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Dealing with the gate of hell

Dealing with the gate of hell

As the holy week is  due to begin soon, marks the end of the season of lent, time like this calls for a sober reflection on the power of God. One of such powers is the demonstration of the power of God over the gate of hell by the resurrection of Jesus which is the hallmark of the Easter celebration. Death is the highest enemy of man but by Jesus’ resurrection, he conquered death in victory and made a public disgrace of it. Shame, disgrace and disappointment are associated nomenclatures that put man to perpetual fear of destruction .In this message, Rev Fr Mbaka the Spiritual Director of Adoration ministry Enugu Nigeria tackles these ugly situations from the point of view of God’s assurance in the book of Mathew 16:18-19 that the gate of hell shall not prevail against the Church. The message is punctuated with the true life story of his encounter with the forces of darkness at Okigwe in Imo state during one of his crusades when he had to deal with an idol (the gate of hell) that was rendering havoc the community. Excerpts:

“There was a deity we went to deal with at Okigwe, the name is Duruonyenze. Fr Patrick who invited me for the crusade under Bishop Okolo told me that every four native weeks (four market days) , the idol must kill one young man in the community; that the idol eats human being. History had it that it was in the olden days that their forefathers went to Hausa land to get the idol so that  they can use it to secure their land and after they had secured their land, the gave the idol a permanent place in the community. The priest complained that he was tired of burying the dead in the community every week and that he had turned to Tobit since he came to that parish.  He  said he was tired and that he had complained to the Bishop who told him that he was aware of the problem and the he should go and call me since I am his friend.

“So the day we went to battle the Duruonyenze, we mapped the area and did a spiritual geophysical survey of the place before the night of action.  There were some members of the community that were protesting that the idol should not be left alone. They were the people feeding it and using it for their negative operations.  A week before I went there, Fr Patrick came and told me that I should forget about coming. I asked him why, since my Bishop Gbuji had approved my coming. He told me that there was one satanic man that swore that he will not be alive to see me come to that place and carry Duruonyenze.  So I told Father to go and tell the man that he will not be alive and I will come since that was the oath he had taken.  God had answered his prayers and so it shall be for him.  In Matthew16:19 the Bible says that whatever we bind on earth is bound in heaven. Power and authority! We have the mandate. That authority is given to the church and members of the church. Peter there is representing all of us.

“There was once a time the gate of hell visited the house of job and all his children died in one day. Gate of hell is a terrible thing. Gate of hell can stand on the road and scatter all the passengers in a bus. Gate of hell can move up to the aircraft and send a mighty aircraft into the ocean. Upon the Gate of hell, Holy Ghost fire.

“Four days before we went for the crusade, Fr Patrick called and told me that the satanic man that said he wouldn’t be alive and see me come there had entered the mortuary. I didn’t ask him to die but that was his prayer and God answered it. Today get ready to pray and God will answer yours. That person that is beating hisor chest to vow that he or she will not be alive and see you marry, live or prosper, he or she will not be alive and you will marry, live and be prosperous in Jesus name.

“War against the gate of hell.  When  eventually I went for the crusade, the night before we moved for the operation, I knew that after the operation, they would report me to the authority but I will do the operation first, let the rest be story. The second man in charge of the idol claimed that before the other man died, he gave him the authority not to allow anyone to deal with the idol, some of our so called Christians were supporting him, even some members of the knight in the church were quarrelling over it.  Why were they protecting the idol? let them leave it to face Fr Mbaka. Let the Baal contend for itself. Do you fight for idols?  Are you the idol? Or are you worshiping the idol?

“The man came out with a local lantern and a machete and blocked my way as we advanced in a candle procession with the members of the community that were accompanying me. When we saw the man, he was dangling his machete here and there telling me not to come nearer else he would scatter me. When some of the people accompanying me saw this, they disappeared. I continued and when I got to where he was, I lifted the Blessed Sacrament up and remember what Jesus said “that whatever we bind on earth is bound in heaven,’.

“Ignorance of your right will enable the devil to be overcoming you. The church people have the power, they have the authority. Jesus said that upon this rock I build my church and the gate of hell shall never prevail against you. The word is “Never”. If the gate of hell is wretchedness, it will never prevail against you.  If the gate hell means barrenness it will never prevail against you. If the gate of hell means wretchedness, it will never be the portion of your family in Jesus name.  If the gate of hell means premature death, it will never happen. It can be doing it in the other people house but it can never do it in your family. This is because your family is covered with the blood of Jesus.  In Mathew 10:1 and Luke 10:19 did Jesus not give us the power and authority over hell, over demons, over diseases?

“So face to face with the man, I told him in my heart that Duruonyenze came from a foreign land to terrorize Okigwe, and that I too have come from a foreign land to terrorize it.  I don’t know where it came from and it doesn’t know where I come from. So the Okigwe people can be afraid of you, but I cant be afraid of you.  I have the Divine mandamus. The Bishop of Okigwe signed for my coming and the Bishop of Enugu approved it.  So under two ecclesial authorities, I am here.  As the adage goes a boy sent by his father to go and steal uses his leg to kick opens the doors. I command you now to begin to have dominion over any gate of hell invoked against you. I bind every incubus and succubus, if the gate of hell is loosed against you, gate of hell of sickness, gate of hell of failures in everything you do, I attack it with Holy Ghost fire. That gate of hell is going to close.

As the man was still demonstrating, I remembered what the Bible says that whatever I bind on earth is bound in heaven and in Mathew 16 verse 18 -19, ‘you peter upon you , I build my church and the get of hell will not prevail against you’.  Shortly by the time I remembered Mathew 16:19 that ‘I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven and whatever you bind on earth is bound in heaven and whatever you lose on earth must be loosed in heaven’, I didn’t know when I told the man ‘whatever you plan to do against me will go back to you in Jesus name’.

“Before man could finish telling me to get away, fire came upon his flesh . The prayer warriors and some other people around there started looking for what they would use to extinguish the fire, they took him by the side to rescue him and I by passed him, because I was on a mission. No delay.  When I got to the house of the idol, I saw it was locked. I remembered that the bible says that the gate of hell shall not prevail. I used one of my leg on the door and the gate was flung open.  So we entered and began to evacuate the idol, the kind of ant that bite there was as big as lizards.  Some of those assisting me could not stand the biting, but I was there until the end when we carried the idol and its properties to the church where we parked it.

“The next day, the member communities were having meetings here and there, I told them to give way, why are you fighting. This idol came from a foreign land, I came from another foreign land, these two spirits have come from different foreign lands, so what’s your problem? Let the one that is greater than the other swallow it. In Exodus 17, the snake of Moses went to Pharaoh’shouse and swallowed all the snakes there and came back. No mercy for the devil, no mercy for the gate of hell. No mercy for incubus and succubus, no mercy for witches and wizards. Upon them Holy Ghost fire.  Within a short time we baptized the whole idol and whatever it represented with outpouring of whatever and incinerated them. As the idol was on fire, those that were shouting were shouting while I boarded my car back to Enugu

“A week after that incident, no body died in the community, a month after, no body died. What we decreed before we left there was that since people have been dying in that community every four days, for not less than six months in that village no body shall die, not even an infant will die and not even a miscarriage will occur.  So after two months, three months four months, five months and six months, no death was recorded there. The Duruonyenzre, has gone, the gate of hell has gone.

“Is there anything of such nature in your family, in your business, around your compound, against your children, against your marriage, against your vocation, Holy Ghost fire. The gate of hell shall not prevail.

“Are you being monitored by any gate of hell? Back to the story of Peter, did I not tell you that Angel took peter and was leading him out of the gate of the prison? They passed the first guard while the gate keepers were still there, they passed the second guard, the third guard and the fourth brigade guard, but they couldn’t see Peter. Peter was the first Nawaikuku. You are a confirmed Nwaikuku.

“But Peter was afraid as you are afraid now because of the mighty Iron gate. There was an iron gate. When the master has said that the gate of hell shall not prevail, is it now the gate of prison that will prevail? If the gate of hell cannot prevail against you, is it the gate of barrenness that will prevail against you? Is it the gate of wretchedness that can prevail against you? These are peti gates. What we are saying is that the Dodan Barrack in the hell cannot prevail against you.  When one is told that he will be killed by the bomb, is it catapult that will kill him? The children of God are cooked in the pot. In Zechariah 2: 5 did you hear what He said “that I will be wall of fire to encircle you and I will be Shekinah inside the fire’. If the hand of the gate of hell is upon your life, let it break in Jesus name.

“In Acts 10:12, as the people of God were still praying, before Peter could reach the might Iron Gate, it opened by itself.  This is because the gate of hell will not prevail against you. I prophesy upon you, before you reach your own iron gate, it will open. Any iron gate against your destiny, break in Jesus name.

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