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It was a moment of joy in Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria on May 29th 2015 when the new president of Nigeria, Mohammadu Buhari was sworn in. The nation’s democracy day which coincided with the Friday Adoration programme of the Ministry offered the adorers the opportunity to express their joy even as the Spiritual Director Rev. Fr. Mbaka reviews the travails of the Ministry over his December 31st night prophesy of Buharis’ victory saying “it was a demonstration of God’s action on earth”. He recalled what he had passed through in the past over his prophesies on some of the nations past leaders and how they came true. In his message punctuated with ministration of blessings of Change on the worshipers, AMEN SuperNews captured him live as he gave an insight into the Divine Change prophesied coming true with the sack of Jonathan at the polls and prays for the new Buhari led government recalling the ephemeral nature of power and its abuse by the Leaders especially the last minute demolition spray embarked by Sullivan, the immediate past Governor of Enugu state just few days to his handover.

“There are some miracles that will never repeat itself until the end of the world.  For example, crossing of the red sea in the time of Moses and the falling of fire from above during Elijah’s time. This thing that God did for us on the 29th May is one such historic miracle because it could have been possible for Buhari to win and power would not be handed over to him. But he won and was handed over. All those saying that Mbaka said this and that, the heavens shut them up yesterday. Next time someone says that the Holy Spirit told him something, you will first go and ask the Holy Spirit if He said so before attacking him.  So we thank God for what He did for us. God was gracious to have done this in the Catholic Church because if it were a pastor of any church that declared that prophesy and was persecuted the way I was, if eventually it came to pass as we see today, everybody will start going his church.

“There are ugly conditions planted in your life by the devil; there are conditions caused by the presence of environmental hazards or situational forces or by ecological powers or ancestral hereditary patterns which are deposited in your systems. You might have merited such, acquired such, there can be divine change. I don’t care how many years that pattern might have lasted from generation to another; the hand of God can Change it.

“ He changes time and changes seasons. He did it in Nigeria and we believed it. He enthrones whomever he wants and dethrones whomever he wanted. All powers and authority are in his hand. Daniel 2:21 says, he raises kings and he brings kings down. I stand in Psalm 102:26-27 and declare that God can change anything like we change our clothes but remain the same. May the Lord change your conditions from bad to best.

“Heavenly father may your people who believe you can change all things begin to enjoy the power of your miracle unto change in Jesus name.

I can see ugly conditions changing. In this message, I present God as the unchangeable changer. Do you believe that? Then call God to change your situation, and conditions unto the miraculous that in no distant time, you will be urinating and vomiting testimonies. The sole reason why Christ came is to change the face of the earth. Psalm 104:30 says, You sent forth your spirit and renew the face of the earth. The face of the earth must be renewed. I lay my hands on you, standing on the word of God I pray for the power of change.

“When God changes something, it is not like what man changes. God’s own is  divine. I am talking about supernatural transformation, supernatural mutability and divine transmutation; I am talking about supernatural dynamic transubstantiation. I will explain later on. I am talking about Supernatural alchemist.

God can change this your situation and the reason . He has no terminus ad quo and no terminus ad quem. By this fact I bring you to the realization that our God can change seasons and can change time.

I could remember many years ago, when we were still worshiping in GTC. One Wednesday night, I started shouting that the Holy Spirit has disclosed that Abacha was going to die. Instead of people coming to ask what shall we do to prevent the president from dying, they started attacking me. I ran away to Awhum Monastery and from there I came to the Church on Sunday and told them that the Holy Spirit says “By this time tomorrow, the President will be no more”. The whole parish council gathered around my house and said I should please stop saying that.  Exactly by that time on the following Monday, Abacha died.  I never wished him death but I saw it in the spiritual. My people perish because they lack knowledge.   We are in an era where we no longer respect prophetic life. We believe in lies and fairy tells and what we read in papers but when a man of God tells you what he hears from the spirit world, we do not believe it.

I could remember the time of Yaradua, the message came and we delivered one message “Vengeance is coming ” where we talked about Okolo and Goddy. We used Goodluck Jonathan as the Goddy and said that this young man from Niger-Delta was going to become the President of Nigeria.  At that time, there was no political formula for that message to be actualized. But the Holy Spirit had planed the change and revealed it to his servant. Many of you were there when we celebrated the mass of commendation for Change in Nigeria. We declared that Nigeria must prosper inspite of what we were passing through. We declared that a time is coming when this country will be changed by God in such a way that we can challenge Western countries. I can see a future where Nigeria becomes the pride of Africa. Divine Change will do it. If man cannot do it, if our politicians cannot do it, God will do it. Divine Change.

“After that mass of commendation for change, it did not take long and that message of Yaradua’s death came. When I was crying about Yaradua dying, instead of people coming to ask what shall we do, people were calling me all sorts of names saying it was not possible.

We were happy with Goodluck Jonathan and backed him up with prayers, but he was stubborn. He thought nothing can change an incumbent. That once an incumbent in the history of Africa, nothing can change you.  After all he has the money, the INEC, the police and army and everything to continue. His wife came here and we blessed her. Do you know that prophetic life is a dynamic life? Nothing is as dynamic as prophetic life. One philosopher whose name was Heraclitus, the off stock of his philosophy was change, mutatis. He said that nothing is permanent except change and that everything is constantly changing that you cannot step on the same water twice.   Do you know that under prophetic life, God can tell you to go and by the time you step out and reach there, He will tell you to come back? Nobody directs God. He is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. Man can never control God. We must be controlled by God. When a man of God prophesieses,  stop arguing over it because you have mouth. If you do not have the gift, keep quiet. God can change. Read it well in Daniel 2:21 “ He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding”.

“If this God can change seasons, can he not change this condition?  I want you to begin to desire change in your life. Your condition will not remain like this forever. You are going to be the game changer in your family. You are going to change the condition of your people. The anointing for change is here; receive the unction of change now in Jesus name. This Divine change is going to shame the devil. Many people will not understand how you automatically started changing.

“I am talking about supernatural change. There is what we call, metamorphosis under the same corridor of change. In the Agricultural parlance we have what we call photosynthesis, how can you explain this? Nobody will be able to explain your own when it happens.  There is going to be vocational change, environmental change, or ecological change in Jesus name.

There is  wind of change blowing in this country, in a no distance time I can see a future whereby our oil industry, Nigeria will be proud of being an oil-producing country under the power of Divine change. And the Bible says in Isaiah9:7 that the zeal of the Lord will do this. Zachariah 4:36 says “it is not by power it is not by might, but by my spirit”. The Holy Ghost will do this.

“It happened that there was commotion everywhere in Enugu, over the last minute demolition spray of Gov Sullivan Chime. People in Independence layout were crying, even the proprietors of spring of life school. The school was to be pulled down, it was like a satanic rioting. They said the Governor gave orders for the pulling down of these structures.  School Children were asked to remain in the classrooms let them see how they will pull it down while they are there. Even Roban store was earmarked for the demolition spray. People ran to me crying “Father, save us, father help us”. My gate was besieged with helpless victims, coming and going. This was happening few days to the Governor’s handover. Governor Sullivan what is happening? The Old Park that you demolished for over how many years now, you have not put one block there. Shame on him. And now there is change. That which was prophesied not too long ago has happened today.  How can somebody be destroying people’s property just like that? Now the power has left him. He can be sued now; he can be arrested now. He has now more enemies than friends. All are now following his successor, Ifeanyi Ugwanyi.

I pray that Ifeanyi the new Governor will not follow the track of those who will be destroying people’s things and who will bring sorrow to the land. He should bring joy. Remember he was well prayed for on this land and we were part and parcel of the Spiritual backup that brought him in. Remember the time of Chimaroke, he taught he was a god. There were killings here and there. Now the same Chimaroke is in the street and nobody cared about him. Once you go out of power nobody wants to associate with you. Failure is an orphan.

“If you watched how Goodluck Jonathan handed over to Buhari yesterday and quietly left unceremoniously, all the noise that came with him vanished, you will see that power is temporal. When God gives you power use it well. Good Luck Jonathan was to be a good luck to this country. He is not a bad man but he taught he could please those around him. Where are all these people he wanted to please then? They could not even escort him to and fro the handover ground. Where are all those Senators? Where are all those his ministers? They did to him what we call Uso Ejeta, Use and dump. They used Jonathan and dumped him. They told him a lot of lies. Remember the message we gave one day here “” Jonathan who is holding your ladder?”. Instead of his people coming to ask what can be done to save the seat of this man, they started attacking me, it was “Kill him” all over. Can you close the mouth of a Prophet? No, even if I want I can’t close my mouth.  No human being can muscle my mouth unless you are God. But we have only one God and any time God says Mbaka don’t talk, I will never talk no matter what happens. And if He sends me a message to you, no matter whom you are, you must hear the word. I am just an instrument in the Hand of God. Do you think I even understand what I am doing?”

“There is now a change in Nigerian government from Goodluck Ebere Jonathan to Buhari as the Commander in Chief of Nigerian armed forces. Power has changed over. Automatically he has relocated the military base to Maiduguri, face to face with Boko Haram. No delay. Action. He said he is for everybody and he is for nobody. God has brought somebody that mean business. We pray for him that hooligans will not hijack his government. We pray for him that the hawks and vultures will be scared away by the Holy Ghost fire. We pray that God will take over Buhari our new President. We lift our hands to God and pray that God will use him miraculously and fill him with the wisdom. That God will use him as the leaders of old, to make Nigeria what God want her to be.  We pray for his protection, evil men would begin to go after his life when he will begin to marshal out his wonderful leadership principles and charisma, we pray that the Holy Spirit will endow him with His protection beyond satanic destruction. Anointing upon our new president. Favour be upon our new president. Blessings and long life be upon our new President. May his days be long; we cover him with the blood of Jesus and hand him over to the Angels of God for maximum security. May the Lord be with him and use him for the good of the whole country and for the peace and prosperity of this nation. And we bless him. The Adorers wish him well; we tell him to do well. You cannot please everybody, make sure you just please God be assured of our prayers in Jesus name.

What we are witnessing today is a Divine change. God has taken over. Remember that the theme of our Last years’ December crusade that ushered us into this year was “Divine Takeover”. Tem tem tem  to Jesus!

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