authentic and genuine prosperity emanates from suffering. Prosperity is the fruits of suffering. The trees suffer in the ground in order to get nutrient to produce the fruits that we enjoy. Many of the things we are enjoying today are the hard labor of our ancestors and we must suffer for our future generations to enjoy.

The power of little beginning is so important that the Bible warned us in Zechariah 4; 10 not to, ’’forget the days of little beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin’’. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Never take that first step for granted no matter how small it might seem. Great things start from small, almost insignificant beginning. The book of Exodus 23;30 says,’’ by little by little I will drive them out before you, until you have increased enough to take possession of the land’’.

Biblical illustrations of the power of small beginning

The Almighty God seems to favor the principles of things starting in small manageable way and then growing progressively. This principles run through almost everything in creation. In Genesis, God only created a sample of each species of plants and animals which He commanded to reproduce, then multiply and go on to replenish the earth. The outcome can be seen today.

 1 kings 18;42-44 is a popular bible story that serves as a perfect example to illustrate God’s view on small beginning. After prophet Elijah had labored vigorously in the place of prayer by casting himself down on the floor and putting his face between his knees, all he received was a little cloud like mans’ hand. But soon after, the sky was black with clouds and there was a great rain. King David had a small beginning in the field tending sheep and experiencing more intense warfare than you or I would probably ever witness. Joseph had his own days of little beginning when he was sold into slavery in Egypt by his own brothers where he suffered greatly but at the appointed time, God caused his later days to be great. Even Jesus Christ Himself had days of little beginning at the time of birth before He grew, became great and known as the savior of the world. May be you are at the beginning of your education, training or you are just starting a new ministry, a new career or business, do not be afraid because your beginning is small. The Almighty God will cause your latter end to be great in Jesus name, Amen.

It is important to know that the message of Jesus Christ in the story of the mustard seed in Mark 4;30-32 demonstrated the power of little beginning.  He pointed out  that though the size of the mustard seed may be small, it grows to become a massive plant. He likened this to the kingdom of God He came to establish, to show that the kingdom of God will grow and its final manifestation will bear no resemblance to its small beginning. The church of Christ started more or less like a house fellowship with about 12 members. The church was small, despised and struggling. It looked insignificant compared with Judaism and pagan worships. But today, by God’s grace it has grown beyond measure and it is still growing and transforming the people in so many areas, and the gospel of Christ has almost travelled round the world.

 Whatever you are doing or planning to do, do not kill yourself to start big with everything in place. You must not have it much before you start. No matter where you are, begin with what you have and work hard to advance your life, humanity and society. Do not be discouraged by negative comments of despisers. Focus on your work and look on to God for increase. Zechariah 4;9 says , ‘’because you have started it, you must finish it’’. Whatever your hands have started in your days of little beginning, you must finish and finish it well in Jesus Name, Amen. 

Every great hero had days of little beginning.

Great men and women you hear their names today had a time of little beginning. There is nobody who has never suffered before he/she becomes great. Even if you are claiming to have been born with a silver spoon in your mouth, there was a time you had a little beginning. The stories of these great people who have excelled in their chosen career and profession are enough to inform us that they all grew gradually. Mention people like Bill Gates, Brian Tracy, Donald Trump, Prof. Pat Utomi, Aliko Dangote, Joyce Meyer, Brigade, Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, etc in their affluence and fame had their days of little beginning. Read about these people 10 or 20 years ago, you will discover that they all grew out of their humble beginning, justifying the power of little beginning in life endeavor.  I Myself, Ejike Mbaka had days of little beginning

Little beginning often comes with setbacks and problems but don’t be discouraged

 It is important to note that, it is easy to despise the days of small beginning. This is because Small beginning is usually rough and it often comes with trials, suffering, pains, temptations, betrayal, struggles, hard work and little help. Small beginnings usually offer tall resistance and lack of encouragement. It typically sees limited budget and abundant setbacks. Nevertheless, whatever God has called you to do, do not despise these small beginning, for the lord rejoices to see the work begin (Zech 4:10). He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much (luke16:10).  If you did not experience some of these things, you may not be able to get to where you ought to be. You are making a journey, and they are  stepping stones to your destiny destination.  God can use these ugly conditions to build you to get to the level He wants you to be in life.

Importance of humble beginning

  • Trains you; there is no greatness without training. Small beginning helps you to rehearse greatness over and over again. David trained in the bush little by little before he could stand Goliath.
  • Build solid foundation; small beginning helps you to build the foundation for what God has given to you. It gives you time to dig and evaluate. Why many people fail in their pursuit of their God given dream is that they didn’t take time out to dig the foundation needed for what they want. The deeper you dig in your season of small beginning, the higher the facility you can build on and the longer it lasts.
  • Capacity development; many faint and get tired in the pursuit of their dream because they lack stamina and capacity to drive on. It is in your days of little beginning that you build enough capacity that will drive you to the top.
  • Character development; getting to the top is good but staying there is what matters. Character is the secret of great people because attitude determines altitude. A person who lacks character cannot sustain greatness.
  • In your days of little beginning, stay focused to your vision and dream, be patient and work hard, in spite of the difficulties and challenges you face. Days of little beginning requires staying and enduring power.

In your days of little beginning, pray, trust in God and do good works.  Stand in the word and principles of God. He has a plan for you, even as you pass through this trying time.  Your small beginning will not be permanent. At the appointed time, God will take you to a greater height.   I Peter5;10 says, ‘’after you have suffered for a little while, the lord Most High will restore, support , and strengthen you, and He will place you on a firm foundation’’.  1 peter 1:6 says, ’’so be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you have to endure many trials for a while’’. You should not celebrate the days of little beginning with sorrow, rather with amazing joy, knowing full well that success awaits you at the end of the day.  The good things in front of you are better than the one you are seeing now. May be your days of little beginning was not handled well and that is why you have remained there for long, it is time for you to graduate from those days into a greater height. All you are struggling to get will turn into opportunities for achieving your goals and actualizing your vision in Jesus Name, Amen. Deut 26;7 says, ‘’when we cry to the lord in our days of little beginning, the lord heard our voice’’. You will not continue to be in those days of little beginning, God is going to transform you to a greater height, a future of greater promotion, greater establishment and miracles.  For those of you who are still beginning and there is apparent hopelessness. I am assuring you to hold onto God, He is going to change your little beginning into a great future.

 Also, in your days of little beginning, adhere to positive confessions.  What are you confessing? The things you want to start happening in your life, not minding what is happening around you at the moment. If you want a house, fruitfulness, success, victory, wisdom, deliverance, prosperity, divine health, blessing, divine favor etc, decree them with faith. The word of God said that we should decree a word and it shall come to pass.  Job 22:28 says, ‘’you shall decree a thing, it shall be establish for you’’. Numbers 14:28 says, ‘’ as surely as I live, declares the lord, I will do to you the very thing I hear you say’’. Job passed through a lot but what you could hear him say in Job 19:25 is, ‘’ I know my redeemer lives and He will stand upon the earth at last’’. That is why job 22:29 says, ‘’even if I am down, I will say there is a lifting up for me’’. Start by confessing that Jesus is lord.  Then confess the positive things you desire with faith; don’t think about how God will do it. He can take care of them in Jesus Name, Amen.

What has God called you to do? What are the small beginnings in your life?   Are you in your days of small beginning?  The lord is rejoicing to see the work begin and He will help you in every step of the way. God’s will is that you expand from where you are. God will always give you a bag of seeds- opportunities and possibilities of life. He who called you to the work is faithful to strengthen your hands to do it; faithful to send workers into the field He called you to; faithful to help you overcome even the devil’s best shot; faithful to encourage you by His Spirit and with His words; faithful to provide all of your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus and faithful to lead you into victory if you keep pressing towards your vision. He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it (1Thes 5:23), in Jesus Name, Amen.

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