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July 29th of every year is a date we all look forward to in Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria. It is a day we keep a date with the founder and Spiritual Director of the Ministry, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka and celebrate his priestly anniversary.

29th July of this year marks twenty -one years of his priesthood. Twenty one years indeed is not an easy feat as children born twenty one years ago are by now full blown adults.
Last year’s celebration of Fr Mbaka’s anniversary was like a carnival; that was when he turned twenty in his priestly vocation. It was marked with such events like the launching of his two musical albums entitled , “Chimakonam and Ikuku Oma”, the launching of a movie tracing his life story entitled “Nwaikuku”, the launching of “Oracle of the Holy Spirit” a documentary tracing his prophetic life, who said what and who did what over his 2014 31st December prophesy of the defeat of former President Good luck Jonathan by President Mohammadu Buhari; the publication of his first ever anniversary brochure containing goodwill messages from the Presidency to the Governors and other prominent members of the society with a compendium of his verifiable miracles; performances of many traditional dance troupes , innumerable anniversary souvenirs and so on.
This year’s celebration of his priestly anniversary will be remarkably different. It will be marked again with the launching of a video documentary entitled “Adoration Exodus” tracing the history of Adoration Ministry and her movement from Holy Ghost Cathedral to GTC Enugu and from there to GRA Enugu and then to her most recent relocation to her permanent Site at Umuchigbo Iji Nike. It will also be marked with the launching of yet another movie entitled “Clash of Tradition” which traces the ordeals of black missionaries in attempt to enthrone Christianity, salvation and civilization in a typical African traditional setting. Most importantly this year’s celebration will also be marked with the official launch of Miraculous Adoration Television, the official TV Station of the Adoration Ministry now showing on channel 101 of Montage Cable Network. This is besides other programs, events and packages from many other individuals and groups who are planning to steal the show at the celebration.
Perhaps one may ask, why do we celebrate Fr Mbaka at 21? The answer is may not be far-fetched. It is apposite to underscore the reasons Fr Mbaka has to be celebrated at 21. It is for this reason that the Editor-in-Chief of AMEN Super News, Barr Ike Maximus Ugwuoke takes a time out to address this question in this edition of our publication to keep using proper perspective of the imperativeness and significance of the celebration.
This is the first time Fr Mbaka’s priestly anniversary will be celebrated at UmuchighoIji Nike Enugu. All his previous anniversary celebrations took place at Christ the King Parish GRA Enugu where he had stayed until his recent transfer out of the parish. To underscore the divine plan of this year’s celebration of the anniversary at the adoration permanent site this year, the date, 29th July this year happens to be a Friday which is the ministry’s normal adoration day. This is more than a coincidence but a divine mark of approval that at 21 Fr Mbaka should be so celebrated.
Rev Fr Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria is indeed the founder of the ministry. Although the ministry started with his priestly ordination in 1995, he believes that the existence of the Ministry predates his birth and will outlive him.His belief finds expression in his idealistic philosophical notion of the unseen existential reality over the visible realities. As a result of this, we find it saver to describe Rev Fr Mbaka as the founder of the ministry rather than the Originator which he attributes to the Holy Spirit and which finds expression in another name of the Ministry- the Empire of the Holy Spirit. The Celebration of Fr Mbaka at 21 is indirectly a celebration of Adoration ministry at 21 as both are inseparable. This indeed calls double celebration.
Rev. Fr. Mbaka is a strong believer in the power of the Eucharist. For him the Eucharist is the essence, soul and life of the church. Prior to Fr Mbaka’s Adoration Ministry, little or no attention was given to Eucharistic Adoration in Catholic Church. The usual tradition of Sunday evening Benediction routine in churches, with little or no turnover of the congregation, used to be the status quo. The Sunday Benedictions used to be dismissed as very unimportant. The common triviality with which it was treated found expression in a popular Igbo coinage ikokwu adighi na uka mgbede. Fr Mbaka discovered a new wave of worship and power immanent in the Eucharistic adoration. He broke the trend of the usual hurried celebration of masses and devoted special attention to every stage of Holy Mass as the apogee of the Eucharistic celebration especially during transubstantiation. He bring out the hidden significance of every word and stage of the Eucharistic celebration to expose the congregation to the powers of the Eucharist. Despite the prolonged nature of his mass, as he is the only Priest by our reckoning that celebrates the longest interesting mass in the Catholic Church today, yet no one who attends his mass would be in hurry to leave or miss out in any aspect of such miraculous divine encounter that he exposes one to.
Today in many parishes of various dioceses in Nigeria, Eucharistic Adoration has begun to gain prominence as many priests now, following Fr Mbaka’s example now devote special days in the week for that purpose. It is therefore not uncommon today to hear people in different parishes say that they are going to adoration in their parishes. It is also not uncommon, though undesirable, that today we could see proliferation of the name Adoration Ministry by some priests. However such proliferation may have, there may be adoration ministries here and there but there is one and only one Adoration Ministry that makes that impression in the minds of all and sundry and that is Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, it is for this reason that we celebrate Fr Mbaka at 21.
Fr Mbaka is always addressed in the media as fiery Catholic priest. The reason may not be unconnected with his war-faring stance in his spiritual undertakings. He battles against mediocrity in the society even as he is a terror to demons. Through his spiritual war-faring prowess, many deity and idol worship centers in the country have been raised down. His gospel musical album entitled“ Ovu Ngwogwo” speaks volumes of such spiritual encounter he had had with these idols. That was not all; he is a divine battle axe for the poor in the society, always perceived as fighting the government because of his zero tolerance to social injustice and the molestation of the poor masses with the instrumentality of state powers. Recall the days of his battle with the Chimaroke administrations, the Abacha’s, and most recently the Good luck regime. The soldiers that dared him came and went while he still remains as the spiritual Barack for the Church all this 21 years. He had been a veteran in the spiritual warfare. This indeed calls for celebration
It is on record in the history of the ministry that in the year 2002, fourteen (14) adorers (including a pregnant woman) were murdered at the GTC prayer ground under the administration of ChimarokeNnamani, then Governor of Enugu Stateinploy that was explained away as stampede at the Government Quarters. The killing of the fourteen worshippers in the ministry with poisonous gas took place during the Wednesday programme of 6th March of that year 2002. By early morning of the next day, 7th March, the consolation Fr Mbaka and the ministry got from the Government and theCatholic Diocese of Enugu was a radio announcement banning the holding of the prayers at GTC and a radio announcement by the Bishop’s secretariat announcing closure of adoration ministry. A counter radio announcement that the ministry programmes would continue to hold the following Wednesday at GRA Enugu came in matter of hours after the former announcement. Contrary to expectations that the worshippers would desert the ministry because of the tragedy the week, the worshippers were seen in their numbers undeterred with Fr Mbaka blowing hot on top of the situation.
This development marked the turning points of the Ministry as Fr Mbaka suffered great persecution from the said administration, just as his anointing for the battle to save the young ministry continued to wax stronger.At a point, he was waylaid on the road along Park Avenue Enugu by hired assassins from Government house who shot several bullets at him but instead of the bullets piercing him, the bullet were dropping on his Holy Bible which he usually placed in front of his car. It was after this miracle that he released a musical track titled “Onye Oma” in his album titled “Ana Egbu Achara”
Mbaka was actually returning from the Bishop’s house where he had gone to answer an impromptu call of the Bishop at such odd hours of the night not withstanding that his life was on the razor’s edge at such time. Were it not for the Holy Spirit that saved him, Fr Mbaka and indeed Adoration Ministry would have been history today. He miraculously survived other assassination plans against him during the period such as the planting of a bomb in his house, and other sinister visit of hired assassins. Recall the battle he faced over his prophetic message “From Goodluch to Badluck” and how God preserved and vindicated him.This calls for celebration and thanks-giving to God as he turns 21 in his priestly vocation.
Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka holds a strong belief that prayer is the key to the door of all human requests to heaven. He insists that the people must pray their way out; with his popular injunction to pray until Something Happens (PUSH). He practically lives a live of prayer. He had once revealed to the congregation how to live up to the biblicalinjunction of praying in season and out of season thorough the story of a Monk who used to do charity to people during the day as a means of praying in the day and by the time he sleeps at night the beneficiaries of his charity would be praying for him. From Fr Mbaka, we are exposed to the different types and methods of prayer. His life is so immersed in prayers that sometimes when one sees him doing some other activities; one may not know that he is operating on a supernatural highway of mental prayer. No wonder miracles happen with him at all time. This is why we celebrate him at 21.
We know from history the famous philosophers like Plato, Socrates, Aristotle and so on. The story of some of these philosophers are too real to be true that sometimes one may doubt if they really existed. Seeing Fr Mbaka in our generation reminds one that indeed in every milieu men arise who may not differ among their contemporary by physical looks yet their thoughts and words dictates the pace of history. Fr Mbaka opens his mouth in philosophical aphorisms that baffles anyone who comes around him.Notable among some of his words of wisdom are “Appreciation is an application for more”,“A leader who rules by rumour is destroyed by rumour”, “ Back to sender is not a bad prayer”,“Let the kite perch, and let the eagle perch as there is always enough space at the top” , “Actions equipped with justice and charity is a sure way to conquer”, “Nothing that is born by the wind can be destroyed by the storm” etc . Words of wisdom flows in his veins that they pour out each time you are with him. The next time you listen to him preaching, watch out for these words. It is for this reason that we are celebrating this great philosopher of our age at this point of his priesthood.
Many of us know the Bible as the physical book containing the word of God. This definition of the bible cannot stand in the face of the modern trend of technological age whereby now we have the Bibles in electronic media such as our mobile phones and computers. However in Rev Fr Mbaka we find another definition of the word, Bible. His knowledge of the Bible is so vast that he pours out quotations from various chapters and verses of the bible each time he preaches, prays, teaches or talks. Recall his usual style of striking his leg on the ground each time he rolls out such quotations with dexterity, precision, power and authority. It is this mobile Bible that we are celebrating at 21. He had once told the congregation that God called him out of his biological father’s trade of palm wine tapping into His trade of tapping His words. He is a lover of the word of God. He will readily tell you that his secret lies in the Eucharist and the ever abiding word of God. Hence, he is so familiar with most chapters and verses in the bible such that he can reel them out at will. This he has diligently and excellently done all this 21 years and thus it calls for celebration and thanks giving to God.
To say that Fr Mbaka is talented is to be modest but to say he is highly talented is closer to the description of whom he really is. If Lawyers should call one another learned friends because they know little about everything, what then do we call the likes of Fr Mbaka that knows much about everything. His multitalents find expression in how he coordinates the various projects he undertakes. He is a musician, an actor, a humorous comedian of no comparison, an orator, a martial artist, a grammarian and such like. He is Serious and humorous. Can crack jokes and bring himself to the level of all.

Fr Mbaka is a great thinker who can turn out new ideas from near impossible corners. He lives in the next generation with what he creates in his mind. Posterity will owe him a lot of appreciation for his future plans and ideas and this call for celebration
Fr Mbaka knows those little things the people need to be happy and fulfilled. He relates with all irrespective of class, race, religion, colour etc. His special attention to the least of his flock is what endears people to him. He knows the intrigues of winning souls for God and has the panacea to findingany lost sheep he encounters. He said it is his wish, heart desire and decision to carry the bible in one hand and a Bank cheque on the other hand in his evangelical mission as that would make soul winning easier.He has not only won innumerable souls for the catholic church in Nigeria but he has also been an instrument God is using in the catholic church to keep and sustain most Catholics from going to Pentecostal churches in search miracles. It is this pride of the church that we are celebrating at 21 and it indeed calls for celebration
Fr Mbaka hates discrimination in its entire ramification. He has once been described as a social crusader that believes in the equality of all before God –poor or rich, beautiful or ugly, tall or short, male or female etc. He bridges the gap between the rich and the poor. Whips the rich with his weapon of justice and curdles the poor with his weapon of charity.Fights for the poor and oppressed in the society. Wicked and corrupt leadership disgusts him so much that he wastes no time in fighting and correcting such maladministration. This perhaps informs the ill-informed opinion of those who accuse him of fighting the government. Fr. Mbaka only fights bad and vicious administrations because the problems created by such misrule normally fall back on him. The poor, the unemployed, the oppressed etc will still run to him for one assistance or the other.
Fr Mbaka is indeed a progressive. He Likes encouraging and giving people opportunity to excel. He is always of the view that the best way to identify the talent in any person is by giving him/her opportunity to perform. He is specially gifted in identifying great and hidden talents in people even when those that have these talents hardly knew they possess them. Fr Mbaka is indeed a lover of talents. He supports talents wherever he finds one. For instance, the Adoration Talent Hunt unit is made of hundreds of people who come together to express their talents in various ways, we have the Actors and Actresses who develop their talent in movie making and acting. It was this group that successfully produced the movie, Nwaikuku Part 1 to 4 and yet another movie, “clash of Tradition” about to be released during his anniversary this year. We have the Traditional /Cultural Dance group; this group had also through Fr Mbaka’s support produced the 1st ever Christian cultural musical video titled NkwaUmuikuku. The AMEN skill acquisition group is also there and they train people in various skills on how to make things like soap, Detergents, Air fresher, candles, beads of all types, computer training etc. The AMEN Football Club which is Fr Mbaka’s football club set up to encourage people with football talent to attain the height of their carriers. He had sponsored many with football talents into some State Clubs in Nigeria and beyond. Through his enormous support today, we have the AMEN Movie and Broad cast Academy that train youths to part of excellence in Movie acting and voice and speech training and them readily available for employment. He has done this for 21 years of his call to the prestly vocation and hence this celebration and thanks Giving.
Fr Mbaka is charity epitomized. He had a vow that any money that would ever come to him would be used for charity and for God’s work. He had had once described himself as the treasurer of the poor, and post master whose job is to find whose name is written on anything that comes to him and he would deliver it to the person. The story of Fr Mbaka and his charity will be a story for another day. Suffice to say that the main source of Fr Mbaka’s wealth today is his musical albums as he continued to churn out inspirational gospel musical tracksthat have today dominated most of the songs sang in almost all places of worship across the nation and beyond.
Fr Mbaka is generous to the church according to the measures of the blessings of God on him. For instance, every year, during the annual cathedraticum of the diocese, he donates generously to the diocese to such a measure that no other parish in the Diocese could out give him. Christ the Parish maintained the position of highest donor at the Parish in every financial demanding situations among the all the parishes in the dioceses all through Fr Mbaka’s stay at the parish. He supplies free water to some seminary schools in the Country year in year out. Inspite of this, his growing popularity in Charity, defense of the poor and social justice was a sort of threat to some people who felt that he should be stopped.
A Source once said this about Fr Mbaka “Fr Mbaka does not place unnecessary condition is burying the dead in his Parish as we witness in most parishes, he conducts funerals for them without charges and even add his own money. Whenever he attended the burial of any of his parishioners, he would request to see the family of the deceased in privacy to find out the areas they need help and would adopt the less privilege among them in his scholarship scheme his Charity foundation, Multi- Life savers for the less privileged. He means Nehemiah which means God Comfort to us”.
Sometimes last year, following the request of Annunciation Hospital from Fr Mbaka to pay the Bill of millions of naira that accrued from the medical bills of the less privilege that were treated under his Charity foundation by the Hospital, Fr Mbaka sent me to meet the Hospital management for the account reconciliation. The visit was an eye opener for me as it afforded me the opportunity of seeing the long list of patients whose medical bills made up the figures. I couldn’t help asking myself, if this bill of such magnitude of millions was what Fr Mbaka is yet to pay the Hospital, how much of such millions could he spent over the years for these indigent patients. Again another thought that struck me while I Looked at the long list of names of the patients and their folders was that those lists were nothing but the roll call of lives that would have perhaps been lost if not for Fr Mbaka’s charity and life-saving.
Today it is pretty difficult to successfully count the number of people under his charity- the students, the sick and discharged, the homeless, the widows and orphans, the jobless and many more. He can sit down clear a cheque book of more than tens of millions of naira at a seating. In fact people close to him jealously think that Fr. Mbaka is generous to a fault. He even extends his kindness and generosity to his fellow priests. This is the man that has turned 21 in his call to priesthood and his life indeed calls for celebration and thanks giving to God.
Fr Mbaka is an employer of labour. He creates jobs and employment for people though his industrial ingenuity demonstrated in various industries set up under his vison. To mention but a few, his Aqua Rapha Company is a leading company in Nigeria that produces quality products that have won various international and national quality awards. The company manufactures products such as the Aqua Rapha sachet and bottle water, RaphaYoghurt, Rapha Polythene, Rapha Juice, and so on. This company has engaged hundreds of thousands of people who either work directly under it or earn their living by the sales of the company products. Besides that, his Ebenezer Printing Press, AMEN Super News Media, wonderland farm and so on have engaged many employed people who earn a living today under these establishments.
Fr Mbaka is a great achiever who believes that nothing is impossible with God. He attains unimaginable heights once his mind is made up. He is focused and always destination driven, an optimist epitomized. He had through faith in God done exploits that marvel the world. He exhibits the kind of faith that can move mountains. This could be seen during his programmes when he utters prophetic words of faith that heals the sick, delivers the people and changes impossible situations. This is why we celebrate and give God thanks for his life as he marks his 21 years of priestly ordination.
Fr Mbaka isa celebrated musician and lover of music. He plays original, highly inspirational, creative soul-lifting, liberating, sanctifying and prayer focused music. In fact once he is at peace, in good mood and inspired, you find him churning out new songs. Most of his songs usually originated while he is sleeping. He has so many albums to his credit and was variously honoured by Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PIMAN). His albums are as follows: ‘Chidera’ (once God has written) which he released in 1998; ‘Ebube Muo Nso’ ( Shekinah Glory) which he released in 2000. ‘Ovungwongwo’ ( My Burden bearer) which he released in2000. ‘Behold the King’ which he released in 2001.‘Agudo Eluigwe’ which he released in 2003. Others were ‘OnyinyeMuonso’ which he released in 2003. Ogwugwo Nsowhich he released in2003. Bless me Lord which he released in2003. ‘Aka ndiMuoOzi’ (Weep no more) which he released in 2005. ‘Uwana-ementughari’ which he released in 2008.It is well which he released in2008.’Akara ugochim’ which he released in 2011. Others were ‘EkpereNgozi’ released in2011. ‘Divine high tension’ released in 2011. ‘Chikamso’ released in 2012. ‘Hakunamatata’ released in 2012. ‘Omarichanduru’ released in 2012. ‘Chimbusomma’ (Odabara Adoration) released in 2013.‘ Iga –anwudeAgunaka’ Who can catch the Lion?’ released in 2014. ‘Chm Akonam’ released in 2015 and’ Ikuku Oma’ which he released in 2015. It is this renowned musician of our age that we are celebrating at 21.
Rev. Fr. Mbaka is hugely blessed with power and energy such that he can talk and work for hours without getting tired. This is a man whom I had once encountered at Nike Grammar School where during one of the Charismatic crusades, he preached non-stop for three consecutive nights and was still bouncing with energy. This is a man who stands up and preaches all night during every Friday adoration and stays awake all through the next day to come back the following Sunday bouncing at the altar. This indeed calls for celebration.
Fr Mbaka’sprophetic life predates his priestly ordination as he prophesied even as a child. During one of his Wednesday’s programmes of 8th June 2016 when he delivered the message “Back to life Miracles, Vol 2” He gave an insight of how the Cheribum and Seraphim Church in his village used to bring him into their church in his early days to prophesy for them. The woman was interviewed after the church serviced and she confirmed the story. Being the only son of his father who was a pagan at that time,Ejike grew up with the conscious awareness of his father’s wish for him to be the successor and heir of his family as is customary in the Igbo tradition. However the wish of his Old father was greeted with disappointment when Ejike declared his desire to go to Seminary School and become a priest of the Catholic Church.His decision was met with stack opposition by his father and kinsmen. One can pathetically understand his father’s position at the time because as the only son, the news of his priesthood quest was tantamount to perpetually lost and foreclosure of his linage (in Igbo culture) and so Ejike was therefore made to pay dearly for his supposedly act of obstinacy and insubordination. Determined, unruffled, undaunted, and resolute to the divine call to serve his creator, after his secondary school education at St. Vincent’s secondary school Agbogugn in Awgu L.G.A of Eungu state, Ejike proceeded to Seat of Wisdom Seminary Owerri and St Joseph’s IkotEkpene for his Seminary formation amidst the uncertainty of any sponsor. Lots of miraculous testimonies about his life and time in the seminary schools and the subsequent apostolic works were too real to be true some of these you may find in the pages of AMEN SuperNews paper were life stories of Fr Mbaka were narrated. Worthy of mention among these was the story of How the Holy Spirit revealed to him the petition written against him to the Bishop by his own uncle to stop him from being ordained a priest few weeks to his ordination and how he handled the situation
Ordained a catholic priest on July 29th 1995, by Late Bishop Eneja, the then Bishop of Enugu Dioceses. It was a surprise that the ordination of a man so embattled in his vocational choice as he was would be greeted with some unusual events. His father took ill about the time he was to be ordained a priest but through the visionary powers he possessed in his seminary school days he did not only see his father’s being taken to a Morgue after having died of the illness but also his timely intervention with the prayer antidote revealed to him in the same vision revive his father and keep him alive to witness his Ordination which was one of Ejike’s greatest wishes. His ensured that his father received Christ and baptism before his demise years after his Ordination. Perhaps, it was in recognition of the special gifts of God Fr Mbaka, that late Bishop Eneja singled Fr Mbaka out from the rest of his colleagues and ordainied a priest in his hometown while he assemble the rest and ordained them at the cathedral. This was to be a spiritual significance that Fr Mbaka was not meant to follow the crowd as we began to see in the life lives at his pre and post ordination.
Today in Nigeria, we are witnesses to his many prophesies that are coming to pass notably the victory of President Mohammadu Buhari over Jonathan, the death of Gen Sani Abacha, the hardship engulfing the nation, the oil doom prophesy during the days of oil boom in Nigeria etc. A more detailed expose of Fr Mbaka’s prophesy could be seen in the AMEN Video documentaryentitled ‘Oracle of Holy Spirit’ which was released during his priestly anniversary last year. This is the man we are celebrating at 21.
That God works miracles through Fr Mbaka is an understatement. uncountablenumbers of people give testimonies of diverse miracles they receive through Fr Mbaka’s prayers. Some of these testimonies are too real to be true and that is why the they are published with the phone numbers of the testifiers in every Edition of AMEN Super news for all who may care to verify them. It is this divine instrument of divine miracles that we are celebrating at 21 and this calls for celebration.
Despite what Fr Mbaka is and stands for, he is very unassuming and humble to the earth. He preaches vehemently against people equating him with God or giving him the glory that belongs to God (Hyperdulia). In fact he does not tolerate that at all. That is why he always directs people to the Eucharist once they start pestering him. He makes it clear that he has no power of his own other than that from God.It is thus not out of place to describe this man as a genius and an enigma. Humble and meek as a dove but hold and vibrant like a lion. He is simply a special gift from God to Catholic Church world over and that is why we celebrate and thank God for his life at his 21st priestly anniversary.

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