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EEDC commences MAP metering programme, to meter customers in 10-day

EEDC commences MAP metering programme, to meter customers in 10-day

The Enugu Electricity Distribution PLC (EEDC) has commenced Meter Asset Provider (MAP) programme and urged its customers to take advantage of the initiative and get pre-paid meters within 10 days.

The Head of Communications, EEDC, Mr Emeka Ezeh, said in a statement in Enugu on Sunday that customers would get their pre-paid meters installed after paying for the meter within 10 working days inclusive of Saturdays.

Ezeh said the company had been working closely with its MAP provider, Mojec International Limited, to ensure that “the experience is smooth and easy for its customers’’.

The company’s spokesman said that the pre-paid meters would cost N36,991:50 kobo and N67,055:85 kobo for single phase and three phase pre-paid meters respectively; and this exclusive Value Addad Tax (VAT) charge.

Ezeh said: “For customers to get started, they are expected to visit the EEDC District Office in charge of their area from the June 15, to pick up the meter application form.

“The forms, which are serialized, will be issued to customers free of charge and should not be photocopied, as the photocopied version will not be treated.

“Once the customer completes the form and returns same to the customer service representative, the pre-survey process will be initiated, after which the customer will be issued a Demand Note with which to pay for the meter at the designated bank.

“Once payment is made, the company’s MAP provider is under obligation to meter the customer within 10 days of payment.

“Customers are therefore advised to only make payment into a dedicated bank account that will be provided to them, and not to any individual or group.

“It is important to reiterate that the meter application form is issued at no cost and customers should make payment to designated bank account that will be provided to them through the Demand Note, and they should not pay to any staff of the MAP or EEDC’’.

He noted that for further enquiries or assistance, customers should approach the customer service officers at EEDC district offices within the areas.

It would be recalled that Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) approved Mojec International Limited to be EEDC’s MAP implementer.

The MAP regulation was initiated by the Federal Government and NERC last year to help hasten and close-up existing metering gap in the sector through the engagement of third party agents saddled with the responsibility of metering electricity customers.

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