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On Wednesday the 25th day of March 2015, Rev. Fr. Mbaka informed worshipers of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria that he went to Bank the previous Monday to make withdrawal of the money he intended to use and help the students under his scholarship and the Igbo indigenes who returned from the Northern states as a result of the Boko Haram insurgence and insecurity in the region and he was surprised to see that his accounts have been blocked.
Narrating the incident he said, “On Monday, I went to Bank to withdraw some money which I normally use for charity to the poor, following the increased number of those crying for their school fees. The bank returned the Cheque I issued out, it is in that account that I have the enough money that will be able to take care of the needs of the poor children. These are the poor people that I don’t know. I don’t have a child; I am not going to have one. This is government abdicated responsibility.
“When they returned the cheque, I checked my balance and discovered I had sufficient money in the account, I resent the cheque and it was again returned. I had hoped that when I withdrew the money, I would put it in our Multi-Life Saver’s Account for the less privileged. Upon inquiry I was told that there was an order from Abuja that all my accounts should be blocked. As I am talking with you now, I cannot withdraw one kobo from my account in the name of Jonathan and Patience Goodluck. Is it fair? What have I done? The hidden instruction came from EFCC River state, you know they have been looking for an opportunity to assassinate me, but they can’t see me, nobody knows how I operate. Their plan is to invite me to River State EFCC so that they will assassinate me on my way to River state. I will not answer such calls. What are they looking for in my account? Am I a drug dealer? Have I ever seen Cocaine? I am not into any illegal business; I have covenanted all my wealth to God and the poor. It is this little money I am using for charity that they are now after. What connects me and EFCC? Can you imagine? If for nothing else I am a priest of the Catholic Church, I am not a glutton? Let these people take it easy.”
At the gathering of the south East returnees he used the occasion to announce that his accounts that were earlier freezed by EFCC has been unblocked and that he could now make withdraws. However the commission still directed the banks to track his accounts and furnished it with his transaction for the last six months.
It was as result of this that he was able to make the provisions of the material reliefs he gave to the returnees.

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