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On Sunday the 8th day of March 2015, during his homily, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of Adoration ministry raised an alarm exposing fresh assassination plots against him from the Presidency who believe that his 2015 New year message was responsible for their political misfortunes. He said that after his previous day’s adoration programme, an unknown young man foisted a note into his car forewarning him of the assassination plot from the Presidency drafted to exterminate his life pleading him to take it seriously and guard his life. He stated that some people had appealed to him to leave Nigeria and go for a vacation abroad until the elections are over as there is a plot to kill him before the 28th March Election and that President Jonathan has vowed to deal mercilessly with him if peradventure he survives that assassination plot and returns to power after the election. Before now he had raised a public outcry of strange calls and threatening messages to his life. He asserted “Let the world and the International Community hear this, President Goodluck and his wife are plotting to kill me ”
He also reinstated that Ekweremadu came to give him some money wrapped in a bag which he said was from Mrs Patience Jonathan and that he rejected the money in the presence of Ekweremadu’s wife, Senator Gil Nnaji, Eze Nnaya of adoration security and two of Ekweremadu’s aides. He said that Ekweremadu should stop keeping the rejected money with him but should take it back to Mrs Jonathan and tell her the truth to avert the curse that would follow his blackmail with the money. He said he doesn’t know how much is contained in the bag as he did not touch the money as the Heavens told him not to touch it.
In his words, “People die any how these days. There is famine in Nigeria now. Kidnaping and crime have increase. A graduate will return home after school only to learn how to plait hair. If hair salon was what he or she intended to do in life, does he or she need to go to the university? He would have started learning it from Primary school.
“Do they think that if they succeed in killing me they will win a vote in Enugu? I heard that Senator Gilbert Nnaji who did no work at Nkanu was among those plotting against me. Gilbert will you come back to Enugu after these your foolish plots? They are threatening that by the time they finish with me, I will know. We have heard that which they are planning to do. And you my brother from Wawa land has joined them in the plot to kill your brother all because of power. God forbid! No one is begging you people money, allow us to live. If we ask the unemployed graduates in Enugu alone to come out, you will lament at their numbers. It pains me because it is from my account that the money to help the poor will come out. I will keep writing cheque until my account dries up. How do you expect me to be happy and say there is no problem? Is it when I give money to the poor they would want me to say it was the President that gave it to them?
“Those who know Ekweremandu should call him on phone and tell him that the story we are hearing in the air is not favourable to his group and their party. One cannot help asking who is now a Christian. Will Buhari ever plan to attack a man of God?
“It was this same Fr. Mbaka that fought for Jonathan during Yaradua’s saga and he was made the president in his first two years tenure. When the Niger Deltans were about to be messed up, we all joined to fight for their amnesty. Go and listen to our Message titled Okoro. We all supported him at the last election, even when the sitting Governor in Enugu did not support him very well. Majority of the support Jonathan got from Enugu was from the adoration ministry. Now he wants to bite the finger that fed him. They have recruited the unemployed youths to assassinate me and the assailants are pleading them to be patient with them and that they will strike me before the end of March. Everybody is afraid; no priest wants to talk out of fear of their persecutions. All they want to be hearing is that they are doing well, how? I said that our roads are filled with pot holes; even the road that led to Itukwu that I used my money to repair was destroyed under this government. No sand from this government is upon the road that leads to my side and they want me to say that all our roads have been constructed. How?
“I can’t see the impact of this government in Igbo land. Go to the so called Enugu International Airport and tell me if there is any work in progress there. Education in Nigeria is now in a sorry state. Sorting is now the order of the day and the students come home with empty certificates. They have killed every sector of this country.
“Go and ask people in the private sector, somebody like Innoson, the money he spends on power will affect what he is doing in the next few months if it continues that way. Few days ago, the foreigners withdrewn 4.9 trillion from our bank because they are not confident with Nigerian economy any more. In a country where 4.9 trillion is withdrawn from its bank, tell me how much is left with the Bank? The effect will be drastic retrenchment of workers. The Government workers that came to give offertory here said their salary has not been paid for months now. Our God is greater than them, in vain is their plots.
“To tell you that people are not happy with this Government, every secret meeting they have would be leaked. They planned to remove Jega, it leaked. They planned to shift the election from 14th it leaked earlier and nevertheless they postponed it. They planned that the Card reader will not be used and even went to court over it; this was the same machine they spent our billions to buy. PDP or whatever should leave Fr. Mbaka to be. I was there before they began their leadership; I will be there while they end by the grace of God. Their plans and traps against me shall catch them.
“What did I do that they want to kill me? Do they want me to accept that I am with their money when I am not with it? Do they know how many years ago this Church was built? Was it built with the leader’s Money? It is not the Government that is feeding me; my congregation is taking good care of me. They love me and care for me.
“There was a time the Abacha family had this type of meeting against me. There was time they said that I was disrespectful to Obasanjo, his wife Stella carried the battle then. All I know is that I have entered into a covenant with God. I will never leave the poor that are being oppressed. I must be speaking for them. If they like, let them face me with a bomb, I will be saying what I am saying. I love my family and my family loves me.”
Concluding he said “I have the real story of how they planned my assassination intact, but I wouldn’t go into details for now. That is why I had the audacity to call the name of Jonathan and his wife publicly. If God said they will win, let them win and leave me alone. If my car is scratched and it is confirmed that Jonathan and his hired assassins are responsible they will not get a single vote in Enugu. They are not my God so cannot harm me in Jesus Name.

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