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Escape from the quarantine site is a crime punishable by the Law under the 1926 Quarantine Act. Though the Minister of health Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu calls for the amendment of that law to make it more effective. It is a deadly act that endangers the life of the public. It is also the height of insincerity.  That is why an infected person with a certain disease conceals it and vows that everyone around must be infected as well.

It is majorly because the African system does not encourage honesty.  If a person decides to be truthful, he/she might be stigmatized or rejected unlike in foreign countries like Europe where such truthful declaration attracts a great attention.  Look back to time of the HIV/AIDS Pandemic; many people purposely transmitted this disease to others.

Now is the time of Ebola. This disease might not have entered into this country if not for a black man from Liberia Mr. Sawyer who purposely escaped quarantine on the 7th August and came to Nigeria to share the virus. He really succeeded, an act, which even his countrymen condemned. The ECOWAS Vice President Dr. Toga Mcintosh confirmed that he escaped against medical advice.

Little do we know that as the virus came to Nigeria that even the people who we pitied so much for contacting it primarily from the index person will as well put up any behavior that will spread that disease in their own home country.

On Thursday, 28th August 2014, just hours after the Nigeria minister of health made the declaration that “the Nigeria Ebola outbreak is to be contained as was reported in British Network (BN), another report came that Ebola has claimed life in Port Harcourt, River State.   The next day 29th August, the River State Commissioner for Health Dr. Samson Parker gave the details thus: “a medical doctor by name Dr. Iyke Samuel Enemuo, the owner of the Sam steel Clinic treated the ECOWAS diplomat in charge of  ECOWAS liaison office in Lagos, Mr Koye Olu-Ibukun in a  hotel near his clinic called Mandate Gardens, a local hotel in Rumuokoro area in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area close to the doctor’s clinic.  He died at Good Heart Hospital along Evo Road G.R.A. Port-Harcourt.

Just as Ebola came to Nigeria because Sawyer escaped quarantine site, so did Ebola enter Port-Harcourt because Mr.  Koye sneaked out of the quarantine in Lagos and took flight to Port-Harcourt.  The commissioner also declared that Mr. Koye even switched off his phone so that he could not be reached.

Moreso, When 200 persons were taken from Port-Harcourt to Lagos for quarantine the deceased doctor’s sister that cared for him before his death escaped and entered Abia state.  This is  a  situation that would have endangered the life of people in Abia and increased the task facing Federal government, if it was not handled the way it was.  She ran so that she would not be quarantined alongside the others who had contact with his brother. She later tested positive.

In the same way Ebola case came to Enugu because a nurse under surveillance defied the advice of the doctors and travelled to Enugu.

Why play with your life and those of others? Why escape quarantine?  For the reason of this escape from quarantine, the Minister of health Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu called for the amendment of the 1926 quarantine Law to help stop these people that escape the quarantine to spread the Ebola disease at this time our country is in critical condition.

Senator Clever Marcus Ikisikpo sponsored the bill that seeks repeal and re enactment of the quarantine Act.  If this is passed to law; all intentional escape from quarantine will end.  He also maintained that FG might assign security agents to monitor those in the Ebola quarantine site.  All these efforts of the Federal Government is to stop those that jeopardize the effort of the government,  not considering the amount being spent on a  daily basis in attempt to pursue this disease from Nigeria

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