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Divine Qualification- Prophetic Words from Rev Fr Mbaka

Divine Qualification- Prophetic Words from Rev Fr Mbaka

The bible says in the book of John 15:5, that without God, we can do nothing.   In 2corinthians 3:5, it also said that our sufficiency and qualification is not from human being but from God. This makes us to understand that our success, promotion, the air we breathe, the divine health we enjoy and virtually everything we have is from God.  And we are able to enjoy all these good things in life, not because we merit nor have worked so hard for them but because God has qualified us through His grace to acquire them.  It is He alone who qualifies. In this message, Fr. Mbaka exposed the secrets of divine qualification and advised the adorers to seek for divine qualification rather than human’s qualification:

“O God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, please be with us in a significant way, as we want to experience your divine sufficiency and qualification. There is nothing we can do without you. In John 15:5, without you we can do nothing. As we minister your word today, give us O lord, the sufficiency, the ability and power that we need to carry on in this life.

“The bible said in 2 Corinthians 3:5 says, ’’Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think anything as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God’’. We are not qualified to form personal judgment or to claim or count anything as coming from us. We don’t have the power to claim that we ourselves are responsible for what we are today. What ever we are and have, our power, ability and sufficiency are from God and not from any human’s power or effort. It is God who has qualified us to be fit and worthy to have anything and to be called the children of God. That you are intelligent, fruitful, wealthy, beautiful, hardworking, successful etc is because God has made it possible.

Do not seek for human’s qualification.

“Many of us are looking for human qualification which does not last. But today, God himself wants to qualify you, and as He qualifies you, don’t allow anybody to disqualify you, and don’t even disqualify your self. Nobody can snatch away what God has given you. If God says you are qualified for something, nobody can disqualify you. If God has promoted you, nobody can demote you.  All the good things you are experiencing in your life are because God has qualified you. This is because your qualification is divine. Whose God has qualified, who can disqualify? Nobody!

“The best qualification is divine qualification.  It is better you have divine qualification than human qualification. You might not be humanly qualified, but God can qualify you. If He has marked good for you, no one can mark you down. If God has said you are excellent, no matter how human beings want to mark you bad, at the end the excellence of God  in you can elevate you to the level no human can bring you down.

“God qualifies us to undertake our careers. It’s the lord who promotes. In Daniel2:21, He is the one who sets up kings and brings kings down. The apostles of Jesus lack the will power to continue with the gospel after the death of Jesus but God gave them the power through His Holy spirit to continue with the spreading of the gospel. Look at Mathew, the tax collector who ordinarily was not suppose to carry the gospel, but God qualified him to do so. Look at Mary Magdalene, a harlot whom God later qualified to become one of His disciples.

“In the book of 1King 3, Solomon was made a king even when he was still young. Despite his young age, God qualified him and gave him sufficient wisdom that made him the wisest man on earth.  In the book of Genesis, is Abraham qualified? Humanly speaking, he was not qualified but God picked interest in him.  Abraham was formally known as Abram. But in order to be qualified to enter into the covenant of blessing, God changed His name to Abraham, and promised to bless him and make him great. Even when Isaac was appointed to die, God qualified him to live, and as a member of a covenant family. The bible recorded that Isaac was so blessed that in the land of the Philistine, he was the richest.  He married a wife called Rebecca  who gave birth to Esau and Jacob after   twenty years of barrenness. It is God who qualifies women to be mothers of children.  Fertility is God’s qualification. May the lord qualify our barren women here to become mothers of children.  Even in the case of Jacob, His qualification is divine, right from the womb. Ordinarily, he was not supposed to enjoy God’s blessing because he was too tricky, when he took his brother’s birthright.  God changed his name from Jacob to Israel in order to enjoy divine qualification.   Today, if your  name or family name is not able to carry you to the spiritual domain of blessing, may God change the name to another. May there be a metamorphosis and a transformation that will bring about your divine qualification.

We can do nothing without Him who qualifies

“We need to attribute our success to God because our qualification is from God. John 15;5 said that without God, we can do nothing. When we don’t give God the glory, and claim that all you have got is from your effort, everything you thought you have acquired might collapse. We should depend on God for everything because He is the one who can qualify you to get all that we want in life. We should acknowledge that our beauty, promotion, origin, favor, blessings, success and everything we have is from God. It is God who has qualified us; otherwise no human being is qualified to be anything. This is because the bible said in that all have sin and falling short of God’s glory. In 2Cor 15:10 also said that whatever we are today is by God’s grace.

Depend on God for your qualification

“Humans’ selfishness and egocentric is the order of the day.  This is why you should believe and depend on God’s qualification. You need to anchor your faith on God alone because of what He alone can do.  This is because human being can disappoint, and are always looking for a way to disqualify you.

“When God qualifies you, your competitors will be making mistakes that will qualify you. Let your enemies be making expensive and costly mistakes that will make you to enjoy divine qualification. A little mistake from your enemies can acquire favor for you.  When God wants to qualify somebody, He may use questionable or supposedly obnoxious condition, things that you may doubt whether they are real or not to qualify you.

His mercy is all you need for your qualification

“Who is worthy to enjoy God’s qualification? Nobody! God is qualifying you not because you are worthy but because He has paid the price for us to enjoy His divine qualification.  In 2 Corinthians 5:21, the bible said that Jesus became a sin even though He knew no sin, so that we can become the righteousness of God. Also in Corinthians 8:9, He became poor even though He was rich and now through His poverty, He has qualified us to be rich.

If God has said yes for your qualification, nobody can say no

“You need divine qualification. When God qualifies you, the devil cannot tamper with the qualification.  If He has qualified you to be alive, no one can kill you; If He has qualified you to succeed, no body can make you fail; when God qualifies you, anyone who tries to disqualify you, He will disqualify that person. Whatever He has approved in your life will come to pass.

Be careful how you disqualify people.

“Be careful how you disqualify people because you are not God. I know people who were disqualified humanly. Look at the case of the Archbishop of Onitsha, Venerian Okeke. Before he became the Bishop, a lot of people disqualified him. His name was thrown out of the list, because they said he was not qualified to become the bishop.  Today, he is even the Archbishop, and he is doing very well. John Okoye, the present bishop of Awgu was disqualified when he wanted to become the bishop of Enugu Diocese. He was accused of a lot of things but where is he today?  Humanly speaking, the bishop of Enugu,  C.V.C. Onaga was also disqualified when he wanted to become the bishop, but divinely , he was qualified and  is doing very well.

“Pray that God will qualify you, and stop looking for humans’ qualification. God’s qualification does not look at our offense.  Peter who denied Jesus three times was still qualified to become the key holder of the gates of heaven.  Mary Magdalene, a harlot was still qualified. Mathew  and Zacheus  the tax collectors were qualified to become His disciples. By the death of Jesus, and through the blood  He shed, we are qualified .   In I Peter 1; 18-19, we are purchase with the precious blood of Jesus. What is required of you is your faith and availability to receive from God. He not only qualifies you spiritually, but materially.

“Mother Mary was a virgin but God qualified her to be the mother of Jesus.  She was not the only virgin in her time. There were thousands of them. In the Jewish tradition, you cannot even think of getting married if you are not a virgin, otherwise after the eve of the marriage, you will be killed. God found favor with her, and she was qualified to become the mother of Jesus Christ. Jesus also received divine qualification from above; otherwise He would not have survived the wrath of Herod who wanted to kill Him at birth.  All the children that were born from two years down where killed, but God preserved Him. Why He was not killed alongside with others? It was because He has the divine approval and qualification.

“Look at the man called Paul who wrote the largest part of the Epistle. His name was formally Saul. He was an enemy of the gospel who persecuted the disciples of Jesus.  But at the appointed time, God humiliated, converted and qualified him to preach the same gospel that he was persecuting.  At times before God qualifies you, He will allow you to experience some difficulties that will make you to appreciate His qualification. That is why Romans 8;8 says that all things worked together for good to them that love God.

“Without God, you will not be qualified. Academically, financially, genealogically, health wise, and even in terms of wisdom, you are not qualified, but you have been qualified by the grace of God.  You are not worthy to experience divine qualification, but God has made you worthy to “enjoy it.

When God has qualified you, what happens? You begin to do extra ordinary things; do things you didn’t know how to do before; and you will be elevated beyond your imagination.

“Let us enter into the anointing of divine qualification now. I don’t know who has cursed you, but it is the lord who has qualified you to be blessed.  for in John 3: 16, God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son, that who ever believe in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. He gave up Jesus to qualify us. By baptism God has qualified us to be a member of His body, so that in 2 Corinthians 5:17, you are now a new creature, the old has passed away.

“God qualified David who has never fought a battle with any human being before. He did not have any military training nor have lived with any soldiers before, but the first time he went for a battle, he conquered nations because he was under Divine qualification. He was not qualified at all for battle, but God qualified him by the anointing he received through Samuel in 1 Samuel 16.

“I am prophesying unto you under divine qualification that God himself will give you what it takes to be who he wants you to be, that He will impact in you, the necessary grace and qualities for divine qualification. What ever God has qualified you for; He will give you all that you need to be the best in you. If He has qualified you to be a medical doctor, footballer, barrister, preacher, lecturer, business man or woman, He will give you all you need to excel in your career. He will qualify you in such a way that you will be physically, psychologically, spiritually fit to face any situations that may come your way.

Divine qualification vindicates and justifies.

“When God qualifies you, He vindicates and justifies you. It does not matter whether people like or hate a person who is under the auction of divine qualification. If God approves you, it is settled. You are wasting your time trying to attack a person who is under divine love. If care is not taking, you might face the repercussion. The bible says in Deuteronomy 7:15 that He will take the sickness away from your body and transfer it to those who hate you.

“Somebody under divine qualification is going to be satisfied with mercy and kindness. Your life will be filled with unexplainable joy. This is because the blessings of God makes one rich and adds no sorrow.

Do not boast, except in the Lord.

“All the good things we have came from God. Therefore, you do not have to boast of anything. Even if you think it is your hard work that has brought you to where you are at the moment, it is not true. It is God who has made it possible. There are people who wants  to work hard but could not probably because they do not have the opportunity. There are people who want to do business, but don’t have the capital to start it. There are even people who wish to go to school to acquire certificates, but they don’t have the money.  But you are opportune to have all these. They are all from God. Even if you are married, don’t count it as your own making, rather give glory to God. Something might still happen that will take you back to your fathers house. It is God who qualifies you to get married, and even have children. If you boast too much, misfortune can befall them. I have seen a family that has seven boys and two girls, but the family is in shambles, although the family is very rich. The two girls who are twins were mad. The first son was a chain smoker who after sometimes started behaving likes a mad man too. The second son has never walked since child birth. Therefore, always acknowledge that it is neither by our power nor might, but rather by the grace of God (Hebrew4:5).

Divine qualification makes the difference.

“People under divine qualification excel beyond human imagination. Look at Innoson, who did not do mechanical engineering nor have any degree, not to talk of masters, but he is one of the best manufacturers of plastics and ceramics today in Nigeria. Imagine an indigenous company challenging western company.  This is divine qualification. Also look at Dangote. How many certificates have Dangote? Now he is the richest man in the whole of West Africa. Divine qualification!  When God qualifies you, as stated in Deuteronomy 4:7, whatever you lay your hands on, you will rejoice over it.  He will establish the work of your hands. Your effort will not be in vain.

“To be a priest is not by human qualification. If not, how can an ordinary man assume the position of Christ in the sacrament of Eucharist, to have the power to pray over bread and wine, and it becomes the body and blood of Christ. It is by the process of divine qualification that the priest can do that, neither by any theological certificate nor power. Even in the olden days, priests were being ordained by divine qualification.

“Pray that God will qualify you to win a battle, to be successful, to handle a project and to be alive. I pray that He will impart in you the grace to receive His qualification, so that you will become a new person.

“Let’s look at the case of Ruth. God qualified her to be a member of the covenant family, even though she was a Moabite. Moabites and the Israelites as of then, do not marry together. God established a hunger in Bethlehem which chased Elimalek and Naomi out, and they ran to Moab. That was where one of their sons Married Ruth. This is to tell you that if God wants to qualify you, He knows how to do it. Ruth had no issue for him till he died.  Ruth followed Naomi back to her home town after the death of her two sons and husband.  One day, she came in contact with Boaz who fell in love with her and proposed to marry her. God has qualified Boaz to marry Ruth. The moment she got married, she who was barren and had no child for the first husband got pregnant and gave birth to Obed. How was Boaz born? The mother of Boaz was Rehab, a harlot who was brought down from Jericho after the fall of the wall of Jericho. Salmon of the Jewish background married her. Rehab delivered a baby boy called Boaz.  Humanly speaking, Salmon who would have looked for a clean girl to marry went for a prostitute. This is because he married someone that God has qualified despite her ugly history. Even if you had made a terrible mistake in the past, God can still qualify you. No other woman could have delivered Boaz.  All these were made possible by the race of God. The grace of God can make a poor man, the richest man; it can make the worst sinner, the holiest person; a loser, the best winner.  Obed, the son of Ruth and Boaz grew up and had a son called Jesse who was the father of David. This is the genealogy that God has qualified, the genealogy of Jesus.

“Jabez who was very poor and dishonorable in 1chronicles 4:9-10, was qualified and made more honorable by God. Bethlehem, the least in Ephrata was qualified to be the town where the Savior would be born. May the Lord, who elevates Jabez and Bethlehem, elevate you and your family.

“Look at the life of Joseph. He passed through lots of pains in life.  The brothers hated him for no just course. He was thrown into a pit; sold into slavery; blackmailed; and imprisoned. But the hand of God was with him, till one day the king of Egypt had a dream where no one could interpret except Joseph. God qualified him to interpret the dream and he was brought out of the prison.

“The God who qualified Aaron can qualify you in Jesus name, Amen. Why did Aaron emerge? It was because Moses could not talk properly, and some one who could talk on his behalf was sought for, and that was Aaron. It could have been only Moses. But because of this vacuum that was created, Aaron was qualified to take up the task. There is an incompleteness or gap somewhere and you are going to fill the gap in Jesus name, amen. Under divine qualification, your health and deliverance is guaranteed

“You want to enter into a new institution but your certificates are not good, God will qualify you. If you are sick, God will qualify you for divine health. If you are in bondage, God will qualify you for divine deliverance. If you are looking for a job, God will qualify you for the best position. May He qualify the impotent to be made potent.  I pray that the power of God’s anointing will arise for the barren women who were disqualified because of barrenness; God will qualify you to become mother of children. He who qualify Sarah, and she  delivered Isaac, qualified Rebecca and she delivered Jacob and Esau, qualified Jacob and he became the father of twelve tribes of Israel, qualified Elizabeth and she delivered John the Baptist, who qualified Rehab and she delivered Boaz, who qualified Rehab and she delivered Samuel can  also qualify you.

We are all divinely qualified in a unique way

“Nobody is bereft of divine gift. There is something that God has given you that will make you better than the other person. One person can be the head, the other person can be the leg because the head cannot walk, and the leg cannot think. One person can be the eyes, and the other person can be the hand. One person can be the tongue and the other person can be the nose. This shows that we are all gifted differently, and to experience divine qualification in a unique way. Therefore, don’t jealous anybody, because of their gift.

Under divine qualification, you can do extra ordinary things.

“Under divine qualification, you can do all things through Him who strengthen you. I am a living testimony. I here do not know anything about music, but God has qualified me to be a musician.  I might not know anything to sing but when I go to bed to slip, I get what to sing. Even this morning, I was singing with people with wings and I don’t know who they were. I can’t boast except in the lord. I would be hearing the sound of the melody. If you have ever being with me in the studio, you will understand what I am telling you. I don’t know how to play guitar neither do I know how to play keyboard but I will be telling them what to play. My father was a classical wine tapper and a farmer. He trained me to tap wine but now I am qualified to tap the word of God. I should be a wine tapper. I grew up in the bush but today God has qualified me to come out of the bush to do His work. How? I don’t know. It is only by divine qualification.

“Sometimes, God sends His divine and human agents that will make you qualified.  In the case of Mary, He sent Arc angel Gabriel. In the case of Hannah, she was encountered by  Eli, the priest. When he wanted to qualify David, it was through Samuel. When He wanted to qualify Israelites to leave Egypt, he sent Moses. He wanted to qualify them to cross the red sea, He qualify the rod of Moses.

You need His auction for divine qualification.

“For God to qualify you to enter another level, He gives you an unstoppable anointing.  You begin to experience divine connections, and operate in the supernatural. At this point, no one can disqualify you again.

“Divine qualification makes everything anew. In our country Nigeria, our educational, medical, economy, political units needs divine qualification.  May He qualify our country Nigeria and all its sectors to be the best country in the world.

“No more disqualification. No qualification form the satanic coven, occult universe, witches and wizard, but divine qualification; Qualification by the power of the blood of Jesus.

“May the lord qualify you to receive his multiples blessings, that you shall be lenders and not borrowers, and that you shall go out blessed and come back blessed. May He qualify you for long life and prosperity.   May He qualify you for sign, wonders and miracles.  May He qualify you qualify you for promotion, academic success, open doors, breakthrough, sweet anointing, victory from the powers of darkness, dominion, holiness and righteousness, in Jesus name, Amen. To Him who has qualified you to be whom you are today; let all glory, honor, adoration, power, authority, and dominion be ascribed to His name, Amen.

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