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Fr Mbaka releases another prophetic message to Nigeria, forewarns Nigerian of an impending Doom in the face of national uncertainties; makes a clarion call for prayers as the panacea especially this Lenten season.

As Nigerians count down to the new dates of the 2015 general elections with the uncertainties that has engulfed the polity, fears and trepidation of the possibility of the elections holding and what would follow after have become a burning issue in the minds of many Nigerians. Rev. Fr. Mbaka in his New Year message had prophesied among others that those who think they can interpret the destiny of this country shall make mistake this time.  While his prophetic message continued to be a national arithmetic for Nigeria, in his recent message few weeks ago, Fr. Mbaka reinforces his earlier message forewarning Nigeria of an impending disaster if they fail to turn away from evil.   Excerpts.

“Father, Elohim we thank you for your prophetic power. Thank you because you are the owner of the universe. There is none besides you. You are the Alpha and the Omega. Jesus Christ eternal Lord. In the book of Revelation 17:14, they gathered against you, the Lamb to attack you, but you triumphed and conquered them. That is why the Bible gave you the title in the same Rev 17:14, the King of kings and the Lord of Lords. Lord, be the lord of this message as we expose your words today through the reading the mother church has given to us. I pray that you fill your messenger with the power of your Holy Spirit.

As your son Prophet Jonah spoke in Jonah 3:1-5 and 10 ; and the word of God came to Jonah the second time saying, “ arise, go to Nineveh that great city and cry out to it the preaching that I tell you.” In verse 3 of Jonah 3, ‘so Jonah arose and went to Nineveh according to the word of God. Nineveh was a very great city of three days journey, 60miles in circumference’. Verse 4 says “and Jonah began to enter into the city, a day’s journey and he cried there, 40 days and Nineveh will be overthrown. In verse 5, what did the People of Nineveh do?  1. They believed in God, 2. They Proclaimed a fast, 3. They put on a sack cloth and 4. From the greatest even to the least of them repented.  And highlight says, “God saw their works that they turned from their evil ways and God revoked the sentence of the evil he had said he would do to them and he did not overthrow Nineveh again. No disaster befell Nineveh for God was comforted and pleased concerning them.

How do we apply this to us? A message to Nigeria- ‘Disaster is coming.’ My fellow Nigerians listen, disaster is coming. Let those who are sleeping wake up oo! Those who are relaxed should not relax again. Begin to pack your things . In a no distant time, people are going to begin to run helter-skelter. Disaster is coming, that is our message. Disaster is coming.  If Nigerians want to avert the disaster, they will repent, if they do not want, let them continue to attack Fr. Mbaka. Disaster is coming. When it will come, then you will know, for many people are going to cry. Disaster is coming! Walhalla is about coming to Nigeria. This one is Meta-political. A thing of sorrow is about to happen in this country Nigeria. Those who have ears let them hear and those who do not have ears, let them continue to demand to kill Fr. Mbaka

When the people of Nineveh heard this message, they started seeking the face of God and they believed in God. Those who used to look after their physical beauty dropped all their beauty paraphernalia and sought God in repentance. They removed their good dresses and put on sackcloth in repentance believing God. They turned from their evil ways, they didn’t pursue Jonah to kill Jonah. They repented. The men of God of the day did not criticize Jonah about his methodology. Most of the times, prophetic words have no methodology. I am not a Methodist church member.

Today the pope is crying over the gruesome injustice pervading the world and the gross corruption in Nigeria. But we Nigerian ministers are calm and want to paint it that there is no problem. Yet the voice of God is happening through the voice of Jonah; disaster is coming. If anybody tells you that there is no problem, that after the election there will be no problem, that person is a liar. Let us all pray that even 14th Feb will come (And on that date election was postponed.)  And we are busy covering the iniquities of the so called leaders and they try to put our hands against God for whom we are working for.

Listen the impending doom Jonah announced touched every Tom, Dick and Harry. Even from the Presidents of Nineveh. They declared a fast urging that everybody should pray because a man of God has prophesied that disaster is coming. And they all started praying and fasting to God, looking for where to confess their sins and ask for God’s forgiveness. Cry of forgiveness filed the whole city, the atmosphere was charged with repentance. But in our own time, we want to tell you to relax as there is no problem. I cannot fool you my children. Tell me what God has told you, I am telling you what He has told me. My job is to deliver the message given to me. In the days of Samuel, all were nit gifted like Samuel. Everyone has his or her own gift. Use your own well and allow me use mine. You are not God, so don’t play God over my life. You are not the Holy Spirit. There is a level man should not operate beyond. There is a God that created Fr. Mbaka. When you are sent to go and catch him and kill him, give way. You can’t face the consequence.

The Ninevehites heard this news that disaster is coming and all of them started praying and fasting.  All the saloon in that city became redundant as no one had the time to go for beautification. If disaster comes now and you run to your village, will you have the time to be going to saloon? Will you still be talking about Brazilian weavon or Indian weavon?  Will you be looking for whom to plait your hair? Do you know that our sisters and brothers in some Northern part of this country are living in the bushes now? These were Christians like you whose homes were burnt, their churches burnt and their parish houses burnt. They have no option than to live in the bush. God forbid this but let me ask what will happen if this happen in this part of the country?  And what assurance are you giving me that it will not happen? It is going to happen. Pray, only prayer can avert it. The rats and lizards in this country are going to be on the run.

People should leave Fr. Mbaka and his message and listen to the voice of God. The Catholic Church cannot be a dumb Church.  If you want to be dumb, the Holy Ghost cannot be dumb with you. I have placed my hand on this altar and I do it again today. Let the world hear me that there is no one kobo of Buhari in my house. There is no one kobo of Jonathan Goodluck and Patience Goodluck in my house. There is not even one kobo of Ekweremadu in my house. Let God hear me and see me as a priest of God.  Look at me (He places his both hands at the altar).

Therefore wait and listen. Anybody telling you that Fr. Mbaka is given money is a liar. No body gave me one kobo, let the international community hear this. Let the universe hear this- disaster is coming.  If you want to relax, relax. If you want to sleep, sleep on, there you are talking about going to school or getting admission. Jonah released this message and the Ninevehites all repented. In our own time, instead of us repenting, we are looking for a man of God to kill, sack and disrobe. God is there watching because He has said: “Touch not my anointed and my prophet do no harm.”

What offence did the Ninevehites commit that Nigerians have not committed that will warrant the land of Nineveh to be destroyed and Nigeria spared?  In the Book of Gen19, it was the case of Sodom and Gomorrah. When the message came, the Sodomites and Gomorralites neglected the message that Sodom and Gomorrah will be destroyed. All of them ignored it. The sin of that city was a sin of sodomy. It was like the sin of homosexuality that people are doing today. It was like lesbianism of that day. Do you want to tell me today that some Nigerians are not Lesbians and Homosexuals? Do you want to tell me that the same God that destroyed Sodom has died? Do you want to tell me that the Sodomites and Gomorralites committed worse sins than us? If the same God who is unchangeable in Job 23:13 is still alive, do you want to tell me he cannot perform the same to us? He has given us long rope. Nigerians, let us not abuse God. Let us listen to the voice of God and repent.

The problem is that our oil of consecration and sanctification has dried up.  Many of us just go to church and come back. God is tied with church goers. God wants Godly men and women. He wants Christians that are real followers of Christ, not church goers. Our good dressings will not take us anywhere. God is looking at our hearts. The word is repent for the kingdom of God is at hand because disaster is coming. Today we think it is the deadly privilege of the Northerners. Can anybody here tell me what is going to happen tomorrow? Look at these politicians , anytime I see them clamouring “vote for us” I wonder if any of them have ever thought of whether he will live to see the election day.    As I told you, I am not partisan. I am not supporting any party but the condition of my people is eating deep into the fabrics of my personality.  My people’s condition is breaking my heart because when the disaster will begin to happen, these politicians will fly away. Their children are outside Nigeria, while you are here in this country.

Gradually the disaster is creeping in. How many government hospitals are working now? And how many poor people have the money to go to private hospitals? You are waiting for when the disaster will come. But I want to ask this question, which sin did the Ninevelites  commit that has not been committed in Nigeria?

Jonah said that Nineveh will fall. If someone now say that Nigeria will fall, they will say that the messenger should be brought and attacked. Today we want to have Priest, pastors and men of God who will be robbing pomade on our skins. Men of God who will tell you what you want to hear, not what God wants you to hear during their homilies. Then we would say that that person is a good person. No, not again.


In the days of the Ninevehites, there was no kidnapping. But kidnapping is the order of the day in Nigeria today. And all these iniquities will be visited, unless we repent. In Luke 13:1-5 ff, these Galileans whose blood was poured do you think they are worst sinners? Unless you repent, you will all likewise perish. The people of Silo that were crushed do you think they were worst sinners? Unless you repent, you will perish likewise.  A perishing time is coming. Everybody is called for this prayer campaign. Even kidnappers should repent. It is not a job. The person you are kidnapping is not the cause of your problems. If you go to the scripture there is something God said about kidnapping in Ex 21:16. It says that when somebody is a kidnapper and he kidnaps somebody, whether the person he kidnapped is caught in his hand or died in his hand, that kidnapper should be sentenced to death. So kidnappers, be ready because disaster is coming to your house. How can you think that kidnapping your fellow human being will solve your personal problems?


I pity the Igbo man, where will they run to? Our Billionaires and Millionaires  built their industries in foreign countries living their homes undeveloped. When the impending disaster comes, what clolour will the Igbo man wear?  What will be the language of the Igbo man – Hausa or Yoruba?  It is said that Igbos have no king, and any one God brings out for you, you will kill him. Let no one kill his or her neighbour. If you cannot score the goal, allow another who wants to score to score the goal.  When he scores, embrace him or keep your mouth shut.


What sin did the Ninevehites commit that we are not committing. In the days of Ninevites, there was little cases of men using their wives for rituals. Nowadays, a man married a woman only to use her for ritual. From the money he gets after the funeral, he will marry another woman. How much money will you have to equate the life of the girls whom you took out of her parent’s house under the pretext of marriage? Some men nowadays use their son (s) to perform money making charms so that they will be wealthy. How many days will you stay on earth to enjoy that satanic money? Some use even their daughter. I have also met cases of women killing their wealthy husbands so as to claim their wealth. Is it not enough to bring disaster? How many days will you live after that?


We watch and see signboards everywhere, asking you to come if you want to be rich overnight. And many church goers visit such nonsensical satanic centers and you thing disaster will not come. It is only the mercy of God that is holding this country, our cup is filled.


Give me one reason why disaster will not come. In Exodus 20:  it says, “Thou shall not worship any other God beside me for I am a jealous God”. Unless we repent, pray hard and fast, God’s jealousy will consume us and it will be difficult to escape the impending doom.

Many people who claim to be church goers are using charms and worshiping idols. Many of us worship human beings because we are living in our comfort zones.  The jealous God will strike. That person that you are adoring and leaking his mess,  will that person save you from impending disaster of God?

My fellow people of God, let us do it like the Ninevehites. Let us seek the face of God. It is time for us to repent, break our hearts, seek God’s presence and yield to Him.



In Joshua 7:13, after the Israelites were conquered by a small AI, Joshua tore his cloth and cried to God. God gave him the solution in verse 13, sanctify yourself today. It is a call for sanctification, we need to be sanctified and the Holy Spirit is the sanctifier. Let us not think that God is sleeping and doesn’t see us. God’s torch light is upon everybody and no one can escape his anger. Many are running to Lagos where they think there is safety, many are boarding plane to fly abroad. Have you forgotten the story of the Malaysian airline?  It is time for everybody to yield to God.


Do you think that God is comfortable watching people die in road accidents every day in Nigeria? Many roads are left unrepaired and they are death traps. Those contractors commissioned to construct or repair these roads should listen, anyone who dies on that road, the blood is upon you. You have created a death trap on the road and diverted the money to build houses in your village, disaster is upon you and unless you repent, you will all likewise perish. If you are the one being trained with such much, you are going to suffer. It is stolen money. Many of you are poor today not because God wants you to be poor but because some criminals and hooligans swindled the money that is meant to develop you and you are told to shut your mouth and be putting it in prayer.  Why can’t they pray for you too? Disaster is coming unless you repent.

Jesus could not waste time in crying around everywhere he goes after his baptism as he went about proclaiming in the gospel of Mark, ‘repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.”


Our leaders have to repent and the followers have to repent too. The worse is that the leaders created the opportunity for immorality to fill the city. The quantum of immorality in Nigeria cannot be equated to that of the Ninevehites. How many bloods are being poured away in this country every week through abortion? Somebody answer me. Gynecology is now a lucrative area of specialization in medicine and every doctor wants to be in gyna  “Ebe o na aga-aga.” Disaster is coming, please God, have mercy on this country.

The Kingdom of God is close at hand repent. Let’s take it one by one. The ten commandments of God have been defied by us. It is in the keeping of these Ten Commandments that God protects a city.  Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach, a snare and a destroyer. And the Bible says, “foundation once destroyed what a just man will do?” The foundation of this country and indeed any country is rooted in obedience to the commandments of God. We have all sinned and fallen short of God’s glory.  Our Job is to repent.


Think of those in the pharmaceutical fields, selling expired drugs to people and running away from proscription of NAFDAC.  They give people fake drugs that they import into the country. Those that die of expired drugs are greater than those killed by the very sicknesses the drugs are meant to cure.  How could you convince me that Nineveh will fall and Nigeria will stand when the sin in Nineveh is not equal to one half of ours. God is so compassionate.  Everybody will have to enter into prayers for Nigeria.


We complain that our young women no longer marry in time. How do you expect them to marry when the men that are meant to marry them are unemployed? Graduates that have no jobs. How do you expect a man living with his father, mother and siblings in one room to marry? Where will he stay with his wife and his children to come? What we have in this country can make everybody rich…” TO BE CONT’D IN NEXT EDITION.

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  1. Thanks for message,pray for God guidance and protection.

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