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God healed my breast cancer and denied me visa to travel abroad for my breast removal

She could not hold back her joy as she approached the AMEN Super News to share her testimony. The face of this gap-toothed lady was brimming with smiles as she managed to share her testimony of what the God of Adoration Ministry did for her. Here is her testimony in her own words:

“My name is Uchenna Agbim popularly known as “E no dey again”, from Nimo in Njikoka LGA of Anambra State,. Around April and May last year, I was having pains on my breast and was directed to the hospital for scan and after the scan, I was diagnosed of having breast lump. I was booked for the removal of the breast lump, when I went for this, I was directed to lab for biopsy. When the biopsy result came, it diagnosed that the Lump had become cancerous. The only way out was that my breast has to be removed.

“I started coming to the Wednesday Adoration program; that was about the time the Wednesday programme started.

“My siblings in America now directed me to come overseas so that I will have the breast removal there. They sent me the travel papers and paid some deposit at the hospital that would carry out the surgery; the remaining money was to be paid after the operation.

“I was to go to the Embassy at Abuja for interview preparatory to my travel. But before then I came to Adoration programme and that day Father Mbaka was ministering and said that anybody that has breast lump should start praying and start rejecting it and that it will be healed. So that day, I was crying and praying after sometimes I noticed some sharp pains in my breast. Then later Father Mbaka made an altar call of all whose breast cancers and lumps have vanished, I didn’t go up to the altar because I was not sure of my healing and so was not confident enough to come out.

“So when I now went to the Embassy at Abuja for interview, they refused to give me visa even when I had all the necessary documents. I called my brother overseas and told him that I was denied visa and he told me to go back again for medical check. That same day at Abuja , I went for another test around 3pm when the lab was about closing for the weekend. The following week the result came out and it was certified that everything was okay with me, that the lump has disappeared. Since then till now, I feel no pain again in my breast. My phone number is 08033217274.

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