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Female Suicide Bombers Now Dress in Rev. Sisters Regalia

Female Suicide Bombers Now Dress in Rev. Sisters Regalia

There are indications that the Boko Haram insurgents who have been employing or using teenage girls as pawns to detonate their bombs might now force the bombers to operate under the guise of catholic Revered sisters. This is due to the Public warning made by the police Public relation Officer Maryln Ogar in which she reported that “Some people that remained yet unknown had broken a garment making factory where Catholic Church Revered sisters were being made and made away with about 13 of the dresses.” This burglary took place on the 20th of August 2014 at about 4:am in a  shop located at Odutola street, Sabon Gari, Kano state.  This theft might be a  way of drifting from the use of Muslim  hijab and nigab for their disguise to the use of Christian Rev. sisters’ regalia.

This is due to the public warning made by the police public relation

Female suicide bombing has created a high level of fear and doubt in the mind of Nigerians.  This fear mostly is due to the recent development and change in the Modus Operandi of the Boko Haram Insurgents. Since 2009, this terrorist group has been blamed for killing more than 10,000 people.  In April 2014, they invaded a Girls’ secondary in Chibok in North East Nigeria and kidnapped about 276 girls.  After few months, some of the girls were released while about 219 are still in hostage.

Nigerian government with their almighty military has tried her best to recover these teens from the grip of these desperate insurgents but to no avail.  The government has employed all possible means including the invitation of foreign force which has taken a lot of fund out of the federal purse. Till date these young girls are not home.  We do not want to face the fact of the thought of what might be happening to them now.

Now the insurgents employ a new tactics of using girls as bombers.  From the findings these girls are between 14 and 16 years.

In July 2014, suicide female bomber killed six and left 20 injured in Kano state university. The same day,  Three other female suicide bombers were blown to death. Again, a ten year old female suicide bomber was arrested by the police in Northern Kastina in Kastina State. She had an explosive strapped to her body.  It was found out from the kano state incidence that these female bombers do not have the detonators to those explosives.  That means that the explosive are remotely detonated

Female suicide bombing had happened in places outside Nigeria like Lebanon, in 1985, when Late Sana’a Mehaidii of Syrian Social Nationalist Party, an Affiliation of the Lebanese national Resistance front  blew herself up in Jezzine Lebanon and in 2002,  an Isreali  Palestinian Wafaldris blew herself up too out of frustration.  Other countries include ; Turicey, Parkistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan,  Belgium etc. In Nigeria the Boko Haram has turned young girls to suicide bombers.  In the words of ACP Frank Mba “Today the Boko Haram terrorist group in Nigeria has joined the trend of using innocent young girls as suicide bombers to unleash their terror.  The very first incidence took place in Gombe, as the girl was heading towards the Quarter Guard of the 301 Nigerian Army base in Gombe, in a course to search her by the security agents the bomb blast.

Following the above incidents, one would see that this female suicide bombing in Nigeria started, about three months after the girls’ abduction, that is from June precisely.  There is a great worry and doubt in the mind of Nigerians.  ‘Could these girls be the abducted Chibok school girls? In the minds of most Nigerians as Frank Mba noted, ‘the Boko Haram insurgents have indoctrinated and prepared the abducted Chibok school girls for suicide missions across the country.’

Although this has no proof and empirical evidence, but  cannot be ruled out outrightly.   The doubt was also increased with the arrest of two teenage girls who were strapped with explosive in Katsina State, as none of the two are believed to be Chibok girls.

AMEN Supernews tried to sample the opinion of the civil group in the opinion of Mr. Nnakpe Robert (TPL), an activist and a concerned citizen; no one has come in contact with the terrorists and remained the same ideologically.  He claimed that these terrorists can turn the most innocent to the most dreaded.  He believed that it could be the girls because this teenage suicide bombing by Boko Haram started after the abduction. Again, he noted that these insurgents are ready to do anything to attract the interest of the government and to unleash their mindless acts on the innocent citizens.

In the same vein, a reporter, Theophilus Ileubare recorded that “if the abducted Chibok girls could forcefully be converted to Islam by Abubakar Shekau as explicitly revealed in his video, there is nothing stopping him from using them as pawns to detonate bombs in public places.”  He also maintained that some analysts believe, there is a nexus between the new trend of deploying female teens as suicide bombers by Boko Haram and over 200 abducted school girls.

Another opinion says that there is the possibility that the female bombers might be the indoctrinated and brainwashed wives and children of slain or arrested members of the Islamic sect who intend to take revenge on behalf of their loved ones. Or they might be recruits from neighbouring countries.

The battle against  female suicide bombing in Nigeria  prove to be another tough battle for the Nigeria Security Operatives because these girls have drifted from the naiveté and demureness of their age group to the savagery of  rebels.  They are brainwashed into willing giving up their life for martyrdom, claiming to be fighting against or for one thing or the other.  In any case, the use of these girls as suicide bombers is a debasing, disdainful and dehumanizing onslaught on girl-child and womenfolk. Moreso, women are weak and tender and could not be suspected to do that kind of evil act. Hijab and nigab – worn by the Muslim women cannot be easily stopped even though it has become a weapon of destruction.

The police, Nigeria military, and Joint Task Force (JTF) has been on duty with an eagle eye to stop these female suicide bombers.  In several occasion the security agents have stopped the bombs from detonating.  A security agent warned that people should beware of young girls on hijab or nigab that are fidgety in public places because these girls are forced to embark on this suicide mission

Recently the JTF arrested a man suspected to be the trainer of these female bombers for Boko Haram in Kano where he was finalizing his job on about 16 girls.  With the kind of effort by the government forces on ground, the blowing to death of these young women by the Boko Haram may not continue.


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