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It is no longer news that the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari went abroad for medical checks and treatment of ear illness.

What perhaps may make the news of his trip are reactions of people to the president’s trip. While some may have their ill wishes for the president, many patriotic Nigerian who want and seek the good of the nation feel genuinely concerned about Mr President’s health.
During the Adoration programme last Wednesday, 8th of June 2016 to be precise, Fr Mbaka revealed that there are some people who are not happy that the president is alive. “Such people hate everything about the President”, He narrated the vision he saw before the President’s present trip, where the president was critically sick and was being flown abroad for treatment. His health was in a bad shape and he was asking that he (Fr Mbaka) should pray for him. “None among the people I was called took my calls. People think I speak with Buhari everyday. When people climb into power they are dazed. It is a long dream. Our job is to pray for him but there are things that he must do but there is no way to communicate it to him”. He said.
Fr Mbaka narrated how his visionary life started when he was still very small. He recognized an elderly woman who attended the day’s programme as a prophetess who established Cherubim and Seraphim Church in his village and narrated that during his primary school days, though he was a catholic, the church used to call him out from the classroom to come and prophesy to them during their Lenten observances. He said “I did not start seeing vision after I was ordained a priest. I used to see vision even in that primary school age and have never seen anything and it didn’t come to pass”. The woman was on hand to confirm Fr Mbaka’s story to AMEN Super News.
Fr Mbaka asked the adorers to stand up and lift their hands up as he began to pray for the health and healing of President Buhari. He prayed thus:
“We call on Michael the arch angel, Uriel the archangel, Gabriel the archangel to carry you in their wings back to life. They angels are bringing you back in their wings. InPsalm 79:11 the Lord restores those who have already being appointed to die. Are you the one that has been appointed to die? God himself will bring you back to life. Remember His word that when the thief comes to steal, kill you and destroy you, I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly. Have life now more abundantly in Jesus. We pray for our President and anyone that is suffering such a dangerous disease. We lift our healing hands for divine healing upon our president. Wherever he is, may he be healed in Jesus name.
“The doctors in Nigeria nursing fear that he may not survive but we have a healing God. His name is specialist in impossibilities. In Mathew 19:26, He can make the impossible, possible. In Mark 10:27 He can make the impossible, possible. In Luke 1:37, He can make the impossible, possible. In Jeremiah 32:17, He can make the impossible, possible. In Job 42:2, He can do all things and no purpose of His can be thwarted. Hallelujah.
“We stretch our hands of healing upon our president and you that may be sick here. I take you as somebody who is as if to say he is dead already. Have they said that you are dead and there is nothing that can be done in your situation? Have your kidney died? Have your liver died? Have your heart or any organ of your body been confirmed dead? Look at what happened in John 11:39. When Jesus asked them to open the tomb of Lazarus, they told him that by now he must be smelling for he was dead for about four days now. After all this, I heard Jesus talking in verse 43 telling Lazarus to come out. Let that thing that is dead come back to life in Jesus name. Let your dead vision come back to life. Let your dead destiny come back to life. Let your dead passion come back to life in Jesus name. Whatever is dead in your body should come back to life in Jesus name. Your dead success, come back to life. Your dead business, come back to life. Your dead vocation, come back to life. Your dead gifts come back to life. God will show you the path to life.
We stand in in Psalm 110 : 1 where the Lord said to my lord to sit at His right hand and decree that You shall be the child of the right hand of God of Psalm 17:7, Psalm 31:15, psalm 31:5 and psalm 98:1.
In the book of Mathew 27 the Bible says that when the blood Jesus dropped and he cried with a loud voice, the veils were torn. As this was happening the tombs opened. I stand in Matthew 27 and minister in verse 53 and 54. When the tomb opened, those who were dead in the tomb came back to life and move about the city. This was because the blood of Jesus dropped on the ground. As the blood of Jesus drops on the ground now, anybody here who has been killed and buried in the spirit and is just a moving carcass, let him come back to life now in Jesus name. Let your spirit come back to life in Jesus name. Is there any good thing or virtue in our country that has died or occultically being held bounds? I send the Holy Ghost fire upon every temple of Satan that is accommodating any name of the Child of God in Jesus name; Holy Ghost fire. Holy Ghost Fire!!!

Fr Mbaka continued the prayer for the Presidents healing and health even at the Friday adoration night that followed in an intense prayer session that lasted for a long while .
At the end he said “I want the enemies to see our President shining, prospering and moving majestically in glory. The chances of his healing may be little but now with our prayers and faith the chances of his coming out is high. The spiritual energy with which we make this prayer is enormous that it shall do this for us. If you are ready for testimony, my God is ready with miracles.”

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