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The annual Thanksgiving and Bazaar of the Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria held from Friday the 7th to Sunday the 9th of November this year will ever remain memorable in the history of the Ministry. The Bazaar which was titled “Bazaar of Thanksgiving to God for His miracle” by the Spiritual Director of the Ministry Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka recorded a huge success in all ramifications. The high point of the activities was the coming of the First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the wife of President Goodluck Jonathan, Dame Patience Ebele Jonathan and other key players in the national affairs such as the deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu among others.

According to the programme released by the Spiritual Director, the night of Friday the 7th of November was the bazaar offering while Sunday the 9th of November was the bazaar sales.  The organizing Committee headed by Mrs Ann Aligwe (Mama Adoration) under the auspices of  Ebonyi Zonal members of the  Ministry and other sub committees took charge of the whole arrangement.

The Spiritual Director of the Ministry, Fr. Mbaka held series of meetings with the Adoration Workers where he gave directives on the roles every unit of the ministry was expected to play.

The high point of the programme was on Sunday the 9th of November 2014. There were indications that the Nigerian First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan would grace the event of the day.  This indication which appeared speculative was concretized at about 11 am when the Presidential jet conveying the first Lady and her entourage arrived the Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu. A Lot of political groups and some key functionaries of the state and other musical group notably, the Ikorodo  dance  troupe of the Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria , AMEN Super News  Talent Hunt  were at the Air Port to receive the First Lady.

From the Airport, she was conveyed to the Adoration Ministry Permanent site at Umuchigbo Iji Nike by road amidst heavy convoy against the earlier speculation that she would go by chopper because of the terrible state of the Adoration road. She arrived the Ministry site where the multitude of the worshipers were all seated and waiting for the commencement of the day’s programme. Hundreds of the Ministry members all in the Adoration ministry’s uniform formed an alley way along the red carpet through which the first Lady was led into the arena beautifully adorned, decorated and prepared for her opposite the Adoration Altar Stage where she sat with her entourage.

The programme of the day commenced with a welcome address read by Chinaza of the little children Ministry of the Adoration family.  The Address stated that the year’s harvest was a joyful one because the Miracle Working God is with the Ministry.  It  extended the ministry’s  greetings to the Spiritual Director of the Ministry Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka for what God is using him to do, then to Adorers, supporters, Rev. Fathers and Sister and all present at the venue to thank God for his Miracle in the Adoration Ministry.  She enumerated the numerous awards the first Lady had received in the past and stated that the First Lady was being awarded Special Adoration ‘Lolo’.  She described the   First Lady as someone who is endeared to many people for her philanthropic and charity works and a role model that has never failed to add value to peoples’ lives. According to the address, Patience Jonathan   is a friend of the less privilege and a mother of orphans who has never stopped supporting the poor through scholarship awards, medical support and assistance to the children with problems.  Also in the address, special thanks was extended to  Senator Ike Ekweremadu, representing Enugu West Senatorial District, for his promise fulfilled and welcomed all and sundry to the Empire of the Holy Ghost, the Adoration Ministry, Enugu Nigeria. Pinpointing the miracles of God in the Ministry, the address stated that the movement of the Ministry from the fairly comfortable old Adoration ground to the permanent site which was hitherto all bushes was intimidating but today it is all a different song in terms of infrastructure and the swelling multitude.  She stated that the Ministry which is purely catholic but interdenominational for people all over Nigeria who troupe in to worship God at the ground, had supported President Jonathan during his election in 2011 and by the grace of God, he won adding that this time around, the Ministry will support him again and again both in prayers and actions so that he will win the 2015 presidents election.  According to the address, Adoration Ministry has been President Jonathan and Dame Patience friendly and one good turn deserves another.

Enumerating the major problems of the ministry the address stated, “We have no good road leading to this prayer ground, no accommodation for those who would wish to do their prayer retreat here, no library, no chapel, no auditorium etc and pray that God will touch all and sundry to come to the Ministry’s aid.”

After the welcome address, the First Lady was called up to the stage to take the reading from the scripture. She took the reading from the Book of Genesis 12:2-3 where God Promised Abraham that He would make him great, and bless him and that whoever blesses him will be blesses and who ever curse him will be cursed.

The Spiritual Director of the Ministry took the next reading from John 17; 1-2 where Jesus prayed lifting up His eyes to heaven and said “Father, the hour has come,  glorify your son, so that your son may Glorify you. As you have given him authority over all flesh that he will give eternal life to as many as you have given him.”

In his exhortation after the reading, Fr. Mbaka said, “I am exceedingly grateful to the Holy Spirit who by his promptings and wonderful inspirations brought the first Lady, the mother of all Nigerians to the arena where God performs goose pimple arousing miracles. We are here because we have a bazaar and thanksgiving for the year.

“This is the history of our Mama’s coming; fortunately for us, few weeks ago, His Excellency Barr. Ike Ekweremmadu our big brother came for prayers here and we gave him invitation card for our Bazaar. He demanded we give him one invitation card for the first Lady saying that the way he was being prayed for here that day, he would want Mr Presidents’ family to receive the same anointing. He said that he would wish that the prayer that has been guiding him from here will guide GoodLuck to the throne of 2015 Presidential victory.  Just like joke, we were preparing for our Bazaar believing a little that the first lady will come because we know that there is no good road that will bring her here”.

Continuing Fr. Mbaka told the First Lady “all the roads you plied to the adoration ground were filled the whole of yesterday evening till this morning by the Ministry using many tippers. If the roads were left the way they were you would need a caterpillar tol bring you into the adoration ground.” Stressing the point he said, “The roads were horrible and like the roads leading to hell fire or purgatory, but we thank God that his Excellency Ike Ekweremadu encouraged me to do everything I can to facelift them.”

Continuing he said,  ”as a result of this challenge, I didn’t officially tell my Bishop that you are coming because to tell him that you are coming and eventually you didn’t come will be like Fr. Mbaka has started telling lies. So I was in a quagmire of whether you are coming or not. An advanced team came and said we should prepare for a chopper landing spot. We were already preparing the spot and building the road thinking that when the chopper flies you up and you see the road, you may say you are not coming here again.”

He thanked God for His Excellency Ike Ekweremadu stating that Mama Patience who was there was prompted by his personality.  He promised him that he will see how the adoration people will keep backing him spiritually. He told the Deputy Senate President “Anybody that will fight you politically will fall. It is a prophesy. So your competitors should go and begin to rest or find something else doing”.

He told the first Lady, that the Deputy Senate President has been supporting her husband and that the senate deputy boss was his teacher in Secondary school and is a good man, loved by the whole of Awgu people, Aniri and beyond. He said that the Deputy Senate President has done wonderfully well and that from Abuja, he would come to Enugu and pull a crowd that those living in Enugu could not pull.  “He is a man of the people. I am not here to praise him but to thank him because without him the First Lady may not be here today. God used him as a hook to bring the first lady here. So let’s give honour to whom it is due”. He said it shall be well with the Deputy Senate President and his wife, Nwanneka and encouraged her to continue to support the first lady.

“I wish to tell everybody here and the First Lady that this ministry as you heard in the address has supported your family publicly and secretly.     And we will continue to support Jonathan. Even before he became the President, we started fighting for him. During the Ya’Adua’s saga, a time came when I couldn’t move around in Enugu because people thought Jonathan gave me billions of naira to be campaigning for him. We even opened a campaign office for him; my Bishop thought I was going to become a president or vice president. I told him no. I am a priest and I am satisfied with my job. That this man coming from the oil land for the first time must be our president. By the special grace of God the Adorers entered the bush and prayed, you people worked and God blessed your works and heard our prayers.  We are not stopping because we want him to go back.”

He told the First Lady, “Even if you didn’t come here, we will keep praying for Jonathan because the first one we did, you weren’t here. We are not sycophantic, be patient with God and see how He will handle the riddles, wriggles and the entire scenario in the country.” Speaking on the clamour that Jonathan must bring back the Chibok girls, Fr Mbaka asked the first lady “Is Jonathan holding the Chibok girls? Are they living in your house? When you went to Borno, did you not cry that there is God? You cried and God will see you through. So anybody projecting the concept that Jonathan must bring back the Chibok girls, such people are holding the girls. They and not Jonathan should release them. Jonathan is not a kidnapper and Mama Patience is not a kidnapper. God will see that your tears will be wiped off. So we are giving you another holistic support spiritually. We shall do whatever we can do for you to see you and your husband back again on that seat because you and your husband have done well in spite of the distractions. They are distracting you so that you would not achieve much. You have done well amidst distractions. What of if there were no distractions? So go ahead.

“What you are seeing here is just a microcosmic structure of our number vis-à-vis the super macrocosmic number that troupe in for prayers here every Friday. What you see here is just one over twenty of those who come for weekly prayers that we just finished yesterday morning. Because we were not sure if you were coming or not. They said if the road is not good, you will not come and that your vehicle is a Mercedes that cannot fall into the ditch and come out.  So many were not sure you will come. If you come here on the Crusade day you will see millions of people, and on 31st December night, from every parts of Nigeria, people will fill here from that airport roundabout, you will have human traffic down to the whole of this arena. So these are the intimidating numbers that are going to support you and your husband.  So you have us as people behind and you have God on this altar.  ”

Pinpointing the facts of the first reading read by the first Lady, Fr. Mbaka said, “Greatness comes from God. Like when this brother here Ifeanyi Uba, of Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria came for prayers here I told him, he was not going to be the governor now but God will make him great. I encouraged Uba,  “ keep following the man (President Jonathan) we are supporting and God will make you great beyond the one you have been because anybody fighting the man we are supporting is fighting us. In Enugu here, the story of APC is just a caricature. For us in Enugu, APC means Boko Haram and so it is in the Igbo Land”.

“When God told Abraham, ‘I will make you great’, greatness comes from God. He will make Jonathan great. He will make Patience great” He told the first Lady. “Go with the consolation of the Holy spirit for the anointing of the Lord says that God will make your family great. And God Continued in verse 2 ‘I will bless you’ because after greatness comes blessing, because many are great but are not blessed, many are blessed but are not great. But here God says, He will bless you and make you great and whoever blesses you will be blessed. Before then He said ‘I will make you a blessing’. Today you are here, you are a blessing to this ministry and wherever you go, you will be a blessing. I am humbled by your humility; inspite of the story of no road you are here. I would not have pardoned Ike Ekweremadu after we have wasted the resources we have to become a road construction company overnight and you didn’t come.  Since they said you are not going to stay till night, we will do a programme for you, then you will go and we begin our Mass and our Bazaar.  We would want you to stay here and live with us so that Jonathan will come here and live and become an Enugu man. He should see this ministry as a supernatural bullock and backbone. We will not leave him in the hands of political hawks, vultures and maggots. May the Lord keep you and Jonathan for us? Please when you go, tell Mr. President that there is no road connecting the people coming here. The Largest crowd in Enugu city lives in Abakpa here but this road cannot link them. Another crowd lives here in Emene but this road cannot connect the people very well. The governor has done well. When he drove us out of the old GRA ground, he gave us this place. Since then nobody has asked us how we are faring. We entered into a bush and God is helping us.

All I am assuring you is the greatness, the blessing and protection of God. God says He will bless whoever blesses you.  You are here to receive the anointing on behalf of your husband.  1st Jn 2: 20 says you have the anointing, 1st John 2:27 says the anointing you will receive shall guard us to all knowledge.  In Psalm 92:10 He says ‘he was anointed with fresh oil. In Ps23:5 He says ‘He anoints my head with fresh oil.’  In Psalm 45:7 he says because of his righteousness he was anointed with oil of favour. Isaiah 10:27 says on that day, the Lord will unburden your burdens, all those things giving your head wahala, God will unburden and will destroy your yoke by the anointing, for anointing destroys the yoke. That is why you are here, all these people here want to witness you alive and some are catching and magneting into their lives, the 1st Lady anointing.

Continuing he prayed for the First Lady, “God will bless you, keep you alive and sustain you. The life we are talking about is the life of Psalm 91:16 which says ‘and I will satisfy you with long life,’ May long life be your potion in Jesus name. In Job 10:5 He says He will give you life and favour ‘your life and the life of the President are in the hand of God. This Country is in the hand of God, enemies can’t even tear this Country apart; they cannot even destroy it until heaven says yes.   In 2nd Cor 1:19 the name of God is Yes and Amen. We are saying yes to this 2015. I am not a politician, I do not campaign, it is what I am praying in my heart that I am speaking out, and even if I don’t speak it out, God hears my inner groaning.  So what we are talking about is that you are going to move forward. You have been the first lady, you did it well, very humble, you are going to do it again. So any other woman who wants to go there should wait.  The Adoration People Love you and now that you have set your foot here, your enemies are going to begin to make horrible mistakes. They will be making mistakes that will be implicating them because you are here. It is a land of miracles.  God is raising the dead here, the lames walk here, and barren women conceive here by the grace of God. We don’t know how it happens. Many barren women here in  no distant time are coming back with testimony of child bearing in Jesus name.

Sullivan Chime has done well at his own level, God will bless him.  He said he is interested in somebody by name, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi (Gburugburu) to succeed him. And fortunately not because Sullivan said it, Enugu People love him. He is a popular candidate and fortunately he is coming from Nsukka the area where we said let our next Governor emerge from. Please when you go tell your husband that we express it also as our prayer request that not just because Sullivan had said something about him, but because Enugu people have accepted him. We are free to say no to whomever Sullivan brought. We can say no to Sullivan’s voice; he is not the Enugu People and he doesn’t have the crowd as such.

Just like the last time Valentine Nnaedozie was contesting the Guber Election of this state under ACN, but because of PDP vision, we told him to come out of ACN and join PDP. The hundreds of millions he spent during his campaign, up till today nobody had remembered to ask him to come and even be sweeping the Corridor. So, that is Enugu politics for you. So, now you are here, you are a philanthropist and charitable mothers, when you get home tell your husband also about Valentine Nnaedozie and he is an arch supporter of President Jonathan.

All the supporters of Jonathan are going home with joy today because by the anointing we give to you, witches and wizards will be falling for you, wherever your enemies gather as in Is 53:4, they shall be scattered.

In a special prayer session for the First Lady, Fr Mbaka prayed,   “Mighty God, I and my brother priests here and the entire adorers join together to pray for the First lady of this county on behalf of her husband and our good President, Goodluck Jonathan, Father in Matthew 18:18 your word says that whatever I bind on earth is bound in heaven and whatever I loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. So I stand here to loose the family of Goodluck from every satanic encumbrance and yokes, wherever this family is being tied satanically, occultically or esoterically, let there be a miracle of liberation. John 8:36 says ‘if the Son of Man sets you free, you are free indeed. So may Goodluck and his vision be liberated in Jesus name. Secondly, Holy Father, we cover this family with the blood of Jesus Christ, that the family of Patience Jonathan, the first t lady here be hidden in the power of the blood of the Lamb. The Bible says in Rev 1:5, the blood of redemption will see you through. In Col 1:14, this family shall be guaranteed in the blood of redemption. In Col 1: 20, I hand your family over to the blood on the cross that the blood on the cross will protect you from every infernal and dubious spirit. I stand on Zech 9: 11 and anchor your family in the covenant blood of Luke 22:20 and Matthew 26:28. Under this Covenant blood we protect you. We stand on 1st Peter 1:18 where it is written that you are purchased with the blood of Jesus. We say that this blood has paid your price as of Rev 5:9. No other kingdom can even price you because you are made priceless in the blood. The blood is the secret and in John 19:34, the Bible says that he was pierced and blood and water came out. May this blood shield you, purify you, protect you and guarantee you healing and health under the blood Covenant of Ex 12:13. The Bible says in Ex 12:7 the frontage of your house shall be painted with the blood, verse 13 says ‘when I see the blood I will pass over you. May this blood of Passover protect you so that no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. Our Prayer for you is total handing over to God today. We formerly, officially and spiritually hand you over to the Almighty who has being helping you and because in Heb 13:8 the Bible says, Christ Jesus the same yesterday, today and forever. He has not changed. He did it for you in the past; he can do it for you again in the present. I configure you to the power of Jesus Christ, He who died for this family in the past; His death will continue to save your family.  We hand you over to the Holy Spirit, the Advocate. May this Holy Spirit in John 14:26 help you, may he speak for you, may he be your standby, may he be your comforter and your advocate. Beloved Holy Spirit, the Miracle-Working Holy Spirit, please come and posses your daughter, be with her, she cannot do without you,  this vision 2015 is futile without you, but with you Holy Spirit, she will triumph. Now we anoint you officially in the two palms of your hands representing your destiny; it is well with you. In Deut 12:7, the Bible says ‘Whatever you lay your hands upon you will rejoice over it,’ May your enemies begin to fall upon your hands. In Exodus 23:22 the Bible says ‘I will be friend to your friends and enemy to your enemies. May it be so in Jesus name; In Deut 1:30, the Bible says, I will fight your battles for you, and may it be so in Jesus name. He anoints your head with oil and your cup overflows. it is so for you and we decree that the blessings of Heaven will come and shield you, in the name of the father, son and the Holy Spirit. We are releasing these four birds to go and fight for Jonathan, the four birds representing the four cardinal points of Nigeria, North, South East and West. Arise and Shine”

In his reaction to the occasion, Senator Ekweremadu who spoke before the 1st Lady gave a seven gun salute to Jesus. He said that he joined the People of Enugu in welcoming the 1st Lady to Enugu. He made recognitions of the deputy Governor of the state who was there to represent the Governor who was unavoidably absent, his wife, and his colleagues, members of the national assembly and the Honorable ministers and entourage of the first lady.   In his words “About four weeks ago I was here to receive the anointing before we started the political circle. All of you prayed for me and Fr. Mbaka who was once my student anointed me. I will like to thank all of you because God answered my prayers and things are getting better.  On that day, I promised you three things. First, that I will be here with you to give glory to God on a day like this. I am happy I am here with my family and my friends. Second, I did say that I have not consulted with the President and his wife, but that I will come with either the President or his wife, and here she is. And the third thing was that I said that we cannot be living in our own houses and the house of God is incomplete, that we are going to join you to complete the building of this house.”  Ekweramadu stated that he has spoken to a few people to join him in completing the house of God. He announced the token of donations from himself and some of his friends among whom were, Ifeanyi Uba who was there at the Occasion, the CEO of capital Oil, Hope Uzodinma, the ALGON President, Chief Tony Chukwu, Chief Uche Oga, Ejike Njeze, Anayo Onwuegbu, Osita Chidioka, Minister of Aviation, Chief Olisa Metu, National Publicity Secretary of PDP, the Senate President, David Mark, Emenike Agubandieze I of Itukwu   among others.

In her reaction, the first lady who commenced her address with Igbo songs of worship “Chineke nke Igwe Onye di ka gi”, also recognised some dignitaries at the occasion as she said,  “Your Excellency, the deputy Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,  Senator Ike Ekweremadu and his  amiable wife, my sister Mrs Nwanneka, Your Excellency the Deputy  Governor of Enugu State representing the Governor of Enugu State, Distinguished Senators and their wives, members of the House of Representatives and their wives, Honourable Ministers and their wives, the Speaker and Members of Enugu State House of Assembly, Members of the State Executive council here present, My Lord Justice Okpara, May I specially recognize the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu, Nigeria, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka and other Ministers of God here , the Executive Secretary, Christian Pilgrimage Commission, Pastor Kennedy Okpara, Aso Villa Chapel Administrator, the acting Chairman of PDP Enugu State, Elder David. I won’t forget to recognize the National coordinator of TAN, Dr Ifeanyi Ubah.  Permit me to recognize the members of my constituency, the great women of Enugu State and the Women of Adoration Ministry.

“I bring you cavalry greetings from his Excellency, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who would have loved to be part of this prayer meeting but had to stay back due to pressing state matters and he asked me his wife, to be here to represent him. You know as far as I am here he is here with us. He has asked me to convey his best wishes and to thank you for your continued prayers for peace and development of Nigeria. It is therefore in the name of God that I thank most sincerely our Charismatic Preacher and anointed singer, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, other priests and all the good people of Enugu state and Nigeria who have taken the challenge to seek Divine guidance and protection for our country, political leaders and especially the first family.”

She stated that prayer is the foundation of real Christianity and that there is no problem that cannot be solved with prayer.

Advocating for peace in the nation, she cited Jeremiah 29:7 and went further to say “we are conscious that conflict can only result to insecurity, promote poverty, reverse our democratic gains and ultimately tear our society apart. As a woman and a mother, I feel in my heart the pains of conflict and crimes. This is why I assumed the new name “MAMA PEACE”

She used the opportunity to appeal to all Nigerians especially the mothers to bring up their children with the fear of the Lord. She identified peace in the community as a collective responsibility and a task that must not be left to government alone. She said as the President of the African 1st Lady Peace mission, she has utilized the opportunity to spread the message of peace across the continent.

The First Lady who also spoke in Igbo, after her address expressed her joy at the occasion. She said she is of Igbo extraction that her father is from Rivers while she is being married to a Bayelsa and her mother is from Abia State. She said she grew up in Abia where she stayed with her grandmother.  She said she cannot thank the Igbo people enough because of the honour they gave to her and how they took her as their own and prayed that God will also make the Igbos His children. She stated that the Igbos nation had strongly stood behind her husband when he vied the office of the Vice President and President. And that whatever happens in her family, the Igbo people will come first to show solidarity.

She said that now her husband had collected Presidential nomination form and will contest come 2015. She said she can’t thank Rev Fr Mbaka enough, as it is only God that can thank him. She said it is only the Holy Ghost that will give him his heart desire.  He encouraged the Priest not to be afraid as she is behind him. She said “today is my first time of coming here and that when your were talking about the poor road; I was talking with Ekweremadu that something has to be done about it. All I have to tell you is that I have come and seen with my eyes, don’t be afraid, I will stand behind you.”

She told the women and the congregation that silver and gold she had none and all she had come with was some bags of rice but promised them that she would send more trailer loads of rice to add to those she brought.

“My husband told me to thank you the Igbos for your last vote for him and in future one which you have promised him. He said he is wherever you people are” she added.

She stated that wherever she went, she would tell people that God gave her a second chance and if not for the prayer of Nigerians she would not be alive today as people who did not see half of what she has passed through today are no more. She told the men of God, “I am a knight in the Church, please any time you need me please throw away the first lady, and call me. I will be there for you.  So may God protect and guide us. Thank you all.”

Fr. Mbaka rounded off the session with a vote of thanks after announcing the donations of some other persons like Gilbert Nnaji, Ozomgbachi , Odo Ikechukwu, to mention but a few.

Among the many political groups at the arena to welcome the first lady were the Umuada Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi led by Mummy Favour Ugwuanyi, Women for Change, Oji River LGA, led by Mrs Ohanonu, , Gburugburu Actualization Support group led by Hon Mrs Ngozi Ayogu, and Ozo Nwabueze Okafor Support group, to mention but a few.

While moving round to feel the purses of some of the personalities at the Occasion, in an interview with AMEN Super News reporter, Tochi Okoli, Mrs Sunday Rosaline from 82 Division Nigerian Army and  Mrs Obiageli Nnodim from 82 Divison Magagia  said they were so grateful being at the adoration ground, all they observed have  been to their  expectation and even beyond.   Mrs Angela Ozugwu,  member , Women for Change Group said She liked  what she  saw and  everything worked to her expectation. She prayed to God of adoration for more blessings, protection and guidance upon her life andher entire family members as well as progress and unity in her association.

Chief Mrs Ebele Asogwa of Gburugburu Actualization Support Group appreciated what was going on there at the adoration ground.  According to her “Am so grateful to God for making it possible for our politicians especially the first lady of Nigeria to Acknowledge God.  I pray to God that as they are here, that God of Adoration may change their minds so that they will lead in the fear of God, especially those that will be elected in the forth coming election.

Honourable Ben Onyia, a Former Chairman, Enugu North LGA in his interview did say that he was so pleased to be there.  I appreciate what I have seen so far and showed so much admiration for this adoration Ministry.” He prayed for God’s protection.

Also, Honourable Charity Onyekere  a Ward Coordinator of Women for  Change Group said “I am so grateful to God for bringing me to the adoration ground, arena of miracle. In fact, I have already received my healing immediately I stepped into this adoration ground.  I pray for God’s blessings and that he may continue his work already started in my life”.

Honourable Mrs Adaude, Special Assistant to Deputy Senate President on Women Affairs had this to say “I am pleased to be here, I appreciate what has been happening.  To the Glory of God, our first Lady (Dr. Mrs Dame Jonathan) is here with her entourage.  She and other top officials have come to acknowledge the adoration Ministry where our Spiritual Director Daddy Mbaka is being used, magnificently by God to work so many miracles.  I pray God of Adoration to touch their hearts towards this upcoming election that they may lead us to the promise land, I also pray for God’s protection in this their journey to and fro in Jesus name, Amen.

Also speaking with another  AMEN SuperNews Reporter, Peace Agbo, Barr Eze O. Eze a retired permanent Secretary who came with Deputy Senate President   said “It is a good thing being here”. A member of the Umuada Ifeayi Ugwuanyi, Obioma Ugwuoke who spoke at the event commended the organization of the day’s activities and thanked God for the wonderful works in the Minsitry. Mr Arinze Okechukwu who informed AMEN Super News that he came in from Abuja on invitation of his sister Mrs Aligwe stated that he has been a part of the Ministry and liked what he was seeing at the ground and that it is a peaceful place though lots of work still need to be done on the ground.

As the First Lady and her entourage departed from the arena, the programme of the day continued with the Mass of the day and the sale of the bazaar items which lasted till around 8pm in the night when Fr Mbaka said the closing prayers.


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